Afternoon Delight

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Karen and Fernanda met in part 3 of the 5-part story ‘The Estate Agent’. You don’t have to read it to enjoy this standalone story; but why not look it up if you enjoy this?


I turned into the driveway of the Keels’ house, with extremely mixed feelings about why I was there: guilt, panic, lust…

I wasn’t there to help the sale of the house go through, although that’s what I had told my boss. I wasn’t there to meet the clients, John and Jessica; or even the prospective buyer Paul, because none of them were there. In fact, there would be only one person there this afternoon. Someone else who had worked for the Keels’ for some years. A person I had met just a handful of times, yet already knew extremely intimately.


She worked for the Keels as a maid, as well as helping in the garden. She had invited me to come here, alone, in the middle of the day.

And she had the body of a goddess.

I mean, I was no train-wreck. In fact, I think I’m pretty bloody hot. And most men seemed to think the same of my long red hair, pert boobs, and long legs capped with a firm heart-shaped arse. But Fernanda was a woman no-one could resist. An all-natural Spanish knockout, with luscious womanly curves in all the right places – and none of the wrong ones. And as if her body, her face, and her dirty smile weren’t enough, she had a voice of liquid honey. She could seduce a statue just by saying hello.

In retrospect, I had fallen a little in love with her at first sight, when she had been weeding the garden. But then, she had been wearing a white crop-top three sizes too small, and denim hotpants so tiny they were practically a thong!

Fernanda had me reconsidering my whole lifestyle, and sexual orientation. I was pretty sure I still fancied men! But ever since our experiences under the watchful eyes of the Keels’, my eyes had been opened to the beauty around me. I found myself ‘checking out’ other women. My head turning when a pretty girl walked by. So I was starting to think that maybe I was really bi. After all, I had come here in the afternoon today. I had lied to my colleagues about why I was coming – and there was just one reason I had come. To spend the afternoon alone with a beautiful woman.

I walked up to the door, and stepped in, ringing the doorbell as I did. As was now habit, my fingers moved to my blouse, and started to unfasten buttons. Oh – had I not mentioned how the Keels had taught me to be a submissive exhibitionist? To strip naked whenever I entered their home? Taken hundreds of photos of me naked? How they had introduced me to Fernanda, and the joys her body could bring? Well, I’ve told that story elsewhere – this is about making my own choices, not fulfilling their fantasies.

Why are you doing that? The Keels’ aren’t here – your Master and Mistress. Maybe you don’t have to get naked the moment you step inside came a voice in my head. True enough, I supposed. But it seemed pretty likely that Fernanda would be nude – and we both knew what I had come down for.

I saw a figure appear in the hall; and through the glass, it was clear that not only was it Fernanda; but she was as naked as predicted. Even through the door, her outline was almost unbelievably sexual, with its exaggerated femininity. As she approached, I slipped the blouse off my shoulders, and tossed it onto the small table provided carelessly; then pushed my skirt down quickly.

Fernanda opened the door as I stepped out of the skirt. As always, her curvaceous body took my breath away. She smiled warmly; opening her arms immediately to give me a hug. Her large naked breasts pressed into the top of my chest, and I felt her hands clasp the small of my back. As she stepped back slightly, her hands moved to my hips, holding us arms-length apart.

“Karen, darling!” she said in beautifully-accented English. “So good to see you again – so nice.”

She released me, and stepped back. “I let you finish now, yes?”

I blushed slightly, looking down for a moment. She didn’t move, watching with a smile as my hands returned to work. I reached down to slip off my shoes and tiny socks; and then behind to unclasp my bra.

I looked up shyly as I pulled the bra off, revealing my breasts to Fernanda once again. I had much smaller breasts than she did – most women did, I suppose – but they were pert handfuls held high up on my chest. I fluctuated between a B and a C-cup through the month; and my nipples were (right now) small pink raspberries on top. Fernanda smiled as she watched my breasts jiggle as I moved my hands to my sides and pushed my panties down to the floor.

In just moments, I was naked in front of her; feeling more nervous than I had in years as I stood in front of this vision of beauty. For a moment, it made me appreciate how hard it must be for guys to approach beautiful women. It can’t be easy, putting yourself out there like that – so vulnerable.

I only had to look up to receive my reward though – a beautiful smile, bahis firmaları both warm and sexy, with a little curl to the lips that told me I all I needed to know. Fernanda’s eyes were sparkling as she put her hands out, catching my face between them gently as she stepped forwards. She tilted my head slightly as she brought our faces together, and our lips met once again.

Warm and gentle, her lips pressed moistly against mine firmly but tenderly. Her fingers slid round into my hair as her lips parted softly. We kissed open-mouthed together, with increasing hunger until her tongue slipped out and probed into my mouth. Hesitancy lost, I used my own tongue to welcome this invasion, slipping over her moist tongue as my hands slipped around her waist, pulling us together.

Our naked bodies pressed against each other’s; our breasts squashed as we clung to each other. My thigh moved, apparently on its own, stepping forward to wrap the length of my leg around the beautiful woman kissing me.

I pushed back against Fernanda as my nervousness gave way to desire. My tongue slid out between her soft lips and tangled with hers. My hands moved and, before I even realised it, had slid up one behind her head and the other moving to stretch over one of her magnificent breasts.

Fernanda broke into a broad smile, interrupting our kiss slightly before she pulled back and looked at me.

“Mmmmh. Naughty Karen. You are very forward today, yes?” She grinned broadly, her own hands running forward from my tangled hair to slide down and cover my own pert breasts.

Her fingers squeezed my breasts gently, coming together to press my nipples firmly, causing me to gasp slightly. Her eyes gleamed brightly as she looked me up and down hungrily.

As she teased my nipples, I did the same; both of my hands stretching over her heavy breasts. The soft flesh filled my hands; and I could barely control those marvellous orbs. Her dark nipples swelled as I stroked them to hardness, and an appreciative murmur escaped her soft lips.

Fernanda tilted her head towards me, opening her mouth to kiss my left nipple, and then take it entirely into her mouth. Her hands meanwhile stroked my sides; the curvature of my lower back, and out over my hips. Not usually the most sexually responsive areas of skin; but with Fernanda’s touch they seemed to sizzle!

Her hands fell to my bottom as she took my nipple gently between her teeth and began to flick it gently with her tongue. I moaned as her hands confidently stroked the curves of my bottom; pulling the cheeks apart and running teasing fingers between them.

God! I had only been here five minutes, and we hadn’t made it out of the hallway – yet my legs were already like jelly, and my pussy was meltingly wet.

Fernanda seemed to sense what I was thinking, as she released my nipple and stood up. Her hands moved to capture my own, and with a wink and a blown kiss, she led me into the house, and up the stairs.

As we walked up, I was one step below, giving me a fabulously close experience of watching Fernanda’s bottom flex and stretch as she climbed. In fact, two steps down might have been even better – but I had no intention of letting go of her hand, as she led me to the rear bedroom.

Fernanda had been arranging this room for us, it seemed. Bright sun came through the windows, diffused by filmy net curtains which shifted in the breeze. The bed was dressed in pure white sheets, and had bright flowers at either side. A bowl of soft fruit sat on a table, with a bottle of white wine in a cooler. Soft music drifted in the air.

Finally Fernanda released my hand as she crawled onto the bed on all fours. I followed, keeping my eyes on her intoxicatingly sexy body. Every curve was lush and sensual – her hips, her waist, her buttocks, her back and her breasts. This was a woman built perfectly for sex, I realised.

We lay together, inches apart. We held apart, not kissing at first as our hands reached out to each other; deliberately keeping some space so we could gaze at each other.

I propped myself up on one arm as I used the other to explore her. I watched my hand first head unerringly for her breasts, a little lop-sided as she mirrored my own posture. But soon enough, I left those bounteous pastures to explore her more thoroughly. My hand drifted up her breast and into the crook of her shoulder; and then down the delicate clavicle to her breastbone. Fernanda’s hand moved delicately on a similar journey as I explored her body. My fingers traced up her neck on one side; around her jaw and across her coral lips where she kissed them softly; and around to the opposite ear which I caressed delicately.

I’ve always loved having my neck kissed and nuzzled, and a lover paying attention to my ears and just behind. So I suppose the urge to do the same to her was understandable. I rode my instinct, and leaned forward.

My hand caressed her soft cheek and ear as my lips first contacted the base of her throat. kaçak iddaa I moved along, planting delicate butterfly kisses like a garland around her neck; my hand gently progressing around the back of her neck and into her hair. Finally, my gentle kisses led me to her left ear. I nipped gently at the earlobe before kissing it, and then moved around the outer edge, alternating between kissing and nibbling on it.

My hand slid down her back, pulling her towards me as I did; and hers was on the back of my head, urging me on. Our breasts pressed against each other, my hard nipples raking her softer flesh as I pressed my upper body against her. I heard soft moans, and knew that my kisses must be having an effect. If a guy had done this to me – or if Fernanda had done – I would be creaming by now. Actually, I was doing just that; my pussy throbbing insistently between my thighs.

Delicately, I slid my tongue inside Fernanda’s ear, and she shuddered slightly. That could have been a bad sign, I suppose, except that she then pulled me even closer still.

Fernanda’s free hand (we were both leaning on one) caught my own, which had been firmly squeezing the soft curves of her bottom, and moved it elsewhere. She opened her legs wide as she pushed my hand between them, with a moan.

My fingers slid over her firm, slightly sweaty body, and then sank down into her wet quim. Effortlessly, my fingers plunged between the soaked, swollen lips and deep inside her. I heard her groan, and pulled back to see her beautiful face contorted in ecstasy. I smiled with pride, and moved back, kissing her neck passionately as I started to thrust two fingers in and out of her.

Fernanda’s hips started to move, thrusting against my hand as I pushed two fingers into her. I felt her pussy tighten about them; felt the smooth curvature of her vagina and adjusted my fingers to follow it. She was bucking against me, and murmuring passionately in Spanish as she did. Fernanda held my wrist, guiding my hand to faster and faster strokes, until her pussy tightened around my fingers, and her body contorted. She cried out as she came, clinging to me tightly as she shuddered with her climax.

Finally, Fernanda relaxed, uncurling from me enough to bring my mouth to hers for a passionate kiss.

We parted, and she purred like a cat.

“Mmmmmmm. Oh! So good! Karen – you are a ver’ naughty girl!”

She laughed and kissed me again. Her hand had released mine; and now gently but firmly pushed at my hip, rolling me onto my back.

“Now darling, my turn” she announced, bringing her lips to my own, more modest bosom.

Resting on one elbow, Fernanda used both hands and lips to caress my breasts, kiss my neck, and tease my lips. Unexpectedly, she avoided my nipples; concentrating on the soft curves underneath my breasts, and the cleavage between them; moulding my breasts alternately softly and firmly in her hands without the tantalising thrill my nipples could generate. This was a new experience for me – men generally went straight for the ‘bulls-eye’ when they did this – and before long my poor, neglected pussy and nipples were aching for some attention.

I took a mental note at how effective this ‘slow-burn’ technique was at turning me on, guessing that Fernanda would enjoy me returning the favour some time. I tried to do as she had, and move her hand between my legs; but Fernanda was stronger than I, and held back.

“You must be patient, Karen my love. Give me time – let me play with you in my own way” she explained. “All good things, yes?”

I groaned with disappointment and arousal; but Fernanda did at least start to move south. She sat up slightly, her hands stroking my flat tummy, and then out to the tops of my hips.

“Mmmh. Very sexy Karen – such a tiny waist, and such smooth skin” she murmured admiringly.

I shuffled up the bed, flat on my back, bringing my legs up slightly. With a giggle, Fernanda took my nearest leg and lifted it; pushing so I bent at the knee, and brought my foot to her lips.

Fernanda kissed the side of my foot, stroking the tops of my toes against her chin before bringing them around to her mouth. Starting with the smallest, she delicately licked and sucked my toes in turn; her hands caressing the back of my calf and thigh all the time.

I had never thought of feet as sexual parts of the body, to be honest. But I guess that Fernanda was changing a lot of my preconceived notions of sexiness! I thrilled as she took my big toe into her beautiful mouth and sucked on it, looking me right in the eye as she did so. It was, as she said – “So sexy”.

Fernanda stroked my thigh as she took my big toe out of her mouth and gave it a little kiss; then swung my leg across as she moved forwards. Now, she knelt within my spread legs, looking down at me. Her hand slid along my thigh, and tantalisingly close to my pussy before gliding past and up onto my flat stomach.

She knelt forward, stroking the length of my body until her kaçak bahis fingers touched my lips, and I gladly took them deep into my hot mouth. Her face was close now, and she blew me a kiss before reversing direction. She smiled wickedly as her hands glided down my chest and across my breasts – finally touching my nipples, if briefly – and across my belly.

Her face had sunk past my wet pussy, and her hands followed it down. As they brushed against the mat of red hair above my moistness, they parted slightly; her fingers trailing just either side of my labia before sweeping up the inside of my widely-spread thighs.

I groaned in frustration at her wicked teasing; her hands drifting again and again to just brush tantalisingly against my outer lips before slipping away. Finally, when one hand took a slightly lower path down to my bottom and back up, she let a single finger trail across my swollen labia; sending tingles of excitement through my over-stimulated body.

“Oh god, please Fernanda” I begged. “Please fuck me! Fuck me with your fingers!”

Fernanda looked me in the eyes with a sexy smile. “Is that what you most want, sexy Karen? You want me to use my… fingers?” she said, pausing meaningfully. As I struggled to comprehend she slowly licked her pouting lips suggestively.

“No!” I gasped, understanding her at last. “Please go down on me! Lick me! Please, please lick me! Stick your tongue in my aaah! Oooooaaaaahhh!”

I moaned incomprehensibly as the devilishly sexy Spanish girl licked a broad swathe along the full length of my wet lips. My thigh muscles spasmed, making my legs jerk like a puppet’s.

Fernanda slowly licked the whole surface of my exposed pussy; each lick finishing with a teasing brush across my swollen clitoris. I gasped and moaned; meaningless syllables in fits and starts as my lithe lover began to systematically eat me out.

I writhed ecstatically. Fernanda knew exactly how my body would respond, playing me like a musical instrument. Her tongue thrust deep into my pussy, licking out the tight channel before arising to stroke little circles upon my clitoris. In truth, I had little idea what she was doing; only how incredibly good it felt.

Waves of delight rolled out from my pleasured pussy; mini-orgasms which built on top of one another. I knew that a much larger event was building, and it got much closer as Fernanda’s fingers slipped pleasingly inside me as she continued to tease my clitoris.

I felt the groundswell of tension in my belly tighten as my arms and legs started to quake. Fernanda’s knowledgeable fingers and flexible tongue worked away on me; but she had one more card to play. As my orgasm got closer, she got her other hand involved, stroking it up between my buttocks.

A single finger probed delicately at my perineum, which was soaked in my rich juices, and Fernanda’s saliva. My eyes opened, and then widened as I felt her finger press into my tightly closed arse – something no-one and nothing else had done before – and then slide deep inside.

The stimulation of having a beautiful and horny woman between my legs; tongue on my clitoris, two fingers in my pussy, and another deep in my arse was far too much, and in seconds my orgasm crested like a wave. Slowly built in the shallows, pushed along by a greater force, and then thundering onto the rocks. It was as though molten fire was running through my veins; and I was going to burst out of my skin. I cried out, babbling and moaning incoherently as my orgasm went on and on and on.

Fernanda held her place; still rocking her fingers gently back and forth – not too much; but just eking out the last peaks and troughs of my mind-blowing orgasm. Finally, she rested her head on my thigh and was still; her fingers still inside me; but motionless as I gasped for air.

A minute or so passed where all I did was breathe, and rest a trembling hand on Fernanda’s wavy black hair. Finally, I looked down to see her looking at me with a look of both affection and worry. When she saw me smile though, she smiled back joyfully. She crawled up the bed to lie pressed against me, and kissed my lips gently.

“God, that was amazing” I said, still a little breathless.

“Mmh hmmm” she murmured, kissing my neck again affectionately.

I gently pulled her hair back so I could look her in the eye. “If you want me to do anything like that to you” I said softly, “You’re going to have to teach me how.”

Fernanda smiled her sexy smile once again. “I was planning to…”

We kissed again, before parting slightly.

“I want a swim” said Fernanda firmly. She pushed herself up to a sitting position. “You are coming too?” she asked, clearly expecting me to say yes.

“Sure” I replied. “Let’s go.”

We walked downstairs together naked, holding hands again through the hall and back lounge of the house, till we finally emerged onto the patio; an oasis of shade before the bright sunshine bathing the pool and garden beyond.

Fernanda dove quickly into the pool, whilst I took a quick (and cold!) shower under the outdoor spray. Fernanda was calling to me from the water, and I eagerly rinsed the sweat from my body before joining her in the pool.

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