A Very Good Morning

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I’m somewhere in that place halfway between asleep and awake, my eyes still closed, when I feel your body wrap around me from behind. Our legs instinctively entwine as your arm slips around my waist and pulls me in even closer, as if a mere centimetre of space is too much. Your arm relaxes but stays in place while your head finds its natural position on the pillow next to mine. Our breathing falls in sync and a few glorious minutes pass.

Eventually you shift slightly and I feel light kisses land along my jawline.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?” you whisper, your fingertips gently brushing the stray hair from my face.

I barely move but smile lazily, enjoying your soft, breathy voice in my ear and the touch of your skin on mine.

“Time to get up soon” you add with a hint of amusement. I squirm leisurely in your arms, pressing myself against you, goosebumps beginning to cover my body despite the proximity of your warmth.

“Feeling lazy this morning huh?” you ask as your hand slowly glides from my waist, over my hip, sincan escort bayan to my butt where you squeeze gently, making my back arch.

“Mmmm, maybe” I mumble, the grin on my lips growing bigger when I feel your stiffening cock twitch against me.

You laugh and give a playful growl as you nip at my neck, your fingers trailing lightly up my spine before moving to my nipple. Catching it between your thumb and forefinger, you pinch sharply, bringing it to a peak before releasing it and firmly cup my breast. The breath I was taking catches and turns into a soft moan, I can feel the ache starting to grow between my legs and I have to touch you.

I turn to face you and finally open my eyes to meet yours. I scan your face, watching your reactions as I slide one hand into your hair while the other roams slowly down your body, my nails lightly raking your skin. I close my fingers around your shaft, stroking rhythmically, spreading the beads of precum as they leak from the tip. I feel you grow beneath my touch and your breaths eryaman escort become increasingly uneven as you press your lips to my ear and groan

“I need to be inside you.”

Our warm breath mingles in the small space between us before you press your lips to mine, your tongue gently probing, seeking my own. Pulling me against your body, you hook my knee over your hip and slide your stiffness between my wet folds. Slowly rocking your hips, you let the head tease my sensitive clit, and I’m unable to stop my nails from clawing your back or the small whimpers that escape into your mouth as I return your kisses. Tightening your grip on my thigh, you ease yourself into me and we both still for a moment, savouring the sensation of you stretching me.

I begin circling my hips, increasing the friction of your steady thrusts as they massage that spot deep inside me, making me pulse around your shaft. Knowing that I’m close, you slow your pace, keeping me on the edge just a little longer.

“Look at me” you demand softly “I want to watch etimesgut bayan escort you”.

I meet your gaze and you begin driving yourself into me, faster and deeper,

“Now, cum for me” you growl.

My body responds to your command and I let my climax take over, writhing against you, your eyes still holding mine as my moans grow louder, mixing with your low throaty groans. I feel you tense before your own orgasm shudders through you, your final thrusts making sure you release every drop inside me before you slowly relax.

Neither of us move straight away, our sensitive bodies not yet ready to break the connection. Our tangled limbs hold us together as we enjoy the last ripples of intense pleasure before you finally pull out of me, our lustful sounds now replaced with low, sated murmurs. You close your arms around me, one hand bringing my head to your chest. I listen to your racing heartbeat begin to calm while my breathing gradually returns to normal and I smile another one of those lazy smiles as I feel your cum beginning to coat my thighs. Keeping me pressed against you, you roll onto your back, sighing as you lean down to kiss the top of my head. My eyes drift closed and yours soon follow, all thoughts of leaving our comfortable haven now completely forgotten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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