Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 14

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Continued from Chapter 12, as there is no 13.

(Bobbie was fixated on taking Susie with us to Texas.)

Little Susie left quite an impression on Bobbie. I believe those two fell in love at the cafeteria that night while flirting.

“I want to talk to Susie’s mother,” Bobbie announced.

“Ok, why don’t you call her,” I suggested.

And after a call, we were at Susie’s house talking to her momma about letting Susie come live with us. Bobbie promised that Susie would finish school and go to college if she liked.

Susie’s mother was long in the tooth and haggard for a woman in her late 50’s and she was half drunk. But she readily agreed and signed guardianship letter over to Bobbie. Susie and Bobbie packed what few clothes and things that Susie had in two paper grocery bags and Susie said, “Bye momma,” no hugs or sentiment on her part.

We went back to the motor court and the three of us finally went to sleep in the king bed. Bobbie was in the middle spooning Susie; “I’m your new momma and he’s your daddy—we’re gonna’ take care of you baby—you like that,” she said while rubbing her hair and kissing her cheeks.

Susie reflected and smiled and said yes, she would really like that. Bobbie beamed and they both seemed genuinely happy.

The next day after breakfast, we filled up with premium gas at the Sunoco station and away we drove off to Texas—the three of us giggling and listening to the radio.

Bobbie and Susie sang familiar songs on the radio—shared their stories of past romance, spats and desires, etc. Sometimes the am radio would fade out and Bobbie would push the wonder bar to find a new station.

Susie said her mother’s boyfriend molested her when she was 13 to 15 years old. He told her that it was ok for her to fuck in the ass but not the pussy because of her age. She lived in a two room shack and they all slept in the same bed.

Susie went on to explain that momma would pass out drunk and he rubbed her body and her little pussy and then fucked her small butt until sore. She gradually enjoyed it and when she met Harold, she allowed him to use her ass but not her pussy.

After a rest-area break, Bobbie and Susie walked around the park and smoked some reefer. In the car they laughed and giggled over anything. Bobbie and Susie kissed a lot and talked about shopping for clothes.

We checked into a luxury hotel in Dallas and the girls spent most of the day shopping for new clothes and then an hour in the heated pool. That night, Bobbie made a rule that we had to sleep naked unless she or Susie were on a period.

Susie looked so seductive—so small, young and so sexy—her small hips and plump little butt with her mane of red hair surrounding her tender cunny—her perky little titties with hard pointy red nipples seemed to strain upwards and demand attention.

I salivated remembering how her tight her little pussy was when wrapped around my swollen cock—her cunt lips stretched around my fat shaft and puckering out with each stroke—the feeling of her smooth wet sheath gripping and squeezing my cock—the sight of her red bush and my fat white shank meeting and mingling with my dark brown pubes.

Then Bobbie with her 25 year-old body like a goddess—her large proud firm titties with large pink nipples—her perfectly formed hips and full plump bottom that jiggled seductively when she walked—her flat stomach that ended with her small blond mound and her pouty pussy lips that seemed to demand kissing.

My cock was half hard and a small drop of pre-cum appeared from its eye. I laid on the edge of the bed pretending to watch an episode of MASH but I kept stealing glances at the girls while they showed off their new clothes and boots purchased that day. I caught glimpses of pussies, asses and tits jiggling—it was maddening.

The girls sat on the bed, Bobbie and Susie lay down and began kissing. Bobbie’s face lowered to Susie’s nipples. Her mouth sucked on one nipple while pinching and pulling hard on the other. It almost looked painful but Susie closed her eyes and moaned loudly in pleasure.

“Oh baby, look at daddy’s cock—its getting hard—daddy likes to watch us making love,” Bobbie announced.

Susie’s eyes opened and starred at my stiffening member. Her little mouth formed an o shape as she moaned, “Oooo, daddy’s cock is so big—mmmmmm—it hurt my pussy but I liked it.”

Bobbie right hand covered Susie’s bahis firmaları red pussy and her fingers were stroking her slit. Her two fingers pushed to the knuckles of her hand and worked furiously in her cunt.

“Daddy wants to fuck you again—you want daddy to fuck you?” she asked.

“Oh yes, mmmmmm—please, let daddy fuck me,” she begged.

I could see Bobbie’s fingers were slick with her juice. Susie’s hips gyrated under the finger assault. She removed the drenched fingers sticky with cunt honey and shared them with Susie’s mouth. The girls sucked and licked the fingers feverishly.

“Before daddy fucks you, you want mommy to lick your pussy,” Bobbie asked.

“Uh-huh,” she moaned.

Bobbie demanded: “Then say it—say mommy lick my pussy please.”

“Oh, mommy please lick my pussy—I want it so bad,” she begged.

Bobbie put a pillow under her small butt and pushed her knees up then her face went to work on her pussy. I could see her long tongue darting in and out and slurping the slit up and down up to the cleft of her red mound. After several minutes of hard licking, slurping and sucking, Susie succumbed to a powerful orgasm.

Susie moaned and her hips pushed up to meet Bobbie’s tongue strokes. Susie closed her eyes and her body tensed up and she came in little jerking movements.

“Awwwgghhhhh—gaaawwwddd—whoooooooo—eeeeeee,” she cried out as she spasmed and jerked her pussy against Bobbies open mouth.

Bobbie face rose up covered in pussy juice then she moved up next to Susie’s face where they exchanged tongues. Susie eagerly licked her cum off Bobbie’s face.

My cock was hard as bone with veins bulging as I slowly stroked it. I could smell the effusion of pussy and it drove me crazy.

Bobbie told Susie to straddle my cock and take it as she pleased. The small girl mounted over my legs and positioned her small red pussy on top of my bone hard cock.

The sight was incredible and startling to describe as her small fingers gripped the shaft and guided the red plum sized head to her slit. The proportion of my cock—the thickness of a large cucumber and the red plum-sized head—compared to Susie’s little cunny lips and red curls as she attempted to engulf it within her folds—was an incredibly erotic sight and a true challenge for the nubile girl.

My cock head soon popped inside her cunny lips, that stretched over it and the wide shoulders throbbed in anticipation of the oncoming sleeve encompassing its great width.

“Oh you got the head of his cock inside you—how does it feel baby,” Bobbie asked.

“Hmmmm—O’ its so big and my pussy is stretched but it feels good,” she remarked.

I was deprived of the sight of her pussy fully engulfing my cock when Bobbie straddled my face with her ass while facing Susie.

The sight of her gaping pussy lips and soft blond pubic hairs and the smell of her fishy cunt as it lowered onto my face engulfing my nose took my breath away. I used my tongue and mouth to lick and suck her salty cunt as hard as I could.

I heard Susie moan and feel her tight pussy take my cock inch by inch over my cock and gradually she pushed herself down impaling her cunt onto my cock.

I felt her pussy hair rubbing my pelvis pad above my cock. Such sweet sensations of her pussy gripping and squeezing my cock caused my muffled moans under the weight of Bobbie’s ass covering my face.

Susie cried out, “It’s so big—it hurts—agggghhhh—yes-yes-fuck o fuck—fuck—oh, it feels so good inside me.”

Bobbie and Susie kissed as Susie enjoyed the heat from having such a fat cock stretching her virginal pussy. I could feel my heart pump inside my cock as it throbbed from the delicious gripping of Susie’s tight sheath.

I found Bobbies oily nub of a clit and began sucking and stabbing it with my tongue. I could feel it grow from its hood and protrude out to meet my rapid strokes. Her pussy writhed on top of my nose and mouth and she began a back and forth motion as she moaned and cried out in passion.

“Oh baby, daddy sucks my pussy so good,” she reported.

After a minute or so, Susie’s hips began a slow rocking motion forward and back pulling on my cock like a joy stick being gripped tight by a very oily hand. Her pace was slow at first—just teasing my cock with the motion while my nuts sorely tightened up.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her back and forth and she quickly kaçak iddaa caught on to the rhythm as her pussy spasmed and clutched ever so tightly around my cock.

A few minutes passed when Bobbie raised her ass from my face and my eyes could see Susie’s face contort and her eyes roll back—my hands pulled and pushed her hips faster and faster—her stomach contracted as her hips pistoned back and forth on top of my cock like a machine.

Susie wailed: “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh dad-dy-dy-dy-dyyyyy, fuck-k-k me-e-e-e,” she bleated out like a goat.

I pulled and pushed her hips furiously as her pussy rubbed and grinded on my pelvis with my huge cock stuck firmly to the hilt and our hairs meshed together.


Her hips gradually slowed and her body was wracked with orgasm. Her breathing was deep and heavy. She leaned down and we kissed exchanging Bobbie’s pussy juice on my mouth and face. I could feel her hot emission leaking over my nuts in a pool under my butt.

She lay there in a feint with my cock still buried to the hilt for a minute of two then I helped push her hips up and my cock plopped out with a resounding sluice pop.

“Now it’s my turn,” remarked Bobbie.

She quickly mounted my still hard cock and although her pussy was not as tight, it felt great. Her pussy had no difficulty burying the entire shaft in one push. Her hips began a steady rocking and grinding on my pelvis. My hands gripped her hips and I began rocking her hips back and forth just like Susie’s.

After several minutes, she too gasped and held her breath, her body contorted and her hips jiggled like they were shocked with electricity. She yelled out that she was cumming and her fingers dug into my chest as she emitted her juice to mingle with Susie’s.

She too feinted on top of me and after a brief rest; we kissed passionately unlike any other time we had been together. She seemed to be contented and happy with her new fortune. Susie added a dimension that was just as important as food and shelter and that unleashed her passions for intimacy to a higher level.

I had not cum and my cock was just as stiff and swollen as an ass in heat. I recalled Susie’s stories of sweet seduction by her mother’s boyfriend—how he teased her small bottom hole—how her little brown hole itched to feel his fingers inside her.

Her erotic story beguiled me and aroused my passion hearing of her first sexual encounter and how she lusted for the feel of his cock in her rectum. Bobbie did not like anal fucking so I thought Susie might like it.

I wanted to taste her little brown orifice and see my fingers penetrate and prod its crinkly fissure.

I stepped over to her prone body as she embraced Bobbie and the two faces locked in a soulful kiss with tongues playing back and forth.

I spread Susie’s small white bottom cheeks peering at the little cunny lips below still shinny with her cum juice and the brown crinkly rosette nestled between her taut orbs.

I applied my face between her fleshy butt cheeks and inhaled the pungent scent of just fucked pussy with a slight hint of tart ass sweat. My tongue licked softly at her tender opening. Its texture was so smooth and puckered.

She moaned as my tongue prodded and poked inside the opening with little resistance. I penetrated her small opening as far as my tongue could reach—stroking her bottom hole in and out.

Her small bottom wiggled and pushed to meet my insertions. She laid flat on her stomach allowing my tongue to administer pleasure to her sensitive nether hole.

Bobbie’s eyes widened as she witnessed Susie’s passion for anal stimulation. She had been with other women but never saw a woman enjoy the licking and tongue fucking as much as Susie.

Bobbie rose and brought over a small bottle of olive oil and pouring a small amount in the palm of her hand, she rubbed and coated my cock.

I lifted my face and observed Susie’s brown hole open and spasm and open again. She was hot to have her ass fucked. I spit in her hole and inserted first one and then two fingers that slipped easily inside. She moaned and thrust her butt up in anticipation of the finger stretching and prodding.

I turned her on her left side and lay behind her pushing my cock between her small white butt cheeks. Bobbie assisted by spreading her buns and guiding the massive kaçak bahis head to her small hole.

Susie became aware that my hot cock head pressed inwards between her butt cheeks as it began to stretch her hole. She moaned considerably in pleasure thrusting her ass back engulfing the head.

Oh my—the feeling of my cock head in her smooth anal ring sent electric shock waves through my cock. My cock throbbed pushing more of it inside her tight hole. She welcomed every inch with passionate moaning—crying out how wonderful it felt.

“Oh yes—awwwww—mmmmm—oooo that’s so good—you’re stretching my ass—deeper—yes—fuck me—fuck—fuck me deeper—awwwggghhhh” she cried out thrusting her ass half way onto my thick cock.

A hardy lunge drove my cock to the very hilt. Susie’s ass sheath spasmed and milked my cock. Her body was in heat and she ground her stretched brown anal ring onto the thickest part of my cock.

Bobbie raised her left leg and planted fiery kisses on her clit.

“Oh her clit is huge—she really likes ass fucking daddy—oh baby likes it, don’t you baby,” she asked.

“Uhhh-huhhh—yes—Oh—it’s so good,” she cried in passionate anguish.

Bobbie sucked her clit and within two minutes of stroking my cock in and out she came violently and feinted.

I slowly withdrew my still swollen cock from her buttery smooth rectum. Bobby sucked the head and licked the shinny shaft then mounted me again. She pumped and wiggled on top for a few minutes then tensed up and came again.

Susie kissed me passionately and thanked me for butt fucking her.

I had not cum yet and Bobbie had me mount Susie in the missionary style. Susie held my fat truncheon and guided it to her little rosy slit—soon my entire fat cock was soaking and throbbing inside her little belly.

Remembering the night with Joe and Julie, she fetched the big rubber dildo and applying some oil, inserted the head in my anal ring.

I immediately felt the spasms in my cock as the dildo plowed deeper up my rectum and my nuts boiled in anticipation of cumming inside Susie’s pussy. My cock stroked harder and longer as more of the dildo penetrated my rectum.

My huge cock was strained to bursting as my pelvis slapped against her little pussy and pulled all the way out to the head and thrust back faster and faster.

Susie’s fingers clawed at my back as her pussy responded to the pounding while Bobbie jerked the dildo deeper in time with my thrusts. The faster I fucked Susie, the faster the dildo fucked my ass.

Gorged as she was with my thick cock, the small girl heaved and quivered beneath my hard strokes. She sobbed and her eyes closed and her body convulsed under the constant strain of orgasm.

Susie’s legs jerked up and down with each thrust. The sensation of stretching and friction in her pussy over took her. “Fuck me—fuck me harder—ohhhhh—yesss—fuck—fuck—fuck me—Iiiiiiieeee—awwwwww,” as her pussy emitted its fusion of juice.

I could feel my cock oozing cum out and then it spasmed as I ejaculated torrents of cum deep inside the young girl’s womb. The spasms continued even after my balls were totally drained of jism.

I was spent and exhausted then looked down at the face of the sweet adoring girl beneath me. We kissed and she stated that she loved us both.

I gradually pulled my spent cock out covered in our mutual cums. A long oozing string of cum refused to let go and connected our parts.

Bobbie seized my cum drenched cock and sucked the entire semi-flacid shaft in her mouth relishing the taste of my cum.

Susie’s little pussy was agape with my white creamy jism flowing out of her pussy as it contracted. I scooped some of the cum with my fingers allowing it to pool thickly into my palm and offered the clammy juice to Susie’s mouth.

She welcomed the jism in my hand and sucked it out like an oyster. Then Bobbie applied her lips and tongue to her reddened fissure and kissed and sucked the jism from her delicate pussy.

After we cleaned ourselves and performed toiletries, we decided that tomorrow we must find a home and the girls found a new adventure in planning how to furnish their dream home.

Later, we slept like babies that night. I held Susie’s small body as my cock nestled against her firm little butt and Bobbie’s titties mashed against my back and her soft pussy hair firmly rubbed my butt cheeks.

The next day we found a farm house with a barn a few miles south of Dallas for 600 month. We were a family.


Continued in Chapter 15, when Wiley reunites with Billy and Bonnie in Brownsville and tells why he left Texas.

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