A Secret Club Ch. 03

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That first meeting between Tod and Jason went as I’d hoped. Tod witnessed how to control and reprimand Jason, as needed, and the two bonded, in a fashion, in that Jason clearly yearned to be Tod’s boy, and Tod was learning (and liking!) how to use and control Jason.

That evening, after the introductions and Jason’s profession of servitude to Tod, we two went off to the clubhouse for dinner. The cuisine there is every bit as fine as at Gaspar’s. Tod was well accustomed to restaurant dining and ordered astutely for us both, including the wine.

“The Chateau Margaux ’86.” he told the waiter. “May as well open a second bottle while you’re at it.” he said, handing back the wine list.

I looked admiringly at my son.

“So, remind me. What are we having, again?”

“I hope it’s not too much food. Let’s see… escargots, oysters rockefeller, arugula and beet salad with walnut vinaigrette, and chateaubriand for two with bernaise sauce. I know it’s old school, but…”

“Hey, no complaints! I’m starving, and it sounds like this will do the trick. Plus, these are some of my favorites.”

The waiter brought the wine, and Tod had him simply pour it. A bad bottle had rarely been served at either club.

“So.” Tod said, swirling the deep red wine in its glass, “That was really something. Seeing Jason, I mean.” then laughing, “As if I needed to say that.”

“Well, tell me your thoughts, Tod. It seems like you saw some possibilities there, eh?”

“Yeah, Dad. For sure. Hey, can I come out here on my own sometime?” he asked.

Naturally, he wanted alone time with Jason to mold him to his own needs.

“Absolutely. I think we’re all agreed, Jason too, that he will serve us both. So, when you’re here on your own, he’s your boy and you’re in charge. Outside of really hurting him, Tod, you have a free hand. He needs to feel the strap from time to time and you should consider that an option. In fact, do it sooner than later.”

I was pretty much relaying time-tested advice from many of the members. An early strapping helped set the tone with a boy. After the first session, just suggesting or reaching for the strap was enough to pull a slave back in line.

“Just use my own belt?” Tod queried.

“Yes. the one you wear day to day. That’s best. That way, after you give him a good shellacking, he’ll be able to see it as a reminder.”

Tod waited until the waiter withdrew after refilling our glasses.

“Makes sense.” he said. “So, next time, maybe?” he said, sounding uncertain.

“Sometime within the first three visits should be okay.” I said.

“You know, Tod, as you said, and I fully agree, your time being sexually serviced by Jason should be private. Still, if you’re comfortable with it, we could kind of… well, compare notes. What do you think?” I asked, hoping he’d be on board with that.

“Let me think about it, okay, Dad? Maybe after my first visit, I’ll have a clearer idea about that.” he said, and I appreciated his caution.

“Fine.” I said. “Have your first session with him, and see how that goes. There’s no hurry. Just enjoy yourself, okay?”

“Thanks, Dad.” Tod said, giving me a grateful look.

It wasn’t until the week after that Tod went alone to Manclub. He informed me of his plans the night before, and we went over a few things. He seemed quite eager to dive into this particular unknown territory, and I felt proud that my son didn’t shrink back from new things, or from what I saw as his rightful inheritance. He left the next day early with a casino siteleri small overnight bag, and I didn’t see him again until the following night.

I saw headlights in the drive, and, looking from the living room window, saw that it was Tod’s car. Naturally, I hoped that he had had a great experience at the club, but I would wait for him to broach the topic. Candace was out with friends, and Helen was in her room watching a movie. I heard the front door open and close and heard a bag drop. In a moment, Tod entered.

“Hey, Dad. Doing okay?” he said.

“Yeah, fine. Just catching up on some reading. Have you had dinner?”

“I had a quick bite at the club. It was enough.” he said.

“Had a good time, I hope?” I ventured.

“I did, Dad.” Tod said, smiling; shyly, it seemed.

“Great. If you want to talk about it, I’m game. But if not, that’s okay, too.” I said, meaning it.

“I could.” Tod said. “But, gee, Dad, I’m not sure where to begin.” he said, plopping down into an armchair.

“Well, let me start, then.” I said, hoping that my experience at the club and with Jason would set a comfortable foundation for discussion.

“Was he well-behaved?” I asked.

“He was, Dad. I’d called ahead, as you suggested, and had Jason let into the suite, so he was there when I arrived, naked and kneeling. First thing I did was to have him unpack my bag, sort of as an icebreaker. I stood and watched him. It was my first experience of him doing my bidding, so that was cool. The bottle of vodka I’d preordered was chilling, and I had him fix a drink. But, and I think you might appreciate this little creative twist, Dad, I had him carry it over to me on his knees.” Tod said, looking at me with a devilish grin.

Well, I laughed out loud!

“That’s the spirit, son! Ha! Very good. That set the tone, I’ll bet.”

“It was fun.” Tod said, laughing with me. “Kind of empowering, really. Even as he was making his way over to me, I was thinking up new things to have him do.”

“And did you?’ I asked, pleased that Tod was open to talking.

“I did, in fact.” Tod said, then began laughing again. It was great to see him taking the reins with Jason.

“And?” I prompted.

“Well, I left him kneeling and went to the next room and undressed, then came back to where he was. It was so cool. I just ignored him. I walked around just sort of humming to myself. I didn’t forbid him from looking, and he looked. That’s for sure!” Tod said with a fresh burst of laughter.

“So you were showing him your stuff. Good for you, Tod. Make him hungry for it.” I said. “you’re a good looking man.”

“At one point, I stood right in front of him”, Tod continued, “and worked the remote for the TV. I just acted like he didn’t exist. But, wow. His eyes were glued to my cock, no question. And his little dick sure was jumping around!”

“It’s great to hear you were having fun with him. That’s what he’s there for.” I said, envisioning the scene.

“Yeah, I had him hooked. I walked away at some point. I was afraid he might drool on my feet, or something. When I did walk off, I gave him a good view of my ass. He clearly wanted some of that, too.”

“No question.” I affirmed. “He’s pleasured me there many times. He has a very talented tongue!” I said, savoring memories of Jason refreshing me there after hikes and games of tennis.

“Well,… I didn’t let him have any of it just then, Dad. But I thoroughly enjoyed playing with him.”

“Yes, well, fun as it is, it’s also a valuable canlı casino training tool. Depriving him makes him even more servile, if you can believe that.” I said, reinforcing what it seemed Tod intuitively knew.

“I was getting sort of a boner walking around the suite.” Jason confided. “I made sure he got a good look at it.”

“Again, son, priming the pump. Well done! Next time you’re there, you’d better bring a lobster bib for him, he’ll be salivating so much!” I said, giving Tod a light punch on the arm.

“I’d like to go again soon, Dad. Are you planning a visit next week?” Tod asked.

I punched up the calendar on my laptop, and perused it.

“Let me see… well, when do you want to go?” I said, wanting to accommodate him in these early stages.

“Tuesday, if that’s okay.”

“That’s good. Sure. Tuesday it is. I can go later in the week.” I said, making notation for Tod’s day.

“Can I give a bit of advice, son?” I said.

“Of course.”

“Keep yourself reserved sexually. I don’t know if you have any girl dates set up, but, I think you’ll have a more intense experience if you go to the club after a period of abstinence.” I said, knowing how this approach had worked well for me.

“Thanks. I guess I can hold it in until I get there.” he said, chuckling.

“Atta boy! You’ll thank me again once you blast off in that pretty mouth of his.” I assured him.

The next Wednesday, I waited up for Tod. I was intensely eager to hear how his time at the club went. He showed up at eleven, and I was waiting in the den. He came in and flopped down into one of the leather armchairs.

“Well?” I said, pouring us each a cognac. I handed Tod’s to him and returned to my seat.

Tod took a long, slow sip before answering. He placed his glass on the side table and looked at me.

“Dad, it was fucking amazing.” he said.

“Go on.” I said, glad, indeed, to learn that he’d found such satisfaction.

“Well, I wound up getting a bit wasted, but that just enhanced all of it. I had some really good weed with me, and there was vodka on hand.”

“Good.” I said. “A little lubrication doesn’t hurt.”

“Not one bit. I got Jason lit up, too, and, once I did that, he was in high gear for servicing me. I’d kind of hoped it would have that effect.”

“So, our boy was hungry for it?” I said, smiling.

“Just about rabid! Man! He was ready to do whatever I told him to. But I took my time.” Tod said, giving me a mischievous grin.

“Did you tease him a bit? That can be a turn-on, I know. I’ve had him begging like a dog at times. It’s really something, and I love watching it.”

?”Yeah, I did tease him a bit. I was feeling my oats, so to speak, and was strutting back and forth in front of him, hard as a rock, and grinding my hips. That really got me off. And him too, let me tell you. At one point, I kind of put my ass in his face and told him to kiss it.”

“He’s a born asskisser, Tod. He’s got the DNA for it in spades.”

“So it seems! He just kept kissing it. I mean, every square inch. Up the crack and all. It felt great.”

“Did you have him clean you?” I asked, figuring Tod would get my meaning.

“Yup. He was up in there to the hilt. It was my first time getting my hole cleaned, so I was in heaven. He’s so damn good at it!”

“What did I tell you?”

“I mean, it’s nothing you could put on your resume, but it was world class.” Tod said, beaming.

“Jason doesn’t need a resume, Tod. He’s found his life’s calling.” I said. kaçak casino “After that? Did you have him pleasure you with his mouth?”

“Actually, Dad, I was planning on that, but the idea of fucking him began to appeal to me.” Tod said.

I myself have given Jason many a good fucking, but I hadn’t mentioned it to Tod, thinking he might find it too gay.

“I imagine he was very grateful for that.” I said. But I was somewhat torn by this. I hadn’t expected Tod to take Jason in that way.

“He was singing my praises while I was doing him, Dad. No kidding. And that just made me want to fuck even harder. I’d get in as far as I could, and he gave out the most incredible animal sounds! All the time saying stuff like “Thank you, oh thank you, sweet sir!”. It was wicked cool.” he said, shaking his head as if in disbelief.

Somehow, I hadn’t foreseen the possibility of this. I had intended to share Jason with Tod. But now… whose slave was he? Naturally, I had official ownership of him. Still, what Tod was telling me about Jason’s… his… reactions! This sort of wild, feverish response Tod had called forth. I didn’t feel quite betrayed. I had, after all, invited Tod into my confidence, and into the club. Nevertheless, I felt a certain discomfort at this turn of events.

“I did him doggy-style, Dad.” Tod continued excitedly.

I tried not to show my ambivalence.

“I moved him around from room to room. Plus, shit, we got super high on that ganga. I just fucked him like a dog for nearly two hours.”

“He took to you right away, you know.” I said. “Right from when I showed him the picture I keep in my wallet. I could see it in his eyes.” I told him, relaxing a bit, and feeling less threatened.

“He’s a keeper, Dad. Next time I think I’ll just have him suck me off. You said he was really good at that.” Tod said, turning to me, looking for affirmation.

“He’s amazing, Tod. Takes it all in, and he goes slow He whimpers and moans. I love watching him.” I said, beginning to feel aroused in reflecting on those moments.

“It’s interesting, Dad. There are queers at school, and all. They stay in little cliques mostly, and they’re happy just girling around together. I basically steer clear of them, but, until now, I just never realized how some… maybe more than just some, are looking for straight guys to service, looking for a straight cock to suck.”

“Well, you’re on to something there, Tod.” I said. “When I was in Chicago – where the agency is located – Bill told me he had a thick folder of fags who were looking for just that. Looking for their ‘daddy’, as they say.” I said, and laughed. I’d used a lilting, effeminate voice to say ‘daddy’.

“The ‘daddy’ is the man they need in their lives” I continued, “someone they can idealize. Which reminds me: I’m thinking, next time you go over there, you really ought to lay down the law a bit; give him a taste of the belt. He’ll cry some, but, basically, he wants it.”

“I guess I could do that.” Tod said uncertainly.

“It’s important, son. I mean, we enjoy using him for pleasure, but we don’t want him thinking he’s indispensable. It’s advisable – and members I’ve talked this over with concur – to give them a good lacing periodically. And”, I said, with emphasis, “to treat them like shit while you’re doing it. It’s a potent way of reminding them of their place in the pecking order, which, for boys like Jason, is somewhere in the sub-basement.”

“I get it, Dad. I do. And it’s not like we’re doing any real harm, right? This is their life, I mean, serving us. Treating them like dogs is sort of like giving a girl a nice piece of jewelry. It’s just what they’d hoped for.” Tod said, and it was said sagely, to my thinking.

“You’re really getting the picture, son. Good.”

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