A Sibling Survival Story Ch. 01

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I came with the idea of writing this new series because of my busy work schedule that I’m being bombarded with for the past few months now. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning ‘My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses’ at all, I still am working on it as much as I can.

This series will contain shorter chapters, usually one to three pages each. Now the real difference lies at the end of each chapter. I wanted to try something new and so far I haven’t seen anybody else do this. At the end of each chapter you, the reader, will be presented with a choice on how the next chapter will continue. Usually it’s choice A or B but I might add additional choices on other chapters.

It gives the community a little more of an interactive approach to my stories and I wonder if you guys and gals will enjoy something like this.

Without further ado, here is chapter one of A Sibling Survival Story, it’s more of an introduction chapter so don’t expect any hardcore stuff right off the bat.


“Jesus Christ Mom! Do I have to babysit him literally everywhere? Ben can do things on his own too you know? He isn’t ten anymore!”

“Kaitlin please… It’s only for today, once we are off the boat and at our hotel you can do whatever you want. Gosh, I really wonder what happened to you these last few years, when you were younger we always had to pull you two apart.”

“Maybe that’s because people grow up Mom! I’m fairly sure that Ben has his own interests now, just like I have my own!”

Ben sighed and threw himself into the conversation between his older sister and mother. “Just chill Kait, why don’t we grab some drinks and go from there. I can legally drink here so why not enjoy it while we can, without getting shitfaced of course.”

In the meantime, their father returned with the keys for their rooms and joined his wife’s side. “Still going with this you two?” He asked before handing over the keys to his son and daughter. “Just get along this day would you? Your mother and I are going to get some sun on the outside deck so I would take that suggestion Ben spoke off.”

“But Dad!” Responded Kaitlin loudly.

“No but’s Kaitlin, for once can you not rebel against everything and just enjoy the start of your vacation? You brother is going with you and that’s final!” Answered their father with a sterner voice.

“Ugh! Fine! Come on Ben, let’s grab those drinks, and I’m not so sure about not getting shitfaced anymore!” Said Kaitlin with an aggressive tone and walked off.

Ben shook his head and followed his sister with a steady pace.

Their parents watched them off before they started to laugh. “She really is just like you when you were younger darling… Daddy’s little girl.”

“Glad that I outgrew that period rather fast, thanks to a certain someone standing close to me…”

They then shared a short, but passionate kiss before going outside.

All the commotion had attracted the attention of a couple on the other side of the ship who were still closely following the two siblings.

“I think that we have you our targets… Let’s get to work, shall we?”


Kaitlin and Benjamin Collins weren’t always acting like they had now. They always were close together when they were younger, some might even say too close as they literally did and shared everything together. From hobbies to sports, to personal interests and tastes, they always were on the same line.

It all suddenly changed when Benjamin turned eighteen, Kaitlin became more and more distant to him as they grew older. Now at the ages of twenty and twenty-two they pretty much remained the same. Ben still has no idea what triggered his sister’s drastic change of personality, was it something he did in the past? Or has Kaitlin her own personal reasons for trying to avoid her younger brother as much as possible?

Ben was determined to find out the reason behind it, and this very vacation they were on would reveal everything to him in the end.


“H….y w…k..e u… B….n! C…m..e o…n!”

Ben could vaguely hear a voice speaking to him as he tried to decipher the words that came from said voice. He noticed that he had trouble to come to his senses, he felt like he had been hit by a freight train head-on. Slowly he managed to open his eyes slightly, his hearing came back as well.

“Come on Ben! Wake up goddamnit!”

The same repeating words came from his very own sister, she was poking his face and shaking his body. Her casino oyna words were chaotic and she sounded… Scared? When he opened his eyes further he was greeted with her flushed face, her dark-red colored ponytail swung from side to side and her light freckles lit up thanks to the bright light that surrounded them, Ben had to admit, his sister turned into a cute and attractive woman after reaching adulthood.

As his hearing returned further he was greeted with the ambience of their surroundings, he could hear waves quietly crashing together and sea-gulls chirping away high above them. Of course his sister’s voice was the loudest of them all.

“K-Kait?” He mumbled as he felt her arms pulling him up into a sitting position. “Holy shit, it feels like somebody knocked me out, or somebody spiked our drinks with some very special stuff!”

“Seriously? The first think you do after waking up is making jokes?” Asked Kaitlin slightly annoyed.

Ben noticed that her voice changed, it became softer, meaning that she had calmed down a little. “No really, what the hell happened to me… To us I guess, where are we? And are you okay too Kait?” Asked Ben.

“I have no idea; I woke up like twenty minutes ago next to you. It took me about ten minutes to get rid of the feeling and dizziness that you probably are going through now. After that I… I stayed with you, waiting for you to wake up.” Spoke Kaitlin quietly as she scanned her eyes across the beach.

Ben reached her hand with his own and held his sister, he could feel her body reacting to him as their hands came together. “Thanks for looking after me Sis, I appreciate it.”

“Y-Yeah… No problem.” Mumbled his sister back to him without looking in his direction.

Ben started to scan their surroundings as well. It was clear that they were on some sort of beach, to the right of them a rounding with a large formation of big rocks that were stuck in the sand. To the left was a long extension of the beach with a lot of trees further inland. And in front of them the vast ocean with its blue, clear water and the hot burning sun that reflected off it.

“Looks like the pearl white beaches just as in the brochures that we went through before our vacation, only this one without all the accommodations and hordes of people that were on them.” Said Ben as he stood up.

“First that stupid boat trip and now I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with my little brother! Could this vacation get anymore fucked up as it is now?” Grumbled Kaitlin, her mood had apparently taken a quick one-eighty in the short time span.

“Keep that anger for when we need it, Kait. Let’s check our surroundings, maybe we can find something useful.” Said Ben to his sister, calm as usual. He knew how to handle her after all this time.

“Ugh! Whatever… Like we got anything better to do! I’ll go left and you go right, okay?” Spoke Kaitlin.

Ben simply nodded to her and before they knew it they were on their way, scanning parts of the beach for goodies and useful stuff that they could use.

The only thing the siblings had in their possession at the moment were their clothes, or the lack of them in that matter. Ben only had his knee-length swimming trunks, his tank top and his sneakers. Kaitlin only had her two-piece bikini, daisy dukes and flip-flops.

As their searching continued Ben occasionally peeked towards his older sister to see what she was doing, this also gave him the time to check out her rather well-developed body. As a child he always had a crush on her for some reason, maybe because they were so alike and close together.

As mentioned before, his sister had grown up into a fine female specimen. Her body had all the right curves thanks to her healthy lifestyle, she clearly got the looks from their mother as she too was still a very good looking woman. Her breasts were full and perky, the top of the bikini perfectly folded around them, stretching the fabric a bit because of their voluptuous volume. Her plump, round ass was a sight to behold as well, especially while she was wearing her Daisy Dukes.

Suddenly Ben’s dirty thoughts got interrupted by the voice of his rather attractive sister.

“Ben! Come over here, I found some sort of supply crate with a note attached to it!” She yelled into his direction.

He quickly made his way next to his sister who was busy removing the small note from between the cracks of the crate. The crate itself was about the size of a large suitcase.

“Let’s slot oyna see what it says.” Said Kaitlin as she stood close besides her brother. She flipped open the folded note and read the words on it out loud.

“Survive, and find yourselves…”

Both siblings stood quiet for a while, taking in the words that were on the small piece of paper. It didn’t take long before Kaitlin exploded into her pissed-off persona once more.

“Oh my god! What kind of bullshit is this cryptic shit! Does this person, or persons, get off to the thought of two people being stuck on some island? I bet we’re being spied on this very moment!” Kaitlin then turned towards the jungle like area behind them. “Hey assholes! Stop jerking around and get us out of here!” She shouted as loud as possible.

Ben grabbed her by the arm and turned her around again. “Jesus Kait! Calm down would you! It’s obvious that we are stuck here together, and that some sort of lunatic set this whole mess in motion, so for once lay off that ‘fuck everything and everyone’ attitude of yours and focus on what’s important!” He said to his sister with an equally loud tone.

Much to his surprise his sister did not give him one of her usual responses, he had expected one coming from her, especially after raising his voice to her.

Kaitlin had calmed down and gazed down upon the crate before talking. “It’s… I’m sorry okay? I’m just freaked out about what’s happening to us at the moment…” She said quietly.

Ben let go of her arm and looked at the crate as well, a little shocked that his sister was giving him a calm response. “It’s okay Kait, let’s just… Figure this shit out okay? Here, I’m gonna crack this thing open to see what we got.” Said Ben before kneeling down next to the crate.

Kaitlin responded with a silent nod and took a seat next to her brother. After a couple of minutes of fidgeting around they finally managed to open the crate. “Well, let’s see what our mysterious creep left us, shall we?” Joked Ben.

The crate contained a couple of items of importance to the siblings, first off were a couple of cans of food and filled water bottles. Next was a backpack that only had a compact flashlight and a pocketknife in it, it seemed like the pocketknife had all kinds of appliances on it like a screwdriver, bottle/can opener etc. Last but not least was a single sleeping bag and a bigger bag that contained a simple two-person tent that you could set up in a few steps.

“At least it’s something…” mumbled Kaitlin as she counted the cans of food and water bottles.

“Yes it is…” Sighed Ben.

He stood up and took another look at their surroundings, the sun was slowly but surely going down and it wouldn’t be long before darkness would take over. He noticed a perfect place for them to set up their newly acquired tent at the edge of the beach, close to the start of the dense jungle that presumably spread across the island.

“Kait, how about we set up this tent over there and call it a day, it’s going to be dark before we know it and I still feel like shit after waking up like we did.” Asked Ben.

“Yeah… Sure, I still feel a bit off as well. How about you start setting up the tent while I transport the rest of this stuff over there?”

They both nodded and went on with their plans, it didn’t take long for Kaitlin to move the items to their new location, as soon as she was finished she helped Ben with the tent. Only a couple of hours alone together and it seemed that the two of them already were becoming the persons they were before the whole falling out moment from years ago.

Ben and Kaitlin had been in the scouts together when they were younger, the skills they learned at that time would surely come in handy because of the situation they were in now. After setting up the tent they managed to start a small campfire to light their surroundings as the darkness came in rather quick, there was little to no wind so the fire kept on burning without any trouble.

Sitting next to each other at the fire made them feel a bit better after everything that had happened, they finally had a moment of peace to sit down and talk.

“You think Mom and Dad are looking for us at this very moment?” Asked Kaitlin as she opened one of the food cans with the pocketknife.

“No doubt about that, I mean how could both of your children suddenly disappear from a busy cruise ship? I’m still baffled by the fact that someone managed to get us off canlı casino siteleri that ship without alerting anyone. It’s just all so fucking weird.” Answered Ben as he took a sip of water.

“Amen to that.” Was all Kaitlin said before she took a few bites and passed the can over to her brother, Ben switched it with his bottle of water before taking a few bites of the food himself.

The siblings were quiet for a little while, simply staring at the waves as they softly crashed onto the island while switching the can of food and water bottle between each other.

“You know… I’m glad we are together in this mess instead of ending up all alone…” Said Kaitlin after a while.

“So, not bad to stick around your little brother once in a while after all, isn’t it?” Asked Ben, looking forward to how she would react to him.

Kaitlin fidgeted with her hair a little as Ben asked her his question. “N-no… I guess not…” Responded Kaitlin quietly. She knew she was blushing a little but the darkness prevented Ben from noticing it.

“Having you here with me comforts me, you know? The perfect partner in crime. I know we can get through this shit together Kait, we’ve been through tougher times.” Said Ben.

“Like that one time at uncle Richard’s place?” Asked Kaitlin who was now smiling.

“I think that’s a fair comparison yes, especially when his homemade fireplace started spitting out flames into the living room.” Responded Ben before laughing which made his sister laugh as well.

They laughed for a little while, bringing up things from the past before the silence took over once more.

Ben stood up after a while. “How about we call it a day and get some sleep? It’s getting rather chilly out here wearing only our ‘summer’ attires.” Asked Ben to Kaitlin who was rubbing her arms to keep them warm.

She too stood up and turned towards him, with a quick peek Ben noticed that his sister’s nipples were poking through the tight fabric of her bikini, making it clear that she was cold.

“W-why don’t you take the sleeping bag Kait? I… Uh… I think you need it more than me.” He mumbled to her.

“Too late for that little brother, I already zipped it fully open so we could get under it together. Besides, I noticed that you have goosebumps on your arms as well.” Answered Kaitlin who had entered the small tent in the meantime.

“Alright then…” Responded Ben before following his sister inside.

The fire outside kept smothering for little while longer before it completely died out.

“What shall we do tomorrow Ben?” Asked Kaitlin as she turned herself so she was facing her brother.

“I was thinking about entering the jungle a little bit, it isn’t too overgrown so we should be able to explore a little. We can take our supplies with us since we don’t got much of them anyway.” Said Ben.

“I agree, the island seems to be pretty big so maybe we will be able to find water and food sources deeper down the jungle. I just hope we won’t encounter anything dangerous out there.” Added Kaitlin.

“Maybe there is a reason we got dropped off on this particular island? I doubt our captor, or captors want us to get into trouble, I mean why would we be given all these supplies in the first place?” Spoke Ben again.

“Honestly Ben, I have no clue what’s going on anymore. The only thing I know is that I’m happy that you are here with me. Like you said before, we will get through this thing… Together.” Replied Kaitlin before letting out a yawn.

Ben smiled to himself as he felt his eyelids becoming heavier and heavier. “Likewise Sis… Sweet dreams…” He whispered back to Kaitlin.

It didn’t take long before the siblings succumbed to their sleep, whatever would happen on this island, at least they would be together.


Chapter One Choices.

What will Ben and Kaitlin end up discovering in the jungle?

Choice A – A abandoned self-made shack by previous stranded survivors.

Choice B – Mysterious ancient ruins.

Leave one of your preferred choices in the comment section, after a few days or so I will personally comment that the voting has ended and what choice came out as the winner, from there I will continue to write the story.


As always, please rate and comment (Especially with your preferred choice) if you would like to do so! I always appreciate it! Private messages are also appreciated; I enjoy getting responses from my readers!

As with My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses, I can’t give an exact time of release for each new chapter, but since these will be a lot shorter you can expect them to be more frequent. Of course it also depends on what’s going on in my personal life as well.

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