A Trip to Atlanta

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Checking in for the flight, Diane was nervous. She was used to travel, as a busy professional, but this was very different. Ms. Lauren had been very specific-this long weekend trial was intended to take her out of her usual life, from the start of the trip. Instead of her usual rolling bag and computer bag, Diane carried only a purse with her ID and a new cheap phone, from the local drugstore. Her phone, her computer, all the lifelines of her daily life had been left at home. Even her clothing was all new, purchased at the mall according to instructions from Ms. Lauren.

She had her boarding pass and ID out for security, and felt the agent’s eyes sweep over her. She was wearing a slim tweed skirt, with a blouse and a black knit jacket, and very tall black heels. The belt with the skirt was something Ms. had chosen very specifically, a leather strap with a small intricate buckle. Her stockings were gray thigh-highs, and she could feel the newness of their grip on her thighs. The blouse was a crepe textured cream, rayon not silk, and with no bra under it she kept her arms close to her body. The agent seemed to sense something was off, and gave her another look. Did he notice she wore no bra and no panties? Not possible she hoped, but an exciting and new feeling.

Ms. Lauren had sent her a business class ticket, which meant that instead of being part of the crowd in the back she felt on display in the small front section, on a wide leather seat, trying not to show her lack of undergarments as the flight crew served drinks and food, and seemed to sense something about her, maybe her edge of anticipation. It might also have been the book- Ms. Lauren had joked about it, and instructed her to buy the ’50 Shades” book and to display it as she read it, and to read nothing else, so the flight attendants seemed to be smiling as they noticed her and her look and her embarrassment.

At the airport, she had no luggage to claim, and made her way through the huge airport to the taxi line. Ms. Lauren had given her instructions and an address and told her to pay in cash. She had brought only $100 as instructed, and she watched the meter as the cab wound through what seemed to be all of the Atlanta suburbs, from Peachtree Road to Peachtree Avenue to another Peachtree Road. It was late afternoon when taxi pulled up at the address. She was expecting a wealthy neighborhood and huge houses in deep landscaping, and had to check the address again.

She paid the fare on the meter plus the tip, $67, and got out. As the cab pulled away, she took a deep breath and walked up the drive. The address was on a street full of very average older houses, spaced far apart, like something built 60 years ago. The house was an older style, with fading paint and an uncut lawn. The driveway and the walk were cracked, and the house seemed to be dusty and not used. She followed the curving walk to the front door, with its arched top and small window, and saw it was slightly ajar. There was a real estate ‘For Sale’ sign tucked in the bushes by the door, and she saw the lockbox on the railing.

Diane pushed open the door, and stepped in and closed the door. The late afternoon sunlit slanted through the windows, and she saw this was in fact a vacant house. It had the dusty dry smell of a house not used for a long time, and only bare wood floors which had been recently varnished. She walked to the stairs, with their ornate oak railing, and looked around. There was a living room to one side, and a dining room to the other, and a center hall. On the wall near her was an arrow, made of blue painter’s tape, pointing to the rear of the house. She walked in that direction, with her high heels clacking on the wood floors of the empty house. It led her to the kitchen, with its dusty counters and out of date appliances, and then other arrows led her back to the living room. There was a large dusty mirror over the fireplace, and a note taped to the mantle.

“Stand on the mark and look at the slut.”

Her face felt hot, and she saw an X of blue tape on the floor. When she stood at the mark, she saw her body reflected in the mirror and studied what she saw. An average looking older woman, 44 but feeling younger, with her new jacket and skirt crumpled from a day of travel, and her shoulder length dark brown hair out of place now. She saw the curves of her breasts under the jacket, and the way the tall heels gave shape to her legs. There was another arrow, and she walked toward the dining room.

The empty house echoed with her steps as she saw the room, large and square, with an ornate crystal chandelier dusty with age. Like the other rooms there was no furniture, but she saw another note and a brown paper bag on the floor, and a small video camera on a stand, with a wireless unit.

“Diane: if you got this far, you see that following instructions is your natural role. Turn on the camera and you will see the red light. Go stand on the mark by the window and face the camera. Remove your jacket, then the canlı bahis blouse. Cup and fondle your tits for the camera, then slip your skirt off. Keep the heels and stockings. Stand on the mark, with your back against the window and your arms on the lower curtain rod. Keep your legs apart please. Keep the phone in your hand. Just wait her for me. Ms. L”

Diane looked around, at the deserted house, with the day getting darker outside. She reached to click on the camera, and as the red light blinked went to her mark. She kept her eyes on the lens as she unbuttoned and slipped off the jacket, then the blouse, and cupped her hands under her breasts, sensing their weight. Her thumbs brushed her nipples, hardening in the cool air. She unzipped the skirt and stepped out of it, then leaned back against the large triple window. The sill hit her in the back of the thighs, so her ass was pressed against the cool glass, and her arms found an iron curtain rod across the window at shoulder height.

She noticed a small plastic mirror taped to the wall behind the camera, so she could see her own image now- a naked older woman, in heels and stockings, her arms spread wide, in the dim room. She moved her legs apart enough to show space between them, and waited for her new mistress. There was nothing to do but think now, about her need for this submission, about leaving her old life behind. She was in a dark, vacant house, where no one knew she was, with no money, no resources, and now no clothing. The house was unlocked, anyone might come in. She thought about what drew her to this, about her dreams of serving Ms. Lauren, about her dreams of a dungeon and the feelings, as the room got darker.

She had to blink when the lights came on, the chandelier and the hall lamp blazing with light now, and everything in the house visible through the windows from outside. She held her spot, doing as she was told. Her legs were tired and her arms were aching when the phone buzzed with a call.


Diane looked at the phone buzzing and chiming in her hand. The display showed the one number she had been told to put in memory” “MS L”.

“Hello Slut. I’ve been watching the video online, you really are good at following instructions. I’m saving this video to post online later, as part of my mistress blog. I love that dribble of wetness down your thigh as you stand there so exposed. Say ‘thank you’, Diane.”

She held the phone closer, still looking into the camera. “T-thank you Mistress.”

“This is a very good start for your long weekend Slut. Someone will pick you up soon and bring you here, do what they tell you.”

She hung up, and there was silence in the brightly lit room. Diane held her position, against the window, staring into the camera and the mirror. She heard the slam of a car door soon after and the sound of voices and a clatter of shoes in the entry hall.

She heard young women’s voices, and their playful chatter that stopped as they came into the dining room and saw her framed in the window, arms and legs wide. There were three of them, dressed in casual jeans and shirts, all in the same modern young fashion. “Oh my God, look at her; Lauren was telling us the truth about the new slut.” The tallest girl opened the small bag she carried, and took out a leash and collar and a role of tape.

They left the camera running as they turned her to face the window, and she felt her wrists taped behind her. She felt their hands all over her, as they freely explored her body and laughed at her for allowing this. The leather collar was buckled around her neck, and she felt the cold chain leash on her chest. One led her to the door with the leash, as another gathered up her clothing, only to rip it to pieces and put it into a trash bag. She was led naked in her heels and stockings out into the cool evening air, and out to the street. Before shutting down the video camera, the third girl used it to take close-ups of her picture ID driver’s license from her purse.

Diane was naked on the leash, as they opened the back of a large SUV and she saw the oversized dog cage in back, with a rough blanket inside. The younger women laughed as they cupped her breasts and slapped her body, under the video lights, and then pushed her up and into the cage to lie on her side. The drive was through more suburban streets, where her body in the cage would be visible to anyone close to the car.

When they entered a long drive, after a half hour on the road, Diane had lost all sense of where she was. She saw the gates of a large house, and a dense garden, then the front of the house. They led her out of the cage on her leash, as her knees and legs ached, then cut the tape off her wrists. Before they led her to the door, one used a bottle of skin lotion and rubbed it all over her, so that Diane had to feel a woman’s hands all over her skin, between her legs and over her breasts, making the point that she was not an independent person anymore but something else now.

The girl bahis siteleri led her to a large green door, and tapped the ornate knocker. When it swung open, Diane met her mistress for the first time- naked in heels and stockings, in collar and leash, arriving with nothing else. She looked up. “Hello Ms. Lauren.”


Diane was standing on the porch, naked except for stockings and heels, as Ms Lauren opened the door and laughed at the sight of her.

“So, it’s nice to meet the woman I had chatted with, that intelligent, professional, articulate woman who could discuss the theory of submission and the desire to lose control. Would that be you, Slut? Naked and leashed here?”

She took the leash from the girl and led Diane quickly into the house. Diane stumbled and tried to keep up, until they stopped in the library, lined with books. As her leash was tugged, Diane stepped up onto two low wooden boxes sitting on the Oriental rug, which left her with her legs spread wide apart. As the girl with the video camera circled her and kept recording the scene, Ms. Lauren dropped the leash and began to examine her new toy.

Diane held still, as the woman’s hands lifted and pulled her hair, opened her mouth, explored her face, and then slid down her body to cup and lift her breasts and pull at her nipples. Ms. Lauren slapped her flank, and cupped her ass and her sex, feeling her thighs and down to her toes. Diane saw the point now- she no longer had any personal space. Ms. Lauren reached to trace Diane’s labia, then explore inside and finger her clit roughly, watching her eyes the whole time, and feeling her body respond with wetness.

“You are made for this I can see-you need to be just a sexual animal and yet it humiliates you, to have these feelings. Is that right?”

“Yes Ms.” Diane had nothing left to say, and was beyond blushing now.

Ms. Lauren handed her a piece of fabric, something small and folded. “Diane, from now on you will be Slut 2, my trainee house servant and toy. We’ll see if you can handle what you say you want and need so much. You will do everything you are told to, and your reward will just be my attention. If you bore me, I will send you home just as you are. We don’t have much time this weekend, you said you wanted to serve me, so you have a lot to do tomorrow and the next two days.” She handed her a folded package from the side table.

“This is your uniform, every good servant has one. Slip this on now, keep the shoes and stockings.”

Diane took the small bundle, and found how little there was. She shook it out, trying to understand, and realized- it was a sling bikini, like something a dancer might wear, a single thin band of hot pink fabric to barely cover her breasts and run between her legs. Her hard nipples and untrimmed pussy were barely covered. She fumbled and put it on, seeing herself in the big mirror over the fire place as the video camera rolled. She was a woman in her forties, displayed as a sexual object in something only a young girl could wear well.

“So, you have an early day tomorrow, dressed like this; hand wash all the dishes in the kitchen, then do the heavy cleaning, the four bathrooms, and make the beds, then you can weed the flower bed and clean up outside before the party. Before you put on the party outfit, you will need to bathe and groom the three other girls, and help them dress. At the party, you will be serving drinks and yourself, too, and if you are really good I might allow you to have an orgasm, but don’t count on it.”


Diane woke with a start, someone was shaking her shoulder. As she became conscious, she saw it was still before dawn, and the hand on her shoulder belonged to the tall girl from the day before, who had led her on the leash. The young woman was wearing a rumpled white cotton nightgown and was frowning at her. Diane realized she was naked now, but still with her collar, sleeping on a mat on the floor under a very rough blanket. It was cold in the house this early in the morning, and the girl looked very annoyed.

“Slut 2, get up and get going, you have a lot of work today, Cinderella.”

Diane rolled to her knees, with her older body creaking, and started to get up. The girl grabbed her hair, to keep her on her knees, and stepped closer to her. Pulling Diane’s hair harder, she lifted up the hem of her nightgown and pushed Diane’s face to her mound. Her body was warm under the gown, with a musky early morning aroma, as she rubbed herself on Diane’s face.

“Show me what you are good for Slut 2, eat me now, quickly.” She pulled the hair again, harder. Diane’s tongue stroked her smooth shaven mound, and found the wet labia becoming thicker. She gave herself to the task, licking deeply, her tongue fluttering and swirling, circling and sweeping, tasting her honey and licking the hardening clit. With her hands at her sides, she sucked and licked, trying to learn the feeling of this young woman, arousing her and feeling her pressing harder to her. When she felt bahis şirketleri the shudder, Diane tasted a release of juices and sucked harder on the ridge of her clit.

The woman sighed, and let go of her hair and stepped away, with Diane seeing her long bare legs and shaved body as her gown fell back down. She said nothing, and waited as Diane found her feet and walked with her body creaking to follow her to the tiled bath down the hall. They were in the attic of the large house, under the sloping roof, and the large bath had a shower and a toilet without a seat, but no door.

“Stop there, Slut 2, I need to trim you, spread your legs.” She stood on the black and white tiled floor, as the woman took down electric clippers from the shelf and moved closer. At age 44, Diane’s mound was fluffy with womanly hair, which she had trimmed and shaped not long ago. The woman used the buzzing clippers to shear her, roughly trimming her bare but leaving a visible and itchy stubble, with the cut hairs piling on the floor.

“The rule here is that sluts have nothing to hide, you need to be kept bare, but you are not allowed to have the smooth, sexy shaved look of a young woman- just an older slut with a servant’s look. Use the toilet now.”

Diane saw that the girl was waiting and watching as she sat on the toilet and used it urgently. She turned to look for paper, and found none, but the girl handed her a small square of fabric; as she took it she saw it was a scrap from the clothing she had worn yesterday, which had been torn up- a part of the designer blouse she had shopped for so carefully.

“No need for a shower, slut, you can do that before the party. Get dressed now, let’s go.” She handed Diane the pink sling bikini from last night, and watched as she pulled it on, with a string behind her neck to hold up the two fabric strips, and another around her waist with the sling attached in the back. Her heels were there, the expensive ones with the red soles which she had worn to impress Ms. Lauren were scuffed now, and she slipped them on. As the girl led her downstairs, she realized her face was still covered in the girl’s juices, and she was tasting the musky honey flavor still on her lips.

When they walked into the kitchen downstairs, with its elaborate cabinets and appliances, she saw that Ms. Lauren and the other younger women were at the table, finishing breakfast and laughing as they chatted. All of them were dressed in casual wear, looking like an upscale catalog photo about a country inn. Diane’s heels clattered on the wood floor, and the height of her heels made her walk with swaying hips and breasts moving under the thin sling.

Ms. Lauren looked up, with a wide smile. “Slut 2, all ready for Day 1 of your new life, I see? On display, and already used once today I think. You must be hungry now.” She pointed to the floor, and the large steel dog dish labeled “slut”, as she took her plate and the others and scraped the leftover scraps of food into the bowl. She used a silver fork to stir the mixture of eggs, toast, fruit and cereal , then added some coffee and looked at Diane. “Hurry and eat, then you can start on the dishes here and clean up the kitchen; we’ve left you the dishes from yesterday too.”

Diane saw the four women watching, as she knelt on the floor and put her face down into the bowl to slurp the food up. Her breasts hung loose under the sling, and her ass was exposed as she ate and thought about how far she had come down, and how far she might still have to go.


After two hours of washing dishes, her hands were red and chapped and her legs ached from standing on the hard floor in her high heels. She was constantly aware of her loose breasts moving under the thin halter sling, and her body mostly exposed. As she dried the last of the dishes, the tall girl came in and walked up to her, cupping her exposed ass and then smacking it with a laugh. “No more boring office work for you, are you enjoying life as a servant yet? You need to clean the floor now, but the mop has disappeared, so you can do it on your knees with this brush.” She handed Diane the bucket and scrub brush, and stayed to watch with a smile as she went to her knees and began in the corner, with her breasts hanging loose under the outfit and her shoes scraping the floor.

With the floor wet and shining, she moved on to the cleaning, from room to room, doing the bathrooms and bedrooms, working hard with her hair flying and sweat on her face. As she moved around the large house, she was the only one dressed in this kind of exposed costume, and when the casually dressed young women and Ms. Lauren happened to meet her in the hall they laughed and smiled, often fondling her as they moved on. When the tall girl found her later and clipped the leash to her collar, she was led out onto the lawn where the landscaping crew was cutting and trimming with a racket. The four men in work clothes looked at her and laughed to each other, as they saw her almost naked in her wildly pink outfit. The girl led her to the flower bed along the lawn, and handed her a basket. Diane sighed and squatted low, hand weeding the bed and tossing the leaves in the basket, as the girl held the slack chain leash.

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