A Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 32

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Chapter 32: Dawn’s Massage

‘Great shot partner!’ Sue congratulated me as my ball stopped just two feet short of the flag on the eighteenth green. I grinned as I put my five iron back in the bag and sat back into the seat of my golf cart. Sue slapped my hand and gave me a kiss. My fine shot had assured us another birdie and a win on the press that we had against our opponents. Actually they were Sue’s guests, up from Scottsdale for a few days of golf and relaxation and sex at Sue’s house.

She had met them a few months ago on one of her shopping trips and they had become good friends. Kathy and her husband Bob share Sue’s love of public nudity and accidental exposure. So our day on the golf course had been laced with excitement. Both Sue and Kathy were wearing short skirts without panties and Bob and I had both received blowjobs in the shelter behind the fourth green. And on top of the fun and sex, they had suggested the fifty-dollar Nassau bet, and so winning this press meant that we were winning two hundred dollars each!

They all chipped onto the green and two putted for fives. I stepped up and tapped in my birdie three and the match was over.

‘Nice finish.’ Bob exclaimed as I plucked my ball from the cup and we shook hands. Kathy and Sue were trading kisses and then they gave us the customary last hole kiss.

‘Good round.’ Kathy told me as she leaned in for a slightly more than friendly kiss. ‘I loved every minute of it!’

I put my hand on her ass and raised her skirt so I could cup her bare butt while we kissed a little more. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that we had attracted the attention of a few of the guys over on the driving range. They were staring as I stroked Kathy’s butt and she knew it too. I dropped her skirt hem and we broke the kiss. We walked off the green to continued looks from my buddies on the practice tee. Sue put her arm around me and we kissed and congratulated each other again.

As we were getting back into our carts, Sue made a point of kneeling on the seat and reaching into the storage basket in back for her sweater. This allowed her to moon the guys on the range in an innocent way. Their stares followed us as we drove all the way back to the clubhouse.

‘Will you come back to my house and join us for lunch?’ Sue asked me as we pulled up to the bag rack. ‘I’ve made some gazpacho and punch and we can all sit in the spa.’

‘How could I refuse an offer like that?’ I answered.

The bag boy was cleaning our clubs and I tipped him five dollars.

We all went inside and washed up in the locker rooms. Bob and I made small talk as we freshened up. I really had enjoyed playing with them. They are good golfers and we had a competitive match. And his wife is a knockout. I told him what a charge I had gotten out of watching her flirt her way around the course. He agreed and said that Sue had made it just as much fun for us all.

‘But you’re engaged to be married, aren’t you?’ He asked. ‘Sue was telling us about Trish. Doesn’t she like to play golf?’

‘I’ve been trying to get her take some lessons. But she has a business and loves what she’s doing so I don’t push her. I told her she doesn’t have to work, but she wants to. Someday she’ll get tired of it and then she’ll learn the game. And she likes Sue and doesn’t mind that I play and so it works out fine.’

‘Well she sounds like a super girl and I hope we get to meet her sometime.’

‘She’s a very special lady and I love her madly. I promise you’ll meet her.’

We went back out and met the girls and headed back to Sue’s place. Kathy said she wanted to ride with me while Bob went with Sue. In my car she sat with her legs open to me and she rubbed her clit as I drove and we talked.

‘I had fun today. Thanks for playing with us.’ She said. I think I want to fuck you when we get to Sue’s.’ She smiled at me seductively while she made her blatant offer.

‘How can I refuse? Should we have a bite to eat first or just excuse ourselves when we get there?’

‘Let’s just go to the casita. I’ll tell Sue that I’m going to change and I want you to come with me. I just need a quick fuck. I want to feel your cum dripping out of my cunt while we eat lunch, OK?’

I loved her idea. And I loved the way she talked. Looking at her fingers stroking her pussy and teasing the little crop of red hair above it, I was getting turned on too. So we pulled into Sue’s driveway and got out of the car. Bob and Sue were just ahead of us and they went into the kitchen to fix lunch. Kathy and I didn’t say anything. We just walked by them and outside to the casita that was their guestroom.

Once inside Kathy turned to me and kissed me again. It was a wanton passionate kiss, wet with spit and she drove her tongue into mine. I responded by lifting her skirt again and running my fingers along her butt crack. She was tugging at my belt and managed to loosen it and unbutton my shorts.

‘Fuck me Rob! Just do it to me.’ She said as she turned around güvenilir bahis and leaned up against the table, exposing her backside to my waiting dick.

I pushed her skirt up around her waist and drove it home. She was wet and slick and my cock slipped all the way in. She started backing into me while I put my hand up under her shirt and held her tit. Her nipple was hard and I guessed her bra size at 34C. I couldn’t find out for sure though because she wasn’t wearing one. But it felt good and she was already cumming on my throbbing cock. She was so wet it was dripping over my balls and down my leg. So it didn’t take me long either. I let go of her breast and held her hips as I shot a huge load of white spunk up into her cunt.

‘Oh yeah Kathy! Here you go!’ I panted as I pumped her.

‘Mmm yeah Rob, that’s what I want.’ She sighed.

It was that fast. When she said a quickie, that’s what she meant. I let my cock slide out of her and she turned around and kissed me again.

‘Put your pants back on baby. Lunch is waiting.’ She said as she pulled my shorts back up my legs. ‘That was just what I needed. Now I just need to find a towel to sit on so I don’t mess up Sue’s chair. God I love sex!’

She was amazing. I thought that Trish was hot. This girl knew just what she wanted and went for it with gusto. I’m glad that I was the one she chose to use at the moment.

I tucked my shirt in my shorts and we walked outside and back into the main house. Bob and Sue were just setting our lunch on the table. We entered and sat down. The girls exchanged knowing glances. I avoided looking at Bob. I had just tasted the soup when my cell phone rang. The caller ID told me it was Trish.

‘Hi babe!’ I answered the call.

‘Hi Rob. How was your game?’

‘We had lots of fun! You’ve got to meet Bob and Kathy. You’ll love them’

‘I just might be able to do that. I only had one appointment booked and she just cancelled. Has Dawn called you yet?’

‘No I haven’t heard from her.’

‘Well she’s gonna call. She wants a massage today if you have time.’

‘I can always find time for Dawn.’ I said.

‘So what are you doing right now?’ Trish asked.

‘I’m here at Sue’s and we just sat down to lunch. Sue made some excellent gazpacho. Do you want to come and join us?’

‘Yeah, I think I will. Is it OK with Sue?’

I looked at Sue who had been following my end of the conversation. She was nodding that Trish should come over.

‘Yes of course. Hurry. I love you.’ ‘I love you too. I’ll be there in a few minutes.’ And she ended the call.

I turned to Kathy and Bob. ‘Well you are going to get to meet Trish. She’ll be here in about ten minutes.’

‘I’ll set another place.’ Sue said as she got up from the table.

I took another sip of the soup and my phone rang again. It was Dawn.

‘Hi Dawn. I’ve been expecting to hear from you.’

‘Hi Rob. Did Trish tell you I would call?’

‘No, I just figured that you were missing my hard body and tender touch.’ I kidded her.

‘Well that’s not what I told Trish, but it is the truth. I’ve been fantasizing all morning about having you give me a massage. And so I figured I’d see if you could make my dream come true. Can I come see you this afternoon?’

‘Sure. What time do you want to come over?’

‘Can I come right now?’ she asked.

‘I’m not at home right now. I’m just having lunch. Can you give me about an hour? Let’s say two thirty?’ I checked my watch.

‘OK that will be fine. Should I come to the front door?’

‘No just come around back to the casita. In fact, if you want to come earlier, just make yourself at home. If I’m not there yet you can relax in the spa if you want to. You know your way around.’

‘I’ll be there waiting.’ she said. ‘Hurry. I’m horny.’ And she hung up.

That last comment confirmed what I had been thinking. She wanted more than just a massage.

I had only had time for one more spoonful of gazpacho when we heard a knock on the door. Sue got up and answered it and came back into the kitchen with Trish. I stood up and kissed her. Sue did the introductions.

Trish sat down and we resumed our meal.

‘Did Dawn call you?’ she asked me.

‘We just hung up.’ I told her. I’ve got to run after I eat. I’m going to meet her at our house.’

‘Trish, if you’ve got the afternoon off, why don’t you stay here with us?’ Kathy suggested.

‘Yeah that’s a good idea.’ Sue agreed, ‘I’m sure Bob won’t mind hanging out here today with three horny chicks.’ She winked and smiled.

‘I could do that. You don’t need me at home do you Rob?’

‘No. I think I can handle Dawn. And we can all go out to dinner tonight. What time are the girls due home today?’

‘Tracy said she would bring Teri home and they’ll be home around four thirty.’

‘That’ll work. I’ll call you when I finish with Dawn and we can go from there.’


We finished our lunch and I helped Sue with the dishes. türkçe bahis Trish and Kathy and Bob were chatting and getting to know each other. I kissed them all goodbye and headed for home.

Dawn’s car was in the driveway when I got to my house. I came in through the garage and as I looked out the kitchen window I could see Dawn in the hot tub. I took a few minutes to wash up and I changed into a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt.

When I finally went outside I found her relaxing in the spa with her eyes closed. I knelt down beside her and kissed her forehead. Her eyes opened and a smile spread across her face.

‘Oh Rob I ‘m so glad you’re here. My mind has been wandering all day long, but it keeps coming back to you.’ She slowly stood up and stepped out of the hot tub. ‘Tom’s been out of town this week and I’ve been sleeping alone. Last night I was thinking about you and Trish when I masturbated in bed. And this morning I woke up thinking about you massaging me. I’m so relaxed from the spa. I’m ready to feel your hands all over me.’

‘Step right this way.’ I led her as I wrapped a towel around her shoulders and we walked to the casita door. She had undressed in there already so I allowed her dry herself off while I turned on some music and lit a candle.

‘So tell me about your fantasy massage.’ I asked her as I helped her up onto the table.

She sat on the edge with her legs hanging down and I stood between them with my hands lightly resting on her thighs.

‘You start on my head and neck and face,’ she said, ‘I’m lying on my back. You work your way down over my breasts and torso. Then you do my legs and when you get to my feet, you spend a lot of extra time. Then when I roll over you go back up my legs and massage my whole backside and shoulders. By the time I imagined that much I was probing my fingers way up into my pussy, but I want you to do that. But I want you to do it from behind me and I want your fingers in my ass too. That’s the thing that I’ve been dying to have you do to me.’

I put my hands on Dawn’s shoulders and gently laid her down on the table. ‘Your fantasy is almost the same as mine.’ I told her, ‘I know I made a promise to you that day when we were in Phoenix, and I haven’t forgotten it. So I’ll do my best to deliver today. Now I want you to relax.’

I softly stroked her hair and played with her ears. I stood at the top of the table and gazed at her perfect form. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. As she strained to raise her head I kissed her lips and we traded spit. Then I let my hands take over completely.

I massaged the back of her neck and shoulders. I could feel her muscles opening and relaxing as I worked. Her skin was warm from the spa and I only needed a light amount of oil to keep my hands gliding over her smooth tissue. As I proceeded down from her shoulders and massaged her breasts, her nipples hardened at my touch. I took some time to massage her arms and hands as well. She was totally relaxed. I worked in a circular motion on her belly and brushed my hand just above her mons and I admired her freshly shaved vaginal region.

As I worked my way down her right leg, she spread them apart slightly. I find this is a common reaction with a client who is relaxed and feeling sexually excited. Her lips were full and her clitoris was just peeking out of its hood. I spent the extra time on her foot as she had requested. I lifted it and rested it on my shoulder as I sat on the edge of the table. This allowed me to massage it completely and also spread her pussy open wider at the same time. The view was exquisite. Dawn was almost asleep as I gently laid her foot back down and repeated the process on her left leg.

When I finished with her left leg, I used long soft strokes as I moved back up to the head of the table. I softly massaged her face and quietly woke her from her trance; just enough to instruct her to turn over.

‘How am I doing so far?’ I asked.

‘Better than I ever dreamed.’ She replied as she rolled over onto her belly.

Once again I massaged her head and neck and shoulders. Then I slowly worked my way down her back, being careful to relax her full spine. As I approached her ass I massaged her hips and upper thighs, and when her legs opened, as I expected they would, I lightly teased her anal area. Then I worked all the way down her legs again to her feet. Since I had done so much kneading on her feet earlier, there wasn’t as much need to do it again, so I slowly went back up her legs again.

I replenished the oil on my hands as I got closer to her ass. The excitement was building for both of us and I felt my cock stirring in my shorts. I took a moment to push them to the floor and continued to massage Dawn with just my t-shirt on now. As I kneaded her ass cheeks I playfully touched her anus with my fingertips. She spread her legs open wider and my fingers accepted the invitation. With each new touch I would push a little harder into her asshole and gradually her hole began to güvenilir bahis siteleri open for me. When I pressed my pointer in to the first knuckle she let out a sigh. It was a sigh of pleasure and not of pain or resistance, so I continued. The oil helped my digit to slide easily and I pressed it in deeper. She was very receptive and I began a back and forth, in and out motion with my finger, fucking Dawn’s ass with my hand.

‘Oh yeah.’ I heard her muffled voice. ‘Mmm.’

With my other fingers I began to probe her vaginal hole. It was wet and slippery and those fingers found their way into her warm moist haven. Dawn started to slowly rock her hips to receive my offerings. Her ass hole was open wide now, so much so that I inserted a second finger. Again I detected a moan of approval. I was pumping her and I could actually see inside of her dark hole as I withdrew my fingers. Then I would slide them back in again as she raised her ass, practically begging me to fill her again.

The more I twisted and turned my fingers, the more she backed into me. She was raising herself up on her knees. My cock was stiff now and I wanted to add my tool to the action on the table. So I climbed up and knelt between her legs and kept up my masturbatory stroking of her rear.

With my free hand I pulled her rear upwards when she raised her hips and I scooted in closer. When the tip of my penis touched her cunt hole, she rocked back against it and I slipped inside while I continued to pump her butt with my fingers.

‘Oh Rob, that feels so good. Come inside me all the way. I want to feel you deep inside my cunt.’

I could already feel my fingers touching my cock through the thin membrane that was the wall between them. It felt so good that I realized I was actually massaging myself. But Dawn was loving it too.

‘Rob I want you to fuck my ass. Put your big cock inside me and cum in my ass. Oh please Rob…’

I couldn’t resist the invitation. I pulled her hips up and withdrew my dick from her pussy. I raised up on my knees and held the tip of my cock at her gaping asshole. I was wet from her cum already and I thrust it into her butt. It was heavenly. I could feel every square inch of her inner anal walls. And the tip of my cock was touching something deep inside her bowel. And I could see it all as I pumped her ass. Her cries of delight were overwhelming and I realized how much I was sweating too. Our fucking was intense and I didn’t want it to end. Dawn was cumming over and over again and I relished my position of power and pleasure giver as I gazed at her perfect butt slamming against my groin. Her ass was hot and wet and it felt so good as it milked my penis. Finally I could hold back no more. I let go with a load of cum that seemed like it would never end. My dick was swimming in its own juice and the seed was so plentiful that it overflowed back out of her ass and down over my balls. It was messy but it felt so good!

‘Oh God! Oh Rob! Oh yes!’

Our action was so stimulating that even when I was drained, I was still rock solid. Even when Dawn stopped cumming, our motion slowed and ended, but I remained buried deep in her ass, and she stayed still while impaled on my spear.

‘Oh god Rob. You feel so good inside me. I’ve wanted to have my ass fucked for such a long time but I’m afraid to let Tom do it to me. He’s so big.’

I might have felt inadequate at that, but I’ve seen his cock and I wouldn’t want to try and take it in my ass either! And I was flattered that Dawn had asked me to be the one to satisfy her craving for anal sex. I looked down at my cock still buried in her butt. I used my thumbs to gently massage her anus while I slowly withdrew my rod. Our combined cum was dripping all over us so I grabbed a towel and wiped us off.

‘You can call me anytime. You know that. And I hope that you’ll call me often. I’ll make love to your ass any time you want me to.’ I told her.

‘Does Trish like it in her ass?’ she asked.

‘She enjoys anal stimulation and we do it sometimes. Trish enjoys sex, I think, more than anyone I’ve ever known. She just likes all kinds of sex.’

‘She sure does! And she’s not afraid to share it. And I sure am glad about that! My sex life has improved a thousand times over since we met you guys. And Tom is so much more appreciative of me, and Amy. You guys have changed our lives. What was your life like before you met Trish?’

‘Wow, that’s something to think about.’ I answered as I dismounted from the table and gently stroked Dawn’s backside. ‘My life was good. I’ve been fortunate. But Trish took it to another level! I had only dreamed about the kind of sexual pleasure that Trish brought into my life. And I never even imagined that I could be living with girls like Tracy and Teri! And even if I had, it probably would have scared me to death!’

Dawn laughed as she looked up at me and turned on her side. ‘You’re right.’ she said, ‘I never dreamed that I could enjoy sex with my own daughter. But now it all just seems so natural! Tom was nervous at first too, but the way you and Trish introduced us just made it feel so right. Now I can’t imagine life any other way.’

‘Do you worry about Amy’s sex life outside of your home?’ I asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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