A Smoothie Begets a Smooth Move

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A couple weeks back, while working from home, I decided to go out and get “a smoothie”; meaning I needed a break. It was very humid here, one of the few days where it was hot, and I was in this goofy floral print halter-top sundress, sunglasses, and some fun sandals I had acquired while on vacation a few weeks back. Anyway, I approached a street corner not two blocks down from where I live when, just as the traffic gods decided southbound pedestrians must yield to the never-ending eastward stream of gypsy cabs and urban assault vehicles, there was a woman standing next to me who caught my eye. She had flaming red hair and very white skin, somewhat “thick” but she carried it well. She was wearing this very loose-fitting sky-blue dress, which had a very high waistline and a wraparound skirt, and some funky retro-style sunglasses. Right in the middle of my surreptitious gaze over her, a gust of wind or the wind from a passing truck or something blew by and parted her skirt clear up to her waist, which afforded me a very quick view of her legs, with just a snatch (no pun intended) of her oh-so-white panties. Quick as anything she moved her hand to smooth down her dress. She looked at me, noticed that I had noticed her, and I think she was embarrassed. I smiled and said the wind was something, but soothing too, and that the sun felt great after such a long winter. She smiled and said thanks for saying that, and that she said she was off in search of a park bench to enjoy the sun. I said I was taking a break from work, on my way to get a smoothie, and take it back to my sundeck. She smiled… and so I offered to her to join me. She was somewhat taken aback, but I held her gaze best as I could through our combined sunglasses, and she nodded her assent just before the traffic gods deigned our continued travel.

We then moved off to my local smoothie cafe, where we got a couple tasty treats, and then to my apartment building. The sundeck is public space for the tenants, and usually deserted, which it was for us.

The property managers had put out some lounge chairs over Memorial Day, and so we sat and chatted, lay back güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the sun, and had our smoothies. She let her skirt fall open to get some sun on her legs, though she said she had to be careful with the sun as she burned easily, her skirt fell open to just below the top of her thighs and I think she liked the feeling of the sun on her legs. I did the same, but since the hem of my sundress fell on my upper thighs, I just crossed my legs and relaxed. While, of course, I wanted to nudge things along, I also did not want to cause a scene by having her stomp out of my building, past the doorman and maintenance staff.

I asked what brought her to my neighborhood, typical New York things, making conversation. I swung my legs around to face her while talking, then picked up the hem of her skirt and told her it looked very good on her, that it matched her coloring, all while she was sitting with her legs crossed. She eyed my dress, and my body, and complimented mine as well. Kind of forward, to be sure; but what woman does not want to talk about clothes? I asked her if she had had enough much sun, she said she did not think so, but we were finishing our drinks it was hot and all; so I asked if she’d like to come inside and perhaps get a glass of water? Yes, she would.

We next were sitting on my couch sipping quenching our thirst. I discovered she had very clear blue eyes hidden behind her retro-chic sunglasses. She still had her legs crossed, and had them covered by her skirt. Smiles and silence prevailed until I told her again I thought she had very nice legs, and then she complimented mine. I reached over and parted her skirt, exposing her legs. She liked that, I thought, though she did blush. I placed one hand on her top knee and pushed her legs flat, uncrossing them. Then I smoothed my hand over her legs and really opened her skirt, exposing once again her panties to me. She just was silent, letting me take the lead. I told her I had seen her panties on the street, and that I hope she did not mind that I had noticed. She did not, and that she said she was flattered I had noticed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her. My hand dipped between her legs, at her knee, and just ran up her leg over her inside thigh while she opened her legs for me. She was quite warm…

I leaned over and kissed her, just a very quick peck on her lips, and asked her if she would like to see my bedroom. She did. Inside my bedroom, it is quite cooler; my bed is behind drawn shades and next to the A/C unit on high. I placed my hands on her hips from behind and pulled her back to me. She nervously turned around and we kissed full on the lips. While I kissing her, I pulled her dress up and over her head, revealing white panties that perfectly matched her bra. I pushed her back to the bed to sit down, then reached behind and undid my halter-top, unzipped the back of the dress and pushed it off over my hips. Now that I am down to my thong and she is in her bra and panties, I came over to her, reached behind her, and undid her bra. Pushing her back and moving on top, I kissed her so very deeply while feeling my breasts on hers. Oh, was she a good kisser.

Parting her legs with one of mine, I started kissing her breasts, which were perfectly white, and very thick and wide nipples. My mouth moved my mouth lower on her tummy to her thighs, first inhaling her scent thru her panties, and then pulling her panties off. She was definitely wet, her pubic hair trimmed with a very nice patch on top, very fine red hair, and very nice thick lips. She tasted so very good… tasting the sun her heat and her flavor, parting her lips with my tongue and licking stroking all of her lips and clit. I pulled her lips into my mouth sucking on ten gently before I moved my mouth to her clit and massaged a finger into her. She relaxed easily, just let herself just flow, letting me slide two fingers in her crooking my fingers and massaging her, letting me suck and lick her clit until I found her rhythm and she came for me, then moving my mouth to hers and kissing her full again.

She was just breathless, and flushed a deeper red than the color of her hair. While she relaxed güvenilir bahis şirketleri a bit, I pulled up on my knees next to her and pulled my thong off. She caressed my legs and hips; I pulled her hand to my breasts and asked if she wanted to continue. To my everlasting pleasure she said yes, she did. Wanting to make things a bit easier for her, I straddled her head, reached down to open myself to her, and felt her tongue touch my lips. She enjoyed that, licking me while I massaged my clit. I told her I needed to move to my back and soon I was opening my legs to her feeling her hands run up my thighs as she leaned forward to kiss my pussy. It was not so much she was clumsy as, perhaps, untutored; which led me to pull her mouth to me. Soon I could sense she had a taste of things and kept her tongue in constant motion until I came for her.

We snuggled and kissed a bit after that, and then… she had to go. I understood. I asked if she would like to shower, with me, before she had to go. She did. I enjoyed washing her, tending to her, I really enjoying caressing her body. She toweled herself off, avoiding my eyes while trying to find her things, and I sat in my robe on my bed watching her. She smiled. I asked if she wanted my contact details… or the unspoken option of this being just a moment in time. She blushed and avoided my gaze; and so it was just a moment in time. While she was slipping her panties on, I smiled and told her it was that I had seen her panties that really made my head turn. She seemed to take a moment to consider something, then pulled her panties back off, moved to hand them to me, and told me if ever she would be back, she’d leave a note with the doorman telling me she wanted those back. Now it was my turn to smile, and blush, and to avoid her gaze. Smooth move… I smiled and took them, stood up and kissed her once again, then walked her to the elevator.

I came back into my apartment, placed her panties in my lingerie drawer, dressed, and went back to work.

Who knows if she will contact me? She may be in a relationship, she may have been an LIC and thought this all behind her, or just really needing to keep this quiet. I do not know her age (I’d place her in her mid-30’s), her last name (aside from an educated guess she is an o’Something), or where she lives (aside from being a New Yorker); but if I ever got a note from her, I would definitely want to see her again.

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