A Quiet Country Lane

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The nights drawing in early can go against you or it can go with you. On the one hand it’s winter and gets cold, but on the other hand all the people who come out to play in the dark are out earlier so you can have some fun and still be home in time for tea!

This day, I got ready about four o’clock and left the house wearing a tracksuit and trainers. I drove down to a place near Exeter, a place I have been to a few times in the Summer. It was dark when I got there and I pulled into the car park, a great view of the city lights in front of me.

I kicked of my trainers and pulled off my hoodie, exposing my outfit of stockings, suspender belt and a matching bra top. I would down the window and gently rubbed my crotch, waiting for some attention. I saw someone moving by the side of the car and was soon rewarded with hand, snaking in through the open window.

“Fucking hell!” he said as his hands touched my stocking top and rubbed inside my thigh. He caressed my thigh and rubbed my bra top, I felt my cock swell and it soon popped up and out from inside the thong. “That’s a nice dick,” he said as he took it in hand.

Then a car drove past and he suddenly withdrew and vanished from canlı bahis sight. After a minute or so it remained quiet, but the man did not return. I figured he got scared and had gone.

I stayed hard thinking about what almost had been and decided that my arse needed to feel the cool breeze. I got up onto the driver’s seat and hung my backside out of the window, my balls resting on the ledge and my cheeks, bared, felt the cold night breeze. As I pulled gently on my cock, I also pulled on the thong string, enjoying the warm friction on my hole. Then to my delight I realised that I was not alone again as I felt a hand touch my arse cheek. Warm fingers pulled the string from my crack and a finger ran down from the top of my arse to my balls. As it did I lifted up and felt a hand cup and then squeeze my balls. I had no idea who was behind me, but heard heavy manly breaths. He continued to toy with me and I wiggled my bum as started to push his dry fingers onto my little hole. Being molested is such a turn on for me and I enjoyed him squeezing and pulling on my cock as he tried to get his fingers in me. I moaned, deliberately sounding wanton instead of offended.

I heard him start to grunt and turned around bahis siteleri too late to see him come, but another hand was on his cock and had obviously been wanking him while he played with me. Spent, my molester zipped up his wet dick and hurried off. The hand belonged to a guy who had his jeans around his knees; his boxers did nothing to hide his meaty dick, standing proud. I said nothing, but put my chin on the ledge of the window and open my mouth.

He edged towards me and lifted his tee shirt revealing his cock, about six inches, but really thick. He put his fat helmet straight in my mouth and it filled me immediately. I pumped my face on it while he called me a dirty slut, holding my hair. His thick shaft felt great in my mouth as his smooth, hard helmet pushed on the back of my throat. I sucked on him and tasted some come ooze into my mouth so I pumped him even faster, mainly to take the knocks out him fucking my mouth, I already caught my chin on the ledge twice!

I adjusted myself in my seat, inviting him to touch me up. I was please that his hand wnet past my cock and started rubbing instead on my hole, ‘mmmm another molester I thought!’ I pushed my pelvis forward, flattening my bahis şirketleri dick on my stomach and giving him more access to my hole. His fat fingers were sticky and it hurt a little as he tried to penetrate me, I let out a gurgled moan onto his cock and then it happened. He was pushing really hard on my arsehole and he quickened his pace in and out of my mouth – I was treated to a warm squirt of come as his hot dick some how got even hard and pulsed in my mouth. Two more shoves from him and two more squirts. I am no swallower and imagine the bubbles of come oozing out of my mouth in what small space there was around his shaft.

He pulled his dick out and pulled his jeans back up and vanished almost immediately into the darkness. I was sure I heard a female voice say, “That was so hot baby!” Glad to be of service I thought as I wiped my chin.

Then everything went quiet and no cars came or went. I waited about half an hour and then drove up to a different bit of the wooded area. I knew I desperately wanted to be taken into the woods and fucked, hopefully on all fours, but I was so horny that I knew the next guy to come along would make me come. Unfortunately this turned out to be a shy guy who only wanted to wank me off. I love the appreciative noises I get when I come and I wonder if once he saw me shoot he hadn’t wished it had been in his mouth? Maybe next time I will find out if I see him again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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