A Wet Walk in the Woods

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I take you out for a long walk in the woods. I instruct you to wear comfortable hiking pants, even though I want you to wear skintight jeans so I can watch your ass as you walk in front of me. Plus, I want to make sure we can get your pants down in a hurry. Same with your top… loose, flowing, no bra…

I tell you before we head out that as much as I like pissing in the woods, you’re going to be my urinal today. Then I order you to kneel and suck my cock. I can tell you’re aching for my piss, but I just smile, shake my head, and finish a beer. You’re going to have to wait. I’m going to have to wait. I tell you to rub your clit while you’re sucking my cock. There’s something deeply erotic about watching you with your hand down the front of your pants while my cock plunges in and out of your pretty mouth. You moan and I feel the vibration in my cock. I moan.

The walk is beautiful. It’s a sunny day, not too hot, just enough to lay a light sheen of sweat over your skin that dries quickly if we stop. and we stop frequently so I can make out with you, pressing your body back against a tree, hard, tongue in my mouth and hands on your tits.

I tell you that you can stop and piss whenever you like, but it has to be in full view, and I have to watch. The first time it happens you piss right in the middle of the forest path, and the gleam in your eyes as you squirt your pee on the path is so wicked that I almost take you right there in your puddle. But I restrain myself. I have plans…

After a long hour of hiking, the pressure on my bladder is intense, and you’ve already pissed twice… I make out with you for 5 minutes, and then push on your shoulders to lower you to the ground in front of me. “Take my cock in your mouth Jen.” You comply, a big smile on your face… You start to suck enthusiastically, and I take your chin in my hand, and stop you… “Hold still.” You nod obediently. “Good girl.” I slap your cheek lightly and you moan. My cock is already hardening quickly, and it takes me a moment to start pissing. You groan through a mouthful of cock and I smile. I notice that one of your hands has strayed down to your lap, and I smile more broadly. “Rub your clit, Jen.” You nod, and your hand snakes into your pants. I listen to the sound of you swallowing and then swallowing again, and my cock hardens further, cutting off the flow of urine that you’ve been gulping so greedily.

I try to start again but the tension in your arm as your rub your clit, the smile playing on your lips as you slurp on my cock, it’s all too much for me. “Suck me off Jen. You’re getting my cum first.” You switch gears, and begin sucking my cock in earnest, taking me deep into the back of your throat. I groan, and wrap my hand into your hair and pull your face forward onto my cock. I try to take it slow. I try to hold back. Then I remember that I don’t have to. I’m in charge. I get to cum your face when and how I want. “Faster,” I mutter. You speed up your pace and I feel my balls tighten. I don’t warn you when I start cumming. (But I think you can tell when my cock swells and tightens.) I explode in your mouth. My eyes roll back in my head and my whole body rings with pleasure as my cock pulses rope after rope of cum into your eager throat. You choke a little, but swallow diligently. The choking turns me on even more and my cock shoots one more pulse before I groan with release.

You look up at me with big beautiful eyes and then swallow. I watch your throat bob as you accept my load. “Good girl,” I whisper. “Keep sucking, more gently now”. You comply, and I see your hand is still rubbing your clit bahis siteleri furiously. I savor the sharper pleasure as your mouth works my softening cock. As I drift down to earth, my need to piss returns, urgent, almost painful. This is the moment I’ve been craving.

I lock eyes with you. “I’m going to piss now Jen. Swallow as much as you want, but don’t stop me. I don’t care if you end up a mess. I’m going to piss as hard as I want.” You nod, wide eyed. I relax. Then a sweet sense of relief and pleasure fills my cock and abdomen as I begin – squirting piss into your eager mouth. I groan.

You swallow gamely at first, and faster than I imagined. Then I feel another wave of pleasure spread through my cock and I relax further, pushing a torrent of pee into your mouth. You cough a little, and I watch my pale urine splash out of your mouth onto your heaving breasts. Then I push in earnest. It’s too much for you, and you don’t even try to swallow, just holding my cock head in your mouth as a wave of piss soaks your top and pants. I didn’t think you could possibly be hotter, but the moan you let out as I soak you is exquisite.

Finally my flow begins to slow. I pause and you look up at me. “can I cum? ” You ask shyly. I thought you’d need more stimulation, but I guess all the teasing I’ve been doing has worked you up. “Yes. Cum for me you little piss slut. Cum here in the middle of the forest, covered in my piss.” You start moaning, and shaking, and I spray the last of my pee into your face as you do.

It’s hard to believe that we cuddled in the dirt, no, the mud. But we managed. Once we returned to earth, I pull out a new outfit for me and a tiny dress for you.

“Wait till you see what I have planned for the walk home…”

You gasp.

The afternoon’s heat has started to fade on the walk home, but that doesn’t stop me from drinking one of the bottles of water I brought – and instructing you to do the same. The dress I brought for you is slutty-really slutty. The frills of the skirt barely cover your ass, and whenever the trail lifts, or you step up over a rock, I get a nice look at your thighs and butt, flexing and bouncing as your body moves through space. It’s not long before my cock and balls, so thoroughly and expertly drained, glowing with contentment, start to feel the pressure and urgency that accompanies my desire to cum. If I don’t get my cock into you soon, I’m going to go crazy.

But I like making us wait. We stop for a little while next to a creek, and you move in for a kiss, your hands already reaching for my cock. I grab your wrists, and you look hurt for a moment before I lower my mouth to the top of your cleavage. Still holding your hands, I begin to bite your generous breasts. First gently, then firmly. I wait to feel the tension in your muscles change, the moment when I’ve gone past ‘uncomfortable’ into ‘painful’ I back off, then bite harder. You squeal, but then it turns into a moan. I pull back and admire the dark red flush under your freckles. Good. You’re going to bruise. I move in for a matching bite on the left breast.

Every time you strip for a shower in the next week, I want you to see these matching semicircles. I want you to think of me. And I want you to piss in the shower before turning the water on. All these desires flit through my head and I mentally compose some instructions to give you at the end of the encounter. But right now I look up at your face. You’re breathing hard, and your eyes are glistening. “Good girl,” I tell you. “I like hurting you.” You moan and then lean close to my ear, whispering intimately even though canlı bahis siteleri no one’s in sight.

“I have to pee, Nick.”

“Good.” I spin you away from me and put one hand over your bladder and press gently. Then I bite the exposed shoulder next to your neck. The noise you make is exquisite. But I hand you another bottle of water and tell you to get moving.

After a little while, I can tell by the way you’ve changed your gait that your bladder is starting to become more uncomfortable. I smile, and begin looking towards the sides of the path. After a little while I spot what I want-a rock at the base of a tree. I stop us there and ask if you still need to pee. “Yes,” you say, almost shyly. You move your hands to your crotch.

“Show me that pussy.” You lean back a little and lift the hem of your skirt, exposing your flushed and swollen labia. “Good girl.” I tell you to get into a squat position, but not to piss. You squat down and look down at the ground, then up at me with a desperate submission. I stretch the moment out, and I can tell that being in the position to urinate, but not hearing permission, is driving your body crazy. I step forward smoothly and smack your face. The hurt little gasp is exquisite, but even sweeter is the slight hiss. I can tell you’ve lost bladder control, just for a second. I look down at you and the tiny puddle between your legs. I take your chin in my hand.

“Jen. Darling. I’m not disappointed in you. I set you up to lose control. You’re a good girl, do you know that?”

You nod silently.

“But since you lost control, I’m going to make you wait a little longer. Get out the lube from my backpack.”

You stand up silently, flicking a glance at me to read my mood. It’s obvious I couldn’t be more turned on, both by your body and by your submission, and you relax a little, regaining some bounce in your step.

“I want you to coat my cock in lube Jen. Give me a handjob. Get me nice and hard.”

It’s obvious you want to suck my cock into your mouth, but you’re still too shy to even ask. I see it in your eyes, and I love it. You carefully pull my cock out and coat it in lube, running your shapely hand from base to tip and rolling your palm over my head. I groan. I turn my eyes from this entrancing sight (I love how huge my cock looks in your hand) to your upturned mouth, and suddenly you find out why I wanted your hands – so I could kiss you. Our tongues meet between our lips and I smell the faint odor of *my* urine in your hair. Your eyes are open wide, desperate, and the feel of my cock being stroked while looking into that passionate desire is intoxicating. My cock is growing by the second.

I break away from your hands and mouth and face and tell you to get up on the stone next to the tree. You can’t figure out what I mean at first, and we giggle a little as I show you where to put your feet. You end up standing, facing the tree, your head at the level of my nose. “Legs together Jen.” You comply. I pull down the straps of your top, exposing your beautiful breasts, and then step up behind you. I twine one hand into your hair, and then, slowly, a quarter inch at a time, I turn your head slightly and then push you forward into the rough bark of the tree.

You end up trapped, the weight of my torso flattening your breasts and cheek against the tree. I savor the position for a moment. Your eyes are screwed shut and I can feel your ass against my crotch. I bite your cheek and you moan. “Nick, you’re hurting me.”

You always know the sweetest things to say.

“Good,” I reply.

“I love it when you hurt canlı bahis me.”

“I know my sweet little slut. You’re such a good girl.”

I position my still slick cock right below your pussy, and slide between your thighs, not penetrating you.

“Now you can piss Jen. Now that you’re in the position that turns me on.”

You moan, and I can tell you want to, but there’s a long pause. Then, a soft splash hits the head of my cock. I growl and press forward, and your flow stops. “Dammnit,” you mutter, and I shift my grip on your hair.

“Good girl Jen, just relax.”

And suddenly you do, and the hiss of your release is loud in the quiet of the forest. I can smell the tang of your urine, subtly different than mine-more female somehow. Your piss is running down your legs, filling your shoes, and I notice that my second pair of pants is getting soaked as your piss sprays off my cock. My cock. My cock is in heaven, trapped between your soft thighs, your warm piss pouring down over me. I want to cum.

I need to cum.

But first I need to piss.

Your flow slows to a trickle, and gasping and shaking you say “I’m done.”

I lick your face. “Good. Little. Slut.” I ease off the pressure a little and you relax a smidge, then push your soaking crotch back toward me.

“Fuck me please?”

“Yes Jen, but first I’m going to piss. And guess who I’m going to use as my urinal?”

You moan and gasp out a “yes please” while I shift positions and push my cock deep into your wet cunt. I haven’t felt this soft wet pussy on me all day, and I can’t help but take a few deep strokes, marveling at how good you feel, how much I crave being buried deep inside you. But right now there’s something I crave even more, and when I push you forward again, trapping you against the tree, you know what it is.

“Please Nick. Piss in me. Please. I need your piss.”

I groan, and push and I can feel the stream of hot piss moving its way through my cock towards the slit at the mouth of my cock. I feel like I’m floating, and then, that slight relief of pressure as the first spurt of piss escapes me and disappears into your welcoming cunt. I pull back and relax a little and I’m not just trickling any more. I’m pissing. Pissing deep inside you. Claiming you. Using you.

Your pussy seems to take an almost endless stream, and you moan, an erotic sound from deep in your belly. I push some more and the seal breaks. A tidal wave of piss spills out over both of our legs. But I’m not done filling you yet. I’m not letting you out of this trapped, uncomfortable position until I’ve finished emptying myself in you. I know you can take it.

Finally, a pause in my stream becomes long enough that I can feel the mounting urge to cum. My cock feels huge, my balls tight. I start to thrust into you and all you can say is “yes” and “please” over and over. Where our bodies join feels like an exquisite mess. Every few second another wave of piss escapes your pretty pussy and I marvel at how much I pushed into you.

Again, I feel a slight tug of politeness. Maybe I should let you lay down and give you a long fucking? But again, something rushes up in me. I have you where I want you. I’m going to cum whenever and wherever I want. And I definitely want to cum in you trapped against this tree, soaked in our piss. And fuck I need to fill your pussy. I need to…

Again, I don’t tell you. I simply curl my fist into your hair harder and thrust deep, deep into your soaking cunt. You gasp and flinch and my cock twitches and jerks as I spurt my cum where it belongs.

Good thing I brought the waterproof blanket along. Because we have a lot of cuddling and giggling to do. Maybe even a quick nap on the forest floor before we clean up and return to the cabin. We’re going to need energy for the night ahead…

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