A Replacement for Susan Ch. 14

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Big Tits

I went to Anne’s for a second breakfast, she at least was full of her usual exuberance. We used her table as a marital aid, I sucked on her breasts as we screwed… they’re a cross between her mother’s and Diane’s, slightly more than a handful… before sitting down to some scrambled eggs on toast. I told her about Mary coming to see me earlier and how she was having dinner with my mother and me later. Anne made a mock sad face and although I had thought it would be good for mom and Mary to meet alone, almost, I figured there was no reason why Anne and Lin, if she was free couldn’t be there as well. As I was leaving I mentioned the dress code.

I text mom and told her we were having a dinner party for six and headed for a super market to get supplies. I knew none of my girls were veggies so I got a couple of chickens, some green stuff and several nice pies for dessert.

I called on Diane on the way home, Mary hadn’t mentioned the meal but she loved the idea. She picked up her flute and said she’d spend the day with me and she could help prepare the meal. After seeing what I’d got in the car we went home via the super market where she added one or two trimmings. Totally unnecessary but that’s women for you.

We spent the remainder of the morning either practicing what sounded like a very complicated piece or in prep for my course. For lunch we had a sandwich and sex on the couch, I asserted my authority and we did it missionary style instead of her bouncing on my lap. It never hurts to be heavy handed now and then.

We continued our practicing or studying until around four which is when we started preparing the meal. Once we’d finished peeling and chopping, Diane texted her mom to ask her to pick up a dress for her. Anne had text during the afternoon to say her mother wanted to come but couldn’t make it till seven which we told her was perfect.

Mom got in while we were elbow deep in the meal. She told me she had been a little apprehensive but as the day wore on she found she was looking forward to it. Diane suggested she have a relaxing bath as long as she was happy for her and me to organise the meal. Mom assured her she was more than happy to take a back seat and headed for her room. As she was leaving the kitchen I mentioned the dress code which made her laugh.

Mary arrived just before seven wearing a very revealing blouse and skirt, she handed Diane a dress, who, showing all the decorum of a lap dancer, pulled off the dress she’d been wearing all day and carefully climbed into what turned out to be a very clingy number which fitted her like a second skin. She smiled her widest smile and said she’d not had a chance to wear it in ages and never without a bra. She looked at herself in full length mirror in our hall and told us she must have been mad to ruin the lines with a bra not to mention knickers!

As my mother came downstairs I noticed Mary become a little anxious but my mother who was wearing her see through blouse gave her the warmest hug, which lasted for quite some time. As they parted I noticed them both reaching for tissues to wipe their eyes! They went through to the lounge and when I took them both a glass of wine I saw they were as thick as thieves together on the couch. The object of the meal was already accomplished I figured.

Anne and Lin arrived only a couple of minutes late. Anne had a dress similar to Diane’s while her mother was wearing a black boob tube and a loose skirt which almost touched the floor a nice touch was that she was bare foot. Both received kisses from Diane and myself which I have to say woke my slumbering dick.

The meal went very well bayan tuzla escort I thought. The wine flowed and the conversation skated around the elephant in the room which was the absence of the three husbands and fathers. We were eating the desserts when Lin said she wished Anne’s father would man up and admit to his preference to younger women and move out. I looked at my mother and Mary who were sitting side by side. Mary said now Collin had actually left she was feeling quite disoriented. Mom said the speed with which everything had happened had made her head spin but added she was considerably more positive since her chat with Mary. Mary said she’d had a little more heads up as Collin had been out of his closet for the best part of ten years.

Diane jumped up and went around the table to give her mom a hug, she told us she knew her dad wasn’t happy but had never guessed he preferred men. I said I felt the same about my dad. Mom got up and came to sit on my lap. It was as she put her arms around my neck and proceeded to give me a very sensuous kiss, I realised none of the others actually knew she and I were lovers.

As our kiss came to an end I felt the silence in the room and was quite nervous about everyone’s reaction. As I opened my eyes I saw Lin first who was smiling like a Cheshire cat. Diane Mary and Anne all looked just as happy which I kid you not was a massive load off my mind. I actual felt like I’d had uppers pumped into my system.

I stood up with my mother in my arms and carefully placed her on her chair before going from Mary to Anne to Lin and finally Diane, giving them all as loving a kiss as I could muster. And each of their breasts a good feel for good measure. As I sat back on my chair Diane jumped onto my lap and put an arm over my shoulder.

‘So now you all know, my mother and I don’t have what you could call a conventional relationship.’

‘Paul.’ Anne said, ‘We all knew!’

When I looked around the table with a confused look on my face, Diane told me they’d all figured it out more or less independently but it wasn’t until yesterday when she was chatting with Anne, she had figured it out. Lin said it was when my mom had been eating her as she lay on her examination table. It was what had made it such an electrifying experience for her. Mary didn’t comment but I guess she’d figured it out first.

At that point we heard the front door bell ring, not really thinking it through I went to open it and found Simon looking in a right state. I let him in and he was half way though saying something about Wendy when he ground to a complete halt as he saw everyone sat around the dinning table. But more specifically he’d seen my mother in her see through top!

‘Every one this is my friend Simon, he’s having a little trouble with a woman he’s been seeing.’

Lin asked what the problem was. I clicked my fingers in front of his eyes which got his attention. I asked him what was wrong and he told us she’d gone mental, threatening to kill herself if he didn’t go and see her.

Lin asked where Wendy lived. When he told her she said oh dear and dug her phone out of her handbag. After a few clicks she put the phone to her ear and waited.

‘Sara, sorry to ring you so late but it’s Wendy again… yes that Wendy. She’s latched onto another young man and is talking about killing herself again… you will? That’s great. Good luck.’ She turned to Simon and told him Wendy was a patient of her’s who has a history of, well I’m sure you can figure it out.

Simon was agog and couldn’t believe what had just happened. He apologised for pendik escort coming around but he’d tried ringing and hadn’t known what to do. My mother told him to sit himself down on my chair and catch his breath. Then added,

‘For god sake Simon they’re only breasts, surely you’ve seem a pair before!’ Which made my hapless friend turn bright red but did snap him out of his gawking.

When he’d taken a seat I introduced him to everyone. When he realised who all the women were I saw him turn white.

‘You’re all Paul’s… girlfriends!’ Which made everyone including me burst out in laughter. We were still laughing at Simon’s comment when I caught sight of my dad’s car pulling up out side the house. I said to mom he was here and she frowned. I did wonder if she’d slip out of the room to put a bra on but either the thought didn’t occur to her or she simply chose not to.

He let himself in and pulled up short when he saw our guests. He apologised for disturbing us but he’d just wanted to get a few things. At that point he, like Simon had, clocked moms top.

He stared openly at her and asked if she knew her top was completely see through. Mom nodded.

‘But Paul can see your breasts?’

‘Unlike you dear, Paul happens to enjoy looking at breasts.’ Which I’ve got to say got a few titters from around the table.

It was then he realised it was Mary next to mom and he said hello a little frostily I thought. He said Collin was in his car, he’d wanted to see Diane and with out asking went out to bring him in.

At this point I began to think the whole evening was in danger of turning into a stage farce! Before dad came back I went around to Diane and got her to get up so I could sit on her seat and she could sit on my lap. Simon I noticed was still steeling glances at moms boobs. Can’t say I blamed him as they were eye catching.

Anyway dad came back with Collin in tow. He nodded to Mary and he like Simon and my dad before him caught sight of my moms hypnotic boobs.

‘Dad!’ Diane snapped ‘You wanted a word with me!’.

‘Yes Poppet, sorry. I just wondered if you wanted to see where I’m living but I can see your busy so another time.’ I know it was bad of me but I just couldn’t help asking him if he was alright.

‘No I’m fine!’ He blurted out. ‘It’s just I… a surprise.’

I looked at mom and said I thought she should take her blouse off, as it was upsetting too many people. She said she agreed with me and did just that! If Simon’s eyes had been on stalks before they almost popped out as mom unbuttoned her blouse and took it off.

Dad’s mouth opened and closed but no words came out. Mary not wanting to miss out on the fun calmly unfastened her blouse and took her’s off too, revealing her unfettered breasts to everyone in the room. Diane giggled and pulled her dress down with a tadah. Anne wasn’t going to be left out either and also pulled the top of her dress down to uncover her boobs. Which left Lin with the only pair of concealed breasts. She looked around the room at every pair of eyes before she calmly pulled her boob tube down to expose her beautify pair to us all.

Simon it had to be said was beside himself, I was sure he’d need treatment for whiplash in the morning. Both dad and Collin were still opening and closing their mouths but in the end they just left. As the door closed on them we all burst into laughter. I got Diane to get up and I went around to Simon. I dragged him away from the table and into the lounge.

I told him I was sorry about Wendy and quietly told him I was going to have a word with Fiona to tell her tuzla kendi evi olan escort I wasn’t going to see her again. I added I was going to get her to call him. When she called, and I couldn’t stress this enough I said, he had to play it cool and when he was with her he had to act at least like he was the boss. When I spoke to Fiona the next day I told her I couldn’t see her any more and asked her if she could help Simon, man up for want of a better phrase. She said she’d enjoy the challenge as he had come across as a bit wimpy. Between us we soon had him knocked into shape.

He left after our chat but not before he’d had another good look at my bevy of beauties. Once he was out of the house I stood by the table and looked at my girls. They didn’t actually say, pick me, pick me, but it felt like it. I took Lin’s hand and led her into the lounge. Once we were there I tugged her skirt off her hips and let it settle around her ankles. I stepped back and removed my jeans and shirt. I sat back on the couch and had Lin sit on my lap. As she slid herself up and down my erection I groped and kissed her boobs, I only just lasted long enough for her to cum. Anne was next, I had her on the dinning table after I’d pulled her dress completely off over her head. Mary mom and Diane watched as they sipped their wine.

Next I got Mary to stand and led her into the lounge where I unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor like I had Lin’s and made love to her on the second couch as Lin was stretched out on the other. It took me a little longer to finish but I made it. There is one thing about Mary, she never likes to be beaten which is ironic in a way.

I walked into the dinning room where Diane and my mother were still sat on their chairs. I told them both to go to the main bedroom, to strip and wait for me in the bed.

I went to Lin, hugged and kissed her then thanked her for what she’d done for Simon and whispered ‘I love you’ in her ear. I kissed Anne who was now curled up beside her mother I told her I loved her too. Mary was almost asleep on her couch. I fingered her pussy as I kissed her and said how much she meant to me too. I found some blankets for the them but also said my bed was free.

When I got to mom’s room it was to find Diane and her already going at it. Mom had her head between Diane’s legs, sucking on her pussy like her life depended on it as she waggled her bum suggestively at me. I knelt behind her and eased my latest erection into my mother and helped her satisfy Diane in a way I know she enjoys. I’d not finished when Diane pushed mom away from her tender parts so I pulled out of mom and slipped in to an appreciative Diane. I took her to another orgasm but still hadn’t finished myself.

Mom sucked me for a few minutes before sitting on me to bring herself off. I heard some one climbing the stairs as she was lying on my chest afterwards. I looked towards the open door and saw Lin with her boob tube still around her waist slipping into my bedroom. I eased myself from under mom who was almost asleep by then and saw Diane was already out cold.

I carefully got off the bed and joined Lin in mine. She was on her side under my duvet, I settled behind her and eased my dick into her super tight vagina and managed to cum but only after she’d climaxed almost continuously for several minutes.

I must have fallen asleep almost straight away as that’s where I found myself in the morning, but alone. Looking at my clock I saw it was after eight. I pulled on a pair shorts and a t-shirt, Diane was still a sleep but alone in mom’s bed as I headed for the stairs. I found mom Lin and Mary sat in the kitchen, as I’d walked past the lounge I’d noticed Anne asleep on the couch.

I kissed each of the mother’s, lightly on the lips. As they sipped their coffee they all watched me as I got myself a bowl of cereal. Mom told me they’d been talking. Oh god was the first thing that entered my head.

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