A Roadtrip to Remember Ch. 02

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Disclaimers: As usual, any and all characters in this story partaking in sexual stuff are 18 or older. Everything about this story is 100% fictional. If you think you know anyone named here, it’s purely coincidental.

Note: This chapter takes the time I believe it needed to develop, so if you want something quick and fast, this isn’t for you. Also, as I considered how to categorize this story, I chose first-time over taboo because to me it celebrates coming-of-age, innocence, and excitement of a first-time experiences above any other element. However, if taboo is not your thing, just wanted you to know.

Would love your comments/feedback on how this chapter made you feel!

“Where’s your bathroom?” Steven asked.

“Round back,” The store clerk said. “Here, you’ll need the key.”

He handed Steven this single key attached to the biggest spoon he had ever seen in his life. He wondered how much fecal matter covered every square inch of that thing.

He regretted not using the tree in the corner of the parking lot the second he opened the door. “Why do these BFE gas stations always have the worst bathrooms on the planet?” he thought to himself.

He had stopped here because he looked up that gas is cheaper in Wyoming than Utah and this was the last station before the Utah state line. As he ventured further into the bathroom, he cursed his constant bargain hunting brain. “If wasn’t so cheap I wouldn’t be having to use this disgusting place,” he thought. “I bet the bathrooms in Utah are super clean.”

As he drove away from only his second pitstop, an experience he’d sooner forget, and crossed the border into Utah for the first time in his life, he imagined the state as this big Mormon commune; everything white and gleaming, very conservative. A place where kids listened to their parents and didn’t smoke, drink, or have sex. Uptight, controlled, and, in his mind, incredibly boring.

Thinking of the notion an entire region being conservative caused him to reflect back to his upbringing on the east coast. His parents were pretty free-thinking liberals, but his uncle and his family were very conservative. It was as you’d expect in a conservative religious family. His uncle was master of the house, their three daughters were home schooled, kept their hair long, and didn’t really watch TV except sports. They went to church not only on Sunday’s, but Wednesday’s as well. “Who goes to church on Wednesday’s?” he remembered being surprised by the very idea.

His parents, still wanting Steven to connect with his cousins, would send him for two weeks every summer to his uncle’s and aunt’s lake cabin. It was the summer after his senior year in high school that he learned from a conservative family member, very much to Steven’s surprise, how to be open to new experiences.

To say it was a lake cabin made it sound like it was somehow a usual, run-of-the-mill lake cabin. Yeah it was a cabin on a lake, but it was the only cabin on that lake. In fact, it was probably the only cabin for miles. That’s not to say it was an extravagant cabin. However, it was very remote, isolated, and unencumbered by nosey neighbors.

His uncle had built the cabin, literally himself, by hand, over several years. His uncle was a real estate developer and he had bought this massive piece of remote property years ago. It was his uncle’s outlet and get away. Basically, they owned a lake and hundreds of acres around it.

The cabin had a simple layout – with only three main rooms and a bathroom. The main large room served as the living room, kitchen, and dining room. His uncle was an avid hunter, and as such, the living room was covered with his stuffed trophy heads. Steven didn’t come from a hunting family, so the amount of death that hung above one while reclined on the couch used to weird him out.

The other two rooms were bedrooms. One bedroom was the master bedroom for his uncle and his wife and then the other room was big bunk room where all the kids slept. His uncle had added on an indoor bathroom a couple of years ago. Steven remembered that before that add on was complete he had to washin the lake and use an outhouse for a toilet. He didn’t mind washing in the lake, but he hated the smell of the outhouse with the bugs buzzing around.

As far as access was concerned, there were no roads to the cabin. The only way to get there was on his uncle’s seaplane. Steven loved getting to fly in it. It was so cool to take off and land on the water. And the view of the vast remote wilderness that was visible for as far as Steven could see when in the air made Steven feel like he was one of the last men on the planet or some explorer to a remote jungle.

As much as their lifestyle was different from his family’s, Steven loved being at the lake. His uncle treated him like a man, even when he was growing up. His uncle always assumed he was capable of doing a particular task, allowing him to use power tools, work on big projects, and paid him for his work – not a lot, but still, better than nothing.

This summer’s mersin escort project was to build a new woodshed. The old one was decrepit and was listing heavily to one side. Steven didn’t mind the hard labor, he enjoyed being at the lake and just considered it part of the deal. It was his summer ritual. Though they were all girls, he also really liked spending time with his three cousins, especially the eldest, Arcadia – or Arcady – as Steven called her.

Arcady was only a few months younger than him and they always got along so well. Even though they probably only saw each other 4 or 5 times a year, they always seemed to pick up right where they left off. Arcady loved hearing Steven’s stories of what was going on in his life, of the way most teenagers lived. It made Steven feel cool, even though in reality he was a little reserved and didn’t have that much more experience in life than she did.

His uncle was very strict with his own kids, which meant no dating for Arcadia. Because of this Steven’s meager dating experiences seemed momentous to her. In fact, his uncle was so strict that he even still believed in corporal punishment. Steven remembered how odd it was when, just a couple years ago, his uncle spanked Arcady when he overheard her saying, “what the hell!?”, to one of her sisters after she grabbed something out of her hand. No wonder she stayed away from boys.

His uncle’s seaplane could seat 12. But his uncle had a really big load of lumber he needed to transport for the project. It was going to take two trips to take all the people and supplies. It was decided that the two oldest kids would go with him to help unload the lumber and then he’d make the 55 min flight back to get his wife, the other kids, and whatever else was left.

Steven was the bigger of the two, between him and his cousin Arcadia, so he got to sit in the co-pilot seat. He loved getting to watch the mechanics and process of flying up close. His uncle let him even take control of the plane for a couple of minutes. As they flew in for a landing, Steven saw the lonely cabin on the lake. He loved the idea of being so isolated from the rest of the world. In a weird way it was freeing to say goodbye to civilization and have space completely to yourself. He imagined that’s why his uncle loved it too.

It was a crazy hot summer day. It had been in the 90s for over a week. When the plane taxied up to the dock, they got straight to work pulling lumber out of the plane and onto the dock. Steven was definitely working up a sweat unloading all this lumber right onto the dock.

“Go stack this wood out back behind the house and off the dock while I’m gone,” his uncle commanded while pointing in the direction of the cabin. His uncle was used to ordering laborers around, so telling us two what to do was second nature for him. “Here’s the Sat phone Arcady, in case you need it”

With that he pushed the plane off the doc, started the engine, and took off into the wind.

Arcady and I watched him take off, watched the plane disappear over the horizon, and soon even the noise of the plane was gone.

“Better get crackin’ at this,” Arcadia said. “He won’t be happy if he gets back and the dock isn’t clear.

It took us the better part of an hour to carry all of it behind the house and stack it neatly with the other wood that was already there from a previous trip. It gave us a chance to catch up on the year. We had just finished moving the last of the wood, had gotten some water to drink, and was sitting enjoying the afternoon sun in the Adirondacks on the dock when the Sat phone rang.

“Oh hi dad, everything ok?” she asked. “Oh, well can they fix it?” A pause. “I see.” Another pause. “That long?” She looked at me an gave a quick smile.

“I guess it can’t be bad if she is smiling,” he thought.

“Yeah we’ll be fine,” she continued. “We have plenty of food.” “Ok I’ll call and check in with you later. Bye.”

“What happened?” I asked after taking a sip of water.

“The plane’s engine was running rough on the flight back. Dad had the mechanics there at the dock check it out. Something was wrong with it. There’s some part he needs and shouldn’t fly the plane until it’s replaced, but it will take two days for it to arrive. So, we are on our own for a couple of days.”

Steven was glad because it meant a couple days at the lake without hard labor. Plus, the idea of being all alone with no parents around was new and exciting.

“Well I for one and super sweaty from hauling this lumber. Why don’t we have a swim before dinner?” she offered up.

“Works for me,” Steven said.

They went into the cabin to change. Steven went into the bathroom and Arcady went to the bunk room. After changing in the bathroom Steven came outside and was sitting on the on the edge of the dock waiting for Arcadia.

“You going to sit there all day or go swimming?” Arcady asked startling him.

Steven turned around to respond, but had a hard time putting a sentence together. It has been a year since he’d been swimming with her. Arcadia anamur escort was obviously very fit and the one-piece blue speedo bathing suit showed it. She was on a club swim team and was very toned as a result. The speedo hugged all the curves closely. He didn’t get long to look, however, because she ran and dove straight into the water.

We swam out towards the anchored swim float some 200 feet offshore. Steven quickly swam in after her. He had almost caught up with her when she reached the dock. As she climbed the ladder, Steven loved the sight of her long black wet hair flowing off her head down to her lower back. He was also graced with a full view of her strong swimmer ass as she went up on the float.

“Stop staring at your cousin,” he thought to himself.

After about 30 minutes of the obligatory dives, cannon balls, and jack knifes, they sat down on the dock to soak up some rays.

Arcadia sat facing the sun, with her legs stretched together in front of her, leaning back on her arms. Steven admired how toned her legs looked.

She closed her eyes just to enjoy the warmth of sun. Steven looked at her and noticed the cold of the water had made her nipples stand out at obvious attention from her swimsuit. He loved the feeling like he had X-Ray vision to be able to see through girl’s clothing when it was cold like that. As she continued to have her eyes closed, he continued to steal glances at her nipples poking through. As the sun warmed her, he could observe them fade back into obscurity behind the fabric. “So cool,” he thought.

“I love the warmth of the sun,” she exclaimed.

“Yeah it’s really nice after a swim,” he said now looking away thinking she might open her eyes again.

She sat up, crossed her legs, and began to scratch an itch on the bottom of her foot, looking down at her foot. Steven looked over. In her awkward position he noticed that her swimming suit had shifted at her crotch slightly to the side. He swore he could make out the beginning rise of her lips and some dark hair.

“What’s wrong with me?” he thought to himself, “This is my cousin.” He felt like he just couldn’t help it. He loved the female form so much. And the chance to see an actual vagina was too much to resist.

By now it was late in the afternoon, although it was still plenty warm, they only had a couple hours left of summer daylight.

“I’m hungry,” she suddenly announced. “How about you?”

“Yeah I could totally eat,” Steven replied.

“Let’s swim back and I’ll find something for us to eat. Last one has to do the dishes!” she exclaimed as she jumped up suddenly and dove into the water, giving her a head start.

“Not fair!” he shouted back, but she was already underwater and on her way and couldn’t hear him. He got up as quickly as he could and dove in after her. When he came up, she was already almost halfway back.

“Man, she is a strong swimmer,” he thought.

She beat him handily and was starting to dry off when he came up on the dock. She flung her long wet hair forward, wrapped the towel around it and walked off the dock.

“Damn, she looked sexy in that one piece with a towel on her head,” he said to himself. He unabashedly stared at her perfect posterior as she walked back up towards the house. “All that swimming has had a major positive effect on her ass,” he thought. “Should I really be thinking about this about her? She is my cousin for Christ’s sake,” he silently scolded himself.

Steven dried off and started to go up towards the house as she was just emerging from the front door with a picnic basket. She still had her bathing suit on but had thrown on some khaki shorts. Steven couldn’t help but be pleased he could continue appreciate her delicate form.

“Sorry, this is going to be a weird dinner,” she apologized, “We only have a smattering of canned foods. How does canned peaches, baked beans, Vienna sausages, and plain Lay’s potato chips sound?”

“Like white-trash-chic,” Steven replied smiling smugly. He thought he was quite clever in his response.

“Well at least we have warm Coke to wash it down,” as she produced two cans in her other hand. “Let’s take this high-class picnic to the old tree-house,” she suggested.

Steven recalled how, when they were younger, they imaged the treehouse as some guard tower of a remote outpost or fort on the frontier, constantly on the lookout for invading pirates and Indians. He chuckled to himself imagining the anachronistic nature of pirates and Indians somehow being around at the same time.

They ascended the not-so-steady wooden two-by-fours nailed directly to the tree trunk that acted as their ladder and central treehouse pillar at the same time. They pushed open the trap door and the floor and stepped onto the platform and promptly returned the door to it’s resting place in the floor. The treehouse had definitely seen better days. Steven hoped it was still structurally sound. Arcadia took a seat on the lake side of the tree and Steven sat beside her.

She produced a erdemli escort can opener out of the basket. “A fine-dining must-have,” she said jokingly.

Steven laughed. She opened the cans and they scooped out what they wanted onto their plates and cracked their cokes. As they ate, a light warm breeze could be felt coming in from the lake. Steven liked the sensation of the warm air moving over the skin on his arms and chest. There was no better feeling of summer than that. For a canned dinner he had to admit to himself it wasn’t too bad.

“You dating anyone?” she said, breaking his wandering thoughts.

“I was, but not at the moment.”

“Oooooooooooo.” she said teasingly. “What’s her name?” she said in sing-song fashion.

“Jessica,” he replied.

“What happened?” she asked, now sounding concerned.

“Short answer is she started liking someone else.”

“That’s sucks,” she said in support.

“Yeah, but not much I can do.”

“Did you really like her?”

Steven felt that warm breeze flow over him. He remembered the lingering sting of Jessica telling him they needed to break up cause she wanted to focus only school, only to find next week she was dating Andrew.

“Yeah, quite a bit.” he told her.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” she said empathetically. “Did you guys kiss?” she asked after a pause.

Steven thought this was an odd question at their age. Of course, he had. He said he was dating her right? What 18 year-old dates a girl but doesn’t kiss her? Then he thought of how restrictive her house was and that kissing was mostly likely not a given.

“Yeah we did.”

“What was it like?” she asked.

Steven honestly didn’t know how to answer. How does one describe a kiss?

“I’m not quite sure how to describe it. I guess I’d say it was soft, kinda wet,” he replied.

“Did you French?”

Her questions seemed a bit invasive. But he tried to temper this feeling against her obvious curiosity from a lack of experience.

“Yeah, that too,” he said.

“How does that feel?”

Now he was really at a loss for words.

“I’ve never tried to use words to explain it. I’m not sure I could. It’s kinda like something slippery swirling around your tongue, but that probably doesn’t make any sense,” was the best he could put forth. Worried he made it sound awful he added, “But it’s nice!”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t know, as you can probably tell from my questions. My dad is really strict about boys. I’m not really allowed to hang out with any alone. And since it’s just us girls at the house there aren’t even any brother’s friends who come over.” After a pause, she added, “I’m 18 and I feel like I’m missing out and I’m behind.”

“No you’re not,” he said automatically in an attempt to make her feel better. But he knew she was right. She really sheltered and was missing out. “At least you don’t have to put up with boys wanting more than just kissing.” He thought that would help.

“Sometimes I think I wouldn’t mind that either,” she said.

This conversation was going into places he didn’t want to share with her the details of his experience, so he decided not to say anything more. He looked out over the lake and took in the quite of this place and the sun as it was making its way to the horizon. He felt lucky to be able to enjoy this kind of beauty.


“Yeah, what?” he said turning his head back to look at her. She wasn’t looking at him, but rather down at her fidgeting fingers.

Still not looking at him she said, “Do you think…would you want to…could you…could we, try it?” She looked up at him after posing her question. She seemed radiant and innocent to him. He was suddenly noticing her round eyes and her very pouty lips and evaluating her qualities in a way he had never considered before. But at the same time this was his cousin.

“You mean, like, kiss?” He questioned her back quizzically.

“Yeah,” she said after a second quickly looking down again at her hands.

Steven was quickly running option plays in his mind. On the one hand he noticed those were some extremely kissable lips, on the other hand this was his cousin. On one hand, he really liked kissing girls, on the other hand this wasn’t just some girl as school. On the one hand, it would be like community service, on the other hand he didn’t want it to be weird between them. In the end he justified it to himself that it was just a kiss and just for informational purposes and so he probably shouldn’t make a big deal of it.

“Ok, sure” he said in a somewhat hesitant manner. He twisted his body to directly face her, she reciprocated in kind. They were sitting cross legged but only a couple of feet apart. Steven felt nervous as his heart picked up pace. They sat there for a few seconds looking at each other, then they leaned in towards each other which created the form of a human A-frame. Steven’s heartbeat was definitely elevated now, cousin or not, this was exciting development of the day.

At a distance close enough to remember where her face was, he closed his eyes. Their lips met. Her lips were as soft as he imagined, in fact, probably more so. They gently exchanged soft kisses on the lips for what was most likely a minute, but Steven couldn’t tell, and really didn’t care.

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