After the After-School Party

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In the summer, on the last day of school, the whole of the senior year decided to have a party down on the beach. I had arranged to stay the night around my friend Jason’s house. Apparently his mum was working a night shift and his dad didn’t really care.

Not that there was anything going on between me and Jason, he was pretty gorgeous and more than a few times I had to hide my hard on when we showered together after gym. He was as straight as they come though, I tried a little flirting once but he seemed horrified and I told him I was only joking. I had decided our friendship wasn’t worth risking.

The party was fun, most people got roaring drunk ,I was the exception as alcohol does not agree with me at all. Jason got a girlfriend, but just for a short while – he got so plastered he was incapable of doing anything. Even to the extent that he was incapable of walking. Getting back to his house took us three times longer than it should have with me having to hold him up all the way.

We eventually got back to his house and as Jason was so out of it he couldn’t find his key so I had to ring the doorbell. When John, Jason’s Dad, answered the door it was obvious I had woken him up. He was in his dressing gown and his hair dishevelled. I apologised profusely, trying to explain but he just took one look at Jason and said,

‘Let’s get him in and up to bed.’

John and I hauled Jason up the stairs and in to his room, between us we managed to strip him down to his underwear and put him under the duvet. I have to confess, some pretty wild thoughts ran through my head while we were undressing Jason. I thought about when I would be alone with him in the room, he was so wasted he wouldn’t know anything. I could slip my hand down into his boxers and feel that gorgeous cock of his. Hell, he was in such a stupor I could probably even slip it into my mouth and give it a good suck, he wasn’t going to realise or remember in the morning. I might even be able to suck him hard and make him come in bahis firmaları my mouth and he’d probably figure he had some kind of wet dream. I even thought about wrapping his limp hand around my cock and making him, unknowingly, jerk me off.

‘I think he’ll be alright,’ said John, ‘but I’d better stay up a while just to make sure. You want a cup of coffee Danny?’.

I said that would be good and we both made our way downstairs. I sat in the lounge, on the leather sofa while John made coffee and bought it in. I was a little scared about how John would react to the state Jason was in. In fact I started babbling apologies for bringing him home like that – I must have sounded like a guilty 12 year old because John kept trying to reassure me that I had done nothing wrong.

‘Danny’, he said, sitting down beside me, ‘Jason is responsible for his own actions. I doubt if you actually poured the stuff down his throat.’

‘I know Mr Roache..’

‘Call me John.’ He said

‘Ok, John – I still feel kinda responsible – I mean I could have kept an eye on him and told him to slow down.’

‘Danny – will you please stop worrying.’ With those words he put his arm around, trying to comfort me. I don’t know why but I instinctively snuggled in to him.

‘You are quite a worrier aren’t you’ he said. However the words didn’t’ sink in. Being so close to this guy felt good, I was snuggled up to him and as I looked down I could just see the top of his leg where his dressing gown had inadvertently opened. I leaned back to talk to him ‘accidentally’ putting my hand in the patch of bare flesh to balance myself.

‘You are a very understanding father John.’ I said, ‘my Dad would have gone mad if I turned up like that.’ Because he still had his arm around me our faces were close together when I spoke.

‘I can’t imagine anyone being mad at you Danny.’ I snuggled close to him again as a sign of appreciation. For a forty year old he had a good body, I could feel the muscle there – no kaçak iddaa cuddling up to any fat. When I looked down I could see was beginning to enjoy the closeness! His arm pulled me in closer and I felt his lips touch the top of my head. God this feels good I thought. I raised my head a little so our mouths were close and opened my lips a little.

John didn’t need another invitation, his mouth came crashing into mine, his tongue eager to meet mine, I opened my lips a little more and let his tongue probe my mouth. His tightened his embrace pulling me hard into his body, his strong lips engulfing mine. Eventually he broke away, still holding me in his arms, and smiled at me. I smiled back and snuggled into him again, this time though I began to kiss him, first on the throat then I worked my way down to his chest. He moved his arm away so as not to stop me going further. I paused for a while so I could untie the belt on his robe, I pulled it apart and – phew! That was quite some cock he had there.

I felt John’s hand on my head giving me a little encouragement – not that I needed any – and I moved my lips closer so that they just touched that hot throbbing member. I kissed it gently before letting my tongue lick the length of it, just lightly to tease it, feeling it twitch against my mouth in anticipation. I kissed the length of his cock slowly working my way up to the throbbing end before opening my lips and taking it inside my salivating mouth. I had never had a dick that huge before, it wasn’t that thick but so long – it must have been at least 10 inches. I worked his member with my mouth teasingly, gently moving my lips up and down as far as I could go. He tasted so good, clean but a real manly taste. I could have stayed down there for ages, I was willing him to shoot his load in my mouth but he gently pulled my head away. He kissed me again before whispering in my ear,

‘I want you naked’.

He tugged at my T-shirt, pulling over my head, then he pushed me back on the sofa and began kaçak bahis to unbuckle the belt on my jeans. I just lay there, letting him do as he wished. He took my jeans off me, then I felt his hands on my boxers. Before taking them off he bent over and kissed my cock through the cotton, that felt real fine. As my boxers slid down my legs his mouth took my hard tool, this guy new how to suck cock, working it with his mouth while one hand gently caressed my balls. One half of my mind was in pure ecstasy, the other half thinking ‘Hey how’s a married guy know how to do this’, soon though the bliss took over completely. Then suddenly, before I knew what hit me, I had this almighty orgasm and pumped my cum in to his eager mouth. I ain’t never cum like that before, my whole body tremored as my juices spewed out in to John’s mouth.

I lay back totally spent as his lifted his head away from there and kissed me, I could taste my own cum on his lips, I threw my arms around him and returned the kiss with a passion that I had never given another guy before.

I knew I couldn’t be selfish so I pushed him away and backwards on to the sofa. I moved my mouth so fast on to his cock I think it took by surprise, I sucked greedily at his horny dick, while my hand worked the lower part of his shaft. Pretty soon I felt his whole body tense as his prick exploded and I drained every once of semen I could from him.

We both sat up and he put his arm tight around me again and gave me a gently kiss on the lips.

‘Danny – that was good’ Then a realisation dawned on him ‘Hey, you and Jason aren’t – are you?’

‘No.’ I reassured him, ‘besides anyone else would be a disappointment now.’ He gave me another kiss.

‘Well,’ he said, ‘it probably isn’t wise for you to sleep in Jason’s room tonight. I mean he might be sick or something.’

‘True’ I replied.

‘So,’ John said grinning, ‘It’d be easier if you just doubled up with me for the night wouldn’t it.’

‘Much easier,’ I replied, cuddling up closer to him. ‘Only I will make sure I’m up before Mrs Roache gets home.’

‘Fuck Mrs Roache’ John said with some bravado.

‘No,’ I gave him a stern look, ‘take me upstairs to you bed and fuck me.’

So he did!

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