A Timeless Place Ch. 01

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This is the sequel to Bigrig. I do hope you enjoy the novel that is being created to hopefully appease the following I have humbly received. I am so very thankful for each and every one of you.

Please remember that every author on this site is driven by your votes and comments. I am no different and would appreciate very much if you would vote and comment on this chapter and each one that follows.

Disclaimer: This is erotic material. All of the characters, events and situations in this chapter and those to follow are fictional. It is also filled with gay male situations. If this is not your forte, please close this window and search for something more to your liking. Thank you…

That evening they sat in the motel room. Jonathan stared off into space thinking. Just thinking. He had been much too quiet since the meeting with the lawyer that morning and everyone was beginning to become concerned.

“I wanna go out, Bruce.” He finally stated to the man. “I wanna drink. And I wanna dance.” He stood looking at him seriously.

Bruce coiled a bit, wondering where this came from and where it was going. “Are we celebrating something?” He asked then.

“Yes…” Jonathan went to his luggage, throwing one of his suitcases on the bed opening it. “I am free.” He stated to begin with. “I am free. And I am rich.” He grinned then. “And I want to party down…” He slowly moved his hips side to side, bending his knees in a dance like manner.

Tony threw his head back laughing boisterously. The rest of them followed suit.

“But you can’t drink, babe.” Bruce suddenly realized. “Yer not old enough.” He added almost sadly.

“I can at my uncle’s club.” Jonathan glanced at him determined not to be brought down. “I used to drink there all the time. No one will tell me I can’t either.”

“Is that so?” Bruce stood then.

“I meant at my uncle’s club.” Jonathan reiterated.

“That club is now yours, child.” Peter knew the one he was talking about having accompanied him, Mr. Bowman and Tony to that very establishment many times. Every Tuesday, as a matter of fact. “Today is Tuesday, is it not?” Peter added thoughtfully.

“Yes, why?” Greg asked.

Jonathan suddenly gasped. “It’s Retro Night!” He became excited suddenly.

“What’s Retro Night?” Greg asked.

“70’s and 80’s music night.” Tony recalled, perking himself. “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.” He rushed to his suitcase pulling out something a little dressy but comfortable to put on. “Race ya to the shower, kid.”

Jonathan giggled running toward the large spacious bathroom with Tony hot on his heels.

“Well, I guess we’re going out.” Bruce chimed with a grin. “It’s good to see him smile again, though.”

“You know he wants to get drunk, Bruce.” Greg fussed now.

“So, we’ll let ‘im. He could use the distraction and some fun.” The man stated in finality. “And if it becomes a habit?” The man questioned.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Bruce went to his suitcase tossing it onto the bed. “You know you need to stop while yer ahead, Greg. I am not gonna let him do that and you know it.”

“One night will not harm him, doctor.” Peter agreed with Bruce.

“Okay.” Greg sighed long. “Well, if he gets home and you start finding a lot of empty bottles in your bar, you know what I’m going to say.”


They arrived at the large building that was lit up with neon signs, flashing colors out onto the street vividly. The building across the way would intermittently be splayed with splashing colors of the sign. A long line of patrons waited outside the door to get in. They were all a range of assorted folk from all walks of life. They all stood around talking to their dates, some talking to the person before or behind them.

The driver stepped out, opening the door of the limo. Jonathan stepped out first in a tight pair jeans and a black silk shirt that hung free midway of his thighs. A comfortable pair of loafers on his feet, he knew he would be able to strut his stuff on the dance floor with them. A gold hoop hung from his ear.

Now, just before turning nineteen, Jonathan was a pretty little man. Thin, his body was beginning to fill out from a well balanced diet, but he was still a frail one whose life had erupted in a chain of events that had changed his life forever. His inky black hair, when left free to hang, would fall just past his bottom, now. A thin oval face with dark eyes, brows and lashes that he often used to stir the hearts of those around him. Rich full kissable lips that were very lovely and attractive, were often the source of much pleasure to the men he accompanied. All except for Peter of course.

Bruce was next coming out of the limo with a black pair of jeans and a white button down Oxford shirt with a string tie. A pair of boots graced his feet. He had tied his long sandy straight hair back in a long ponytail at the base of his head. His face was long, thin with shapely eyebrows. Light blue were the eyes, his nose was straight and bahis firmaları thin. The lips full curvaceous kissable lips.

The man had noticeable power and strength all throughout his body, as well as in his neck, shoulders and arms. He wasn’t overly built. However, anyone could see he worked out somehow and had built his strength. The man’s waist was very trim. His thighs were firm and strong. It seemed he had not an ounce of fat on him anywhere. He almost was an intimidating man when he was undressed. It couldn’t be helped but to wonder what he had hidden underneath the clothing he had on.

Greg stepped out behind him with Tony and Peter right after him. The three of them were dressed to kill. The doctor was wearing a white shirt with navy blue stripes and a pair of charcoal gray slacks. The tie he wore matched the color of the stripes in his shirt with a gold caduceus tie clip that was given to him as a gift from Bruce.

He is a very handsome man with dark hair that barely wisped over his outer ears and down the back of his neck. A lovely set of hazel eyes would often show with so much care and compassion. Of course, Greg was one of the most compassionate people that Jonathan or any of the other three men had ever known. His lovely face would reflect it so readily and involuntarily.

He is healthy, but slender. Having begun to workout with Tony lately, everyone was beginning to notice a bit more definition to his build. It was most becoming and they often encouraged him to continue his new venture.

Then Peter joined them adjusting his jacket as he stood there. Straightening the cuff of his sleeve, he glanced at his Piatek watch. He wore his hair down as was his preference most of the time. A pairs of shades with a blue tint matched the pale blue tie he had on.

Bruce would often find himself mesmerized by Peter’s eyes, as did many that would happen to look into them. The light crystalline blue of them was very distracting to him at any time he gazed into them. They appeared almost transparent. The shade of blue was so pale and transcendent. He literally felt a deep love from this angelic appearing being.

The tall blonde was most cut in build and very healthy. His long hair fell around his shoulders as he moved, shrouding his arms and chest a bit. When the man spoke, Bruce would often suddenly recoil at the sound of his baritone voice and the thick accent in which he rolled his ‘R’s’. He was completely taken with Peter and only waited for the opportunity to present itself that he would approach him with his desires and longing.

Tony was all in black with a white shirt that set off his dark skin tone perfectly. The first three buttons were undone to allow for a good view of his smooth chest. It opened to a paisley vest that was added just for contrast. His neck was graced with a gold chain from which a tiny pair of gold handcuffs dangled. It reminded Jonathan of the night Tony handcuffed him to the steering wheel of the rig. His shades were black and mirrored everything that reflected upon them. His hair was dark and long and tied back with several black elastics at even intervals down his back.

He was tall… the eyes were large dark mysterious almonds, surrounded by thick dark lashes and thick trimmed eyebrows. His nose was average and rounded. The lips full and turned up in a wicked grin at the moment. The man’s jaw seemed squared. His chin curved gently. The cheeks were high suggesting he might be of foreign origin. His skin was darkly tanned, smooth and unblemished… His shoulders broad and strong… The arms and chest seemed to be sculpted with muscles. His waist was trim. Powerful thighs and legs flexed and constricted at he moved.

Jonathan turned looking at the four men that accompanied him. “Oh, my god! You guys look good enough to eat!” He exclaimed cheerfully.

“You’re gonna turn some heads yerself, kid.” Tony grinned lasciviously at him.

“Let ’em drool.” He giggled, then turned, leading the guys up the steps.

They were met by a menacing looking brute of a man who recognized Jonathan, Tony and Peter right away. He smiled as Jonathan stepped right up to him.

“Hello, Mr. Bowman! How are you this evening?” He grinned at Jonathan cheerfully.

“I’m fine, Rick.” Jonathan grimaced at hearing that name again.

“Is this your party, sir?” The tall muscular hulking man asked.

“Yes, you remember Tony and Peter don’t you?” The young man turned, motioning to them as he said their names.

“Oh yes, sir. And I see you’ve brought some new friends.”

“Yes, I did. Is my table available?”

“Sir, it’s always available for you.” He stepped aside opening the heavy door for them, allowing them to pass ahead of everyone that waited in line.

As soon as the door came open, the reverberation of explosive music blasted its way into their faces, under their feet, into their ears. The floor beneath them seemed to throb with the beat of a favorite Journey song of the 80’s.

Colored lights kaçak iddaa danced over the walls, floor, and the crowds of people that had assembled in a sort of native ritual on the dance floor ahead. Strobes where flashing. The music was being mixed and extended. There were small round high tables bolted to the floor on the right and left sides of the huge elevated dance floor/stage. Three to four people were gathered around each talking and enjoying their poisons of choice. Many larger square and round tables were dispersed throughout the entire immense establishment. However, there such a crowd there that one couldn’t really tell who was sitting at them.

Peter and Tony moved up close to Bruce and Greg seeming to help lead them along in the direction Jonathan was headed. Those familiar with them and their faces, moved aside allowing them to pass unhindered. Others were politely asked to step aside and moved quickly.

“Mr. Bowman!” Someone called out over the music rushing toward them hurriedly. “It’s so good to see you again! Right this way, Sir,” The tall topless waiter led them, making it easier to get to their table that was in the furthest corner of the room to the right of the entrance. It was situated just below the D.J’s cage. The waiter assisted in seating the owner in the large comfortable high backed chair that Jonathan’s uncle once occupied. “What can I get you and your party tonight, Sir?”

Right away the table was converged upon by two of Jim’s bodyguards. They took their stances at either side of Jonathan’s chair. Peter and Tony greeted them cheerfully knowing them well. They talked for a moment, as Bruce and Greg took their seats.

Bruce eyed the help in the establishment. He gave a very approving expression, as he watched topless waiters and waitresses alike float around the place taking orders. The same was true of the three topless bartenders that were working furiously at the expansive counter across the way. All of them were wearing the black bowties and white cuffs. It seemed to him that this was a place that anyone and everyone could enjoy no matter their preference.

“Bruce!” Tony called to him when Jonathan couldn’t get his attention. The man’s head abruptly swung around in the direction the voice came from. “Whatchya wanna drink, man?”

“Vodka Collins, babe.” He called back to him. His eyes went to the waiter that had now crouched beside Jonathan’s chair, using the arm of the chair to write the order on a pad while he talked to the young man.

He was a very man pretty kind of guy with a very well cut body. Short blonde hair was spiked at the top. Lovely hazel eyes seemed to contrast his deep rich tan. The dark beds of his nipples were pierced and barbells protruded from each side of them. The black pants he wore hugged his trim waist and hips when he stood again. He watched as Jonathan grasped his forearm and the man leaned down to hear what he had to say. With a nod he hurried off in the direction of the overly crowded bar across the room.

“Jonathan!” He leaned toward him, calling over the new song that began to play by Foreigner.

The youth leaned to him on his arms on the table. “This place is nice, kid,” He expressed with some excitement.

“Really? You like it?” Jonathan seemed surprised that he would approve.

“Hell, I’d come back,” He chuckled though he was serious.

“I guess so, it’s ours,” Jonathan reminded him.

“Well, I like our imagination then, kid,” He jested.

Jonathan laughed. “Me too,” His eyes lifted to see a well dressed David approaching in a nice suit and tie. He ran his fingers through his short brown hair, as he rushed toward the table pressing through the crowd of people to get to it.

Jonathan leaned back in his chair studying the man, as he had seen his uncle do a million times. And now he understood why. Now that he owned the place, he would have to read the manager just as Jim had done. It seemed he was a bit unsettled and perplexed about something. What, Jonathan had no idea.

“Mr. Bowman…” He reached a hand to Jonathan, as he finally got to the table.

“Jonathan, Dave, please,” The young man stood taking his hand.

“Okay, Jonathan. How are you? And I’m so sorry about your loss.”

The young man grimaced at him seriously. “Get off it, Dave. You know better.”

“Okay…” He sighed heavily. “Did you wanna come up to the office for a minute?”

“Yes, I did,” Jonathan smiled faintly at him, curious about his demeanor.

“Okay…” The man turned beginning to lead Jonathan toward the bar.

“I’ll be back…” The youth leaned over Bruce saying, as he started by.

Bruce nodded watching him follow the manager past the bar and up a set of stairs. They disappeared into a room high above everything with a large two-way mirror.

Jonathan remembered this office so very well. It was where he had come to hide from Jim too often. From the door the desk was to the left. It was cluttered with past due work that David had been listless about kaçak bahis completing. In the center of the room in front of the desk were two overstuffed high back leather chairs. Between them was a small table. Off to the right were the stairs that led down to the dance floor/stage and the large ceiling to floor two-way mirror.

“You want some candy?” Dave pulled out a drawer on the side of his desk retrieving a black glass tray. On it were two lines of powder already cut and five joints.

Jonathan approached eyeing the tray discriminately. “Are those laced?” He pointed to the home rolled cigarettes.

“Yeah.” The man looked at him oddly then.

It seemed as if the young man was undecided as to what he wanted at the moment. “I…I think I’ll just pass,” He looked into the man’s eyes. It was hard enough for him to get clean after he ran from his uncle and the stuff wasn’t readily available to him. He didn’t want the habit again.

“Sure…” He sat, replacing the tray in the drawer.

Jonathan went to one of the chairs sitting.

“Did you wanna drink, while you wait?” The manager looked up a little confused about Jonathan’s inhibitions. They had always shared a nice joint at least once each nigh the youth’s uncle brought him there.

“Yes…” Jonathan parked crossing a thigh over the other.

David stood going to a large window to his right. Sliding the glass back he called to the man on the other side. “Hey, Aaron. Make Jonathan a drink, would you?” He asked politely, then went back the desk sitting again.

“What’s goin’ on, Dave?” Jonathan asked then.

“Not much. What you see is what you get.” He looked up smiling, half laughing.

“I mean…” Jonathan leaned forward a bit then.

David almost froze. Jonathan was acting almost exactly like his uncle at that very moment. It was such an uncanny resemblance that his breath was just before being taken away. It made him wonder if the kid he once knew, who had been so lovable and caring, would turn out to be just like him. He almost shuddered at the thought.

Jonathan leaned back in the chair, halting his statement, as he saw the emotions flash across the man’s face. Looking down, he took note of himself, knowing David had feared Jim terribly, and with good reason.

“Is everything okay, Dave?” He asked returning to himself again.

“Oh, yeah!” the man perked then. “Just nervous, I guess. With all the changes comin’, just wonderin’ what was gonna happen, is all.”

“Not much change is comin’, Dave. Just relax. It’ll be alright,” He smiled gently at the man.

They heard the sliding window open and close. The manager turned to see the drink there on the shelf like sill. Going to it, he retrieved it bringing it to Jonathan.

“Thanks, Dave. Have a seat with me. Let’s talk for a minute,” That old smooth personification returned again.

Sighing heavily, Dave moved to the chair beside the youth, where he sat.

“Jonathan, I know it’s none of my business, but you’re really startin’ to worry me. You and I go way back when you were just a pup. Not that yer that much older, but damn yer startin’ to act just like yer uncle. Don’t… It just don’t become you, kid,” He parked in the chair. Draping both arms over one arm of the chair nearest Jonathan, he leaned toward him.

Jonathan sat staring straight ahead. It seemed he hadn’t heard a word the man had said. David hesitantly mused, as to what he could be thinking at the moment.

“I don’t mean to do that, Dave. Sorry…” Jonathan stated seeming to come back to reality again. He looked down obviously deep in his own little world.

“It’s just botherin’ me that yer doin’ that. And I know you don’t want that.” He carefully scrutinized the young man, feeling he was a little more bereaved than he had initially let on.

“No, I don’t. I never wanna be like him!” He stated strongly.

Dave coiled only a little at the growl that escaped the young man as he had said it. It wasn’t like Jonathan to act this way at all. He could see the youth had undergone some good changes since he had left. But he relaxed as quickly as he responded.

“I thought as much. You just be yerself, kid. Yer such a nice boy. It would be a shame to lose that.” David advised.

Jonathan nodded. He appeared to be caught up in a swirl of contemplation.

“Are Peter and Tony gonna stick around and keep me in line? Or are you stayin’? What’s gonna happen now?” David asked, watching Jonathan turn his face to him obviously thinking on it.

“I don’t know right now. I have to talk to my family. See what they say.” He listlessly lifted a hand letting it drop to the arm of the chair again.

“Oh, those other guys are family?” David asked giving an approving expression.

“As are Peter and Tony.” Jonathan informed him with a grin. “I love them all, Dave. They really are the best.” His voice broke as emotion overwhelmed him.

“Good, Jon. You need someone to take good care of you.” He smiled seeming to perk about the idea. “I hope you don’t close the place, Jon. That would be a big mistake, I think.” David advised. He had heard the choking back of emotion in his voice, but ignored it, not wanting to upset the young man further.

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