A Walk in the Park

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As I got dressed that morning I started to wonder what I had let myself for. I had volunteered to act as a Marshal in a Kiltwalk charity fund raising marathon walk from Glasgow and ending in Baloch Park.

I had already attended a training session where we learned the course route, where the choke points were and the food and water stations. We also learnt what the safety precautions were and how to use the communications system, in case we needed help at our waypoint, I also met a number of other volunteers on the day.

I had bought a new kilt for the event, my old one had to be retired. It was a red tartan sports kilt that I chose this time from a US company. It was made of light weight composite material and was made with five yards of material Vs the traditional nine yards heavy wool weight.

I also had the drop reduced from the traditional twenty four inches to twenty one inches to give a more comfortable and waist positioning fit for me. The main disadvantage being it could be blown about, although a kilt pin would help to contain it, I had forgotten to buy a suitable one, my existing one had to be pensioned off too. O’well onwards and upwards as the say.

As I was flexible in the location’s I could cover I had pulled a last stage shift where the sponsored kilted walkers ended their marathon, exhausted and often wet and sometimes not too steady on their feet. We were to give them encouragement to do the last 500 yards, although it did feel like 500 miles to them.

I appeared that day on YouTube many times, as the runners posted selfies of themselves arriving at the final stage, with me cheering them on the background with my red kilt which was precariously swinging about.

My partner at the waypoint was Shane, as he preferred to be called, whom I had met at the training day, we seemed to get on very well together. He was about five foot eight, a bit taller than me, although we were about the same age and build, his build was very much toned than mine; that’s life.

He also had a red sports kilt on too, from the logo on it, he must have purchased it from the same company as I did and he looked stunning in it with his colorful charity logoed rain jacket with muddy boots, socks and legs. We both wore utility belts to carry our mobile phones etc.

It was starting to get dark as the last of the runners arrived at our waypoint, it had rained that day and parts of the course were wet and muddy; as they were too. We were wet and muddy also, and cold standing there for almost six hours, when the tail-end Marshalls signaled to us that the last of the runners had arrive home. We were pleased that we could finish our shift and go home to get something hot to eat and drink.

As Shane and I walked back to the Marshalls tent to sign off, we overheard someone saying there was something wrong with the trains back to Glasgow and that the last volunteer’s bus had already left. I was ok as I had my car but Shane didn’t, I offered him a lift back as I could go that way. He was very gratefully accepted the offer.

We walked back to where I had parked my car, passing a café I suggested we have a warming coffee and something to eat, he said no lets go back to my place. I said ok. As we continued our walk to my car, he added that, I should tell you that I am gay and a lot of people are uncomfortable being with me because of it. I was intrigued by his statement and curious about him, I think I may have thought he may have been gay. I said ok no worries.

We arrived back at his apartment about a half an hour later. Prior to going in we both removed our wet, muddy boots and socks and left them on a shoe rack just inside his door. Our feet and legs were now muddy and cold, Shane showed me where his bathroom was where we could wipe off the mud from our bare and now very cold legs.

As we both stood there washing the mud off with nice warm water, he noticed that I had missed some of the mud on the back of my legs and leaned over and wiped it off. It was quite sensual having someone rub the back and inside of you cold legs with a soft warm wet cloth. Restoring the circulation in my legs and warming them up, if I am honest felt it a bit erotic and arousing.

As I looked at his legs I saw he had also missed some mud on the back of his legs too, I lifted a warm wet cloth leaned over to him and wiped the mud off. Which he encouraged me to do, by turning the back of his leg to me, opening his legs to allow me to rub up and down their inside too. When we had dried our legs Shane led me into his living room and turned on a gas fire. We stood there together in our kilts warming the back of our legs in front of the fire.

Once we had warmed up, he invited me to sit on his couch opposite the fire and went into the kitchen to make some coffee and warm toast for us. After about five minutes he arrived back with warm coffee and toast. Although they were illegal bahis other chairs in the room he sat next to me on his two seater couch.

After finishing our coffee and toast we sat their talking about the day and how it had went. He noticed the scar on my left leg calf and asked what happened. I explained an accident and subsequent operation to remove some metal that was lodged in it. Side effect was that part of my leg below the calf had limited feeling, quite weird when you touched it, without really feeling anything.

I skewed round talking to face him, crooked my left leg over resting it on my right knee and touched where the scar was. Shane seeing it as an invitation, maybe it was, leaned over and touched it too, he ran his finger along my scar ever so gently. It was quite an exhilarating and arousing feeling, to have someone do that to you.

I didn’t object, perhaps I should have. He then moved the palm of his hand over onto my right inner leg and rubbed it gently where it was exposed. When I had crooked my leg over my kilt front, not having a kilt pin holding it place had loosened and exposing my inner leg, with hindsight inviting. But I was very relaxed about it, he then crooked round on the couch to face me.

I felt him lean over me while looking almost hypnotically into my eyes, single handedly slowly unbuckled the left side of my kilt with his right hand. While his left hand seductively massaged between my legs, which I was enjoying. I am sure he could see it in my eyes that I was enjoying it and see I was getting aroused by it. He then unbuckled the double buckles on my right side with equal care, while still massaging between my legs with his now right hand.

Slowly he loosened my kilt, allowing his had to move slowly further up my inside leg. He started to rub my inner thigh then stroke me with the back of his fingers, I was enjoying it and he was too. He reached over and lifted my hand onto his leg, inviting me to return the gesture, which I did.

I hadn’t noticed that he had already undone the buckles on his kilt and had eased it loose and then slid his kilt open, then mine. He then kneeled over me and we were now touching each other intimately as we both frotted together, we aroused each other further and could feel the bodily warmth share where we were touching.

We were now both aroused and starting to get hard by each other’s gesture’s the subdued lighting adding to it. We started rubbing the inside of each other’s thighs and stroking each other’s hardness. It wasn’t long before we were both getting excited and breathing heaver as we enjoyed each other actions.

The inevitable started to happen, almost simultaneously, we started to expunge, and Shane reached over and conveniently placed a towel to contain any mess. We both relaxed at that point, leaning against each other, sharing our enhanced bodily warmth. I think we were now both looking for something more adventurous. Shane suggested we use his bedroom, stood up and led us into it.

In the bedroom’s subdued lighting Shane slowly undid what clothing I had still on and removed them as I slowly removed his. As we stood there together, our naked bodies embracing, he leaned over as we moved closer together we could feel each other’s warmth build. We could also feel each other starting to get aroused and very hard again, as our mutual excitement and desire for each other built. As I leaned back onto his bed, he leaned over me. Started to rub my leg, again and again, and stroke me with a slow, caring sweep of his hand, ever so gentle. I returned the gesture.

As we sat on the edge of the bed, facing each other; looking into each other’s eyes, he touched my lips with his finger. He then kissed me and out tongues started exploring and touching intimately, in a seductive way that the French do.

As I lay back on the bed he kneeled on the bed and straddles over me. He starts to nibble my nipples, my chest, my ear lobes and slowly up my inside leg, very erotic and stimulating. I could feel my desire’s for him to engage with me. I lift up my knees and arch my back up a little, inviting him to join with me.

He rubbed lube on and started to probe with his erection gently at first then pushes in slowly, I could feel him entering and sliding in, slowly withdrawing, re-entering and sliding further in each time; slowly his rhythm starts, sensual, warm, wet and relaxing. Building the momentum with each stroke, longing both our desires, we both look directly into each other’s eyes as he leans over me, our hearts now beating in rhythm, both knowing climax was now building and imminent. Then it happened as a surge we could both feel the warm transfer, we paused as it happened and were both contented, we relaxed and disengage with each other.

We both were lay there naked together, hot and wet, we embraced each other, running our fingers over each other’s body. illegal bahis siteleri Our hungry mouths stated to search each other’s body, nibbling, biting and sucking. The passion and excitement in each of us taking over, we both started to become hard again, as we embraced each other’s our harnesses pressing together. We continued where we left off, this time Shane rolls over onto his back, raised his knees and invited me to also engage with him.

As he arches his back, his eyes roll in anticipation and I lean over and on him. Probed for entry, barred by pressure at first, as he anticipates entry, eases allowing me to enter’ slowly going deeper with each lunge. Before long I could feel it starting to build from within me as I undulate, our inner and outer body heat was building. As I looked into his eyes I could see them rolling in satisfaction and anticipation, his head gently rolled as he smiled, his back arching more, eyes closing in enjoyment.

I could feel it building with each lunge, we were both now wet with cum and with sweat, both in harmony as I released, instantly we both paused for a moment before I withdrew. As I rolled over we lay there side by side, embracing each other again, now exhausted and wet with sweat and cum. We lay their embracing each other satisfied and in harmony.

We were exhausted but not finished, this time he lay on his back guiding me to sit astride him, he positioned me and himself, initially I found it very difficult to engage with him. But I managed and I slowly raised and lowered myself, after a few times I started to ease and relax. I was starting to enjoy myself as was Shane. His grip on my hips was quite seductive as I steadied myself with my arms on him.

I could feel that Shane was starting to climax I was tired and dripping with sweat as if I had been on a cross-trainer all day. Suddenly, like an upward explosion he climaxed, we paused as he fully unloaded and I drained away his cum. By this time my legs and knees were fatiguing under me. I more or less flopped off him which he found funny as I did. We lay there together, exhausted but satisfied, I rolled onto my side as Shane spooned me as we relaxed.

After we had rested we got up and went into his living area naked but comfortable with each other, we sat together on his couch leaning back and together. He asked me do I want to stay for breakfast. I couldn’t as I had commitments tomorrow morning which entailed an early start. We were both disappointed but understood.

Like all good things it was time to go, we had a shower together, which was rather enjoyable if not challenging in his step-in bath shower arrangement. After washing each other we intimately dried each other, an enjoyable way to end an evening of mutual lust and harmony with a stranger.

I re-dressed in my kilt and sweater as Shane stood there with only a seductive towel on. We said out farewell as I left to drive back home. It was a lonely journey home that dark but now dry night. When I arrive back and checked my phone for messages, there was one from Shane thanking me for the lift back and an enjoyable evening. He then said could we meet again. I texted back ‘yes’.

We met the following weekend in Glasgow, had a meal together and then went to a private night club that had a live sex show on that night. It was during this show that Shane said he had booked a hotel room for the night, if I was interested. I was very pleased by that, even more so when I found out it was the Grand Central Hotel, adjacent to the Glasgow Central railway station. A refurbished old Victorian hotel that reflected the grandeur of the era, I had been there for a weekend before, in rather more unusual circumstances.

We went up to his bedroom, not as grand as the last time but still very nice. We poured some drinks from the mini bar, kicked off our shoes, then sat together on the couch in his room, not unlike we did before.

We talked about the last time we met and thing is general as we had earlier in the night, he put his whiskey down on the table, took mine off me then leaned over to me putting his lips to mine and started to kiss. As our tongue’s touched I could feel his hand start to rub up the inside of my leg, very seductively and controlled.

We relaxed and laid our backs against the soft warm leather, I crooked my leg to allow him to slide his hand up until he touched me. By this time I was aroused, a friend has shown me a few tricks on how to do this, I could see and feel he was aroused too. As he caressed me, I stroked the outside of his leg with the palm of my hand. As he reached my hardness I arrived at his, stroking it gently to bring his fully ready too.

I could hear and feel his breathing become deeper as was mine. He then slowly and seductively started to unbutton my shirt, one button at a time, as I did with his. He leaned down as my shirt opened and started to kiss canlı bahis siteleri and nibble my bare chest arriving at my nipples which he started to suck on. I could feel his teeth gently caressing them too. He was starting to get excited and aroused by this, so was I.

He reached down to undo my belt then I felt my zipper slide down over my hardness, his hand slid inside exploring me, as I also did to him. We had reached the point again where we both wanted more, he invited me to stand up, slipped my shirt off my shoulders and let it drop, as I then did with his.

We both discreetly stepped out of our trousers, carefully and with dignity. Both standing there, in our almost matching black bikini underwear, as we kissed and touched tongues. Together we slid our hands, palms out, between our partner’s skin and their bikini underwear slowly sliding them off each other in unison.

As we stood there naked together, intimately touching again and exchanging sexual energy, with both our erections intertwined and rubbing together adding to the excitement. Shane moved us still embraced towards the bed that had already been turned down for us, in anticipation of impending use.

I lay down on the bed to receive him to our now preferred position, I raised my knees and arching my back invitingly, he started to enter ever so gently. Appling pressure to enhance entry, I could then feel it ease and slowly slide further and further in, at full reach he touched my prostate, I flinched as he touched. He withdrew slightly and retouched it gentler, I could feel the rush of it as he did. Slowly he withdrew until I could feel it until it almost withdrawn. Then he re-entered again and again as both out excitement’s built.

Slowly this sensual, warm, very wet, relaxing and exhilarating feeling started to build in momentum, longing the desire, as we both looked directly into each other’s eyes, hearts beating in rhythm, both knowing climax was near. Then his motion became erratic as did mine, we are both mimicking each other’s motion, the bed shakes under us and then he climaxes and then again. We were both contented as we relaxed and slowly disengaged each other.

As we lay there recovering our energies and enjoying the sexual afterglow. I lean over him and start to nibble his nipples, his chest and ear lobes, very stimulating for both of us. He lifts up his knees and arches his back up a little, inviting me to join with him.

I rubbed lube in him and on me, from the smile on his face he could feel my fingers penetrate him as I applied it. Rubbing it around and in and out must have been very relaxing and stimulating for him. As it always was for me.

I probe for entry with my hardness, barred by pressure at first as he feels me enter, then eases allowing me to enter, slowly going deeper with each undulation until I feel his firm prostate, that I touch gently. I could feel it starting to build within me as I undulate, our body heat was building, as I looked into his eyes I could see them rolling in anticipation, his head gently rolled as he smiled, eyes closing in enjoyment.

I could feel my cum build and move forward with each lunge, we were both now wet with sweat, both in harmony as I released, we both pause for a moment before I withdraw. I then rolled over and we lay there side by side. We embrace each other, exhausted and wet with sweat and cum. We lay their embracing each other in harmony.

We were both awakened by a radio alarm starting to play a local radio station, had we shared our night’s sleep, lying their together. We lay there looking into each other’s, eyes bodily touching. Shane touched my lips, with his finger, leaned over, our lips touched in an awaking kiss, I felt him reaching into my mouth. I joined him in this intimate private exchange.

We showered together washing off each other’s last night’s exchanges. As I stood there with the warm water caressing my head and back, Shane put his arms around my waist, clasping his hands together. I could feel hardness and contentness develop as we stood there embracing each other, I could also feel his hardness press against me between my buttocks and legs. Sensually stroking me between my buttocks, very erotic and satisfying.

We then had sex in the shower as I stood leaning against the wall with warm water cascading over us. Climax was slow in cumming, the warm water impeding us, but it came as a burst of excitement and contentment. We exchanged position and started over. We then seductively dried ourselves with lovely warm towels.

We dressed each other then went for our breakfast together which we had earned. All things come to an end, we parted in the station as we went to get our respective trains home. As I went through the barrier I looked back, Shane was there watching me pass through the ticket barrier. I wondered if we would ever meet again.

As I arrived home a texted message arrived saying, same again next weekend, I replied ‘yes’.

If you want to find out the rather unusual circumstances of my previous visit to the Grand Central Hotel, near Glasgow Central Station to can find it in ‘Another Day At The Office’.

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