A Vacation Story Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Sorry this took a while to write. Grad school keeps you busy. Same format as last chapter: two characters, two perspectives. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy.


Becky tried to catch her breath as she leaned against the house. She slowly pulled her hands away from her pussy and breasts and let them fall to her side. Becky was in a haze; she clenched her eyes and shook her head urging her brain to start working again. “I just fantasized about Steve,” she thought, “I just came to Steve…”

She was less perturbed than she expected. She wasn’t disgusted with herself; if anything this was a confirmation. Tonight was a turning point. The image of Steve going down on her flashed through her mind and she smiled slightly. She even felt tempted to touch herself again. But she decided against it, it was late and she needed to be up early tomorrow. She quietly slid the door open and walked through the house to her room. It wasn’t until she got under her covers that she realized she had walked through the house naked. “Oh fuck.” She imagined what would’ve happened if her parents had seen her like that. Or Steve. She could feel herself getting wet again. Almost as if it had a mind of its own, her left hand found it’s way to her pussy again. In her mind a new fantasy was playing out:

She was walking in from outside to the kitchen only to find Steve in his boxers perusing the contents of the fridge. Steve turns his head to Becky.

“Becky, you’re not wearing any clothes!”

“I’m not.”

“What if someone catches you?”

“Well, you’ve caught me. What are you going to do?”

She wished she could speak with that much confidence to Steve. Becky slipped a finger inside her pussy and let the fantasy continue.

She could see from the light of the fridge that Steve was getting erect just from looking at her.

“It looks like your dick has some ideas about what it would like to do. What does it want to do Steve?”

“It wants to fuck you.”

“Then you better let it, Steve.”

Steve walked quickly away from the fridge over to Becky and began kissing her passionately, placing both his hands on her face, holding him to her. Her hands found the small of his lower back and slowly dragged her fingernails over his smooth skin.

Becky was really worked up at this point; she had slipped another finger inside her and was grinding herself against her hand. Her covers had fallen away from her body as it became more involved with fulfilling the fantasy.

Becky’s finger’s continue to claw at Steve and moved down to his waistband, quickly moving inside his boxers, searching for his hard cock until she found it. She wrapped her fingers around it and began desperately pumping it. Steve picked her up, wrapping his one arm around her waist; the other was behind her neck demanding she keep kissing him. He walked them over to the breakfast bar of the kitchen and set her on it. He quickly shed his boxers. Becky spread her legs inviting him in. He lined his cock up with her wet pussy and pushed it inside.

By this point Becky was coming again. She had to stifle the sounds of her pleasure now that she was inside, and the secret nature of her pleasure only made it that much more intense for her. “Oh, Steve,” she moaned quietly as she came down. “Oh my god,” she thought, “I’ve never come that hard in my life…” She lay still for a moment, collecting herself. After a minute or so, she grabbed her covers and brought them up and over her, determined to fall asleep. But also determined that she was going to fuck her brother before their vacation was over.


Steve flushed the toilet and walked slowly to his bed. He sat down. Then he threw himself backward. “Fuck, what the fuck was that!” he thought. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself. “It’s just because I haven’t been with anyone in a while…” he thought, “That’s all.” He wasn’t convincing himself of anything. He felt ashamed of himself.

He lay still for a moment. He could hear the sliding door to outside open and close. “Why did Becky stay out there that long?” he thought. He thought about how amazing she looked in her bikini. “Fucking knock it off!” he told himself.

He heard Becky pad past his door and into her room. The more he thought about what he had just done the more disgusted he was with himself. This was his younger sister; he was supposed to look after her. He’d always been protective of her and now he needed to protect her from him. He realized he couldn’t go hiking with her tomorrow. He’d feign illness and try to figure out a way to coexist with her for the remainder of the trip. He just couldn’t be antisocial to her for the entire hike after the progress they’d made tonight. He resolved he’d tell her tonight; he could just tell her through her door and be done with it. He found his underwear and walked into the hall. He was just about to knock on her door when he heard it.

“Oh, Steve.”

It was so faint he could hardly hear it. At first he wondered if he’d imagined it, but it was definitely his sister’s voice klasbahis güvenilirmi he’d heard. He quickly returned to his room. Had his sister just moaned his name? It was a moan, he was sure of that. What he couldn’t be sure of was whether or not she’d said it in her sleep. He crawled into bed, and tried to fall asleep.

When he awoke the next morning he immediately recalled the previous evenings events. He could hear his family moving around in the kitchen, he looked at the clock next to his bed and saw it was 9:30. “Shit, I’ve overslept. Why didn’t Becky wake me?” But he realized it would help with his illness excuse. He walked out into the hall and towards the kitchen. He had just entered the kitchen when Becky ran up and gave him a hug.

“Finally you’re up! Hurry up and eat your breakfast so we can get going!” Becky seemed so happy. Steve immediately realized he couldn’t tell her no.

“Will do. Sorry I overslept.”

“Oh, don’t worry. So did I. I was pretty worn out by the end of the night.” A devious smile quickly flashed across her face as she said this.

Steve sat down at the table with his Father and spooned some eggs, bacon, and hash browns onto the plate in front of him.

“Morning, Steve.”

“Morning, Dad.”

“What are your plans for today?”

“As soon as I’m done with breakfast Becky and I are walking up to the overlook.”

“Should be fun, be sure you guys are wearing sunscreen.”

“Will do, Dad.”

“Steve, do you want some OJ?” interjected Becky.

“Yeah, sure, thanks!”


Becky walked over to the fridge and pulled out the juice, and her Mom walked up to her.

“Becky, do you remember what I told you and your brother yesterday about the hot tub?”


“Didn’t I tell you two to cover the hot tub when you were done?”

“Oh my gosh I’m sorry, I totally forgot.”

“Just be sure you do the next time you use it.”

“Will do, Mom”

Her mom began to walk away, but stopped and turned back to Becky. She spoke in a much quieter tone and with reluctance, “Also, Becky, why did I find your bikini on the deck?”

“Oh, uh, that—”

“You and your brother weren’t skinny dipping were you?”

“What! No, Mom!” Up to that point they’d both been speaking in hushed tones but Becky had suddenly grown louder. She could see out of the corner of her eye that Steve was more listening to their conversation than the one he was having with their father.

“What’s your explanation then?”

“When Steve and I went in I went to my room and I put on a towel and then I went out again. I put my bikini on the edge of the hot tub to let it dry, it must’ve been blown off by some wind…”

“How’d it get next to the house then?”

“I don’t know! All I know is what happened while I was there!” Becky stormed off.


Steve had heard all of the conversation. So Becky had been naked outside, he realized. And she had — he was pretty sure — masturbated to him. And then there was that hug that was full of sexual tension. Could it be that they were both feeling the same thing?

He finished up his breakfast, went to his room and quickly packed a bag for their hike. As he exited his room he yelled to Becky, “You gonna be ready to go in 5?”

“Yeah! Meet you out front!” Steve swung by the kitchen and grabbed some sunscreen before heading outside. It was a bright day, perfect for walking, not too hot. He began applying the sunscreen to his legs and arms. He was putting sunscreen on his face when Becky came out.

“Oooo, perfect, gimme some,” Becky said, ”you’ll have to help me with my back.”

Steve looked over at his sister as he handed her the sunscreen. She was wearing gray shorts that were quite short and gave her legs plenty of room to move as they hiked. She was also wearing a green tank top and he could tell she was wearing a sports bra underneath. She wore hiking boots to complete the ensemble. She looked quite alluring; Steve’s eyes kept darting around to all the skin she was showing.

“Well, get over here and help me out!” Becky said to Steve. He grabbed the sunscreen and poured some into his hands. He began rubbing his hands over her shoulders and her upper back. He finished and said as much. But Becky responded, “You’re not done, you need to do my lower back too!”

“You’re wearing a shirt you’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, but if it gets hot I want to be able to go down to just my sports bra.”

Steve was surprised by how comfortable his sister had gotten around him. She pulled up her shirt to expose her lower back and Steve repeated the process on her lower back. She was soft and his fingers enjoyed kneading the sunscreen into her skin. He could see the top of her underwear, they were just a simple purple pair but the color looked very nice against her skin.

Steve decided to mess with his sister a tiny bit, and quickly moved his hand from her back to her flat stomach and tickled her. She quickly contracted her body in response to his tickling and ended up klasbahis yeni giriş pressing her ass against his crotch.

“Stoooop, Steve! You know I hate being tickled!”

“Right, but I like tickling! It seems we’re at an impasse.”

She playfully punched his arm, “Alright, dude, lemme get your back!”

“I’m not gonna need it.”

“Steve, it’s gonna get hot, you may want to go shirtless for a bit. So let’s just prepare.”


Steve pulled his shirt off and turned away from his sister.


Becky applied some sunscreen to her hands and began running them over her brothers back. She began by massaging it in to his shoulders before running her hands down his back. At one point she accidentally ran her nails over his back.


“Sorry, didn’t mean to.”

“You done yet?”

“Yep, I just need to get my legs and then we can go.”

Becky deliberately found a place where Steve would be looking for her to apply the sunscreen to her legs. Instead of putting her leg on a chair or log to get to her calves, Becky bent slowly at the hips so that her ass stuck out into the air. She tried to take her time when running her hands over her legs, getting Steve’s attention. She could see that he was eyeing her. She stood up slowly and then added more sunscreen to her hands before applying it to the inside of her thighs. She used her hands to push the bottoms of her shorts upward just a little bit as she ran her hands up the insides of her thighs. She thought this would really make him think about her pussy. She could tell she had her hooks in him.

She set off immediately so that Steve would have a good view of her ass.


Steve looked at his sister’s ass as she set off onto the trail. He found he was at half-mast from the little show his sister had just put on for him. She was definitely doing it on purpose. Most of the hour and a half walk up to the overlook was the two of them walking silently. Steve wanted to start a conversation but found his sister’s body kept distracting him. Each time she would step up he could see the muscles in her legs working. He could see sweat rolling slowly down her neck. Three quarters of the way up to the look out without announcement Becky peeled her tank top off, leaving her just in her sports bra. Steve was going crazy. He’d stopped feeling weird about being attracted to his sister. She clearly wanted Steve to look at her in a sexual way, and so he would.


When they finally got to the overlook Becky was ready to enact the next step of her plan. The view from up there was beautiful. It was a perfect place for the two of them to sit and talk and rest for a while. She sat on one of the rocks.

“Steve, can we talk about something?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“You know how I seemed all stressed out yesterday.”


“Well, yeah. I’m stressed about college because of. Sex.”


“I just feel all this pressure around sex, like I have to be really good at it. And like Rachel has been saying for months now that we have to find people to fuck all summer long so we’ll be amazing when we get to college.”

“Are you…are you a virgin?”

“No. Victor and I had sex a few times, but we always had to be so quiet about it. It was never very comfortable. Like one time we had snuck home early. And we were in the middle of having sex, and then you came home, and you nearly caught us.”

“Oh. I thought you two were studying.”

“No. I was so scared you were gonna see me naked.”

Becky was doing everything she could to make Steve think about her body. She planned on implanting sexual images of her in Steve’s mind until he couldn’t take it anymore and he would have to have her.

“I think you’ll be fine, Beck. Try not to worry about it too much.”

“There is this one guy, back home, maybe you could help me with him.”


“Could you take a picture of me? I want to send some to him.”

“Um sure…”


Becky handed Steve her phone and assumed her first position.


Steve trained the phone towards Becky and snapped the first photo. She looked seductive in her sports bra, sitting on the rock, her legs wide, one hand in her hair the other suggestively near her pussy on her thigh. Steve gulped.

“…How many of each pose do you want?”

“I dunno, snap a few of each. Let me know when you want me to change my pose.”

“You can now.”

Steve watched again as Becky shook her head back and forth letting her hair settle behind her. She was leaning forward jutting her chest out. Steve was getting really turned on. He get feel his dick growing harder and harder in his shorts.

“Next,” he said.

Becky leaned back again dropping her jaw slightly while both her hands went to the straps and pulled them down a bit, revealing more of the top of her breasts.

“Fuck,” thought Steve, “if she keeps this up I’m going to be doing the whole walk back with a boner.”

“You can go to your next klasbahis giriş pose.”

“Okay, close your eyes for a sec. I’ll let you know when you can open them.”

Steve complied.

“Okay, you can open them!”

Steve opened his eyes and found his breath caught in his throat. His sister was facing away from him, looking over her shoulder, holding her breasts. Her sports bra was on the ground.

“Go ahead, take some pictures.”

“Becky, I dunno.”

“Please, Steve. Please!”


His underwear could hardly contain his dick. It was throbbing.

“Alright, next pose.”

“Okay, this is the last one!”

Becky turned toward Steve. She was still holding her breasts but Steve also saw that she had unbuttoned her shorts and they were hanging open revealing her underwear. Steve could feel precum leaking out of his dick.

He quickly handed Becky back her phone, and turned away so she could get dressed.

“Steve, you can look.”

Steve turned around and she was wearing her tank top again, and her shorts were buttoned up. She was shoving the sports bra into her bag.

“It was covered in dust.”

Steve could see her nipples poking through the fabric.

“You ready to head back?” asked Becky.

“Let me just run into the woods and pee and I’ll be ready.”

“Okay. I’ll wait.”

Steve dashed into the woods to find a place to jerk off.


Becky knew her plan was working. She could see the outline of Steve’s dick through his shorts while he had been taking the pictures. She knew he hadn’t run off to pee. He had run off to masturbate.

Once Steve was out of view Becky began heading towards the spot in the woods where he had entered. She entered the trees and walk a bit until she saw Steve leaning with one arm against a tree, the other, she surmised, was working his dick. His shorts were down around his ankles, and she admired his ass.

Becky had planned to make the next move tonight. She hadn’t expected Steve to need to jerk off then and there because of the pictures, though she was flattered. She resolved she would make her move then and there.

“Steve, what are you doing?”


Steve whipped his head around and saw his sister staring at him from 15 yards out. He scrambled to pull up his shorts.

“Jesus Christ, Becky, what’re you doing?”

“There was a noise on the path and it freaked me out so I followed you…Steve were you jerking off?”

Steve didn’t know what to do. He’d resigned himself to thinking of his sister in a sexual way, but he still found it deeply unsettling to be caught masturbating to her, by her.

“Steve, why were you jerking off?”

“Uhhh…fuck. Becky. I’m—I’m really sorry.” He couldn’t bear to look at her.

“Steve, tell me. Why were you jerking off?”

“Fuck…I-uh-I got turned on taking those pictures of you. It’s been a whi-”

“You got turned on by me?”

“Yeah…I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Becky began moving slowly towards Steve, “I forgive you.” Steve felt the blood rushing to his cock again, because as she moved towards him, she began pulling down the straps of her tank top. She moved slowly and deliberately, Steve knew he was being teased. He watched attentively as her breasts slowly came in to view, first the tops, then the nipples, until her entire bosom was revealed to him. His breath became shallow and quick.

“Becky, wh-what’re you doing?”

Becky didn’t reply, she only stepped closer to him. By now she was right in front of him.


Becky took Steve’s hands and placed them on her bare breasts. A jolt of electricity ran through her, making her pussy wet. She kept her hands on his until she felt him give in to his urges and grasp her breasts.

“I want you Steve.”

She reached forward and loosened his shorts letting them fall. She ran her index fingers along the waistband of his underwear. She admired his cock for a moment before locking eyes with Steve.

“Steve. Do you want me?”

“Becky I want you so fucking bad!”

She quickly pulled his underwear down and grasped his cock. She felt powerful.


Steve couldn’t believe what was happening. He leaned against the tree as he continued to knead his sister’s breasts as she pumped his dick. He brushed his thumbs over her nipples. He found himself delighted with his sister’s aroused response. Each time he ran his fingers over her nipples she bit down on her lip a bit and moaned quietly, closing her eyes. He could feel his dick getting harder and harder. Steve’s urges had completely taken over. The critical voice in his head had been silenced by a new voice, a carnal voice. It urged him onward.

He took his hands from her breasts and yanked off his shirt. His hands returned to her body roaming downward to her shorts. He quickly undid the button and they fell to the forest floor. He saw the growing dampness of her underwear and quickly pulled them downward. He reached out and touched her pussy.


Becky was surprised by the elation she felt when Steve touched her. It felt as if she was being touched for the first time. Excitement coursed throughout her body, originating outwards from her center in waves. Each time Steve ran his finger up her slit and onto her clit she was pushed closer and closer to the edge.

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