Abs and I

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When I left school at the age of 18 I was very skinny ; 5 foot nine inches and weighed about 8 stone (not quite the 98 lb weakling of the advertisements but not far off!) When I went to university I decided to go to a gym to put on some weight. There weren’t too many around in the late 1960s, but I found a funny old place in Upper Queen Street. We’ll call it ‘The Warrior Gym’ (the real name was similar to that.)

There was a small gym in the basement ; fairly basic but with all I needed. The next floor was office, bathroom and sauna, the top floor was the ‘TV lounge’, a bare room with mattresses on the floor and a TV. The guy who ran it was called Jim; he was an ex-boxer. He had an helper whose name I can’t remember. In the morning the gym was reserved for women, but I had most of the afternoon free (a late lecture at 5 pm meant I had to stay in town anyway). So I could spend quite a lot of time there. I don’t know how many women, if any, used it in the mornings.

Most of the clients were jockeys using the sauna to lose weight, or middle-aged men who went upstairs to the ‘TV room’. I was very innocent in those days. The only other frequent user of the gym room was a young maori guy who was training for boxing. But I didn’t see him too often.

Once I got used to the weight training I started to broaden out a bit (though I always had a light frame) and put on some muscle. One day Jim came down while I was doing my workout, looked at me and ran his fingers lightly down the front of my belly then he remarked ‘Your abs are starting to show and they’re looking good.” The touch of his fingers had rather interesting results and from that day on I looked at him a bit differently. I decided early on that I wanted to develop really good abs. Jim, with his boxing background, recommended that I use weights with my abs exercises, so I started to do that as they got stronger. Soon I was spending an hour a day or more on my abs, and going to the gym five days per week, so they got plenty of exercise.

For my abs routine, I would first warm up with sit-ups; about 100 reps, then move on to sit-ups with weights on an inclined bench, side bends with weights, trunk twists with resistance, rope pull-downs with heavy weight, leg raises on a bench wearing ‘iron boots’, then various hanging leg raises with the boots. After that, usually Jim would come downstairs and punch my stomach for a quarter hour or so, or walk on it while I lay on the floor on my back. This really toughens the muscles up! As my abs got stronger I piled on the weights.

My particular favourites were the hanging leg raises. I would hang from an overhead bar, wearing iron boots with up to 40 pounds on each foot (once I got strong and tough). The act of hanging in that position tended to stretch my shoulder girdle, rib cage, back and legs, with good effects on my overall shape and posture. In addition, like stretching a rubber band, my waist tended to shrink as a result of being pulled longer, so I became more wasp-waisted, which helped counteract the bulking-up of my various abdominal muscles. I would then sloooowly raise my knees to my chest using my gut muscles.

Various variations coupled with twisting to the sides ensured that all of my abs bahis firmaları got an extremely severe workout. The strain of hoisting 80 pounds of iron skywards using your abdominal muscles is considerable; I would groan while I did it, but I got an enormous ‘high’ from doing so, why not try it and see (if you’re young and fit)! I would do several sets of about twenty reps of those various leg raises – an extremely tough workout. The only other person whom I know who had a similar workout was a woman – but that’s another story.

The little gym was kept pretty warm, I had it to myself usually, and I didn’t want to be hauling gym clothes around with me, so my usual attire, once I started to look OK, was a pair of bri-nylon briefs (remember them? the ancestors of lycra), which left little to the imagination and clung rather snugly. They were rather aptly called ‘Vigor-8’s’. I wasn’t too worried about being seen nearly nude; several years at boarding school disposed of any inhibitions about nudity.

Now abdominal exercises, once your abs muscles start to develop and harden up, massage the internal organs underneath them pretty well as they flex and contract. I soon found that all of the time that I was working out my abs I had an erection. The thin briefs stimulated my sexual organs even more. The strain of working my abs against heavy weights caused my erections to grow ever harder and larger. When you’re young and virile, running a strong erection for an hour or more every day has interesting effects; your cock starts to get bigger, due to being engorged with blood for so long on a regular basis. (Alas, once the ‘treatment’ is stopped the effects eventually fade, but they lasted for a number of years.) In particular, the various extreme hanging leg raises would find my penis jutting out to the point where the briefs had trouble restraining it; on occasion it would ‘escape from custody’. Rather difficult to deal with when you’re hanging from an overhead bar with heavy weights strapped to your feet!

Oddly enough, both Jim, his helper and some of the ‘TV watchers’ from upstairs started to take an interest in all of this. I often received offers to help me relieve my hard-on. Being young and innocent I politely declined them. I must say I was looking pretty good by this time; with a fairly ordinary face, but with a slim, tapered frame, very well defined muscles and virtually no body fat, and excellent chiselled abs. They had a small sun-tanning cubicle downstairs (unusual for those days) and so I worked on my overall tan. Despite being in the middle of the city, there was a small steep area of rough lawn outside the gym and well screened by trees and shrubs. So when the weather was right and I had some time to spare I would sunbathe out there, naked of course. So a nice overall tan soon evolved. Sigh; I don’t look like that now!

Jim gave quite a good massage for a small fee, and I used to get massaged once or twice per week, either by him or his off-sider. The assistant (let’s call him Joe) wasn’t too bad either, but rather inclined to ask me whether I wanted my ‘centre-piece’ massaged; I always declined the offer, being rather shy still.

One day while Jim was massaging my stomach he remarked “I reckon kaçak iddaa if I give you a really hard massage here we can increase the separation of your abs.” “OK, give it a try” said I.. So he forced his fingers deep into the valleys between the different blocks of my stomach muscles. He had very strong hands. This was really quite painful at first, until I got used to it but, hey, I was accustomed to him trampling on my stomach and punching me in the gut! Certainly it helped to force the muscle blocks apart and my abs showed more serration and got more deeply chiselled. It was quite an intimate business, really.

I was always nude during my massage, with just a towel draped over my middle. During my stomach massage I often got an erection, which was always quite obvious to the masseur. One day Jim said “You’re developing quite a big cock there; how are your balls keeping up?” He lifted the towel, had a look and said “Could be bigger. Tell you what; I know how to make ’em larger to keep up with the cock. If I massage them really hard and squeeze them, they get bruised and grow.”

“All right, I said, but if I don’t like it you stop. OK?” He promised so I turned over and lay face down on the massage table. He removed the towel and spread my legs wide open. “I’ll give them a stretch first!” He grasped a ball in each large hand and pulled them firmly downwards and backwards, stretching my ball sac uncomfortably. I must have given a groan because he said “Don’t worry, I won’t pull them off. This will hurt a bit, but you’ll get to like it; I promise!” And he pulled some more.

Yes, it hurt, but I was able to take it. After a few minutes of stretching he started to massage and squeeze my balls, to the point where it was almost unbearable, but not quite. After about 15 minutes of this he slapped my bum and said “That will do for today. You’ll be surprised what an effect that has. Tell you what, we’ll do this after every workout and I won’t charge you! “Thanks Jim ” I said through the haze of discomfort ” I think!”

So five days a week (usually) I finished up my workout by taking a shower and going upstairs to have a hard, painful, intimate massage. I got more at ease with the pain; and my balls started to get bigger. It really does work. Again, the effects wear off eventually once the treatment stops. Quite often the end result of all of this was an ejaculation on my part. Jim was always quite matter of fact about this, and just wiped me clean with a paper towel, then continued the massage. Joe was a bit more excitable, often offering to lick me clean, but I still declined.

After some weeks of this Jim said “Now you’re getting a cock and balls anyone could be proud of. Time to tickle up your prostate so that you put out more spunk.” “Come again?’ says I. (Quite innocent, really!) “Yes, and that too” said Jim. I took a little while to get the joke (I was only 20 after all!) But I consented.

So a new treatment was added to the massage sequence. A slender dildo (hard plastic in those pre-silicone days) was coated with oil and inserted up my backside and my prostate was massaged vigorously for several minutes, balls being squeezed hard to delay ejaculation. If you’ve been through this you’ll understand kaçak bahis that the results were quite an eye-opener to me. Arched back, tongue out, repeated groans of “My God!”, slowly writhing hips, twitching belly muscles, strong orgasm, floods of semen!

If you haven’t been through it, well try it at least once.

So now I was being “milked” five days a week as well. No wonder my appetite got stronger, plus my sexual drive. And the amount of semen that I produced got larger and larger, and larger. Soon, they took (sometimes both of them were doing this together now) to replacing the first dildo after a few minutes with another, thicker one. After a few more weeks the second dildo was later succeeded by a third, even thicker. Obviously now I can see that they were preparing me for a mass sodomising. Oiling and lubricating and enlarging my anal sphincter and getting it more and more used to, and comfortable with, being invaded. Tuning up my body and enlarging the parts of most interest. Making me more and more used to most intimate touching, squeezing and probing. As time went by I started to really enjoy it; the slippery slope to sexual abandonment. But all of that was to be put off for a while.

One afternoon, I came out of the changing room into the gym, clad in my usual sketchy costume, to find someone else busy at the bench press. It was a WOMAN!

Now you must understand that in those days, not too many women went to gyms. Even fewer lifted heavy weights. Which she was doing. And wearing not much more than myself – i.e. brief bikini. And attractive, very attractive. My height, long dark hair, friendly cheerful face, good tan, broad shoulders, great body. “Hello,” she said, “you must be Neil. I’m Jan. I hope you don’t mind me working out in the afternoons. Dad thought you wouldn’t mind. I’m Jim’s daughter. I can’t come in the mornings now because my work times have been changed.”

“No problem” I stammered. “It’ll be nice to have some company. You look great; I like your stomach muscles!” “Thanks; I work on them a lot. Well, with a father who was a boxer I would have to, wouldn’t I? Hey like to help me with my chin-ups; I always have trouble with those”

So we started to work out together. This was a nice change! As we worked our bodies together, only one problem; that damn erection emerged. Soon she noticed it.

“Hey; nice cock! And it’s big; has my Dad been working on it?” “Yes” I admitted sheepishly. “He does like the boys; likes to groom them up; him and that slimy Joe! You know what they’ve got planned for you don’t you? One day soon they’ll get a lot of their funny mates around, drug you up with something and have themselves a pack rape, with you as the centre of attraction! I’ll have a word or two with him!”

I was thunderstruck; what an innocent I’d been! Yes, I was curious for further experiences, but being the subject of a mass anal rape; definitely not! Then she started asking questions: ” Are you a virgin?” (“Yes”, sheepishly), “Do you like girls?” (“Yes!, enthusiastically), “Can I take your virginity?” (“Yes please”, shyly).

“Fine, we’ll do it now. Dad’s out for the afternoon, I’m left in charge, and there’s no one else here at the moment. I’ll lock the door. Come on!”

So she towed me upstairs to the sauna and made a man of me. Not our last sauna encounter; but that’s another story.

And my encounter with anal posterity had been postponed, and that’s yet another story!

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