A Techies Wonderland Ch. 03

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Techie 3: Morning After a date with the boss

I couldn’t believe how well I had slept curled up with Amanda. At some point in the night she had rolled over to snuggle her back against me, one of my arms curled under her head for a pillow and the other wrapped around her body, my hand cupping her left breast. Her soft body pressing against mine and her tender round breast moving gently with her breathing as she slept soon had my body responding and my cock hardening.

I could feel my shaft lengthening and growing down the backs of her legs, trying to poke between them with each passing minute. It had been a very long time since I had the pleasure of waking up with a woman in my arms but my body didn’t seem to have forgotten what that means. Almost involuntarily my hips pushed against her smooth round ass, trying to work my cock between her legs, almost as if my body had its own designs on where to work my engorged head.

“Mmmmmmmm.” She moaned softly, lifting one leg slightly and sliding her hand between her thighs. I could feel her palm cup my head and slide it gently up against her pussy, pulling it against her wet lips while her hips rocked ever so slightly.

“Oh damn.” I groaned as her pussy and hand worked on my head. I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she pulled my head harder against her, allowing it to slip between her lips. My own hips slid back dragging my head back between her lips, squeezed tight by her soft thighs. With a quiet sigh of pleasure I pushed forward, shoving my head along the length of her pussy and across her hard little clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Yessssssss.” She whispered as I drew back again, dragging my shaft along her clit while her hand cupped the bottom of my head and helped press the two harder together.

Again and again I slowly fucked my cock in the soft confines she had created, each stroke pressing my head into her palm as she pulled me up tight against her clit. Her own hips gently rolled and rocked in time with my strokes, helping to stroke her clit along the top of my shaft and over my engorged head.

“Ohhhhhhh. Almost.” She moaned softly as her finger stroked across her clit when my cock drew back.

“Here, let me.” I whispered, sliding my hand down to push hers away from where her pussy and my cock were pressed together. I pulled my hips back and pressed my fingers between her legs, pushing my head deep between her lips. I pushed back toward her, my head engaging into the opening of her tunnel and then slipping inside her velvety cave of pleasure. I felt my head slide slowly into her, a low groan coming from her lips as I sunk deeper.

“Oh my god yesssssss.” She whispered as my finger began to circle her hard clit, my hips gently rocking my cock in and out of her tunnel a few inches. I continued to push in and out of her while my finger kept constant pressure on her hard clit, her legs trembling and her breathing becoming more ragged by the second. “Ohhhhhh…Here it comes!” She moaned loudly just before her whole body stiffened, a slight tremor running through her. I could feel her pussy clenching and squeezing me as little twitches and jerks began to shake her. My finger continued to stroke her clit as the twitches became large whole body spasms, each one accompanied by another gush of her hot juices. Her body suddenly became still in my arms, her muscles rigid as she let out a long slow grown. As quickly as she stiffened, she relaxed in my arms, a long slow sigh coming from her.

“Feel good?” I whispered into her ear.

“Oh yeah. God, I haven’t had a wakeup call like that in years.” She whispered back, one hand gently stroking my thigh and the other clutching my left hand.

“Glad you enjoyed it.” I whispered back.

“Feels like you still have a little bit to go. How about letting me give you a good finish?” She asked, reaching for my hand and pulling it from between her legs. She rolled herself off the sofa, pulling herself off my still rigid cock. She turned to face me, her soft full tits bouncing tantalizingly, her nipples still puffed out and as rigid as my cock. I took the hands she held out and allowed her to pull me into a sitting position, pushing me back so I was reclining with my legs over the edge. She turned herself around and backed up over my legs, bending at the waist to reach between her legs for my cock. She aimed my cock at her pussy and then lowered herself poker oyna down over my shaft, driving herself fully down on me until my head pushed against the end of her tunnel.

Using my knees for her hands, she began to rock her hips up and down, driving herself up and down my shaft.

“OH shit!” I grunted, letting my hands ride up and down on her ass. “You feel sooooo fucking fantastic!”

“Glad you like it!” She panted as she pistoned her ass up and down in front of me.

I looked across the room at the mirrors over the long counter top and saw our reflection, Amanda’s body bouncing up and down and her tits swinging around wildly as she pumped herself up and down my cock. What I didn’t expect to see in the mirror was Celia standing just inside the office door, her panties around her knees, her skirt around her ankles. One hand was working feverishly between her legs and the other was up under her blouse busily squeezing and pulling on one of her nipples.

“I think we have company.” I grunted to Amanda.

“Who?” Amanda asked, looking around suddenly and seeing Celia. To my complete shock, Amanda settled fully down on my shaft and then leaned back, her chest pressing against my chest, which exposed her fully nude body, including where my hard cock entered her sopping wet pussy, to the reflected view of Celia. Reaching for my hands down on her hips, Amanda pulled both of my hands up her body until they pressed against her soft breasts, cupping and supporting them. She leaned her head back onto my shoulder and turned her face until she could gently kiss my cheek. “Chris, would you like to watch Celia play with herself?” She whispered softly in my ear.

“Huh?” I asked in shock, my voice a little louder than I had intended.

“Watch her play with her pussy and soft tits, her fingers pushing into her pussy while you fuck me with your hard fat cock?” She asked brushing her lips sexily against my cheek and using her hands to make my hands squeeze her tits.

“Hell. Sure.” I answered, watching Celia in the mirror as she stepped out of the skirt and then wiggled the panties the rest of the way down her legs.

“Good.” Amanda whispered huskily. “Celia and I have played with each other before, her soft tongue licking my hot wet pussy. Does the thought of her kneeling naked in front of my desk chair, licking my pussy make you hot? The thought of her face covered with my cum as I lean back in my chair with my feet up on the desk, completely naked! I can feel it does. I can feel your hips pushing up into me trying to push deeper into me as your cock gets even fatter. She loves to lick my pussy you know.”

“Ohhhh.” I groaned softly at the mental image that jumped to my mind. “You two really do that?”

I felt one of Amanda’s hands leave mine and saw her motion to Celia. “Oh yessss.” Amanda hissed seductively in my ear. “I love to have her eat me, but I’ve never had a man fuck me while we watch her pleasure herself. Do you want to see her cum?”

I watched in the mirror as Celia tried to kick off her panties, clumsily stepping out of them before walking toward us. She unbuttoned her blouse as she walked ever so slowly toward us, lifted it up and over her head and then reached behind her, undoing her bra and letting it fall to the ground in front of us so she was naked except for her heels. In some ways this was the first time I really had a chance to take in her whole body. Her tits, which I had seen before, stood proudly, drooping just slightly, which caused her rock hard nipples and puffed out areola to point slightly upward as they wiggled with any slight motion she made. Her body wasn’t thin, but certainly not fat either. Her hips and waist looked about the same size around, and as she stood there her thighs made a slight gap that allowed her protruding pussy lips to be visible. The look on her face was much different than the one I had seen in the dress room. She looked positively apprehensive, as if she were ready to back away, but not moving a muscle to do so.

“Celia, show Chris how you can make yourself cum. We want to see you cum hard for us baby.” Amanda said in a surprisingly stern voice.

Without a word Celia spread her feet apart and focused her eyes on where my cock disappeared into Amanda. One of her hands slipped between her legs to continue the stimulation that she had been giving when she stood canlı poker oyna just inside the door. The other hand reached up and pulled on one of her rock hard nipples.

“Fuck meeeeee.” Amanda breathed softly in my ear, lifting her feet up and hooking her bare heels on the sofa. She began to lift and lower her ass in time with the strokes I was trying to make into her, but hers were much more effective than my own with her weight resting on my chest.

“Come closer!” Amanda demanded of Celia, who complied by stepping closer until her legs were actually straddling mine.

“Ohhhhhh shit.” Celia moaned loudly, watching Amanda and I fucking right in front of her, her finger flying frantically across her clit as she pulled first one nipple and then the other. “I’mmmm cummmmiiiinnnggg!” She squealed loudly as her legs trembled and she sprayed her wet juices over Amanda and me.

“OH FUCK!” I grunted as the sight of her cumming pushed me over the top. My body bucked, lifting Amanda and driving my cock fully into her wet pussy as it unloaded the first surge of hot cum into her. Time and again my body bucked, filling Amanda’s pussy until it began to ooze out around my now softening shaft.

“Mmmmmm that felt so good.” Amanda whispered in my ear. “Would you like to see Celia lick your hot cum from my pussy? Do you think that would turn you on again and make that fantastic cock hard again?”

Without waiting for me to reply she tipped her head up and looked at Celia. “Lick me. I want you to lick all his cum from my pussy and make me cum.” She said in a voice that was surprisingly demanding. Personally, I wouldn’t be too happy if I was Celia, but to my surprise she knelt down and eagerly began to lick around my shaft as I softened, concentrating on Amanda’s clit.

“Play with my tits please.” She whispered to me softly, almost invitingly. “I want you to pinch and play with my nipples.”

I began to squeeze and play with her nipples, pulling and stretching them as I twisted them like little knobs, my attentions and Celia’s attentions bringing long soft moans from Amanda. I could feel my cock slip from her pussy, unleashing a flood of my cum which Celia licked and sucked from Amanda’s gaping pussy.

“Ohhhhh yessssss. Almost there! Talk dirty to me Chris. Please talk dirty to meeeee!” She moaned.

Talk dirty to her? Hell what was I supposed to say??? “Can you feel her licking your pussy? Her tongue lapping up my cum from your hot cunt?” I whispered to her, trying to figure out what to say.

“Ohhhh yessss. More. Please more.”

“My hot cum is dripping from your cunt as she licks and plays with your pussy, trying to make you cum too. Here we are in your office, completely naked. What if someone walked in? They’d see her kneeling nude, licking your pussy after fucking me, her tits hanging down and swinging around and her sopping wet pussy spread wide open.”

“OH god yessssss.” She moaned working kisses up my cheek to my ear where she sucked my earlobe into her mouth.

“Would you like to have me fuck you right at your desk? Celia sitting with her legs spread on the desk and your face buried in her pussy while you bounced your ass up and down my cock? The office door open so anyone coming in could see what you were doing? Pleasuring the two of us at once?”

“OHHHHHH SHIT!” she suddenly squealed, her body tensing and trembling as her orgasm washed over her, squeezing more of my cum out for Celia to lap up. “God you do have a dirty mind.” Amanda finally panted after long seconds, reaching between her legs to push Celia’s face away from her now over stimulated pussy.

“I never really thought about it. Just trying to do what you seemed to need.” I answered as I looked back to where Celia squatted, her face covered with Celia’s juices.

“Celia, go start the shower.” Amanda commanded.

“Yes maam.” Celia answered weakly, getting up and heading off to the private bathroom.

“You’re kind of tough on her.” I said quietly as Amanda lowered her feet to the floor and pushed herself off of me.

“Celia? Oh no. That’s what she wants. She can go any time she wishes, but she stayed because she wanted to. I don’t demand sex from her, but at the same time she prefers to be submissive to me.”

“I guess I’ve never seen that up close.”

Amanda held her hands out and pulled me up to stand with her, wrapping internet casino her arms around my neck and pulling her body against mine. “If you commanded her, I suspect she would do anything you say. She has been waiting for you to invite her to have sex, but you haven’t, so she finally arranged it so that she could show you just how good she could feel on your cock. She’s a good worker, and a pretty damn good lover too. If you let her, she will go out of her way to please you. Try it, you might actually like it!” She said with a giggle, her lips inches from mine. She pressed her soft lips to mine and kissed me long and deeply before breaking the kiss and stepping back. “Come. Let’s go get cleaned up. We can’t spend all day in here fucking, even if that is what I want to do.” Half an hour later we were showered, Celia had retrieved my clothes from the front of Amanda’s car and the three of us were once again presentable. “Chris.” Amanda called as I followed Celia toward the office door.


“You know. You were a hell of a lot better date than the guy that stood me up ever has been. You might want to ask me out again some time.”

“Um. Ok. I’d like that. I’m not sure I can afford to wine and dine you like you’re used to, but I’ll see what I can work out.” I answered.

Amanda just smiled brightly as I turned and headed out the door.

“She’s ready to see you now Misses Franklin.” Celia was saying to a tall slender woman waiting in front of the office area. Celia led the woman, who seemed to be glaring at me, to Amanda’s office and then closed the door behind her before returning to the desk.

“Celia.” I whispered, stepping over to her desk.

“Yes?” She asked, looking up at me as she sat down.

“Was she here the whole time?”

“Oh no. She had a nine o-clock. She got here when I went to get your clothes.”

“I see.” I said, turning to head to my own office. She had clearly seen Celia carry my clothes into the office and then me walk out in them, and put two and two together. I had no idea who she was, but I hoped it wasn’t a problem for Amanda.

I had been all of fifteen minutes working at my desk when Elaine walked into my office with a little clipboard in her hand. “Hi Chris!” She greeted me in her sexy little voice.

“Hi Elaine, what’s up?” I asked her as she stepped around my desk and set her petite little butt against the edge.

“Um I hope you’re not upset with me about the whole thing with Celia.” She said quietly.

“No. Not at all. Although I thought it was you riding me.” I said with a grin.

“Maybe one of these days it will be. You never know!” She answered with a wink. “I’m glad you’re not upset though. Um. The girls asked me to come see if you wanted to be in the football pool. We haven’t ever had a guy play so they’re kind of anxious to see how it works out.”

“Does everyone play?” I asked, leaning back in my chair and looking up at her.

“Pretty much.”

“Well. Sure. I’ll play then.” I said, holding my hand out for the clipboard. I looked at the sheet, expecting to see a grid of all the matchups for the coming week, but instead only saw a list of the teams.

“We play a little different here. You pick one team for the whole season. If your team wins, you win. If it doesn’t…well…”

“I see. Ok. I’ll pick Kansas City. They’re my favorite team anyway.” I said signing my name next to the Chiefs. “Do I put in a few bucks every week or what?”

“Oh. No. There isn’t any money.” She said taking the clipboard back.

“So what do you win?”

“Well, the idea is to not lose. If your team loses by one touchdown, you have to go topless all morning. If they lose by more than two touchdowns, you go naked all morning. And if they are really wiped out, you have to go naked all day.” She said, blushing a little. “I’m kind of looking forward to when the Chiefs lose now, since I picked them too.”

“That doesn’t seem quite fair.” I said in shock.

“Oh it’s ok. The girls all decided that since you don’t have anything really to show by going topless you could just wear one of these instead.” She said, holding out a pair of microbriefs. “Jeanie said if they don’t fit that she’d be happy to alter them for you.” She added with a giggle.

“Ahhh. I see.” I said holding the almost non-existent bit of cloth up.

“So will we.” She said as she turned and darted for the office door, pausing to look back at me. “And any time you really want that ride, just give me a call, I’m all yours.”

I shook my head as I tossed the briefs into my desk drawer, hoping the Chiefs had a stellar year.

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