After the Party

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Note for readers:

This is my first ever submission! Let me know your thoughts.

This scene actually happens immediately after the conclusion of a novel I’m working on. At the moment, the book is called ‘Blame.’ If you’re interested in reading it, you can let me know on here (that’s possible, yeah?) – I’d love to hear some reviews on that.


The soft light through my sheer curtains awoke me in the late morning, still warm and cozy in Kris’s arms. Rather than wake her I decided to lie there and enjoy her warm embrace as the shadows shortened along my walls and floor. I felt guilty for having fallen asleep the previous night. I imagined Kris sliding her bra off her shoulders, hoping to reawaken me with the touch of her nipples on my back. I imagined her slumping against the pillow, crestfallen, when I continued to doze. I imagined her falling asleep unsatisfied after treating me so well.

I rolled onto my back, careful to keep Kris’s arms around me. Her eyelids, which still sported traces of makeup, fluttered softly. Her pale breasts moved gently as she inhaled and exhaled. I pressed my palm to her chest and rubbed her in long, smooth strokes, pausing at the top each time to squeeze her shoulder muscle. Her eyes opened slowly. I crooned to her: “You were unbelievable last night.”

Kris gave me a sleepy smile, lifted her arm from atop me, and wiped just under my eyes with her thumb. “You got some makeup,” she whispered.

“Oh, shit. I do?” I rolled away and leapt to my feet to check the damage. Of course! I hadn’t removed my makeup last night.

“Nooooo,” Kris complained, still sleepy, from the bed. “Come baaack heeere.” I rushed into the bathroom and slathered my face in makeup remover. The mint-colored cream remained on my face, setting, when I heard a soft knock at the door. I removed a toothbrush from my mouth and mumbled “who is it?” No one responded, but a slender, creamy hand pushed the door open. Kris walked in and picked up her toothbrush, totally bare except for her underwear. I looked down. I remained naked. I finished my routine and replaced the makeup remover in my medicine cabinet, next to a tube of avocado oil that I sometimes used on my hair.


Kris spat toothpaste in the sink. I leaned over to her. “Come back to bed. I have something special for you.”

“Spetha? Wha?” she mumbled around her toothbrush.

“You’ll have to come find out,” I responded with a wink, “but…” I grabbed the avocado oil. “it involves this.”

I returned to my bed, and Kris soon followed. I patted the spot where she had slept and instructed her to lie face down. Then I straddled her butt as my knees sank into my soft comforter. “Do you like warm oil or cold oil?”


“OK. cold?” I squirted some of the oil from my tube directly onto the small of Kris’s back. I saw her grip tighten on the pillow where she had laid her head.

Then I squirted a little into my palm and rubbed it between my hands. “Or warm?” I asked, placing my hands on her back and rubbing the warm oil into her shoulders.

“Ohhhhh. Warmmm.” The downy pillow slurred Kris’s speech.

I began just underneath Kris’s ears and worked her neck and shoulder muscles with my fingers – all the way down, then back up, then down again. Then I sat up a little and ran the flats of my palms all over her back and down to her tailbone. I used long strokes from just above her butt all the way to her shoulders, then under them a little bit to her collarbone, then back down.

“Ohhh,” I heard Kris’s voice from somewhere inside the pillow. I worked up and down her back, over her ribcage, back onto her shoulders, then down her arms. I lifted each of her hands and squeezed the pads of her fingers, massaged the webs between them, pressed my thumbs into her palms. The lubricating oil made the process so easy and smooth.

I slid back over her shoulders, pressed into her lower back with my hands, and lifted myself off of her butt. Then I settled a little further down her legs, applied a little more oil, and began stroking her glutes. I let my hands slide right underneath her underwear until my fingertips poked out the waistband at the top. I applied my strength to the pressure points in the muscle by pressing the heels of my hands into them. Kris grunted appreciatively. Then I scooted even further down and massaged the backs of her legs. Long strokes took me all the way down to the backs of her knees, which I handled with special care. I lifted her feet and applied petrissage to her calf muscles; I stroked her shins, I squeezed her heels and worked the soles of her feet, the pads of her toes. I rubbed the tops, then pressed the sensitive skin between the toes with my thumb and forefinger. I massaged the sole some more. I moved down to the ankle, pulling and squeezing gently. I moved back up Kris’s legs, past her butt, up to her shoulders. I resettled my weight on top of her strong glutes. I leaned down, rested my elbows on the pillow, and worked my fingers güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri under her coppery curls at the base of her neck. I used all ten fingers to knead and caress her scalp, first at the base of her head, then behind her ears, then at the back, all the way up to the top. As I reached the front of her head and rubbed small circles in her temples, I heard Kris speak again: “Bless youuu.”

“Turn over and I’ll do your face, too,” I promised. Kris nodded.

I dismounted, and Kris turned over onto her back. Her breasts flattened a little against her ribcage, and her underwear stretched across her hip bones. I combed my fingers into her hair a little and massaged her brows, then her cheeks, with my thumbs. I moved down to her jaw and worked in small circles at the joint of the jaw. As it relaxed, Kris’s mouth fell open a little. I moved down to her ears, squeezing the cartilage between my fingers and pulling downward just a little to activate the tiny muscles. Kris gave a soft moan. I moved underneath her jaw and began, ever so gently, to massage the underside and front of her neck with light strokes from bottom to top. I tickled her a little under her chin, then kissed her there. I then moved my hands to her collarbones, to her shoulders again, then out onto her biceps and forearms, kneading down to her wrists.

Kris hadn’t spoken since I turned her over, but she did make little noises often enough to let me know that she appreciated the touch. I rubbed the sides of my thumbs along her pecs with some pressure, just above her breasts. I tickled the valley between her breasts, rubbed the front of her ribcage, then kneaded and caressed her stomach and hips. I stroked the fronts of her hips with the heels of my hands, pressing down from my shoulders. Then I turned and applied my hands to the fronts of her thighs, all the way down to her knees. I took each knee cap between my fingers and moved it in little circles. Kris bent her knee in surprise at the first one, but then reassured me that she’d like me to do the second one, too. Then I slid my hands up the outsides of her thighs, back to her glutes, and pressed there again from this angle.

I returned to her torso, pressing the muscles between her ribs, and lightly grazed the undersides of her breasts with my thumbs. I felt Kris’s breath catch. I lowered my head, allowing my soft curls to tickle her chest and neck.

“Do you want your breasts done, too?”


I lifted her breasts from the sides and kneaded them in my hands. First the sides, then underneath, then on top. Finally, I squeezed them in my palms and devoted both my hands to each one, one at a time, caressing around the base and working up to the nipple, then grazing that with my fingers and squeezing it a little, too. Kris moaned as I did this. She moved her arm and laid it across my calves as I knelt above her. “This is the best.”

I leaned down, caressed her shoulders, and kissed her lips, then her eye sockets, then the tip of her nose. Then I placed my mouth beside her ear and asked “Where you would like additional attention?”

“Mmm…more on my tummy, please,” Kris gurgled.

I returned to Kris’s tummy and stroked up and down, squeezing her sides. She twisted a little to give me better access on each side, and I added a few kisses around her bellybutton. Then I slid back up so my lips were near her ear again. “Can I undress you?”

Kris opened her eyes slowly. ‘But I’m und…”

I slid a finger into her waistband and snapped it gently against her skin.

Kris closed her eyes again and let a smile cross her lips. “Oh, Tati, yes, do it.”

I moved down the bed, knelt behind her butt, and removed her underwear from her legs. As I did, I heard her voice above me; “Oh, Tati, I can’t wait.”

‘Oh, is that how we think this goes?’ I thought to myself. I decided Kris deserved additional teasing for that comment.

I returned to her side. “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little longer.”

Kris’s eyes opened again. She turned her head to the side and looked at me. She hadn’t expected this response.

I rubbed her chest and kissed her neck to reassure her that she had said nothing wrong. Then I slid my hand down, down, between her legs. I tugged gently at the tuft of fur there. Kris smiled a little and gave that adorable soft grunt again. I slid further down and massaged her labia with my spread fingers. I pinched each one, just a little, between my thumb and forefinger, and I pulled gently downward. Kris’s breath caught again. I offered her a little smile and a soft peck on the lips. She leaned her head over toward me. I slid my other arm underneath her, rolling her toward me, and held the back of her shoulder blade in my palm as I continued to stroke her. she placed her hands against my chest and arched her back. “Ohhh, Tati.”

I took her clit between my index and middle fingers and began to slide up and downward, picking up speed over time. As Kris pressed her face against güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my collarbone, I added a side-to-side shiver to my hand movements to further stimulate her. Then I returned to caressing and spoke into her hair: “Do you want me to go inside?”

Kris said nothing. I kept caressing, assuming that that was a “no.” Then I felt her nod. “Yeah.”

I slid my index finger inside of Kris and curled it a little to touch the sensitive spots. Kris grabbed my shoulders as I slid in another finger beside the first and pressed downward, toward the bed.

Kris dug her nails into me and cried into my skin. I continued like this, stroking the back of her shoulder with the tips of my fingers, until her heavy breathing devolved into haphazard moaning, then full-body shudders. As she came down from orgasm – a weak one, I’d have to do better – I removed my fingers from her and placed my palm flat against her, rubbing firmly. Kris laughed sheepishly into my chest. I kissed her just above her left breast, then pecked her on the lips again.

“Keep going?”

“Ohhh. I think I…I want…”

“What is it?”

“I want your mouth.”

“All right.” I slid out from beside Kris and rolled her onto her stomach. She resisted at first, clearly expecting to be rolled onto her back, but within a second she surrendered to my decisive movements.

Then I mounted her butt, placed my hands against her lower back, and leaned all the way down like a tiger lapping from a watering hole. I licked along the top of her shoulder, bringing my lips close to her skin to allow me to provide as much pressure as I could. Kris’s skin tasted faintly of avocado. I felt her inhale. I brought my lips down to her curls. “Did that feel OK?”

“It’s…like…chocolate covered pretzels.”

I giggled, recalling our conversation months ago about chocolate covered pretzels. I nipped her gently on her shoulder. “More of it?”

Kris nodded into the pillow again.

So I started off down her back, pressing on her skin with my tongue and nipping it gently wherever it was loose enough for my teeth not to hurt her. I moved slowly to avoid exhausting my mouth – and so Kris could have nice pressure all the way down to her tailbone. I spent about 30 minutes working my way down there. Wherever she groaned – especially across her shoulder blades and in the dip of her back – I stayed for longer. When I got to the bottom, I planted earnest kisses on her glutes, sat up to stroke once with my palms all the way to the top and bottom. Then I reached underneath her, kneaded her breasts where they pressed into my comforter, returned to her back, and dismounted. I left one hand between her shoulder blades, at the top of her back. With the other, I grabbed a spare pillow, folded it in half against the bed, and held it next to Kris’s hip. “Lift your hips up.” She did, and I slid the pillow underneath her hips. It arched her back a little and lifted her butt. I ran my hand down to where her legs parted and began massaging her outer lips, as before.

Kris purred like a kitten under my care. I used the same moves as before, gently pulling and rubbing each delicate piece. Meanwhile I rubbed in slow, gentle circles with the hand that rested between her shoulder blades, comforting her each time she gasped or arched her back in response to my ministrations. I kissed her tailbone, then laid my cheek against her back and asked “More inside?”

Kris nodded enthusiastically against the pillow.

Gently I inserted one finger, then two. After a little bit of internal rubbing, I eased a third one into her. I could feel Kris’s vaginal walls stretch. I tickled her between the shoulder blades with my other hand, then ran it down between her legs to press my fingers against her clit.

“Ohhh…what are you doing to me…oh…” I heard Kris murmur.

“Should I stop?”


Kris pressed into the pillow, bending her knees and baring her teeth.

I felt Kris coming to the edge, and I backed off. “More, please,” she begged from inside the pillow. I smiled to myself and ignored her.


I kissed her buttock to let her know that I’d heard her.

“Tatiiii…” she made several more utterances like this, her voice dripping with desperate anticipation. Finally, I decided I had tortured her long enough. I reapplied the pressure, and Kris’s hips jerked beneath me. I worked steadily until her second climax erupted in wild leg-flailing and sustained groaning into the pillow. Better – but not perfect. I brought her down with gentle stroking.

“Can we go on your back again?”

Kris flipped and I returned immediately to stroking her between her legs. She protested a little “oh, Tati, it’s sensitive,” but I reassured her that I would go very gently. The pads of my fingers slid along the creases where Kris’s inner thighs joined her body. Kris breathed heavily, staring at me over the tops of her breasts.

“Tell me if this becomes too much, OK?”

“It’s güvenilir bahis şirketleri OK now – it feels good. No harder, please.”

“OK.” I rotated myself so I now knelt between her spread legs. Above where my fingers continued to rub her, I closed my mouth over her clit – not hard, and not with a vacuum seal, but enough for Kris to feel my lips on her skin.

Kris sat up a little. “Tati, oh my god…” I rubbed her tummy, and she returned to her supine position. “Ohhhh,” she mewed every few breaths.

As she calmed down, I began to apply my tongue, first in long, slow strokes, then in quicker, lapping strokes that reinvigorated Kris and made her writhe on the bed. “Ohohoh, Tati, oh…”

I shook my head back and forth as my curls danced along the insides of her thighs and the sensitive skin of her groin. She pulled in her legs, then began rubbing my sides with her feet. Oh, my God, that felt good. I moaned into her a little. I felt her squeeze me between her heels – she knew I liked it. I smiled against her skin. Then I returned to sucking in earnest, this time inserting one finger beneath my mouth and pressing gently downward again.

“Tati, more please.”

I turned my hand palm up and slid my finger out a little, searching for the sensitive spot against Kris’s front wall. I found it and placed my finger against it. The light, steady pressure elicited more satisfied noises from Kris.

I slid my other hand underneath her and pressed along the crevice between her legs downward, downward…until it rested just above the pucker between her butt cheeks.

I stopped there. Kris lifted her head to look at me. I met her eyes with a tender, loving gaze. My mouth was occupied, but I raised my eyebrows to ask her worldessly if she wanted me to do it.

“Tati! I’m embarrassed.”

I closed my eyes and shook my head, attempting to reassure her. Then I paused my ministrations and just rested my lips against her groin, batting my eyelashes. She threw her head back onto the pillow.

“Ohhh, Tati…” She raised her head, shuffled her pillow under her neck to support herself, then held my gaze. I removed my lips from her skin to offer Kris a small smile. “No want?”

“Tati…I’ve never…” she trailed off. I returned my lips to her skin and placed three sincere kisses against her lower stomach. If she didn’t want it, I wouldn’t pressure her.

“Tati…” I looked up again. “Will it…I mean…will it hurt?”

I kissed her again before responding. “Some people don’t care for it. Some people really like it. We don’t have to do it, sweetie.”

“Well now I…I kind of…”

I moved my lips downward again and ran my soft, warm tongue over the sensitive spot to the right of her clit. Rather than lap at it, I kept it covered, rubbing over it in both directions. I felt little tremors run through my girlfriend. “oooh, oooh-ooh…”

Kris breathed in deeply, then uttered my name again.

I felt something against my left hand, which now laid flat beneath her tailbone. A few slender fingers.

I looked up. Kris looked unusually pink, and she wouldn’t meet my gaze directly. “What is it, babe?”

Kris’s fingers placed downward pressure on my hand. “I…um…can we…”

Oh, I see.

“You want to try it, sweetie?”

Kris turned her head to the side and did her best to bury her sheepish grin in the pillow.

“We can try it if you want to. I’ll be super gentle. If you don’t want to keep going, we’ll stop right away.”

“I’m scared it’ll feel good.”


“Because I would feel weird…wanting that.”

I rose to hands and knees and crawled up so I could speak into Kris’s neck. “Sweetheart, it’s just me. You can ask.”

“Are you sure?”


I kissed her on either side of her neck. Then I licked her chin.

Kris smiled at me. “No matter what, Tati, you always have to have something that I just receive and don’t get to give.”

“I didn’t say that. Though I’ll admit…” I kissed her neck, “Showing you nice things does make me feel pretty good about myself.”

Kris pouted at me. I gently nipped her chin and spoke. “Give it a try?”

Kris nodded a little. “I wanna.”

I kissed her lips, then worked my way down between her legs again to massage her rim with my unused hand. Kris began to relax. She made a soft noise. I whispered “Keep going?” and she nodded. I increased the pressure just a little.

Kris’s green eyes had begun to water. I lowered the rest of my body down between her legs and, without ceasing my motion against her slowly yielding muscles, applied my other hand to the sensitive spot just inside her labia. Finally, I lowered my tongue and lips to her clit again.

Kris started to arch her back up in time with my motions, then she shut her eyes tightly and opened her mouth wide, unable to utter a peep, as her feet slid down my sides and her abs tensed. It was time. I pressed my lips down around her clit and lashed remorselessly with my tongue.

Kris screamed. Her thighs clamped around my head, and I continued to lick her and rub her as best I could. I removed my hand from behind her to hold onto one of her hips as she writhed and gasped, grasping at my comforter for something to hold onto, pressing kisses into my pillows.

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