A Surprise for John Ch. 02

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Ever since the night that Michelle used her cock to fuck me, our relationship has been different. She’s now in charge of my life and I do whatever she tells me to do.

Like last night after dinner, we were sitting on the couch watching TV when Michelle pulled open her robe and looked over at me with a big smile on her face. She was wearing her strap-on which she wears regularly when we are at home alone.

“Get over here bitch and suck daddy’s cock.” She said in stern tone.

I slid across the couch and lowered my mouth down on her cock. I slowly let it slide past my lips as I tried to take all of it in. Michelle has made me suck her cock a lot lately so I’m getting better at taking all of it into my mouth.

For about 10 minutes I sucked on her cock while she watched me and made comments about how good I was at sucking her cock. She pushed her cock up into my mouth deeper trying to make me swallow her cock. Then she pushed me away and stood up.

“Bend over the back of the couch bitch. I want to fuck that ass.”

I knelt on the cushions and rested my arms on the back of the couch. She came up behind me and without hesitation pushed her cock all the way into my ass. I gasped out loud as I felt her 8 inch cock fill me.

She pulled her cock back and thrust it back in even harder. “Damn bitch I love fucking this ass!” She said. “But I bet not as much as you do, isn’t that right bitch?”

“Y-y-yes daddy, I love being fucked by your cock.”

“My, my, what a fucking slut you’re becoming bitch.” She said as she grabbed my hips and started to fuck me harder and faster.

I started moaning louder as I got closer to cumming. She sensed this and rammed her cock deep into my ass over and over. She reached down with her hand and pulled my cock down and back so that I wouldn’t cum on the couch. I arched my back and pushed back against her as I cum started shooting out of my cock. I felt my warm cum hitting the back of calves and feet.

She waited until I was finished and pulled canlı bahis şirketleri her cock out quickly.

“Now go get cleaned up bitch and get to bed.”

“Yes daddy.” I said as quickly got off the couch and went off to clean myself up.

The next morning I got up and got ready for work. My car was in the shop getting some work done on it so Michelle had to take me.

As we pulled up to the front door of my office building Michelle looked over at me. She had that look in her eyes again.

“I’ll pick you up at 5 o’clock bitch, don’t be late.”

“Yes daddy.” I said as I opened the car and stepped out.

I closed the door and began to head to the door.

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.” She said through the open car window. “I have another surprise for you.”

Before I could respond to that, the window went up and she drove off.

All day long I wondered about her surprise for me. That last surprise turned me into her bitch. I had no idea what the new surprise was going to be. I had a difficultly all day long focusing on my work.

I kept watching the clock and hoping that it would be 5 PM soon so I could get this over with. It was only 2 PM and already I was going crazy trying to think of what the surprise was. It could be anything, knowing Michelle it would be something else I would never imagine in my entire life.

At 5 PM I grabbed my things and head out the door. Just as I stepped out of the building I saw Michelle pull into the parking lot. I made my way down to the curb, she pulled up and as I stepped up to the car I noticed she was wearing her long jacket. It was chilly outside so I didn’t think much about it as I got into the car.

She drove off and exited the parking without saying much to me. It was just the usual small talk nothing that hinted at what her surprise was.

We were half home when she turned into the parking lot of a grocery store and maneuvered her around to the far side of the parking lot.

“What are we doing here?” canlı kaçak iddaa I asked as I looked around trying to find the answer.

“I stopped here so I could give you your surprise.”

She pulled open her jacket to reveal a black latex bodysuit and her strap-on, but this time her cock looked bigger.

She reached down and held it up. “Surprise! I bought a new one for you.”

I quickly noticed that it was 12 inches and a little thicker than her other one. It was also a dark blue instead of the red.

Without saying a word I leaned over and started sucking on her cock. I don’t know why but I just wanted to get that big thing in my mouth.

“Oh shit! You fucking bitch, look at you, you cocksucker! You’re so eager to suck daddy’s cock, aren’t you?”

A muffled yes came out of me as I tried to take more into my mouth. It was thicker so I had to open my mouth wider and work harder to get more of it into my mouth.

I have no idea why I was so eager to suck on her cock. Something about the size of it thrilled me. I just had to suck on it. Maybe it was because I really wanted to please her and keep her happy by doing whatever she wanted. I don’t know but I kept sucking, taking more and more in.

She soon pulled my head back. “We don’t have much time bitch so get those clothes off.”

I quickly took off my pants and shirt while Michelle moved her seat back and titled the steering wheel up to make more room.

“Good bitch, now come over here and ride daddy’s cock.”

I maneuvered over to her and with my back to her I straddled her. I reached down and held her cock in my hand, guiding it to my ass. I lowered myself down and felt the tip slide into my ass. It was thicker and I could feel it stretch my ass more than her other one.

She grabbed my hips. “Stop wasting time bitch.” She pulled me all the way down on her cock. I moaned out and grabbed the steering wheel.

I started to lift myself up, but she quickly pulled my back down. “Where are you going canlı kaçak bahis bitch? I told you to ride daddy’s cock. Now do it!”

“Y-y-yes daddy.” Her cock was filling me up so much I could barely speak.

I started slowly riding her cock but the feeling soon got to me and I started to really fuck myself.

“That’s it bitch, fuck yourself good on daddy’s cock. You’re getting good at this.” She raised her hips each time I pushed down on her cock, sending it in deeper and harder into me.

I held on to the steering wheel and kept fucking myself but I knew it wouldn’t be long before I started to cum. I had to admit, her cock did feel good in me.

I started to feel her legs trembling and knew that she was about to have a strong orgasm. I rode her cock even faster, trying to make myself cum. Within seconds we both moaning really loud.

Michelle reached around and stroked my cock as her orgasm struck her. “Cum for daddy, bitch. Do it! CUM!”

I did just that and started cumming all over the steering wheel and dash board.

“That’s it! CUM you fucking whore.”

“Oh my God! That felt really good, didn’t it bitch? You really liked it.”

“Yes daddy, it did.”

“Gawd, I love this new cock. It made me cum too.” She said.

I slowly slid myself off her cock and fell back over onto my seat. Breathing heavy and feeling drained.

It took a few minutes to catch our breathes, then I got my clothes back on and Michelle closed her jacket.

She leaned over and gave me a deep kiss. “You’re becoming exactly what I want you to become.”

“And what exactly is that?”

“A fucking whore, you bitch.” She gave me another deep kiss. “You have more surprises to come before I’m finished with you.”

She leaned back, repositioned her seat and the steering wheel. As she started the car she looked over at me with that famous smile on her face. “By the time I’m finished with you, you will know exactly why I make you call me daddy.”

With that said she drove out the parking lot and on the ride home all I could do is sit there and think about what she had said. What other surprises did she have in store for me? What is her plan?

I have no idea but I’m just going to go along for ride and find out as we go along.

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