A Wonderful Journey Ch. 02

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When I got home I was buzzing with excitement, even though I was feeling quite tired. I undressed and slipped into my dressing gown as I fired my laptop up to travel uncharted territory – internet porn. I had an overwhelming desire to view women like me doing what I had just spent the afternoon doing, and it wasn’t long before I had several websites saved in my browser.

I was sat at my kitchen table and my gown was open as I fingered myself, watching the most amazing films I had ever seen – big mature women like me and Mary doing all sorts of dirty and disgusting things to each other. It was incredibly erotic and educational too, making me realise what I had been missing out on all these years and making me yearn to try it all, every lewd and disgusting act making me hotter and wetter.

I ran a bath and soaked my weary body, running my hands up and down myself as I closed my eyes and thought about what had happened today. I had absolutely no regrets about what I had done – why should I? I knew deep down that I was starting out on a new life, far more wonderful than I had known up until now, and I was very excited at what lay ahead…

I awoke the next morning feeling more alive and excited than I could remember. I retrieved my laptop and started exploring some of the websites I had saved, getting myself more and more horny as I watched all that wonderfully disgusting lesbian porn. After the third orgasm I had to tear myself away from my laptop and get dressed, as there were several things I wanted to do before seeing Mary again.

My divorce had left me with more than enough money to be a lady of leisure for now – I knew I’d have to find a job eventually but that was a while off yet. So with a spring in my step I headed into town to do a little shopping, going to a shop I had passed several times but never wanted to enter before. It was down a little alley, easily missed, and it sold all sorts of naughty lingerie, and sex toys too.

I entered the shop with more confidence than I had ever felt before and was soon chatting with the woman who owned it like we were old friends. She showed me all sorts of wonderful outfits and I finally settled on a few items, all black lace and ribbons.

“Would you like to try them on?” Helen asked me, “There’s a little changing room at the back.”

“I would love to,” I smiled at her, “I’ve never worn anything like this before.”

She ushered me down to the back of the shop where the changing room was, and told me with a smile that she would be happy to help me with anything. I thanked her and pulled the curtain closed, quickly stripping naked before carefully rolling the stockings up my legs. Next was the black lace bustier with suspender straps, and last were the split crotch black lace panties that framed my shaven slit so prettily.

“Helen, could you give me a hand please?” I called out, struggling with the suspenders and their clips.

A few moments later the curtain was pulled aside and Helen stood there, casting her gaze up and down my lingerie-clad body, lingering on my lace-framed slit. I felt a thrill standing there like that and I wondered if she was attracted to me, sexually.

“Oh yes, that suits you,” she smiled at me, “it really frames your body.”

“Thank you,” I said as she dropped to her knees and started adjusting the suspender straps, her touch gentle as she adjusted and straightened straps and stockings. She got me to turn around and I felt her warm breath on my bum as she continued her efforts, and I was sure she was stroking my bare skin.

“There, let’s have a look,” Helen said, standing up and stepping back to admire her work, “oh, very sexy – who’s the lucky chap?”

“Um, her name’s Mary,” I replied softly, feeling very sexy and horny as Helen stared at me.

“Oh my,” she smiled at me, “then I’m jealous of Mary, very jealous indeed.”

“There’s no need to be Helen,” I said, stepping closer to her, “I don’t think I’m a one-woman woman.”

“Mmm, good, neither am I,” she smiled, her hand dropping and slipping between my thighs to gently rub my exposed labia.

“I have to warn you, I’m a terrible tease,” she murmured as her face came within inches of mine, “I’m going to make you dripping wet and then leave you hanging.” She was doing a very good job of that, staring deep into my eyes as her fingers explored my wet folds, making me gasp and whimper with delight.

“Uhhh, that’s OK,” I groaned, “as long as you can finish the job off at a later date.”

“Oh, most certainly,” she purred, pulling her fingers from my snatch and bringing them up to her mouth to lick them clean, “just as I thought, delicious!”

Helen helped me get dressed, keeping my new lingerie on, and I spent the next half hour selecting more items of underwear and several new sex toys. As I paid for it all Helen handed me a little card, which had her personal phone number and e-mail address on.

“Call me,” she said, “I’d love to see you model my new stock with me.”

“I güvenilir bahis will Helen,” I promised her as we shared a kiss, “that sounds a lot of fun.”

I couldn’t get home quick enough, rushing upstairs with my purchases and undressing down to my new lingerie, standing in front of my full length mirror and admiring myself. I thought I looked very sexy and I particularly liked the way the crotchless panties framed and highlighted my slit, and I spent a long time displaying and studying myself.

Finally it was time for me to head over to Mary’s house, and so I slipped a dress on over my new lingerie, did my hair and make-up and packed an overnight bag. She only lived a short walk away so I put on my favourite black heels and headed over, buzzing with excitement. There was another car on the drive which could only mean that her friend was already there, and I felt a flutter in my tummy.

“Jenny, hello!” Mary smiled as she opened the door, “Mmm, you look good!”

“Thank you, so do you,” I said as I stepped inside, sharing a kiss with her after she closed the door.

“Come on in and meet Donna,” Mary said, ushering me into the living room, “she’s been itching to meet you.”

Donna was a very attractive and plump lady in her early fifties, with short dark hair, a friendly face and a very warm smile. She was wearing a tight fitting blouse and pencil skirt that showed of her ample curves and bosom rather well, and as I walked over to her she stood up and hugged me.

“Pleased to meet you Jenny,” she said as we kissed, “Mary tells me you’re a recent convert to the sisterhood.”

“Yesterday,” I told her with a smile, liking the feel of her body against mine.

“Well, you’re clearly embracing it fully,” she said as she ran her hands up and down my sides, “or else you wouldn’t be here.”

“Oh, I’m embracing it!” I chuckled, “I’ve lost count of the number of cums I’ve had since yesterday morning.”

“My kind of woman!” Donna purred, “How do you fancy sharing a few with me?”

“And me!” Mary said as she joined us, offering me a large glass of wine, “we can all cum together!”

“Here’s to cumming together!” Donna toasted, and we all clinked our glasses together.

“Do you two want to eat now or later?” Mary asked us, indicating the kitchen.

“Can we eat now and have dinner later?” Donna replied with a smirk as she looked at me, “I fancy a nice juicy appetiser.”

“I was hoping you would say that Donna”, Mary purred as she took the wine glasses from us, “Jenny has a rather splendid clam.” Donna reached behind me, unzipped my dress and tugged it off my shoulders to let it puddle on the floor around my feet, revealing my new lingerie.

“Oh baby, you look so hot!” Donna groaned as she checked me out, “so fucking sexy!”

“I went shopping this morning,” I said as Donna and Mary quickly stripped out of their clothes to reveal their own underwear – Mary in a matching white lace bra, suspender belt, stockings and skimpy panties, Donna in a black and scarlet lace teddy with black hold-ups.

“Oh, crotchless too – I approve!” Donna said as she hand went between my thighs and discovered my bare pussy, rubbing my exposed labia and making me moan, “You and I are going to be firm friends, I can tell.”

The three of us stood close together, trading kisses as our hands wandered all over each other, until Donna suggested I sit back on the sofa, telling me she wanted to taste my cunny. I happily did so, sitting right on the edge as I spread my legs really wide and putting my feet up on the sofa, Donna dropping to her knees in front of me.

“Oh, pretty pussy!” she purred as she pulled the tight the split panties either side of my slit, “so red and juicy already.”

I was indeed very wet and horny already, but I was soon even wetter as Donna went to work on me with her skilled mouth and tongue. I was moaning and gasping as she expertly ate me out, Mary sitting in an armchair nearby watching her friend feast on my juicy slit, her hand busy down the front of her panties. I was in heaven and Donna certainly looked like she was enjoying herself too – she smiled up at me as she used her fingers to open me up, her face already smeared with my love juices.

As I pulled the cups of my bustier down to let my tits spill out, Mary whipped her panties off and spread her legs wide, playing with her wet cunny and spreading it wide, showing it off to me. I was tugging and twisting my nipples as Donna delved deep into me with her tongue, licking and sucking my honey from me as I creamed copiously, and the air was getting ripe with the scent of three horny women.

The air was also full of my moans, groans and whimpers as I came, feeding Donna my plentiful love juices as she licked and sucked my wet flesh. I was squeezing my nipples really hard, almost painfully, as I thrust my groin against Donna’s face as I came.

I had barely finished cumming when Donna got up and told me to lie on the floor before Mary. I excitedly türkçe bahis did so, my head a couple of feet in front of Mary’s armchair. Donna straddled me and as I looked up she unfastened her teddy, the tightly-stretched garment pinging open to reveal her sex, smooth shaven and flushed red with arousal. She wasted no time in lowering herself onto me, straddling my face and pressing her slit against my mouth as she buried her face between Mary’s meaty thighs.

Donna had her legs spread as wide as she could and she was grinding her wet gash against my face, smearing me with her sticky juices as I stuck my tongue out. Her folds were thick and meaty as they rubbed across my mouth and nose and I felt deliciously dirty as all I could really do was let her ride my face as she licked Mary’s gash. I didn’t mind – I was enjoying feeling Donna’s open pussy smearing across my face.

“Are you making a mess of Jenny’s face?” I heard Mary mutter.

“Oh yes!” Donna hissed, “Feels good!”

“You’re a naughty girl!” Mary chuckled as Donna held still, allowing me to thrust my tongue right up inside her sopping wet cunt, “you’ve only just met her!”

“She’s loving it, aren’t you Jenny?” Donna asked me.

“Oh god yes!” I gasped just before Donna settled on my mouth once more, moving her hips back and forth and filling my mouth with her cream.

“See, Jenny’s happy; she’s got what she needs!” Donna groaned as she moved to present her ass hole, “that’s it baby, eat my ass!”

Pinned as I was to the floor, my arms trapped, I had no choice but to service her puckered hole with my tongue, licking it and pushing my tongue up inside her. my nose was buried inside her gaping pussy as I tongued her brackish-tasting bum hole, feeling very naughty indeed as I made her moan into Mary’s quim.

“That’s it my dear, you’re going to make me cum,” I heard Mary sigh, and I knew from the way Donna was groaning and wriggling about that she wasn’t too far off either – her heaving cunny was soaking my face with her discharge and her ass hole was pulsing.

Mary came first, very loudly, and Donna moved so that her drooling twat filled my mouth, allowing me to lash it with my tongue feverishly. Just as Mary seemed to finish cumming Donna started, crying and gasping, her pudgy thighs wobbling and rippling as she pressed down onto my face. I was struggling to breathe as my mouth was filled with wet flesh and hot sticky juices as Donna climaxed, and right in the middle of it I tasted something else, something flowing freely and filling my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes!” Donna cried out as I kept my mouth clamped to her exploding twat, swallowing a cocktail of pussy juice and piss with happy abandon. Prior to this moment I would never have dreamt of letting anyone pee in my mouth, but I was so horny and carried away with the moment that I happily took all Donna had to give me, excited that I could help her lose control so completely.

Eventually Donna was quite spent – all over my face – and she rolled off me, sitting on the floor propped against the sofa. I lay there getting my breath back as Mary sat up and looked down on me, smiling at my shiny face.

“Did you let go?” she asked Donna as she slipped down to kneel beside me.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it,” she said as she looked at me.

“That’s OK, I liked it,” I assured both of them, “it felt so wonderfully dirty, and it’s not like I could move out of the way anyway!”

“Oh Jenny,” Mary sighed happily, leaning down to kiss me long and hard, her fingers stroking my sticky face.

After we had all regained our wits we got up and went into the kitchen, more wine being poured as Mary finished preparing dinner for us. We stood around chatting like old friends, sharing kisses and letting our hands roam over each other, and I felt totally at ease and at home with it all, the three of us in a state of partial undress.

“Did you really like it when I peed?” Donna asked as she gently stroked my breasts that still spilled out of my bustier.

“I did, much to my surprise,” I told her, enjoying her touch, “if you’d told me a week ago that someone would pee in my mouth I’d have been disgusted, but when I realised what was happening I was so turned on that it just seemed an extension of your climax, just another fluid for me to enjoy.”

“So you didn’t mind the taste of it then?” she smiled at me as Mary joined us, her hand caressing my bottom.

“No, not at all,” I said, “it was a little tangy, but thinking about it I’ve tasted worse wines!”

“Mary, why did it take you so long to seduce her?” Donna laughed, “She’s perfect!”

I blushed and we all chuckled, a warm flush of contentment flooding through me as I realised that with these wonderful women as my friends I was never going to feel lost and lonely ever again, and that my dull and jaded sex life was recharged and enervated like never before.

Just sitting down and eating was a thrill as we sat there in our underwear, talking about anything güvenilir bahis siteleri and everything, but mainly subject number one. Mary and Donna explained how they were part of a network of women with similar tastes and lives, be it married, single, divorced or widowed, and that if I wanted – and of course I did – I could be a new member of that network.

“We all have one thing in common, the one thing that links us all,” Donna explained, “we’re all very, very horny and like hard dirty sex with each other, and you fit right in!”

“I must admit the last two days have been a wonderful eye-opener,” I said happily, “I really thought my sex life was dead and buried, but I’m glad to say I was wrong – thank you Mary – and I intend to embrace this new life fully!”

“Three cheers to that!” Mary exclaimed, and we all toasted that, “here’s to many long and happy cums!”

Mary told us to leave everything on the table when we were done, saying we had better things to be doing than tidying up. She led us back into the living room where we knelt on the floor in a triangle, kissing and groping each other, hands reaching down to rub moistening slits.

“Do you know what I really want to do to you?” Donna asked me huskily as she fingered my wet snatch.

“No, but I think I’m going to like it,” I groaned happily.

“Oh, you will,” she smiled at me, “I want to stretch your pussy with big toys and then fist fuck you – how does that sound?”

“It sounds amazing!” I gasped, “Let’s do it!”

“I’ll get my toys!” Mary said, jumping up and hurrying off to her bedroom as Donna kissed and fingered me, telling me how good it was going to feel. Mary quickly returned with a clutch of sex toys and a bottle of something, showing them to us for our approval. There were three very large and solid-looking dildos, two of which looked as thick as my wrist, and a bottle of lubricating oil, all of which made me shudder with nervous excitement.

It was soon decided how this was going to happen, and I found myself on top of Mary in a 69 – she wanted a close-up of all the action! With her juicy snatch just begging for my attention I dived right in, licking and lapping her folds as I felt Mary open my slit up and tease my clit with her tongue.

“Such a pretty pussy,” I heard Donna sigh as she pushed three slippery fingers deep into my cunny and twisting them about. I moaned into Mary’s snatch as I felt my fuck hole being stretched wide as Donna moved her fingers inside me, soon replacing them with one of the dildos. It was slippery with oil and Donna didn’t have any trouble easing the head of it into me, stretching me wider than I had ever been before.

It felt so good as Donna pushed it inside me, stretching me wide open and rubbing along the walls of my cunt. I moaned into Mary’s sopping gash as I was filled with hard fake cock, Mary rubbing my throbbing clit and all around my stuffed cunt. I was pushing back against Donna as she slowly fucked me with that fat toy, making my juices ooze out of me and onto the waiting tongue of Mary.

“I can’t wait any longer,” I heard Donna sigh after a few wonderful minutes; “I have to do it Jenny.”

“Then do it hun,” I moaned, “I want to feel you inside me!”

I moaned as I felt the dildo slowly draw out of me, the ridges on it feeling divine as it rubbed every inch of me inside. I felt suddenly very empty as it left me but that didn’t last long, as Donna soon had her four slippery fingers inside my cunt, pushing and twisting them.

“Fuck, that is so horny!” Mary muttered underneath me as she watched her friend open me up, “if only you could see this Jenny!”

“Feeling it is fine right now!” I gasped as Donna slowly dilated my vagina, “I’m so wet!”

“I know!” Mary giggled, “I’ve been busy cleaning it up!”

“OK Jenny, here it comes,” Donna told me, and I felt more of her hand push against my stretched cunt, turning and pushing as she kept her hand bunched tightly together.

It wasn’t painful but it was very intense, and I abandoned Mary’s slit as I tried to cope with Donna’s hand seeking entry to my vagina. Mary was making encouraging noises as she rubbed my clitty and Donna was stroking my back with her free hand as her knuckles slowly worked their way into me. I was trembling and whimpering as I knelt there, feeling myself being opened up by that insistent hand, and then suddenly it was inside me.

“Oh yes!” Mary cried as she watched her friends hand sink inside my pussy, “take it baby!”

Of course, being a mother meant I had gone through more than this before, but this time it was sexual, not the pain of childbirth. My abused opening closed around Donna’s wrist and I felt her hand move inside me, lighting up every nerve ending in my fuck tube and driving me wild.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out as Donna closed her hand into a broad fist, stretching me even more, “Oh god that feels good!”

Mary was sucking on my burning clit as Donna’s hand filled me completely, every little movement she made sending jolts of sheer pleasure through me. Donna twisted her hand, her knuckles scraping across my vaginal walls, and I started to cum, crying out loudly as my muscles rippled and contracted around her hand and wrist.

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