A Testing Time

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It had been a year almost to the day since he had left home. For Brian it had been a year of picking up casual work as he roamed around the country, all the time longing for home and Tania, but now, as he approached home in his old Toyota, he was filled with apprehension.

He and Tania had agreed to separate and have no contact whatsoever for the whole year in order to be sure that what they wanted was each other. The relationship they had briefly begun was so potent and yet so hazardous that they needed to be utterly secure in each other’s love.

Brian had no knowledge of what had been happening at home and to Tania, but he did know he had left her in a distressing situation, and had it not been for Tania’s strong resolve that they must have the year apart he might never have left her.

A few days before making the journey home he had telephoned Tania. That too they had agreed upon. That was to make sure that Brian wanted to come home, and that Tania wanted him to. “Things, feelings, change in the course of a year,” Tania had said, “and we need to be sure.”

One thing he had learned from the telephone call had been that at last the philandering Ben had left Tania and was now living with a girl he had met while on a “business trip” to the Philippines. Brian thought that this would make things easier for him and Tania, but he thought he had detected a note doubt in her voice when he said he was returning home. Nevertheless she had agreed that he could return.

As he drove the last leg of the journey his mind wandered back to the night it had all begun, “No,” he thought, “that was not when it began.” That night had only been the culmination of what had been brewing between them for at least four years, the almost inevitable outcome of love, vulnerability and opportunity.

He recalled the time when at the age of fifteen he had first become aware of Tania as a sexually desirable woman. He came upon her when she was half reclining on a divan. He must have seen her like that many times, but this time it was different.

She was wearing a loose negligee he had never seen her in before. As usual she had very little makeup on, but even so she did not look her age, which at that time must have been about thirty four or five.

What struck him very forcibly was the quiet radiance of her beauty It was the exquisite line of cheek and jawbone, the way her hair fell loosely and naturally to frame her face. The long sea-green eyes, the warmth and sweetness of her smile that seemed to give her an aura of enchantment.

No doubt she had not anticipated being seen dressed like that. Ben had been away on one of his alleged business trips, and she wasn’t to know that the school drains were blocked and the students sent home early. She had simply been relaxing for a while and enjoying the new garment she had bought the day before.

Brian had a brief glimpse of her breasts that seemed to him like two halves of a Galia melon only ivory skinned, smooth and tipped with ripe pink nipples. Tania had hastily drawn the negligee over breasts and smiled saying, “I didn’t expect you to be home so early darling.”

Yes, that was where it had begun, but there it might have remained had circumstances not dictated otherwise. A philandering husband was breaking her heart; she was a woman who needed love and emotional warmth and that love and warmth she found in Brian, and in receiving she also gave.

Even so it might not have culminated as it did had they not both been at a vulnerable stage in their lives.

* * * * * * * *

Over the years following that incident they both became aware that their feelings for each other went beyond the filial, and had even confessed them to each other. This at least cleared the air and removed some of the fears that often got with such feelings.

Tania had said that Brian’s feelings were perfectly natural and often occurred between mothers and sons. For her part she confessed that what she called her “emotional life with Ben” was less than satisfactory and if he did not stop his womanising she would one day have to end the marriage. She went on to say that if at times she became a “little over emotional with him,” he, Brian, must forgive her because she needed affection.

That affection had at times brought them close to the fulfilment that the accompanying feelings often call for, but always they had stepped back from the brink, until that evening when they were both very vulnerable.

Brian had been at that pivotal point in his life between the end of high school and entering upon tertiary studies, always a big step in one’s life. He was a potent young man and being good looking and personable he had no difficulty in getting sex partners, including a couple of older women, but none of these had lasted because the one woman he truly wanted was, he thought, beyond his reach.

Tania had reached breaking point with regard to Ben who was once more on a so-called ikonbet giriş business trip. Tania knew that even if the business trip was genuine it would include yet another womanising venture. Brian had found her in the lounge quietly weeping and had sought, not for the first time, to comfort her. Their close physical contact had, as it often had on other occasions, brought them to a state of sexual arousal, yet still they drew back from the final step.

It had been later when Tania had gone to bed and Brian was making his way from the shower to his bedroom that when passing the partially open door to Tania’s room she called out to him, asking him come in because she wanted to speak with him.

He entered and her subtle perfume seemed to pervade the room. She was in bed, the covers pulled up to her chin. She beckoned him to draw closer, and as he stood beside the bed she put out her hand to take his, and as she sat up the covers fell off her shoulders, exposing her naked breasts.

Almost shyly she said, “You’ll stay with me tonight, won’t you? I’m so lonely and miserable and what I’d really like is for you to come into bed with me, hold me and make love.”

This was a moment that Brian had longed for but never believed would happen, and after a moments hesitation he dropped his bathrobe to the floor and got into bed with her.

Tania snuggled close to him, their naked bodies touching. She began to stroke his body, reaching down and touching his penis, and throwing back the bed covers she looked at it and said, “It’s lovely darling,” and bent to kiss its head.

She moved again to kiss him and her tongue ran across his lips and probed for entry into his mouth, and she whispered, “No one must ever know darling,” and she moaned as she rubbed her body over his. She had her arms round him as she returned his kisses. She parted her lips and her tongue slipped out to touch his mouth again and their tongues began to thrust and tangle.

She moved herself on top of him, perhaps thinking he might not make the ultimate move, and then with the head of hs penis touching her inner lips she pressed down to take his full length into her vagina. She remained still for a while and asked, “Do you like that darling?”

He smiled up at her and replied, “I think you know the answer to that,” and encouraged her to move by thrusting up against her.

Tania started to slowly move on him telling his she loved him and had wanted him for so long, that he was her beautiful boy and that she wanted it to last forever. But of course it did not last forever; it did not even last ten minutes. As is often the case with first time lovers they need to quickly release their long pent up emotions and soon Tania was begging him to come in her, and this Brian did, as she wailed and screamed above him.

Afterwards they lay in each others arms until nature took its course, and this time Tania lay on her back, legs spread wide, ready to receive his sperm again.

It had been a night of loving, but by morning Tania could see the dangers. Such satisfying sex demanded more and would go on demanding more. Clearly it was now impossible for them to live in the same house without engaging in sexual intercourse. But it was after all incest, and therefore hazardous. However quiet they kept their relationship it might at any time be detected.

Her view was that if they were going to engage in a long term sexual relationship they had to be very sure of each other. It was then she suggested a year’s separation to test their love. She did not say so at the time, but it was during that year she intended to make her final break with Ben, thus things would be easier for her and Brian when he returned, if he returned.

She knew that by insisting on the separation she risked losing Brian altogether. He was young, virile and he might come to see that being in love with his mother had only been a passing thing, and he would find someone else.

Brian argued but in the end Tania’s view prevailed. Brian swore that his penis would enter no other vagina during the year of separation, but Tania, wiser perhaps than he, said that he should feel free to engage in sex with other women, that way he would come to know if his mother was the “special one.”

And so Brian set off on his year long travels, even if somewhat reluctantly.

* * * * * * * * *

It was just as well that Tania had stopped Brian’s resolve concerning sex with other women because having a strong sexual drive he might have found it difficult to resist the temptations that came to him as he moved around.

The first temptation could hardly qualify as such, since to begin with he had hardly any say in the matter.

He was picking peas and living in the pickers’ quarters. There were a number of married couples also working as pickers, and it was the wife of one of these couples who took a fancy to Brian. She waited unto her husband was asleep ikonbet yeni giriş in their quarters, and then sneaked out to the room occupied by Brian.

The first Brian knew of her presence was when he awakened to find the woman naked in his bed massaging his penis. The room was dark and he wasn’t even sure who it was, but as soon as she had got his penis erect she mounted him and quite literally fucked him.

When she had finished she got off and crept back to her own room. It was not until next day that Brian was made aware of who it was had fucked him since the woman concerned winked at him and said, “Did you like it last night?”

After that the woman made a nightly trip to Brian’s room for what she called, “My ration.”

Then there was the widow with huge breasts who employed him to dig over a vegetable garden for her. Her fetish was to have his penis between her breasts, then to fold her breasts over it and make him come like that, squirting his sperm over her face. He rarely got to come in her vagina.

Perhaps the strangest of all were the farmer and his wife. He was employed to do odd jobs around the farm, and on the second day after starting the job the farmer suggested that Brian might like to join him and his wife for a threesome.

In the main this consisted of licking and sucking the woman’s breasts and nipples and taking it in turns to lick her cunt. Something of a routine was established whereby on one night the farmer would put his sperm in his wife’s vagina while Brian offloaded in her mouth. The next night this was reversed.

The routine did not become boring because sometimes the wife liked to be tied down and both men then pretended to rape her while she screamed in mock protest. This entailed each man putting his sperm into her as often as he could manage.

The woman cried when it came time for Brian to leave, and the farmer said glumly that he had been the best partner they had ever had, and if he came that way again be sure to drop in.

The tenderest sexual experience Brian had was with the daughter of a potato grower who was completely enamoured of Brian’s good looks and manly physique. She told him she would love to have him make her pregnant because she was sure the baby would be beautiful and Brian sought to oblige. The girl was a virgin and this was the first time Brian experienced the splitting of a hymen.

They both agreed that they would need to copulate as often as possible in order to ensure a pregnancy, but by the end of his stay the girl was still not sure whether or not she was pregnant, but since the potato grower no longer needed his services Brian had to go on his way.

It was with this girl that Brian came closest to falling in love, but still the image of Tania haunted him, and so he left.

And so at the end of the year, and with these and other experiences behind him, Brian made his way home to Tania.

* * * * * * * *

Tania had her own experiences during the year that unlike Brian’s were far from pleasant. About four months after Brian had left the long anticipated split with Ben took place. In the end it was not she who left him, but he who left her. Following this there had been legal wrangles over money and property that in the end went her way, since the court decided that she had made a bigger financial contribution than Ben.

The fact that Ben had gone might have cleared the way for her and Brian to live together as lovers in relative peace, but there was one other element in the mix that Tania had not revealed to Brian over the phone, but she knew it was inevitable. It was this that caused her some trepidation about his return.

Brian had not said when he would be arriving and Tania wanted to look her best to greet him, but when he did arrive she was completely unprepared for him. She was not wearing a bra and her breasts felt naked and she was completely vulnerable.

She was working in the kitchen when he arrived — he let himself in with the front door key he had retained — and she did not know he was there until he cried out, “Mother.”

She turned to see him coming to her and about to embrace her. She was resolved; she must get it over with before any intimacy took place between them. Afterward he would be able to make his decision knowing the truth.

As he tried to take her in his arms she said, “No, not yet.”

Brian stepped back, puzzled. “Father,” he said, is he…?”

“I told you he’s gone,” Tania said, “there’s something else you must know, come with me.” She led him to what had once been a spare bedroom and opened the door, indicating he should enter. He entered and stood stock still. In a cot lay a small child and there could be no doubt why Tania was showing him the child. He went to the cot and looked down, and then turned to Tania and said, “Me?”

“Yes, you,” Tania said, looking at him steadily. “You know that it couldn’t be your father because ikonbet güvenilirmi he’s had a vasectomy, and in any case he hasn’t been near me for three years. Her name is Veta but we should leave her to sleep now because we have to talk. It was because I was pregnant that your father finally had an excuse to leave me.”

They went to the living room and sat side by side on the divan. “When you left home,” Tania began, “it was agreed that at the end of the year we would decide whether we wanted the sort of relationship we had started. We both knew that if we remained together sex between us was inevitable. Of course at the time I didn’t know I was pregnant but I don’t think I’d have told you even if I had known. You had to be free to arrive at your own decisions.”

“That’s why I’m here mother,” Brian said softly. “I know what I want.”

“I think you mean that you did know what you want, but Veta had changed things, don’t you think?”

“No,” Brian replied, “I would have wanted to make you pregnant but didn’t think it was possible. Veta has only added to my wish to be with you, but what do you want mother?”

In answer Tania kissed him, pushing his mouth open with her tongue and exploring and tasting him.

She felt his hands unbuttoning her shirt and then they found her swollen breasts and start to gently squeeze. She felt a pang of pleasure — she knew what was going to happen and was powerless to stop it. She felt her nipple spurt warm milk and she flushed with embarrassment. “Oh God, I’m sorry but I can’t help it.”

“It’s all right” he said, as he caressed her breasts and they became slippery all over, “It’s normal, beautiful, and very sexy.”

He shifted his position and brought his face to her chest and started to kiss her breasts and stroked them at the same time, and gradually she relaxed and started to enjoy the sensation.

She felt another sharp pang of pleasure as she leaked again, but this time she didn’t mind. She felt his tongue touch her tender nipple, and she thought, “If he sucks it I’ll come.”

It was as if he read her mind. He closed his lips around one long nipple, pulled it into his mouth and sucked while holding the other nipple between his fingers, squeezing, gently and rhythmically.

Helplessly she yielded to the sensation, as her breasts squirted milk, one into his hand the other into his mouth, the feeling was so exquisite that she quivered uncontrollably, arched her back and held his head to her breast and moaned, “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” until it died away and she slumped on top of him.

“You came?” he asked

She smiled and said, “Yes, didn’t you notice?”

“I almost came too,” he said.

“Really?” She ran her hand down his body until it encountered his penis, standing upright. She grasped it. She wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given her. Stroking it gently she bent over and kissed its head, and then she took it into her mouth and started to lick and suck.

She felt him start to jerk his penis against her mouth and heard his low groan as he shot his sperm into her mouth.

As he finished she slumped, her head on his thighs. His penis was still stiff. She leaned over weakly and kissed it.

She wanted him to give her oral sex and she opened her thighs invitingly. He knelt between them and his tongue began to move along the cleft of her vulva. She felt vulnerable and greatly loved.

His tongue penetrated her vagina and after several long licks she held his head over her clitoris, making him concentrate on that, and she began to lift and lower her hips. As he licked and sucked she felt his fingers pushing into the moist interior of her vagina. The muscles of her body began to tense for the climax. She began to come, shaking like a tree in a gale as she ground her genitals frantically against his face.

He leaned over her, kissed her mouth and she could smell herself on his face.

She lay prone as she felt his hand on her cleft, parting its lips, and then his penis was in her, and she was surprised that he had got hard again so quickly. “It’s been so long oh God it feels so good,” she whimpered.

He began to move in and out of her, slowly at first and then faster. His face was above hers gazing at her. Then he bent his neck and looked down their bodies to where they were joined. Suddenly he slowed his pace, thrusting deeper.

He looked into her eyes and said, “Kiss me while I come,” and he lowered his vagina smelling lips to hers. She thrust her tongue into his mouth. His back arched and his head lifted, and he gave a cry like a wild animal, and she felt him spurt into her.

When it was over he lowered his head and giving a deep sigh of contentment, he kissed her mouth, then raised himself to his knees and kissed each of her breasts in turn. Finally he kissed her cunt, and she moved her hips to push against his lips. The thought of him licking her there while it was still dripping with his semen almost drove her mad, and she came immediately, crying his name until the spasm passed.

They lay in silence for a while and then softly he said, “Does that tell you whether or not I want to stay with you?”

Tania smiled and said, “Welcome home my darling.”

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