A Woman Knows… Ch. 2

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My story “A Woman Knows…” was only supposed to be a one story part, but with all the feedback I received asking to have Eve and Tara actually get involved, I decided to write a second part to my story. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 🙂
– NawtyGrl


On my way home from the airport, I couldn’t help but to think about my dream with Eve. What ever would posses me to dream of something like that? I could still feel her kissing me, caressing me, and touching my most private parts of my body.

My husband was still at work by the time I got home, so I gave him a quick call to let him know I was home and safe. He suggested we go out for a nice dinner, which sounded wonderful to me, considering I hadn’t seen him in 3 days, and missed him greatly. I agreed and hung up the phone. I decided I wouldn’t tell him what happened on the plane, not right now anyway. I went to the bedroom and dropped my suitcases on the bed. I didn’t feel like unpacking them just yet, so I decided to treat myself to a hot bubble bath instead. My muscles hurt, my mind raced, and panties still wet from my excitement. I stepped out of my clothes and down into the hot bath. It felt so good on my skin. I lay back in the tub and placed my washcloth over my eyes. Some time later, I heard the door to the bathroom open quietly, followed by footsteps coming closer to me. I lay there, semi-conscious from my fatigue and felt the soft touch of finger tips run the length of my inner leg, closer to my pussy. My husband always liked to interrupt my so called relaxation time with a little play that usually turned into pure enjoyment for me. My body needed a release from my minds journey anyway, so I just lay there quietly soaking up the attention. I felt the lips of my pussy being spread open and ran the length of, sending tiny shocks through my body.

“Mmmm, that feels so good Baby… stick them inside.”

Obeying my request, his fingers slid deep inside me. I let out a soft cry of pleasure. Twisting and turning his fingers inside pressing against the walls of my insides, all while his thumb was outside rubbing my clit softly. My hips moved with the soft thrusts of his fingers, bringing me closer to orgasm.

“Yeah Baby, just like that… mmmm, feels so damn good.”

“I told you a woman knows…”

My heart stopped. That was not my husbands voice… it was a woman’s. I grabbed the washcloth from my eyes, and there beside me, arm in the water, was Eve. She was looking down at me smiling. “Oh my God… this is not happening!” I thought.

“How did you get in here?” I asked. “Well, I had a key and came in silly! How else do you think I came in? You better hurry and get out of the tub, and get ready, we have reservations at 7:00pm. Oh, and have you seen my blue tie?”

I looked up to see my husband at the sink shaving. He looked at me through the mirror and smiled. I closed my eyes, heart still racing. “What the hell is going on with me?” I thought. “I must be going fucking crazy.”

“Don’t you fall back asleep again, we’ll be late!!”

I got out of the tub and dried off. Pierre came up behind me, kissing my neck.

“You ok Babe? You look a little flustered.”

“I’m fine, just been a long day.” I told him, walking to our bedroom. I dressed and fixed my hair and makeup, an hour later, we left for the restaurant. On the drive there, I guess I was silent because he had to ask me twice if I was ok. I was so tempted to just tell him of this dream I had, not once, but twice about this woman on the plane. Instead, I just smiled and reassured him that I was fine.

In the restaurant we sipped on our wine, waiting for the the waitress to come take our order. She arrived with a pad and asked what we would like.

“I don’t know, everything sounds so delicious!” My husband said. “What do you suggest?”

“Well, the lemon baked chicken with herb potatoes is the best.” She said looking at him.

“Oh, yeah? And how do you know it’s the best?” He quizzed.

“A woman knows…”

I nearly spit the wine out right there on the table. I looked up at her with a shocked look.

:I’m sorry, you don’t like chicken?” She asked, obviously concerned that she had said something wrong.

“No, that will be fine.” I said.

“Make that two” My husband called to her.

She left and I excused myself to the restroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like I had just been slapped. My face was pale and I was sweating. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I called to my image in the mirror. “Get your ass together!” I wiped my face with a paper towel and left the restroom to rejoin my husband.

“Babe, I know something is bothering you. You sure you don’t want to talk about it?” He said, looking concerned.

“Well, I started, I am having there crazy dreams…”

“Would you like some more wine?” The waitress said from behind me. I let out a long sigh.

Yeah, I would” Pierre held up his glass and she filled it up.


“No, thanks, canlı bahis şirketleri I’m fine.” She walked off leaving me looking puzzled.

“Now what is this about crazy dreams?” Pierre asked.

“Here is not the place, I will tell you later.” I said.

Our meal came and I tried to concentrate on Pierre and his telling me about his days at work while I was gone. My mind was spinning. I kept thinking about these dreams, the comment the waitress made, wondering what the whole thing meant. I tried to reassure myself it was all in my head, and just the aftermath of the dream on the plane. But why? What was going on?

We arrived home and I was exhausted. I told Pierre I was going to bed and he sadly looked at me with a “No love for me tonight?” look on his face.

“I’m sorry Babe, I am just tired. I promise I will make it up to you though.” I said with a smile. I kissed him goodnight and went to bed falling fast asleep. My head was soon filled with dreams of Eve’s everywhere. They were all talking at the same time telling me to “just try it, you might like it.” I tried running from them, but felt like my feet were stuck in glue. I couldn’t move and they were all standing around me laughing and chanting. I was crying and begging them to stop, but they wouldn’t. I woke suddenly to my husbands shaking me. I felt myself shaking and I was breathing heavily.

“What is wrong with you? he asked. “Are you having those dreams again?” “Yes,” I managed to say. I felt like I was being choked. My throat was tight and I was having a hard time breathing. I got up and went to the kitchen for some water. Sitting at the table, I saw the phone book and opened it. I looked in the yellow pages under psychiatry. I felt dumb, never going to a psychiatrist before, but I knew I needed to find out what was going on, and why I was having these dreams. They seemed to be getting worse, and I wanted it stopped before it got too bad. I found some and wrote down the numbers. I would call first thing in the morning.

I went back to bed and held Pierre close to me. I was actually afraid of going back to sleep but managed to do so.

I awoke early to the sun shinning through the curtains and breathed a sigh of relief for no further crazy dreams. I dressed and went to the kitchen finding Pierre at the table reading the paper and sipping coffee from his cup.

“Morning” He said looking at me over his paper. “Everything ok?”

“I’m alright, just these damn crazy dreams.” I said pouring me some coffee and sitting down beside him.

“Babe? I love you and all, but you look like crap!” He said with a grin.

“Tell me about it.”

He got up and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“I got to get to work, or I’ll be late. You take care of yourself and I’ll see you at 5.”

I managed a smile and kissed him again. He left and I was sitting there thinking of the phone numbers I wrote down. I decided to call the first number. No such luck. I couldn’t get in for another two weeks.

“To hell with that!” I said. “No way I’m doing this for another two weeks.” I called the second number and the same thing. “Shit!” I thought. “This not my lucky day!” I dialed the third number and heard a woman on the other line.

“Dr. Marlow’s office.”

“Yes, is there any way I can get in to see the doctor today?”

“Let me check.”

I was put on hold with that annoying elevator music. I felt stupid and almost hung up when I heard the woman come back on the line.

“Can you be here in 45 minutes? That is the only open spot for the day. I had a last minute call in, and that is all I have.”

I gave her my name and phone number, and thanked her. I hung up and looked at the clock. I had to hurry if I was gonna be there in time. I had no idea where this place was, but I knew it was on the opposite side of town. I showered and dressed quickly. I grabbed a bite to eat before rushing out the door. I had 20 minutes to get there. 10 minutes later I found the building. I parked the car and went inside. There was an older lady at the front desk looking at a magazine. She looked up at me over her glasses.

“Can I help you?”

“I called a bit ago, I am Tara Madison.”

“Ah, yes. Have a seat and I will tell Dr. Marlow you are here.”

I sat nervously hearing her page the doctor. A few minutes later she called out, “Ma’am. You can go in now.” I got up and walked through the hall and stood in front of a dark colored wooden door with glass. It read “Dr. Kathryn E. Marlow” I took a deep breath and knocked.

“Come in.” I heard a woman say.

“Great”, I thought. “A woman doctor.”

I opened the door and stepped inside. There was a huge desk with a chair turned around against me. I saw a long sofa like chair to the right of the office. All along the back wall of the room there was a bookcase filled with books. I could hear the doctor talking on the phone, so I sat and waited patiently. A few minutes later, I saw the chair swivel around and my heart sunk. It was her… it was Eve.

I was dumbfounded. canlı kaçak iddaa Here I sat across from the woman that I was fighting against inside myself. I couldn’t speak, I was frozen in my seat. I finally managed to suck enough air in to keep myself from passing out right there in her office.

“Well hello there, neighbor! I sure didn’t expect to see you again! What a fabulous surprise!” She said, a bright smile spreading across her lips. “How is it going? Well, maybe not that good seeing you are here to see me.”

She got up from her chair and walked around her desk towards me. My eyes were chasing her every move. She sat down on the front of her desk and folded her arms.

“Are you ok?” she asked with a concerned look on her face. “Would you like a glass of water?”

I shook my head. That’s all I could do. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. She brought the water, and I took it from her with shaking hands. I wanted to get up and run out of there, but once again I was stuck with that glue. I felt myself trembling. I fought off the tears that burned behind my lids. I heard my mothers voice in my head telling me, “Always look your fears in the face.” ‘Well, here I am Mom, I thought. ‘I am looking right at her.’

“It’s you…” I managed to whisper.

“Me, what?” She asked.

“I am having these dreams about you…” I said, sitting back in my chair. I took a drink of water, and a deep breath. She walked back around to her chair and sat down. I could tell she was curious to hear what I had to say. She gave me a few minutes to regain my composure, and finally broke the silence.

“So you are here to see me, because of me?”


“Ok, care to tell me about it?” She said, sitting back crossing her arms across her breasts. Those breasts I thought. I could see them now. I imagined her nipples in my mind the way they were on the plane. I saw myself suckling on them, caressing them.

“Ok, here goes.” I began. “You know when you were telling me about your lover on the plane and excused yourself to go to the restroom?


“Well, I apparently feel asleep and had this dream about you…”

A small smile came across her face. She shifted her weight and got comfortable for the long story I was about to tell her. I explained my dream in full detail, telling her everything. I told her about my dream when I got home, in the bathtub. I left out the part about the waitress the previous night. I didn’t want her to think I was crazy. She listened attentively while I told her everything. It felt like it was just spilling out of my mouth. I kept talking and talking, but she never interrupted. She just gave me a nod every few minutes to let me know she was taking in what I was telling her. When I finished my story, she just sat there looking at me for what seemed to be forever. Finally she got up and told me she would be back in a few minutes. She returned, closed, then locked the door. My heart started beating faster. I took another drink of my water, and forced myself to take deep breaths. She sat back down on her desk in front of me and smiled. I smiled back.

“You know, the only way to stop these dreams is to face them.” She said quietly. “Saying that from a doctors point of view, of course.”

“‘Thanks Mom”, I thought.

She stood from the desk and held out her hand to me. I looked up at her, but put mine into hers. She pulled me to my feet, and I was there standing face to face with her. The scent of her sweet perfume filled my nose, forcing my eyes to close. Thoughts of the plane came rushing back to me now. I saw myself sitting on that sink and her between my legs, bringing me to heights I had never experienced from another woman. I felt her hand touch my cheek, caressing it. I didn’t move, or push her away. She came close and kissed my lips softly. I opened them and felt her tongue slips through. Her hand was running through the back of my hair, sending my nerves into a frenzy. I felt my knees start to shake and almost go out from under me.

“Whoa!” She said. “Come over here, and lets get comfortable”

“But what if…” She cut my words off with her fingers to my lips.

“Everything is taken care of. I sent my secretary to lunch early and gave her an extra two hours. I locked the doors and put an “Out to lunch” sign on the door. We wont be bothered for awhile.” She smiled at me seductively and led me towards the seat like sofa. We stood there kissing as she was rubbing her hands across my breasts over my shirt. She raised my arms up and slid my shirt off over my head. I felt the immediate erection of my nipples. She sensed it too, and began tracing them with her finger tips through my bra. I closed my eyes, letting my head fall backwards as I let out a small moan. She ran her hands over my shoulders and down my back, finding the clasps of my bra and unhooked it. She slid the straps down off my shoulders, and took it off. I stood there bare chested, nipples hard and panties getting soaked. She kissed my neck softly, while rubbing my canlı kaçak bahis exposed breasts. It felt wonderful. Just as it did in the dream. She cupped one of my breasts and began licking the nipple. I held the back of her head, guiding her every move. She unbuttoned my shorts and slid them to the floor for me to step out of. I did so and she raised back up to do the same with my panties. Now I was standing there fully naked and very much aroused. She undressed herself as I watched. Her body looked just as beautiful as it did in my dream. At this point, I was totally relaxed and willing to do whatever she wanted me to do.

“Sit down here.” She said pointing to the couch. I sat, as she took a pillow from the couch and knelt down on it. She pulled my hips down towards the edge of the couch and instructed me to put my feet up there too.


“Yes.” I said looking into her eyes.

She began running her fingers up my thighs, watching them as she did so. She kissed my inner thigh, looking up at me.

“I know you will enjoy this without guilt.” She said. “I am gonna show you just what a woman knows…” and with that, she buried her face into my pussy. She spread open my lips with her fingers, and I felt her tongue touch my clit. She swirled it in circles around my clit, making it swell and ache. She took it between her lips and sucked it in. I sucked in a deep breath of air and pushed my head back against the couch. She started to flick it with her tongue and I felt myself start to climax, but held it off. I wanted to enjoy this for awhile, so I entertained my mind with the thought of something totally off the wall. I think she sensed my nearing orgasm, because she let off my clit, and started to kiss my thighs again. Her hands were exploring my breasts, rubbing and caressing them. I took one of her hands and brought it to my mouth. I sucked on her fingers, one at a time. She was moaning into my thighs now. With her free hand, she led her fingers to my hot pussy and slid two fingers in. She pushed them in and out, twisting them inside of me. I could feel the walls of my pussy being tickled by her wondering fingers. With her thumb, she rubbed it in a circling motion against my clit. I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer and warned her I was about to come. She quickly replaced her thumb with her lips, and sucked me to my first ever orgasm with another woman. I thrust my hips towards her face, as she licked all of the escaping juices from my pussy. I was in awe… I could only sit there while my body was recovering from the sudden jerks of my muscles. The rythem of my breathing subsided and my heartbeat slowed to its normal pace. I opened my eyes and looked down at her. She was looking up at me smiling, her mouth wet with my juices. I motioned for her to come to me, and I kissed her lips. I took my juices from the inside of her mouth and tongue. It was the first time I had ever tasted myself from the lips of another woman. It was sweet and exciting all at the same time. I so wanted to return the favor to her, so I suggested she switch places with me.

“I have a better idea.” She said. “Lay all the way down.”

I did what she told me, as I watched her stand up and move to the head of the couch. I looked up and saw her standing directly over me, her pussy gleaming. She was clean shaven, with only a small triangle at the top, just as I saw it in my dream. She straddled my face with her legs, resting her hands in the middle of the couch. She lowered her pussy to my face and began rubbing her lips back and forth against my lips. I opened my mouth, taking her clit between my lips and sucked on it. I spread her lips open wide, exposing her, wet pussy. Her smell was hot and wild, not like anything I have ever experienced before. I started licking her lips, first the right side, then the left. Her pussy was so smooth and soft. I forced my tongue deep into her hole and she let out a howl.

“Ohhhh, yes!! That is so good!! Don’t stop… please don’t stop!”

I continued to tongue fuck her as I alternated my tongue with my fingers deep inside her pussy. I was exploring new territory, and found my fingers sliding closer to her asshole. They were already wet from her juices, so I began rubbing her tight asshole with my forefinger. I wanted to lick her ass good, so I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy lips all the way up to her asshole. I swirled my tongue faster and faster finding it very exciting and erotic to me. I slid a finger in and she moaned loudly.

“Ohhh God!! That is sooo good!! You are gonna make me cum in your mouth! I want to cum all over your face… don’t stop… just don’t stop!”

She was moving her body faster against my lips as they were sucking on her pussy and my finger exploring the inside of her ass. The feeling was overwhelming for me. We were in the 69 position with me pleasuring her as she was doing the same to me. I wanted to cum with her, flooding her face with my cum, as she flooded mine. I was so fucking hot! I licked and sucked madly at her pussy, as I felt her bringing me to yet another orgasm. Soon the room was filled with our moans… Pleasure was floating among us. We came together, licking each other clean with our greedy tongues. She was fantastic! I felt like I had just had the workout of my life!

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