Adam and Steve Ch. 06

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Unedited – Please forgive the tenses or if something is wrong hopefully one day.

Thank you for reading and comments are always welcome.



Jeff and Teddy walked in after practice and just collapsed in the living room, dropping everything they had books and gear. They had a big game the following Friday and it was the end of October, amazingly the team has won five of seven games.

They were sick and tired of both Adam and Steve because they missed one another and wouldn’t admitted it. Adam took out his frustration on the team by running them to death and then when the boys would come home Steve would constantly ask about Adam. They were trying to figure out ways to get the two back together.

“How can we get their defenses down?” Jeff asked.

“Well, Steve is easy, his are already down. Look how much he asks about Adam every time we come back from school and practice. The one we have to…” Teddy starts to laugh.


“I was about to use Coach’s term on him, ‘Move the Line'” Teddy laughed again. “Hey it fits, we have to push back his defensive line.” Jeff even laughed about that one, it did fit.

“Operation: Move the Line.” Jeff responded.

They had to think of a way and decided they needed help and it may take a team: The Team and maybe even more.


During school and practice the next day, they spread the word to meet after the Coaches left. The Assistant Coach Marc hung around in the locker room after Adam left. He had overheard the kids spreading ‘the word’. “NO ONE WANT TO GO HOME?” Marc screamed over all the chatter in the locker room.

Teddy spoke up for the group. “We all just wanted to talk, Coach.”

“Yeah, I know Teddy. I heard something about Operation Move the Line and Adam?” He laughed “Let’s get this plan started, NOW! I thought it was bad, when he finally left Ben, but that was a bowl of cherries compared to this. Shit, we need to get these two back together tonight.”

Marc pulled over the dry erase board to start strategizing how they were going to get Adam and Steve back together. They had to called Matt and Sarah for their input and eventually for their help. What the team didn’t know, Adam was even putting the adults through hell over this break-up.


That August night, when Steve walked into Adam’s room. Adam was sitting on the edge of the bed he actually had been crying. He looked up at Steve and tears were streaming down his face. It stopped Steve in his tracks. “No.” Steve stated.

“What?” Adam stood up.

“Adam, I love you, but no, we can’t get back together right now.”

“Why?” Adam just looked at Steve.

“Adam, Ben cheated on you, how many times?”

Adam closed his eyes. “Lots.”

“How did that make you feel?”

“Like shit and I hated him.” Adam told the truth.

“Adam, did you want to forgive or take Ben back right away?”

Adam breathed in and out slowly, “No.”

“I know you took him back when he came home. But Adam, DAMN IT, you choose not to tell me. You even stated it felt good, how he would touch you, when you two ate lunch. That hurts, Adam. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Steve.”

“Adam, I can’t trust.” Adam just looked at Steve. “When you’re ready for this relationship and can be completely committed to it, we will talk.” Steve turned to walk out of the room.



“Please don’t go, don’t do this. I know I fucked up but please don’t leave me. I love you.” Adam walked up to Steve and tried to hold him but Steve wouldn’t let him.

“Adam no. Yes I love you too but it’s not going to be this easy for you. I don’t mean to be an asshole about it, but you know what it’s like to be cheated on and you basically go and do it.” Steve put his hand up to stop Adam from saying anything. “I know you didn’t cheat, but Adam you were a step away from it, and try to tell me you weren’t?”

“I can’t.” Adam hung his head. “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know Adam, I don’t know.” Steve stated as he shook his head. “I love you Adam, but I just don’t know.” Steve walked out of Adam’s room.

Adam walked after him, he didn’t even notice Matt and Sarah sitting in the living room, they could hear everything that had been said. Steve had made it to the front door. “Steve, please, I love you, I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me.” Adam tried to keep Steve from going but Steve pushed his arm away, opened the door and left.

Adam stood staring at the door for what seem like forever to Matt and Sarah. They looked at one another, when Matt finally got up and went over to Adam. He touched Adam’s bicep and Adam flinched. “Hey Matt.” Then he turned and walked away.

Over the following week, Adam tried to jump through the hoops Steve put in place as punishment, but after a few days he got pissed. He was mad Steve was treating him like a child and criminal. He felt like Steve was checking up on him. Adam didn’t even make Ben do this much crap after he would fuck around on him.

So Adam’s canlı bahis walls went up and stayed. He loved Steve, but he couldn’t do it, he didn’t know how to handle the hoops. Telling Steve he screwed up and he will never do it again, wasn’t enough. So he didn’t know what to do, other than leave.

So the longer Adam’s walls were up, well he thought they were up. The grumpier he got, he truly missed Steve. But he wasn’t going to go crawling back to Steve even though he wanted to. So he buried himself in his work, hence why there is now, Operation: Move the Line


Everyone had their assignments, just pulling it off was going to be a miracle and technically what everyone was about to do, could be considered a crime. They decided the best time would be after the game on Friday. Neither Adam nor Steve needed to be anywhere until Monday and everyone was hoping by then, they will be talking again.

Marc said, “It’s like my Mamaw always said. ‘If two cats didn’t get along, put them in the bathroom together, one covered in tuna juice, either they will become best friends or kill one another.'” He laughed. “My cabin is a great place because they won’t know where they are and we will take their phones.”

So it was all set. The game ended great, they won and the team was going out to celebrate. Marc asked Adam to ride with him and his brothers and Adam agreed. At first Adam didn’t notice they weren’t heading to the pizzeria because he had been shooting the shit with Marc’s brothers.

“Marc, where we going?” When Adam noticed they turned on the freeway.

“My cabin.”

Adam was trying to stay calm, “What do you mean, your cabin?”

“You asked where we were going, and I told you.” Marc was trying to be as vague as possible.

Adam was sitting right next to Marc’s oldest brother, so he breathed in and out again and calmly asked. “Okay, WHY, are we going to your cabin? We were supposed to be going to Lou’s with the team.”

“You will find out in another hour and a half.” Adam just shook his head, looked out the window and watched the mile markers go by. He could only tell they were heading east. After a half an hour of Adam being quiet Marc finally spoke up. “Adam, stop being such a sulky bitch.”

“What the fuck does that mean.” Adam raised his voice.

“Shit man, the whole team is worried about you. We are your friends, well they are your students. But for fucks sake, would you get your head out of your ass and go back to the man you love.”

“So is this why you’re taking me to your cabin? It’s an.” Adam stuck his hands in the air to make the quote signs. “Intervention?”

“In a sense, yes.”

“Then stop the car now, because you guys don’t have to. Steve doesn’t love me, and I don’t care anymore.” Adam let all his defensives down and just turned in on himself.

Roy, Marc’s oldest brother was sitting in the backseat with Adam. He could have sworn that Adam shrunk inches right there next to him when he emitted, he didn’t think Steve loved him anymore. Roy saw a defeated man sitting next to him and he reached out and placed his hand on Adams’.

Adam was pretty much numb the last hour of the trip. He remembers his hand being really warm the rest of the way, but he didn’t realize why. When they pulled up to the cabin Matt was there with a bag of clothes for Adam. He and Sarah had shown up early to get the cabin ready, they picked up clothes from Teddy for Steve. Sarah had shopped for enough food for a half of a week, just in case one of them backpacks out. Which she hopes neither of them will, but knows if one would, it would be Adam over Steve.

“Come on Adam.” Roy said, when they had parked and he was still sitting there completely disconnected, not knowing they were at the cabin.


Getting Steve to the cabin was work, Carl ended up gagging him after twenty minutes, he couldn’t stand sitting in the backseat with Steve bitching at the three. Teddy made him undo it, not long after and Steve did keep quiet but wasn’t happy.

Steve had been sitting in the family room when Jeff and Teddy along with two teammates came into the house. The rest of the team was blocking the view of the door to the car, from the street. Carl was already stationed in the backseat, with the childproof lock on so Steve wouldn’t easily be able to get out. But Steve would have to escape the ropes first.

“Hey boys, how did you do?” Steve asked, when he saw them come in. It’s another thing, Steve refuses to come to the games now because he doesn’t want to see Adam.

“We won.” Teddy responded. “Steve, forgive us please.”


Bobby and Luke the biggest and strongest guys on the team were the two commission to grab Steve. Luke went behind Steve and bear hugged him in the chair and Bobby dives for his legs. Jeff produces the rope from behind his back when Steve’s eyes go wide. “THEODORE, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?”

“You will know in two hours, just don’t struggle and everything will be fine. Steve you’re not being kidnapped.” Teddy laughed, bahis siteleri “Well you are, but you aren’t.”


“Steve, please just trust me.”

Jeff tied Steve’s ankles and then his wrists together, Bobby and Luke carried him out the car behind the wall of kids. The kids all get into their cars and followed until Jeff turns on the freeway and then they were on their own until the cabin.

Teddy prayed they didn’t get pulled over, it would look funny having Steve tied up. Also the whole way there he was praying Steve would forgive him. He would look over his headrest at him every once in a while and when the lights from other cars hit him just right, he looked pissed.

Jeff pulled in just forty minutes behind Marc. Marc and his two brothers came out. “Hey boys.” They start to help Steve out. “Shit, you tied him up?”

“Well, we didn’t know how else we were going to get him here.” Teddy stated with a guilty smile. “Again Steve, I’m sorry, I hope you will forgive me one day. Just know, I love you.”

Jeff untied the rope, Steve just stared at Teddy and didn’t say a word. Jeff, Teddy and Carl got back in the car and Steve watch them drive away and then look at Marc. “What the hell is this?” Marc pointed for him to head to the cabin and that is when he saw Matt and Sarah on the porch. “Oh no, what are you all doing?”

“Go into the cabin Steve.” Marc ordered.

“No, you tell me what’s going on first.”

“Come in to the cabin and we will discuss everything.” Sarah asked Steve.

Steve exhaled loudly and stepped forward, where else could he go he thought. When he stepped into the cabin there sat Adam, they had not seen each other for almost two months. No one else came into the cabin with him, they had left a large envelope on the kitchen table with information of when someone would be back for them. They all got into their cars and hoped for the sake of this relationship, all their pending friendships and possible attempted kidnapping charges that this will all work out for the best. They will find out in around forty hours, they were still deciding who to send to pick the two up.


The cabin.

Adam looked over at Steve when he walked through the door. “If you want a ride back to the city, you better catch them now.” He could hear the cars starting, Steve just looked like a deer in the headlights, Adam didn’t look much better. Then Steve started laughing and sat down in the chair facing him. “What?” Adam couldn’t find any humor in this situation.

“They kidnapped us to put us back together.” Steve was still laughing.

“I don’t see the humor in it Steve.”

“Because you don’t know what’s arriving at your house in the morning.” Steve responded and Adam just looked at him. “About two hundred red roses, to beg you to talk to me.” Steve was looking straight at Adam which was the first time Adam looked directly in Steve’s eyes.

“What?” Adam looked confused.

“I’ve missed you, Adam.”

“Steve, you treated me like a fucking child. I fucked up. I know. I’ve beat myself up so much for it, but your constant checks to make sure I was where I stated, was driving me insane. I love you Steve, but damn.”

“I know I overreacted and I hope you can forgive me.” Steve stopped. “Do you still love me, Adam?”

“Yes of course I do Steve, I’ve been miserable these past months.”

“Why haven’t you tried calling? Or stopping over?” Steve asked.

“Honestly Steve?” Steve nodded his head. “I thought you didn’t care, once I stopped trying to jump through your hoops. You didn’t contact me either.”

“Adam, you left in the middle of the night. I got up to go the bathroom and you weren’t in the bed.” Steve stated. “I decided not to contact you to see if you need a little break, and then it was a few days, then a week and I didn’t think it would be over a month before we would talk to one another. I didn’t think we were both THIS stubborn.”

It was the first time something got a chuckle from Adam. “That I am, Stubborn, with a capital S.”

Steve took a good look at Adam, he could tell, he was exhausted. He just stood up and walked around the coffee table and extended his hand. “Let’s talk about this in the morning, you’re tired, it’s late, let’s get some sleep.” Adam took the offer and Steve pulled him up and right into a hug. “I love you too, Adam. Let’s find a room to sleep.”

First room they tried was locked, same with the next. They saw stairs so they knew it must have a loft. Adam walked up the stairs to the door, while Steve walked into the kitchen because he saw the envelope.

Adam opened the door and flipped on the light switch. That’s when he really started to laugh. Steve heard Adam laughing and walked up to see why. Steve stopped in his tracks when he saw the room. “On what level of kink, do they think we’re on?” Steve asked.

“I have no clue.” Adam said with a laugh.

Laid out on a small table, was rope, handcuffs, a dildo, condoms, lube and a flogger. On the floor was a duffle bag with a bahis şirketleri note attached stating to take everything with and enjoy, Marc. Next to the bed was a bottle of wine chilling and there was a cooler also next to the bed, with a sign saying ‘Open Me’. What really threw the both of them, was the sex swing. Semi over the bed, so it could be used on or off. It also had a sign on it saying it was theirs to take.

Adam shook his head and walked towards the bed, he pulled back the covers. “Oh, and Marc’s version of mints, seem to be condoms.” He tossed it on the nightstand by the wine, dropped his pants and sat down on the bed. “What’s the envelope?”

“I found it on the kitchen table.” Steve walked over and did the same, but on the opposite side of the bed. He pulled the covers back also finding a condom, dropped his pants and sat down, they got in and pulled the covers up.

Steve opened the envelope and looked in. He pulled out a few things along with two envelopes, but one he quickly hid before Adam saw it, it was mark to him. The other one was addressed to the both of them so he opened that one and pulled out a letter and began to read it out loud.


Adam and Steve,

We all love and hate to see you’re both miserable apart. It’s why you’ve been kidnapped this weekend. If you end up wanting to blame anyone, blame me (Matt). But I wasn’t the creator of this plan, but I will take all the legal actions (if there are any, Steve) and beating (because you know I can take you, Adam).

Please talk, cry, scream, fuck or do whatever you two do and work this shit out.

WE are tired of the inquiring about the other, the bad moods and THE, I don’t know what the fuck we are going to come (to/from) home/school/work mood.

Truly we do love you,

Matt, Sarah, Teddy, Jeff, Marc and the entire football team.

P.S. The room was setup by Marc, no one could deter him. Love you Sarah

P.S.S. Someone will be back Sunday at six. That is P.M. not A.M., so please work this out.


“Well.” Steve said as he finished the letter.

“Hmm.” Adam said.

Steve just put the stuff back into the envelope laid the letter and the envelope on the nightstand. There was a switch by the bed he flipped it, it turned off the lights. “Perfect, let’s get some sleep and we will talk in the morning.”

“Yeah.” Adam agreed.

During the night hearts will do what hearts will do. They both went to bed as separate individuals, even making sure there was space between them, not consciously doing it, but they did. Sometime during the night Steve turned to his side, Adam followed suit and soon they were spooning.

Steve woke to Adam lightly caressing his hair, Steve could hear Adam’s heartbeat feel every breath he took in and let out. Adam was now laying on his back, Steve was draped over him and he thought he was hugging a hard but oh so warm pillow.

Of course they both were hard but they had their t-shirts and boxers on. Steve had his cock pressed against Adam’s upper thigh/hip and Adam’s was underneath Steve’s leg which he had also draped over Adam.

“Good Morning.” Steve got out in a crackle dry morning voice.

“Morning Steve.” Adam actually didn’t want Steve to wake, he liked having him lying over him. But he thought like Chaucer said ‘All Good Things Must Come to an End’. But Steve never made the move to even get up, he didn’t want to move either, he missed this.

After what seemed like an hour, but was really only twenty minutes, Adam spoke. “Red roses?” He could feel Steve smile. “You know Matt is never going to let me live this down. I got a house full of roses.”

Steve had to fess up, so Adam knew before they got home Sunday. “Not just roses, but about 200 carnations, maybe some daisies, there were balloons and maybe a teddy bear or two, maybe three.” Steve laughed. “One of them was holding a football.”

Steve looked up and Adam kissed him, it was the gentlest kiss they have ever shared. Not rushed, Adam bought his left hand up to cup Steve’s face. When the kiss ended, Steve knew if they continued they would be having sex and that wasn’t talking, but Adam knew this too. “Thank you, Steve.”

“For?” Steve really couldn’t think of what he would be getting thanked for, especially after that kiss.

“Let’s get up and see if they stocked anything in the fridge.” Adam went to get up.

Steve stopped Adam by partially getting on top of him. Which in the back of his mind, he was screaming this was a mistake because they were still so very hard and they could easily start grinding together. “Wait a minute Adam, why did you say, Thank you?”

“Long answer, I honestly didn’t think you wanted me anymore. Steve, since the night I walked out we haven’t talked. You didn’t try to contact me and I just figured you were happy, you didn’t have to watch or check up on me, to make sure I wasn’t cheating. So I’m thanking you for sending the flowers and things even though I won’t get to see them until Sunday. I’m thanking you for making the first move, because I didn’t have the nerve to do it. I would’ve just stay miserable and kept making the kids and everyone around me pay for it.” Adam closed his eyes because he felt ashamed for what he did and the aftermath.

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