A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 26

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[This story will make more sense if you take the time to read the earlier instalments. There’s a good deal of focus on all bodily functions so if inclusion of those offends you, please read no further. There’s also some severe discipline. All characters are over 18.]


Eleanor was slightly surprised when Janet called her in and informed her that she was sending her to the capital of the Women’s Republic to complete arrangements for the initial product testing of the underwear Goose Cookers had manufactured for the Corrections Service.

“This way,” Janet said, “you can be present to do whatever they want and make any adjustments needed to get the product ready to produce.”

“You are relying on me and don’t feel you should be there, too?” Eleanor felt obliged to ask.

“I believe you’re entirely capable of handling this,” Janet answered softly. “Eleanor, this will be a great opportunity for you to see how this process works so we can keep bidding on these projects and keep getting them.”

Eleanor said she certainly would go ahead and make sure everything was resolved.

“Exactly what I wanted to hear, El,” Janet responded with a smile.

Eleanor arrived in the capital, not her favorite place since this was where she had been tried and sentenced to a cruel punishment that turned out to have been imposed in error. But now she was doing so well in the second major city that she felt she was returning as a successful executive.

She had no trepidations when she approached the large Corrections Service headquarters, nor was she at all reluctant to encounter Senior Correctional Officer, LTC Annette, who had been at the initial conference and had actually been the assigned officer for Eleanor’s court case some time before. Eleanor still had strong feelings for Annette, even though their marriage had been put off indefinitely when Annette was ordered back to headquarters, having been promoted.

Eleanor was ushered into the building and found herself in a well-appointed conference room. She had been accompanied by a junior staffer from the company, Harriet, a young, blonde-haired woman whose academic training had been in finance. Soon, Annette entered, smiling at Eleanor, and with her was Warrant Office Kathryn, the contracting officer.

They greeted Eleanor, who responded with appropriate pleasantries, and then introduced Harriet. All sat down at a small conference table. Kathryn opened the meeting by stating how pleased the Service had been with the designs and the initially-delivered product samples. She added, “We’re also ok on the additional design requested, for the bra, so long as you agree to make the same fabric differentiation as you implemented for the panties.”

“That is fine and will work all right,” Eleanor answered, with alacrity, although she kept reminding herself to control her enthusiasm in this business setting. The change would actually save everyone some funds because the bras for the female inmates, admittedly few in number, would be made from a cheaper, less comfortable fabric than the ones for the correctional officers.

Now, Kathryn went over all the technical requirements concerning timing and delivery that would be memorialized in the contract. Eleanor had made sure that Harriet reviewed these ahead of time so that any issues could be raised and resolved. There were a few minor points and Kathryn and Harriet discussed each and figured out how they could be settled with little problem.

Finally, the work was completed and Kathryn looked at Annette and said, “I think we’re in a position to have this signed off. Eleanor, I assume you are empowered to sign for Goose Cookers?” Eleanor said she was. Then Kathryn asked Annette who would sign for the Service.

“That will be me,” Annette answered without any emotion. Kathryn looked relieved that she would not have to explain everything to a different senior officer.

Kathryn excused herself and went out to have preparation of the signature papers completed.

Harriet whispered to Eleanor that she would like to be excused for a moment and Eleanor said that would be fine, now that the negotiations had been concluded.

When she too had departed, Annette smiled at Eleanor and asked her if she would join her for dinner. “I think it’s time for just the two of us,” she grinned at Eleanor.

Eleanor smiled back and said that nothing would please her more.

The other women returned and the formalities were rapidly completed once Harriet and Kathryn had again review the final papers. Then Eleanor and Annette signed on behalf of their organizations.

Kathryn assembled the documents, inserted the two packages into large envelopes and handed one to Eleanor. “That’s your set,” she said. “It’s been a pleasure working with you, Eleanor, and I hope we continue to have the opportunity to see each other as work proceeds.” She added that she was pleased to meet Harriet.

Eleanor responded and thanked them both on behalf of the company, Janet personally, and herself. “You should know,” she added, bahis firmaları “that this is a special project for us and we hope to make it the first of others designed to respond to your needs.”

With that, she and Kathryn stood up first, and then Annette and Harriet rose as well. As they were walking out of the building, accompanied by Kathryn and Annette, Annette spoke quietly to Eleanor and told her she would come by for her at her hotel in the late afternoon. Eleanor said she would be ready.

When Eleanor and Harriet returned to their hotel, Eleanor suggested that they meet in her room for a few minutes to debrief. After they reached Eleanor’s room and sat down in the comfortable chairs there, Eleanor thanked Harriet for her work on the contract.

“My knowing Annette, and Janet’s having worked with her before, did make this easier,” she confided, “but it still needed your careful review and my attention to design detail. Annette has asked me to dine with her tonight which means you’re on your own. Obviously you might see some friends if you have them here; otherwise, take it easy and dine here if you want.”

Harriet thanked her and said she probably would take Eleanor’s advice and chill out.

Eleanor added that she would have joined her for dinner as they were on this trip together but that she had a rather special relationship with Annette that went back some, so this was sort of a command performance for her.

Harriet smiled and said she understood, but that she appreciated Eleanor’s explaining the situation to her. They hugged and Harriet left to return to her room.

Annette came by for Eleanor, who decided to shower and put on a brighter blouse and scarf for the evening. She was pleased that Annette asked her out since their relationship had been on hold since Annette returned to the capital for her promotion.

They walked together from the hotel and Annette opened the door of her impressive dark green auto. Eleanor recognized that it was a classic Alfa Spider. It took a little maneuvering for her to get into the passenger seat but then Annette quickly put it into gear and they were off.

They arrived at a small attractive building—mock Tudor framing—and Annette pressed a button mounted on her dashboard and a garage door opened and she drove slowly into a garage, which had about 20 parking spaces. They parked and Eleanor climbed out of the Alfa and followed Annette to a small elevator. They took this to the lobby of what appeared to be a private club.

“These are a range of the most prominent women in the Republic,” Annette told Eleanor. “This club is a little like the one in your city—the Vic—but I’m embarrassed to say that it’s quite exclusive,” she explained. “One of the justices put me up or I’d never have made it.”

She grinned. “El,” she went on, “I’ve missed you so much. I feel like I just took off and forgot about what we had so quickly come to mean for each other. At least, I hope you felt that way, too.”

“I did,” Eleanor answered, sincerely. “But when I didn’t hear from you for a good while, I started wondering if I was wasting my time.”

“I’m really sorry,” Annette answered. “I came back here and I’ve been immersed in work and just reverted back to my awful old insular self. Maybe it won’t work, El. Maybe I’m too far gone.”

“Nonsense,” Eleanor responded, her face beaming. “You were so kind to me when you could’ve been the most horrible memory I would have had and instead, I leaned on you and you kept me sane and you did everything you could for me. Annette…I really do love you. I’ve been sad because of your leaving but I did still hold out some hope for us.”

Annette’s face brightened. They sat down for dinner and enjoyed a satisfying light repast. Several women waved to Annette as they arrived or departed from the dining room and a few came by to char for a moment. Annette proceeded to introduce Eleanor to them and their eyes lit up when Annette said that Eleanor was the principal creative spirit at Goose Cookers.

“Oh, I just love their clothing” was the general sentiment expressed upon hearing who this pleasant young woman was.

It was then time to depart and Annette escorted Eleanor back to her charming little car and took just a moment to suggest that they head for Annette’s home. Eleanor was waiting to see how this evening turned out so she was definitely along for the ride.

They reached Annette’s building and she opened the garage door with a pad on her dashboard. She parked in a space near the elevator and they rode up to Annette’s place.

Eleanor was impressed that there was a marvelous view of the capital in several directions. After she had enjoyed seeing that and sat down in the front room for a drink with Annette, they both moved to sit next to one another on the sofa. Annette ventured first and took Eleanor in her arms and kissed her long and deep.

Eleanor put her arms around Annette’s sturdy frame and found herself pressing on Annette’s breasts which were encased in a wispy bralette under her crisp kaçak iddaa blouse. They enjoyed being so close to one another for a while and finished their drinks. Then Annette stood and motioned to Eleanor who also rose as Annette led her by the hand into her bedroom.

Annette’s bed was almost as expansive as the massive one Eleanor had found for her bedroom at home. Annette took the lead and slowly unbuttoned Eleanor’s blouse and then unzipped her skirt. For her part, Eleanor was delighted to remove Annette’s blouse and nestled between her boobs feeling her nipples beneath the thin bralette.

They lay back on the bed as Annette slipped out of her skirt. Eleanor took the lead in pulling Annette’s panties down slowly, unveiling her charming auburn bush. For her part, Annette reached down to rub Eleanor’s furrow through her panty crotch and then drew her Goose Cooker undies right down and off.

Eleanor had trimmed her dark pubic hair and felt she was in the best physical shape of her life. Annette whispered to her that she was just the loveliest woman. Then she started to speak slowly and seemed unusually worried: “I was not really clear when you last saw me in the altogether,” she began. “It’s been an easy out to suggest that I’m a hermaphrodite but I’m not.”

She pointed to the large firm extension which Eleanor could see came out of her labia.

“That’s actually my clit,” she said softly. “I’m not joking and yes, it’s true that I can fuck with it. But it’s just a very large, long, thick clit which is very sensitive as clits tend to be and which fools people into thinking it’s a penis.”

“It’s made my life sloppier enough,” she went on, “even though I have grown to cherish it. It is a major part of me. But you need to know that I’m a woman with no alien parts. As you can see, darling, I have all the requisite female parts but I grew up thinking I was a freak. I’m not, really, for better or worse.”

“Let’s get under the covers, love,” Eleanor responded. “I love you for who you are and if you have a giant clit, so much the better. I do feel a lot better that you are a woman through and through, physically as well as in every other way. But you certainly can put that lovely thing into me. I’m getting wetter by the minute here waiting for it.”

She bent so she could lick Annette’s cunt with her tongue and she also laved the whole extent of Annette’s massive clit. That did make it firmer and even larger. Annette responded by savoring Ellie’s pussy and teasing her clit until it got firm and extended.

Then Eleanor slipped up onto Annette and let the senior correctional officer slide her clit into Eleanor’s sopping sex.

“This is indeed a compliment,” Eleanor gushed as she felt Annette’s tool moving in and out of her sloppy cunt, “but darling, you fuck like a woman and I love it.”

The two were entwined and held each other tight while also enjoying the feel of each other’s nicely-sized breasts. “It is so magnificent to have you doing this with me,” Eleanor managed to get out as both felt the tension in their loins grow until they climaxed almost simultaneously, each releasing female cum that made their congress even sloppier.

When they were exhausted and lay next to each other in the warm afterglow of their lovemaking, Annette told Eleanor that she had a special request. Eleanor wondered what this could possibly mean and was slightly fearful.

“I’ve punished so many people as a correctional officer,” Annette declared, “but darling, I so deserve to be disciplined by you. I really walked out on you before the wedding day and left you bereft if not alone. I want you now to take me over your lap and spank me.”

Eleanor knew that this was for real and she told Annette that she loved her and she would do what she requested because of that. She got up and sat on a firm chair, beckoning Annette to lie across her lap with her forefinger.

Annette positioned herself and Eleanor patted her bottom cheeks and put her fingers between Annette’s thighs to signal that she wanted them open. When Annette spread her thighs and her labia also moved apart disclosing her pink-red vagina, Eleanor fingered her and then moved her finger back down the furrow and slipped her wet finger into Annette’s sunken anal crater.

Annette felt warm inside her bottom-hole and Eleanor enjoyed the feeling of control. She then began to spank slowly and increased both the intensity and tempo of the spanks. After she had warmed Annette’s bottom, she reached into her handbag and showed Annette her little marital cane.

“Even though we haven’t officially tied the knot, darling,” Eleanor spoke calmly yet with feeling, “I’m going to use this on your naughty bottom.”

Annette recognized the significance of Eleanor’s choosing to punish her with her marital cane. Until then, Eleanor had used the cane on no one but her husband. Now she drew it back and flicked it on Annette’s bottom cheeks, leaving with each stroke the tell-tale red tramlines that appeared soon after each hit.

Annette spread her legs even wider kaçak bahis now and made it clear to Eleanor that she needed to feel the ultimate punishment of being caned inside her labia. She sensed the satisfaction of knowing that Eleanor was finally able now to expiate the horrible memory of her infibulation, a sentence imposed under Annette’s direct supervision.

She braced herself and felt the little cane strike down the middle of her cunt. Eleanor didn’t want to hit Annette’s massive clit and she didn’t want to injure her either. She just snapped the little cane twice so that it struck between her labia and did elicit two yelps if not screams. Annette, she now realized, was one tough lady.

Now she used all her strength to raise Annette to her feet and hug her tightly as she kissed her deeper than she ever had embraced anyone.

“How will we make this work?” Eleanor asked Annette. “You have this incredible career here where you’re at headquarters and are the main liaison with the Supreme Court. I’m in the other city 100 miles away where I love my work with Goose Cookers. I’m now afraid I’ll end up like Janet, who has a family in another place and gets to see them every few weeks. So even someone as massively competent and well-connected as she is hasn’t really figured out how to make this work.”

Annette apologized again for not trying to stay in touch when she returned to the capital. She then with a slight bit of embarrassment on her face and in her voice said very quietly to Eleanor that she needed to go to the bathroom.

Despite her somewhat unusual sexual status, even if Eleanor now knew that Annette had a large clit rather than a penis, Annette seemed shy about having to tell her lover that she needed to use the toilet. Eleanor smiled and said Annette shouldn’t feel in any way ashamed when she needed to excuse herself to take care of bodily functions.

“I guess you will think I’m a bit pervy,” Eleanor then responded, “but I’d like to come in there with you, if it won’t upset you. I’ll confess that hearing and watching another woman pee turns me on, a lot.”

Annette managed to produce a faint smile as her mind wandered back over her longer life. “I’m also pervy if that’s what this means,” she said in a very flat, unaccented voice that belied her embarrassment at confessing to her own kinks.

“Eleanor, promise you won’t think I’m awful,” she went on, “but I too get an almighty charge out of seeing another woman use the toilet…in all ways.”

Eleanor responded by taking Annette by the hand and they walked slowly to Annette’s well-appointed bathroom. Annette took the lead, rucking up her skirt and pulling down her panties as she sat on the toilet. Then as Eleanor knelt between her spread legs and stared closely at Annette’s dark bush, watched as Annette released her pee stream. She leaned back so that while the stream still went into the bowl, Eleanor could now see it emerge from Annette’s little peehole hidden below her prominent clitoris.

“I do love watching you pee, darling,” Eleanor confided. “Your pee bursts out from below your clit and it’s cool that I can’t see your peehole. And of course, you don’t have a cock since the pee doesn’t come out of that and there’s clearly no hole at its tip.”

Now Annette shed most of her inhibitions and let out a loud long fart. This announced that she was about to have a bowel movement and without being asked by Eleanor, Annette turned round on the toilet seat so Eleanor could watch her anal rosette pooch out and a dark fairly thick piece began to slide out of the little anal opening. Eleanor marveled at how it was solid but slid out quite readily and Annette managed to let it all emerge, some ten inches or so, before it tailed off into a point and dropped into the bowl.

“Wow, sweetie,” Eleanor exclaimed, “that was quite a major doody!”

“I really feel better now,” Annette said. “I cherish the cleaned-out feeling I have when I have made a major shit.”

“Let me wipe you,” Eleanor said, and she took some sheets in a long piece of toilet paper and carefully used it to wipe Annette’s deeply sunken anus. She realized that Annette’s hole did look like one of a woman older than Eleanor but Eleanor was impressed by the ease with which Annette defecated and that her movement came out in one solid piece.

It also came out with relatively little residue so Eleanor only had to wipe twice and then tell Annette that she was now clean as well as cleaned out.

“Do you need to go?” Annette asked her.

“Yes, I need to pee,” Eleanor answered, and Annette promptly rose and offered Eleanor her place on the toilet. Eleanor sat after pulling her panties down. She felt the warmth of the seat that Annette had been sitting on. She too leaned back so that Annette could see her pee stream burst out from her compact vulva and blast into the bowl.

Without being asked, Annette took some toilet paper and carefully wiped Eleanor in front.

“Oh, wow, darling,” Eleanor gushed. “I could get used to you wiping me on the toilet.” This prompted Annette to smile very happily and then get down on her knees between Eleanor’s spread legs and lovingly lick her split until Eleanor felt herself overcome with both love for Annette and then a roaring orgasm.

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