Acting out Fantasies Ch. 04: Sarah’s Lesbian Seduction

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This all starts 2 years ago when my husband Robert, our divorced next door neighbor Jill, and I started a sex club. We would have open sex after breakfast whenever possible. About 2 years in, we added a young 20 year old girl named Linda. Robert have met and had sex with Linda’s mother, Sarah. Who according to Linda is extremely religious and doesn’t approve of having sex with other women, or anybody other than her husband, but it looks like Robert fixed that.

I was cleaning the guest room that Robert and Sarah had sex in when I found a note pad with Sarah’s cell phone number with a note that said, lets meet again some time, but preferably out of town. My first thought was that Sarah was trying to steal my husband. But after reading one of my erotic magazines I began to have a fantasy of having a lesbian mistress just for myself.

I decided that I will call Sarah and ask to meet her after work one day. She hesitantly, accepted we agreed to meet at the bar in the hotel across the street from where I work, where I secretly got a room, and hid my strap on and a lesbian porno in the DVD player. After work I met Sarah in the bar where we had a drink, Sarah asked if we can go some where we can be alone to discus what happened between she and Robert. I led her up to my hotel room, slipped the do not disturb sign on the outside of the door and sat her on the bed.

Sarah confessed to having sex with Robert and that she was caught up in the moment ,that it was a wrong thing to do, and that she was sorry. I told her that it was ok, and I put my hand on her thigh and gave canlı bahis her a short but passionate kiss. After I broke the kiss, Sarah was clearly turned on and confused. I kiss her several times with a series of small but passionate kisses. I push her to make her lie down on the bed. I then started to rub her pussy through her suit. I could tell she liked it but, she was fighting it. I told her to let go, and let me giver her an experience that she’ll never forget. Just then I felt her start to get wet, and she started to kiss me back.

After making out for a while, I got up and turned on the lesbian porno DVD and went to the bathroom to get ready. Through the cracked open bathroom door I can see Sarah strip and start rubbing her pussy. I got undressed and came out of the bathroom naked. I sat on my knees in front of Sarah and started to eat her pussy. She lifted her hips off the bed, offering up her pretty pussy within seconds I was tonguing her pussy, lapping up her tasty juices. After a while she locked her firm, muscular legs wrapped around my head to hold me in place. Moments later I make her cum with her first lesbian orgasm. I give her a long passionate kiss giving her a taste of her own pussy.

She then rolls over and maneuver so she’s on top of me, and gives me a passionate kiss. I grab my right breast and put my nipple in her mouth. Her sucking on my nipple made them really hard and made my pussy really wet. I then guided her down to my pussy and told her to eat me out. Her tongue on my pussy felt amazing and she made me cum in no time. I told her that she was bahis siteleri a natural pussy eater. She smiled and thanked me. I got up and went back to the bathroom and put on the strap on.

When I came out Sarah’s eyes got wide and I pulled her off the bed and force her to her knees and told her to suck my plastic cock. After a few minutes of her sucking I pushed her onto the bed she spread he legs begging to be fucked. I put the plastic cock into her pussy and start fucking her hard. With each moan I go a little faster making her cum in minutes. After I made her cum I pulled out and layed on my back where she climbed on top of me and started riding my plastic cock making her cum three more times in rapid succession.

While resting, Sarah confessed to me that she is loving her first lesbian experience. I smiled and said good, I love fucking you. She the snuggled with me and gave me a kiss. We talked for a while until I was fully rested which is when I gave her a kiss and said get ready I’m coming again and I maneuvered her onto all fours and started to fuck her doggy style. Once again with each moan she makes I go a little faster. Once she came I started to fuck her harder she must have had 6 powerful orgasms by the time I was done.

And I pulled out layed back and I collapsed next to her and gave her another passionate kiss. Sarah then confessed that she has fallen in love with me. I waited a minute, letting that sink in, and then I told her that I loved her too. We made out for what seemed to be an hour. I proposed that we should keep our affair a secret and she bahis şirketleri agreed. I then lit a cigaret. She asked for a puff but instead I took a puff and blew it into her mouth as I kissed her. I put the cigaret in the ashtray and turned her over. I told her that I’m going to fuck her ass until she can’t stop cumming. She said that she didn’t like anal, but I reminded her that she didn’t like women before today and that convinced her.

I flipped her over and slowly put my plastic cock into her asshole and slowly started to fuck her. Once she got used to the feeling of the cock in her ass, I started to fuck her a little faster and soon she had her first orgasm. Then I started to go a little faster, and soon another orgasm hit, then I went a little faster and another hit soon I was fucking as fast as I could, until she screamed as loud as she can, “I’M, I’M CUMMING!! I, I CAN’T STOP CUMMING!! OH MY GOD!!” This orgasm lasted for what felt like minutes. I then pulled out and immediately she lifted her hips off the bed, offering up her pretty pussy within seconds I was tonguing her pussy, and lapping up her cum and tasty juices.

Sarah then said that she is now considering leaving her husband for an affair with me. I smiled and told her I’d love her what ever she decided and we started kissing.

Sarah and I started to meet almost everyday. I would pick her up from work in sexy outfits often without panties. One night we were looking for a new thrill we went to a lesbian bar and had sex in front of everybody. We have also joined a strip club were we now do duo shows where we end up having sex on the stage in fort of everybody, both men and women often tip very generously.

Sarah divorced her husband and bought a nice condo on the rich side of town. Where we make love almost everyday.

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