A Thorough Rectal Probe

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Julie was having trouble coming up with tuition for the semester. She was only a sophomore and, after this one, there were two more years of tuition payments that would still be due. She knew she’d have to fend for herself and was already holding down two part time jobs. And still, she was always running short. Then she’d gone to the student health clinic in the medical school building and saw a notice on the bulletin board that caught her eye. This notice offered exceptionally good money for paid subjects. Women only were sought, and they were sought specifically to participate as subjects for an instructional workshop on the “anal and rectal examination of the female patient.” That intrigued Julie. She was never a particularly modest one, and, if anything, was a bit of an exhibitionist. So she didn’t mind exposing herself like this to doctors and nurses in such a setting. Plus, she had a little bit of a penchant herself for anal exploration. So she signed a consent form and made an appointment.

Julie was waiting in the examining room when a female physician, clearly a very chic and svelte and attractive woman in her mid 30s, despite her doctor’s whites, walked in followed by three young student nurses. Julie was told by the physician that the student nurses were here for the workshop and Julie was a little surprised that there would be four women examining her like this, though she should’ve known. It had been, after all, posted as an instructional workshop. The physician looked at the consent form and reminded Julie she had agreed, as a paid subject, to be freely examined in whatever mode the examiner chose. And so Julie realized fully now that she was contracted to submit to all possible procedures.

Julie was told to undress. Despite thinking herself uninhibited, she now blushed as she stood there naked in front of the four medical personnel. The doctor explained to the student nurses that this would be an all?day workshop and by the end they will have gained a thorough sense of how to examine a female patient anally and rectally. First Julie was told to bend over and hold herself open. The nurses came close as the doctor pointed to Julie’s anus.

“This is our focus, today,” she told them, “this unassuming sphincter is the entryway to the hidden depths we will examine and explore over the next several hours.”

As Julie was told to reach back and hold herself open, the nurses come close to peer, the doctor remarking that hers was a particularly nicely formed anal sphincter and perfectly normal. Dr. Smith then explained what the nurses well knew, that an enema was always a prelude to a rectal examination. Now they would be shown and allowed to use a variety of enema equipment. In the process, Julie was told, she would be thoroughly flushed out. The nurses gathered around the equipment cabinet as Julie, too, gazed, her curiosity aroused. They were shown the standard enema kit of expanding rubber bag and hose, with a variety of rectal nozzles. Then displayed for them was the more commonly used rubber bulb syringe, a rather large one. And finally something more widely used in Europe, a syringe which appears like a freakishly oversized version of an ordinary injectable syringe, the chamber holding a capacity of a liter of fluid, and the “needle” a thin plastic tube which is inserted into the rectum, the contents then forcibly injected with a plunger.

Julie was then prepared to be given a series of large capacity enemas with all of this equipment as Dr. Smith instructed the nurses how to proceed. She had one of the nurses don a rubber glove and thoroughly lubricate Julie’s anus. Then she had Julie assume a position on the examining table where she was up on elbows and knees, buttocks raised high.

Julie heard Dr. Smith tell the student nurses that various solutions are used when administering enemas, but since they would be administering several today to Julie as part of the workshop, they would limit the enemas to plain warm water. The doctor had one of the nurses fill a bag to capacity with approximately 2 quarts of water and had her attach a large nozzle to the end of the hose. Dr. Smith took hold of the nozzle and slid it into Julie’s anus and up bahis firmaları into her rectum, then released the clamp which until then held back the flow. Julie groaned in surprise as she felt the enema rush into her rectal depths. She did her best to endure, taking the first quart, and some of the second, then turned to Dr. Smith with a somewhat agonized look on her face, complaining that she felt cramps, and was unsure how much more she could take. Dr. Smith then reminded Julie of the contractual nature of the consent form which she had signed, while explaining to the nurses how such discomfort may be relieved by the gentle massaging of the belly as it bloats and swells and, also, by clitoral stimulation. One student-nurse then proceeded to rub Julie’s belly while a second massaged her clitoris. Remarkably, Julie’s complaints ceased and she seemed much better able now to take her first enema to completion. When the bag was finally emptied of its contents one of the nurses withdrew the nozzle.

Dr Smith now explained to the student?nurses that for an enema to be most effective it must be retained for a period of time. She informed that them this was best done by using a device more likely to be found in a sex toy store than at a medical equipment house, a rectal plug, or what was more commonly known as a “buttplug”. She took one from an equipment cabinet, lubricated it, and the inserted it into Julie’s anus, plugging up her rectum and the fluid it contained. Julie winced and groaned now that she was so forced to retain her enema. After a period of time Dr. Smith told Julie to stand. She stood on shaky legs, clutching her swollen, rounded stomach. The doctor had one of the nurses pull out the plug as Julie’s eyes scanned desperately for a bathroom.

“Where should I go?” she asked breathlessly, biting her lip, clutching her stomach,

Dr. Smith explained that the only toilet was the one plainly visible in the corner of the examining room, that the four of them were medical professionals and Julie need not feel any embarrassment relieving herself and expelling her enema in front of them. Nonetheless, she blushed in excruciating embarrassment as she emptied the contents of her rectum in full view of her examiners, the two-quart enema cascading from her noisily as she sat on the toilet, covering her face..

Then the process was repeated several more times using the other enema equipment as Julie now assumed several successive positions: on her side, knees up to her chest; standing and bending over, hands on her knees; on her back, legs jackknifed, ankles in stirrups. All three nurses were given the opportunity to use bag and nozzle and the two syringes as they took turns administering the enemas, massaging Julie’s stomach and soothing her discomfort by stimulating her clitoris, Julie quickly accustoming herself to expelling in view of the four.

Finally she had been thoroughly flushed and the full examination was allowed to proceed. She was again positioned on the examining table, her legs flexed, her ankles in stirrups. This way her anal/rectal region was perfectly positioned for further probing. Dr. Smith donned a rubber glove and applied more lubricant to Julie’s anus as the three student?nurses came close to observe. Slowly she slid her finger up Julie’s anal passage and into her rectum.

“You rotate your finger once it is inside to examine the contours of the rectum,” she explained to her students as she did just that, Julie now clearly sensing the finger skillfully probing the membrane of her rectal cavity. Then Dr Smith told her students that she wanted each to take turns and slide a finger up alongside her own, following her movements inside Julie’s rectum. To facilitate this, she now added a second finger to the first, dilating the anus. Then the doctor withdrew her finger and asked the first of the nurses to slide hers in alongside the doctor’s own. The student was now able to ‘follow’ the doctor’s probe with her own finger as Dr. Smith explained how to proceed.

Julie stared up at the doctor and at the three student?nurses, her ankles in stirrups, her anal/rectal region vividly exposed and probed. Minding the example, the other two nurses kaçak iddaa then proceeded with the digital demonstration, each sliding a finger into Julie’s anus alongside their instructor’s, following that finger’s journey as it scanned the rectal walls.

“Now, to examine the interior more fully, we will insert a speculum and dilate the anus,” Dr. Smith now explained, getting the stainless steel instrument. She lubricated it, and Julie’s anus again, then slid the speculum well inside. Once wedged in her rectum, Dr. Smith slowly dilated Julie’s sphincter until the speculum was in its maximum dilation position. Julie winced as her anal ring was stretched and once again the doctor prescribed clitoral stimulation.

Then Dr. Smith had the nurses come close as she brought an illuminated probe down to Julie’s dilated anus, pointing the high intensity beam into the rectal cavity as the student-nurses peered inside, noting the contours of Julie’s membranes. After this, Dr. Smith used a second snake?like probe with an illuminated head, inserting that through the fully dilated anus, making visible the deepest recesses of Julie’s rectum as the students gazed inside to carefully examine her rectal walls.

Julie felt terribly exposed and, yet, strangely aroused having the young student-nurses peering so intently into her fully exposed and illuminated rectal depths. Finally Dr. Smith had the probe and the speculum withdrawn and explained to the student?nurses that anal/rectal dilation was sometimes administered for other than strictly medical purposes. A patient will come to a sexual dysfunction clinic desiring to become more easily receptive to anal and rectal probing, whether with a penis or other instrument, she told them. Such patients often seek to enhance their enjoyment of anal intercourse. Since nurses may find themselves working in such a clinic, part of the workshop was meant to teach techniques aimed to bring about such enhancement.

To this end Dr. Smith now took out a set of specially made dildos. The nurses added more lubricant to Julie’s anus and then to the dildos, inserting them in turn into her rectum. As the largest, nine inches long and almost three wide was being inserted, Julie again winced and groaned, complaining that she felt some discomfort. But Dr. Smith again firmly reminded Julie of her contractual obligations as a willing subject, and prescribed more clitoral stimulation to accompany the rectal dilation. This seemed to help. Finally the largest of the dildos was withdrawn and the doctor told her students that there was yet one more mode of dilation which, after sufficient training, allowed the subject to easily accommodate even the most extreme rectal intrusion. This involved inserting the entire hand into the rectum, up to the wrist, and then forming the hand into a fist once inside, twisting that embedded fist in order to accustom the rectal walls to maximal intrusion. In order for such training to be most effective, Dr. Smith continued to explain, it was often necessary to restrain the subject and strap her in place, wrists and ankles bound to the examining table. She now proceed to show the nurses just how to restrain such a subject. Then, adding more lubricant to the subject’s anus and to her fingers, the doctor systematically worked all five of her fingers into Julie’s rectum, forcing them in steadily until her entire hand was inside.

Julie groaned, thrashing in her restraints, doing her best to endure the awesome intrusion. Dr. Smith suggested she take deep breaths in order to relax her muscles and thereby more easily accommodate the extreme stretching. She asked one of the nurses to provide continual clitoral stimulation as she worked the fingers of her hand into a fist, twisting that fist inside, stretching Julie’s anus and expanding her rectal walls. Then she withdraw her hand and each of the three student?nurses took a turn inserting a hand into Julie’s rectum, practicing this technique. One was always providing direct clitoral stimulation as her rectum was so expanded. After all three had sufficiently probed Julie’s bottom with their full hands, getting a feel for this special technique, Dr. Smith told the three student-nurses and kaçak bahis Julie, too, that all had gone very well and she considered the workshop a success. Dr. Smith led two of the student-nurses out of the examining room, asking the third to remain with Julie, and to release her from her restraints and help her tidy up and dress.

This third nurse, Ingrid, was a twenty-year old blue-eyed blonde from Minnesota, of Norwegian descent. A slender, lithe young woman she now found herself alone with Julie, another sleek beauty, though a brunette of mixed Latin American ancestry.

“That was really something,” Ingrid said to Julie, her gaze somewhat provocative.

“It sure was,” Julie said with a smile, fanning her heated bottom. Ingrid had begun to free the restraints, and had freed one hand.

“But you sort of seemed to enjoy it,” Ingrid remarked.

“Yeah, I did. At first it was hard to take, those big enemas, the dildos, and especially the fist,” she explained, “but then it began to feel good, real good. I almost had an orgasm when you had your fist inside me.”

“Really?” Ingrid said, happy to hear this, a bright smile lighting up her face. She had been the last to work her fist inside Julie’s rectum.

“Yeah, I wish I had, I was soooo close too,” Julie said, her gaze now frankly provocative, “maybe you should stick your hand back up my ass again, and I can play with my own clit.”

Earlier one student-nurse had been massaging Julie’s clitoris while her rectum was being reamed; now Julie was proposing to provide such stimulation herself.

“I have a better idea,” Ingrid said brightly.

She rubbed more lubricant over her hand and quickly slid all five fingers into Julie’s rectum once more. Julie was still restrained, and somehow it aroused her deeply to find herself like this, helpless, her legs spread wide, ankles in stirrups.

“Oh good, stick them in!” Julie urged unabashedly, bringing a finger down to play with her clit while Ingrid probed her rectum. This was no longer a workshop conducted by Dr. Smith. She and Ingrid were alone now, and all inhibitions could vanish. Of the three nurses, Ingrid was the one most sexually attracted to women. When she walked into the examining room with Dr. Smith and the two others, first laying eyes on Julie, an exceptionally attractive young co-ed, she was immediately aroused. Throughout the workshop Ingrid tried to maintain a professional demeanor, despite the frankly sexual arousal she felt. Now she could boldly express her desires.

“You mean, stick them up your asshole!” Ingrid hissed, her eyes ablaze, forcing her fingers deep inside. Julie took hold of Ingrid’s arm, gazing at her, eyes blistering with excitement as Ingrid relentlessly pushed all five fingers deeper, past the widest part of her hand until, suddenly, the whole hand was buried inside Julie’s ass, her anal ring gripping Ingrid’s wrist

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good!” Julie hissed as Ingrid twisted her hand inside the warm cavity, probing the membranes with eager, active fingers. And Julie could feel every move, the utter aliveness of Ingrid’s hand probing inside her, probing her rectal depths.

And while she did this Ingrid brought her mouth down to Julie’s pussy, licking the sweetly fragrant vulva, nibbling on the hard nub of the shockingly pronounced and extravagantly stimulated clit, all the while twisting her fist inside Julie’s body, Julie luxuriating in this most awesome, most extreme, most intimate of bodily penetrations.

And then it happened.

Her shrieking was so loud at first Ingrid had to bring up her free hand and place it over Julie’s mouth. This was, after all, a public hospital.

Ingrid could vividly feel the spasms of Julie’s sphincter against her wrist as she climaxed, and left her fist inside for many long moments after the last of Julie’s orgasmic throbbing had ceased. Then, slowly, she withdrew her hand. She gazed at the monstrously dilated anus, almost obscenely vivid now. Then she wiped away the residue of lubricant and slowly ran her tongue along the rim of the open anus.

Julie sighed, feeling the soothing tongue rim the dilated margin of her anal opening.

“Maybe now it’s time for you to take a couple of enemas and have your anus and rectum thoroughly probed,” Julie purred provocatively.

“Maybe it is,” Ingrid said, breathless with excitement as she gazed down at Julie.

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