A Valentine of Seduction Ch. 2

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He throws me to the bed, gently, throws my legs over his arms to be sure to spread my pussy wide. He whispers in my ear playfully, “For making me wait and driving me crazy, I’m gonna fuck you good and hard.” I reply just as playfully, “Do your damnedest!”

He takes the tip of his head and strokes my clit with it, and I giggle knowing he’s trying to tease me like I teased him. His planned backfired, it only made him hotter. He slams his pulsing, hard as rock cock home. We both moan with delight. He tells me through clinched teeth, “Ah girl, why did you make me wait so long!? I just know I’m gonna pop! You feel way too good!” Between slams I answered him, “Don’t worry, I know how to get you back, so fuck me hard and fast the way we both like it!”

I throw my head back and arch my back to help meet his powerful thrusts. He’s pumping his hips hard and fast, letting me have it all, every inch he can force in my hot dripping pussy. He works his hips to the right, slamming hard. He works his hips to the left, slamming hard. Then he was swirling and slamming at the same time.

All I can do is make a bunch of animalistic sounds. Sort of like a bitch in heat. He’s slamming me so hard that he is pushing me back on the bed. He grabs my hips and drags me back, grunting, tuzla escort bayanlar “Where… uh, do ya… uh, think… uh, you’re going? Hmmm? Bring that pussy back here, I’m not through with it yet!” All I can do is thrash my head left to right. It feels too good for words.

I begin to buck my hips against his thrusts. The heat is on. There’s sweat dripping off his chest onto my face. Just when I don’t think he can go any faster, like he flipped his turbo switch or something, he’s pounding me double time. I throw my legs off his arms, and firmly plant my feet on the bed. I raise my hips a bit more, and match his frantic rhythm thrust for thrust. I feel his balls begin to slap me on the ass, loving it, I work even harder.

Suddenly he stops, tells me, “Turn over, I wanna ride you from behind, so I can slam that cervix some more. I want your cream to splash back over my dick!” I comply faster than I thought possible, and was knees and elbows in an instant. Without a second of hesitation, he slams his cock home again. I squeal with utter delight.

I take over, and start slamming my ass back against his cock. I’m rocking on my knees and elbows, and tell him, “Knead my ass baby! And spread those cheeks wide!” He does istanbul tuzla escort it and my cunt is wide open to him, and he begins pumping me to my rhythm. “Yes baby yes, take it deeper! Ride me baby! Come on fuck me! Fuck me!” I hear him grunt, and we start pumping harder and faster.

I’m drenched with sweat. I feel it drip down my breasts. He lets go of my ass, and grabs one shoulder, and begins to push and grind. I push back against him to shove that cock as far as it can go. Just I as I do that, he slaps my ass. Smack, once. Smack twice. “Mmmmm sweetie, smack that ass!” He grips my shoulder tighter and smacks that ass five or six times straight. I just about lose my mind, and start pumping against him again.

“Oh yeah baby, work them hips!”, He snarls at me. “Work them pussy lips up and down my cock!” He grabs my other shoulder. “Com’on baby, work it! Com’on faster! Mmmmm, that’s it!” I start to work furiously against his cock. I feel his balls slap the lips of my pussy. I feel him tense, but he fought it back, and I continued to work his cock.

I need to slow this down just a bit before he tenses again, so I get up on just my knees so that all we can do is grind. He reaches around me and grabs my breasts, and starts kartal escort kneading them roughly. I moan, and put my arms around his neck, and my head on his shoulder. He pinches my nipples, and rolls them between his fingers. I moan again.

He slides down my stomach with one hand, down between my legs and slides his middle finger on my clit. He strokes my clit and with his fore and ring fingers presses my lips together. “Yes, baby! Mmmm… that’s it! Feels soooo goooood!” I moan between my lips. He starts stroking faster and faster. Then he takes the tip of his middle finger and tickles my clit. I’m about to scream. I tense and close my legs tighter to get more pressure on my clit, and get a second orgasm.

I relax and turn around, face him and grab his cock. I give it some long hard strokes with my hand, and put his head in my mouth. I can never get over how I taste on him, and how hot it gets me. I stroke him harder and faster, and he moans for me. I feel him tense again, and I look at him and smile. He takes his cock from me, and I lean back on my elbows. He starts wacking his cock while I’m watching and waiting. I begin to coax him on, “Com’on baby! Give it to me. Com’on spray my face with your cum! Oh, baby spray me right between these big ole double d’s.” With a couple more strokes he lets loose. He sprays my face and between my breasts. He collapses across me, and I begin to rub his back and shoulders helping him to relax even further. He whispers in my ear, “I’m still not finished with that pussy yet.” I just giggle and settle back to take a short nap for round three.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32