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I hope you enjoy the following completely fictional story of an erotic encounter between a man and a preteen boy. It is not based on any real events, locations, or people. If for any reason this will offend you or be inappropriate for you to read, please stop reading it now.

The purpose of this story is simply to excite you and help you get off. A suggestion: Have some lube within easy reach and some tissues nearby for cleaning up. And a nice picture of a pretty, tan, blue-eyed boy with blond hair may come in handy, too. I”ll give you a cue in the story when it”s time to put those things to use.

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Michelle and I have been happily married for six years now. She”s really an awesome wife and is a real lady, too. Beautiful, classy, dignified, and really hot when we”re both in the mood – which seems to be most of the time.

We”d been having such fun that neither of us wanted to give up the freedom we”d been enjoying… dinners out, the occasional night at a bar, and date nights at home when we”d spend hours in the bedroom enjoying each other. We were both enthusiastic about having kids, but neither of was quite ready, just yet.

Our time as a childless couple came to an abrupt end, though, one summer night two years ago, when my best friend and his wife were killed in a traffic accident. Michelle and I were godparents to their only child, Brendon, who at the time was only seven. Some of our other friends were actually angry that John and Margaret had been out on a Saturday night, and – if I knew them – probably having visited more than one bar before their unfortunate encounter with an eighteen wheeler. But Michelle and I saw no place for anger in this tragedy. John and Margaret died doing what they loved, partying and being together. And nobody could doubt their love for Brendon who, thankfully, was home with a babysitter when tragedy struck.

With neither John nor Margaret having any other living relatives, Michelle and I became Brendon”s legal guardians. We considered his arrival in our home to be a precious gift. But of course the sudden, unexpected loss of both of his parents weighed more heavily on poor Brendon than it did on us, as terrible as it was even for us. He had always been such a happy, outgoing, and adventurous boy. Since the accident, though, he”d become quiet and introverted. It was a rare treat to see him smile and, increasingly, it was becoming a challenge to make him laugh. Michelle and I truly loved this boy and it hurt us to see him suffering. We also knew he needed to come to terms with his unimaginable loss in his own way. We were there to support him in any way possible, but we never wanted to force anything upon him. We especially didn”t want to try to take the place of his wonderful parents. Brendon was a very loyal son. There was no way that we would ever be disrespectful of his devotion to his parents, or try to get him to just forget about them and move on. We both loved Brendon as though he were our own son, and that”s how seriously we took our obligation to serve as his godparents.

That”s why it pained us to see him in what seemed to be a perpetually sad state. He had few friends to play with in the neighborhood, and with school out for the summer, it looked to us as though Brendon would spend his vacation dwelling on his loss and thinking back on how great life had been just two years earlier, back when things were normal.

Eventually, I thought that two years was time enough for my subdued approach at letting Brendon find his way through the tragedy. I decided to get a little more assertive in pushing him past his mourning. One of the many things I did in an attempt to get Brendon interested in something other than his loss was purchase three tickets to a baseball game. Michelle isn”t the biggest baseball fan – and really, neither am I – but I knew she”d go if it looked like it would be fun for Brendon. Plan A was to have him invite a friend to enjoy the game with us, but most of the kids he would have invited were either away on vacation with their families or at summer camp. So, if Brendon didn”t have anybody he could invite, Plan B would be for the three of us to go. Either way, I was excited about the opportunity to get him out of the house and – hopefully – enjoying a fun night out with me and whoever would ultimately join us.

When I got home from work the day I”d picked up the tickets, I ran up the stairs and without even thinking about it, and I barged right into Brendon”s room. The problem was, he was laying naked on his bed, pleasuring himself. “Oh, sorry! I”ll come back later” I blurted out. I closed the door, turned and almost ran from his room. I felt so badly! How could I have been so stupid? Michelle, Brendon, and I followed the rule that, in our house, we never lock doors but we always knock before entering someone”s private space. In my enthusiasm to share the news about the tickets, I”d totally violated that rule and embarrassed myself. Worse yet, I felt embarrassed for poor little Brendon… an embarrassment that I myself had caused. Now I”d made his situation even worse.

I sat downstairs in the kitchen for about an hour after this incident. Michelle was out at the store so I, thankfully, was all alone. I couldn”t even turn the TV on… I just needed to collect myself and think about what I”d done, and more importantly, how to resolve it. Sitting there in silence, I did realize one positive thing… I”d finally seen Brendon enjoying something. And although I”d only gotten the briefest glimpse of his face, it did look like he was relaxed and comfortable, and that much, at least, had been a joy to behold.

After I”d sat there beating myself up for a while, Michelle called on the phone, and told me she had to visit one more store, because our usual store was out of an item she wanted for the next night”s dinner. This would add another hour or so to her shopping trip. I was actually relieved at this news… it meant I”d have time to try to talk with Brendon and make sure that, if he was upset at my intrusion, he would know he had nothing to worry about.

I walked upstairs, stopped in the master bedroom, grabbed an additional little gift for Brendon from my nightstand, and headed to his room. This time, instead of just barging in, I softly knocked.

“Yeah?” came Brendon”s reply.

“Hey Brendon, mind if I come in?”.

There was a pause. “Nope, come on in… thanks for knocking first.” he finally said.


I opened the door. I slowly walked in. He was fully dressed – no surprise there – and sitting at his desk.

“Hey pal, I have some great news, but first, I came to apologize for barging in unannounced before”.

“It”s okay”, he said, in that tone that kids use when they know they”re saying what they think they have to say, but not really saying what they wish they could say. The fact that he avoided any eye contact with me, and didn”t even look up at me, told me he was actually very upset.

“No Brendon, it”s not okay. I totally violated your privacy, and it will never happen again.”

“Thanks.” He was still detached. Probably angry but too polite to say so, and probably embarrassed and unable to see beyond that.

I wanted to try to get us both past that. “I also want to make sure you know you didn”t do anything wrong. You are great at following the rule about not locking doors but always knocking, and I very stupidly broke that rule today. It”s all on me, buddy”.

“It”s alright”.

I sat on the edge of his bed, and leaned in a little closer to him. “And if you”re embarrassed, please don”t be. All boys do what you were doing. I”m glad you found a fun way to spend some time alone. I did the same thing when I was your age. And I”m married now and I still do it once in a while.


“Yes Brendon. The only thing that was wrong today was when I came in here without knocking. And like I said, that will never happen again.”

“Okay, thanks Uncle Joe”.

Finally, I seemed to be making a little headway.

“I”m going to talk with your Aunt Michelle. I”m not going to tell her any of this. But I am going to suggest a little change to our door kayseri escort rule. Would it be okay with you if I suggested to her that, from now on, if anybody needs a little private time, they may lock their bedroom door for up to about one hour, even though everybody else must always knock before entering anyway? And before going to bed, anybody who locks his or her door must unlock it before falling asleep? That”s for everybody”s safety, Brendon.”

“Sure, but why?”

“Because I want you to be able to enjoy yourself in that special way that boys do without having to worry that some clumbsy adult like me will get all excited about something and forget to knock before barging in on you.”

“Sure, that”s cool.”

“It”s really cool, but I don”t think it”s as cool as you are,” I told him, trying my best to smile and make him feel as special as he really is to me.

“You don”t think Aunt Michelle will be suspicious?”

“Let her be suspicious,” I winked. “actually, she”s very cool, and I can just tell her that you have gotten to the age when a boy like you needs his privacy. She”ll understand, trust me. And she”ll never ask or say anything to cause you any embarrassment or any worry. That”s a fact.”

“Awesome”, Brendon smiled.

The gravity of what had just happened started to hit me. Brendon smiled. Brendon actually smiled! A beautiful, spontaneous, teeth showing, uninhibited smile!

I patted his head, messed up his neat blond hair just a bit. The entire experience was turning out not to be so disastrous after all. 

“So, uncle Joe, what were you so excited to tell me about before?”

“Oh, right, I almost forgot. You may have noticed, I”m very forgetful today.”

Brendon laughed. Oh, what a day!

“I went out at lunch time today and picked up three tickets to a baseball game. If you want to invite somebody, please do, otherwise Aunt Michelle will use the third ticket”.

“Wow, I haven”t been to a baseball game in a long time!” Brendon exclaimed.

I waited for the disappointed look, the one that was sure to come when he realized that his own father and mother would never again take him to a baseball game… that life would never be the same again. But it didn”t come. He really appeared to be happy. I was thrilled beyond words.

We discussed all the details, who was playing, what day and time the game would be, even what we”d wear and what we”d eat. And what was really thrilling to both of us… how we”d avoid paying the ridiculous fees for parking.

Had I really helped my precious little godson find a way to smile, and laugh, and be happy, and to – momentarily, at least – put aside the grief that had defined the last two years of his young life? I could not have been happier at this moment. I showed him the tickets and told him I”d keep them in the safe until game day. He smiled and nodded, having no idea how happy he”d just made me. I decided to continue the streak of happiness.

“And in the mean time, here”s a little present for you, and let”s keep it just between us guys, ok?” I handed Brendon his own, brand new, unopened bottle of wet lite lube.

“Thanks.” he said, clearly having no idea what it was or what it was for. “What is it?”

I guess I kind of expected this, although I”d wished I wouldn”t have to explain.

“Well, when a guy needs a little private time, you know, like we were talking about before, a little bit of this stuff can make things go quite a bit smoother.”

“Oh, cool. But, I mean, what do you do with it?”

Brendon was not just a great, loving kid, but a totally innocent one, too.

“You pour a little bit of this stuff on your hand, and when you, you know, touch yourself, it feels so much better. I mean, it feels REALLY nice.”

“Oh, okay.” he smiled. “But, I mean, how do you… oh, I guess I”ll figure it out some time.”

“What, you mean, you”re not sure what to do?”

“Right, I mean, it”s embarrassing and all, but I”ve never really done much like that”.

“I understand buddy, and listen, we”re not gonna be embarrassed at all, are we, I mean, if we discuss this a little, because I know I won”t be, as long as you won”t be”.

“Well, sure. But I was hoping you might kind of show me or demonstrate just how to use it”, Brendon told me.

Oh, wow, this was getting complicated. And the last thing I wanted to do was make Brendon feel foolish for asking me about this, for trusting me to take him seriously.

“Oh, okay Brendon, so before, when I barged in, weren”t you making yourself feel good?”


“Okay buddy, so instead of just using your hand, use your hand with just a little of this awesome stuff on it, and see how much better it feels.” Wink, wink.

“Okay, I get it.” Some hesitation. “But before, just before you walked in, it was feeling really good, and I got scared, because I didn”t know what was happening, I felt like I was about to go to the bathroom, right here on my bed”.

“Ah, okay… well, that”s not a problem, in fact, the opposite, that”s actually really wonderful”.

Brendon responded with an expectant nod and a long, blank stare.

I guess I went off into the weeds a bit. “You see, nature gave us this beautiful gift, right? It”s called sex. Men and women have their own way of enjoying it, based on the way nature designed our bodies. Fortunately, when there aren”t any people of the opposite sex around with whom we both agree to have sex, we can have fun by ourselves. It”s called masturbating. Slang terms for masturbating are “jerking off” and stuff like that. We do it because it feels so good. It”s very relaxing. And after you do it, it can be easier to fall asleep. It”s a great stress reliever. And it helps you practice what you like and what feels good for when you do have a wife. You with me, Brendon?”


“So, let”s say that the playing with yourself or masturbating part is about a one or a two on the scale of what feels good. But that scale goes all the way up to ten. What was just about to happen for you, before I walked in, and what you were getting a little scared about, that would have brought you way up to ten on that feels good scale”.

“Wow. So what happens? How do you get to that ten?”

“You just let it happen, you just roll with it, dude. You”ll be amazed if you just let it happen”.

“But what happens, that”s what I don”t understand”.

“Oh, I assumed you knew, I”m sorry pal. What happens is almost your entire body builds up these incredibly good feelings, and the next thing you know, all this pleasure is focused right there – I pointed to his midsection – and a little bit of liquid shoots out and believe me, once it happens, you”ll never forget it and you”ll want to do it again and again.”

“What happens with the liquid that comes out?”

“If you”re with your wife, that liquid can make her pregnant, which is so awesome. Isn”t it cool that nature gave us this great way to have fun? I mean, nature designed us so we”d have fun doing this, and that way, we would want to make more people and life will go on and on”.

“But what if you”re not with your wife?”

“Oh well then just try not to make too much mess with it and clean up after yourself”.

“Can you show me so I know what to do?”

Wow! Introverted little Brendon was certainly coming back out of his shell.

“Hey, buddy, I”d love to, but a lot of people would think that”s very inappropriate, and I could get in big trouble.”

“Oh… see, I”m really curious about this, but I”m also a little scared. I mean, if you would just show me once, I would never tell anybody, I promise.”

Hmmm. As much as I don”t want to disappoint Brendon, I”m not sure I”m into such a thing, especially when you consider the risks involved. And, I probably don”t even have to say this, but I”m totally straight. I”ve always been into women, and never even slightly attracted to men. But that brief peek I”d gotten at Brendon”s sleek body was pretty nice. And while his hand had been in the way and it was from a little distance, my impression was that Brendon had been packing a pretty nice little unit for a boy his age. He”s always had a really cute face, with a tiny smattering of really faint freckles on his upper cheeks and his nose. He had his mother”s amazing blond hair and blue eyes, and his body – especially recently – had been developing nicely. John had been pretty muscular, and Brendon already had pretty good biceps and somewhat athletic legs. What I saw today, brief though it was, did nothing to make me think that Brendon wasn”t becoming a very handsome boy.

I felt ashamed thinking this way, but I suddenly had this thought… could a totally straight guy actually be attracted to a cute boy and still be straight? Was I really having gay thoughts if I was thinking that little Brendon had actually looked hot?

Strangely, the conversation we”d been having did make me a little hard. It was as though I”d been thinking of Brendon not as either a male keçiören escort or a female, but almost as a “third sex” – if that”s even possible – a hairless, very cute, young boy. I would never go for a man. But as he sat there looking at me, I was starting to feel attracted to him in a way I”d never have expected. His curiosity and his sincere desire for me to teach him were having a strong affect on me. I thought back to my childhood days with John. We certainly were both straight, but on a couple of occasions, we had shown each other our cocks, and if I remember correctly, John had in a playful way once touched mine and taken my hand and placed it on his cock. It was all very playful and innocent, driven completely by childhood curiosity. Would John approve of this?

It was the way that Brendon had seemed to make so much progress today and my assumption that John would indeed have thought – just this one time – that a little innocent guidance and play may actually be a good thing for his boy, that convinced me to give Brendon what he asked for.

“Okay buddy, you PROMISE to always, forever, keep whatever we”re about to do an absolute, one hundred percent, unbreakable secret?”

“Yup, one hundred percent.”

“Only between us, forever and ever?”

“Uh huh”

“Well, then, maybe I”ll help you out. Aunt Michelle won”t be home for about forty five minutes. What, exactly, do you have in mind?”

“Can you just show me how to use this stuff?”

“Alright. But you have to get completely undressed again”.

Brendon stood up from his chair at the desk. Very unceremoniously, he shook off his flip flops. Next came the shirt… and for the first time, I noticed what a nice chest he had. Up close, those biceps were really fine to look at, too. His belly was taut, as though he”d been doing sit-ups regularly. I felt an unexpected surge in my cock. A little boy removing his clothing had just caused quite a pleasant release of precum into my nads. He leaned over a little while he unfastened the button on his jeans, and when he looked up at me, he had a delightful smile on his face. Not just a “hey, that”s funny” smile, but a mischievous, almost naughty grin. A delightful sight to see on a boy from whose life a healthy dose of boyhood, carefree fun had been absent for way too long.

As the jeans slid down his lovely legs, I got a nice glimpse of the way his back curved inward just above his waist, then worked its way into a lovely, protruding, bubble butt. Holy shit. Brendon was hot as fuck!

He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his colorful briefs, which were mostly a bright green with a dark blue band at the waist, and I stopped him.

“Brendon, we both have to be very clear, are you SURE you want to do this?”


“And this is one hundred percent, our secret, forever, just between us?”

“One hundred percent.”

“Well, then allow me, you little cutie pie”.

Oh, the shit eating grin that spread across Brendon”s beautiful face when I put my own thumbs into his waistband and slowly slid those sexy little undies down his even sexier, muscled little tan legs! Of course, all of that was nothing compared to the sight of his bald – and I mean completely hairless, absolutely perfectly devoid of even any little downy hairs at all – semi hard, yummy little cut boycock. And those amazing nuts, cradled as they were by his tight, compact little boy scrotum, also delightfully free of even a hint of any hair. Suddenly, I got it. I understood why, since the beginning of time, some guys who”d been given the gift of seeing beauty where most others didn”t, were crazy about little boys. Obviously, not every little boy. But beautiful, sexy ones like Brendon. An hour ago, I really felt no attraction to him at all. Now, after this little show, I wanted to caress every inch of his hot, smooth young body.

And I hadn”t even really seen that ass yet. But when Brendon turned around to make sure his clothes were hanging neatly on the back of his chair, I got a nice, up close look at the most perfect little butt upon which I”ve ever laid eyes. I could feel the warmth radiating from his body, and soon I wanted to be able to let my hands roam all over it, especially this ultra-smooth, uber-sexy looking boyass. What the fuck? How is such sexiness even possible?

Brendon turned around to face me, and I snapped out of the trance under which he”d put me. “Okay, your turn.”

“To do what, buddy?”

“To take your clothes off.”

“Oh, is that part of what we”re doing?”

“Sure, or else how could you show me how to use that stuff?”

Oh, this was a most welcome surprise. I”d had no idea that Brendon intended for me to have a happy ending… I”d though we were only going to work on his.

I began disrobing. Brendon”s eyes were fixed on my every move. When I got to the point of removing my underwear… that”s right, he wanted to do it. When he slid down my plain white briefs enough to free my cock, I was actually thankful that it hadn”t hit him in the face, so excited was I and so anxious was my dick to be freed for some man-boy fun.

He pointed at the tip. “What”s that?” he asked, pointing to a string of precum that was oozing from my cockhead, dangling down almost to the carpet.

“That, Brendon, is a natural version of the stuff I gave you in the bottle. When it”s coming out like that, it means you are very excited and your body is really, really ready to play. It makes everything feel a lot better, too. So, thank you for making me so excited, as you can see, I”ve become quite ready to have some fun with you”.

He reached out and touched it, and the warmth of his hand on my cock sent tingles through it such as I haven”t had since I was in high school. When he got some of my precum on his hand and began to rub the head of my dick with it, I nearly went through the ceiling with ecstasy.

“Hey, hey, not so fast, Okay Brendon? A lot of this has to do with timing. If you tickle me too much, too soon, it will all be over way too quickly.” I pointed to the bed.

“Let”s lay down on your bed, Brendon, and take our time a bit more.”

Of course, I was acutely aware that we couldn”t take all night, and that Michelle could be home with the groceries pretty soon. I figured we had thirty minutes, tops, to have our fun.

I lay down first, and naked, sexy-ass Brendon lay next to me, on my left side. “So, Brendon, I have to ask, about my barging in here before, no hard feelings, right?” This probably was not the best choice of words.  One look at Brendon”s sexy boycock left me with no doubt that his excitement level had probably reached a new high.

“Nope, no hard feelings.”

You could have fooled me, you little stud!

“Cool buddy, now let”s have some fun. What were you hoping to see me demonstrate for you?”

“Can you just show me how to use the stuff?”

“Okay, let”s do it.” I took the bottle of lube.

“Now, before you use it, you should make yourself a little excited, so your thing gets a bit hard”.

Brendon put his left hand on his boycock. Then he shocked me again and put his right hand on my raging hard, precum-dripping mancock. Damn that felt good!

“Now, just go up and down, up and down, okay?

“Like this?”

“Yeah baby, just like that.”

He really seemed to like being called baby. I guess he knew I wasn”t using that word in a belittling way, but in a sexy way.

“Mmmmm yes Brendon, doesn”t it feel good?”

“Oh yeah, it feels great.”

“Awesome dude, now, go ahead and put a little of that lube in your hand”.

The idea was for him to stroke his sexy littleboycock with his lubed hand. But he was full of surprises on this crazy day. Instead, he placed his lubed up, small, warm, sexy hand on my leaking cock.

“Oh Brendon, I thought you wanted to do it to yourself.”

“I do, but first I want to try on you, is that okay?”

“That is more than okay, baby, that is just incredible. You sure you”ve only played with yourself a couple of times? What you”re doing is mind blowing, it feels so good. You”re like a pro at this!”

“Oh, yeah, cool!”

“Very cool”.

He stopped playing with himself completely, put his right elbow into the pillow, and propped his head up with his right hand. He looked completely relaxed. A calm, curious look appeared on his face. That mischievous grin started returning. While he stared at it, his left, lubed up hand continued to make love to me and my suddenly perverted cock.

“So, how do you know when you”re gonna go to ten on the feels-good scale?” Brendon asked me.

“You”ll  feel everything down here start to tighten up, but in a very pleasant way. There”s nothing to be afraid of or nervous about, I mean, as long as some big, bumbling idiot doesn”t come wandering into your room right when you”re about to hit ten on the pleasure scale!”

We both laughed at that.

“So, Brendon, do you want to see what happens when I go to ten?”

“Sure, ankara kendi evi olan escort I”d love to”.

“Then keep on stroking me baby, just like you”re doing right now.”

“Okay.” With a determined look on his face, Brendon doubled down on the handjob he was giving me.

“Should I pour a little more on it?” he asked, pointing to the lube.

He”d read my mind.

“Go for it buddy, I could use a little more”.

Now he sat upright, repositioned himself between my legs, poured more of that amazing wet lite onto my cock, and started working his hand up and down. I pointed to his other hand.

“Brendon, if you really want to do this right, you have two hands for a good reason. One plays with this”, I said, pointing to my dick, “and the other plays, very gently, with these.” and I pulled his other hand to my nuts.

“With the stuff?”

“Oh, that would be awesome”.

With two hands, nine-year-old Brendon masturbated my cock and balls. I watched his hands do incredible things to me, while feeling up his smooth, sexy body with my eyes. His little dick was so hard and throbbing so much it”s a wonder it didn”t jump right off his body.

I couldn”t take much more of this intense pleasure. The moment Brendon had been waiting for was seconds away.

“Ok Brendon, I”m almost to ten. Keep a close eye right here.” I told him, pointing to my cock.

“Okay Uncle Joe”.

Something about the way he said that, while giving me the hand job to end all lubricated, little boy hand jobs, sent me over the edge.

“Brendon, watch, it”s happening Buddy!”

With that, Brendon gave my dick one more incredible downstroke while the fingers of his other sexy little hand kept on fondling my excited nuts. He gasped as the first shot of my first-ever pedo load erupted from my spasming dick, and it came close to getting him right in the face.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, never stopping his up and down motion and watching in utter fascination as multiple subsequent strings of semen shot from my cock, headed straight for his lean, smooth, beautifully hairless boy body.

When my off-the-charts, little-boy-induced orgasm finally subsided, Brendon asked, “So there”s nothing painful about that?”

“Oh, hell no buddy, it feels incredibly good, especially when you”re as excited as you just got me. And you did an awesome job of making me cum – that”s what we call it when all that stuff shoots out”.

“Sweet, can I try now?”

“Oh, I hope so, that”s the whole idea, isn”t it?”

“Ok, so what makes that lube stuff feel so good on your thing?”

“It”s because it makes the movement so smooth, you know, removes any friction, heat, or dryness. It”s kind of like someone is sucking it for you, you know?”

“Oh, neat, I bet that feels good, has anybody ever sucked yours?”

“Well of course dude, that”s how I know it feels so good!” Naturally, I stopped short of telling him that Michelle loves sucking me off and in fact just did it the previous night.

“Nobody”s ever sucked mine…” Brendon declared, with a disappointed look on his face.

“And we”re keeping everything we do and say here one hundred percent, just between us, man to man secret, forever and ever?”


“Well then you”re in luck my little friend, because at this moment you”ve got me so worked up, I want nothing more than to taste your yummy little unit”.

The shit eating grin was back. That alone made the whole exercise worthwhile.

“Now sit up on my chest and feed me that sexy little thing I”ve been staring at this whole time!”

To The Reader: Yes, friend, it is time. Get your own lube out, and don”t be stingy with it. Have a couple of paper towels in easy reach, because by the time Joe and Brendon are finished, you”re gonna be shooting a  generous load of cum all over your keyboard or, better yet, all over that pic you selected which looks just like the Brendon of your hottest, wildest, most perverted, boy-loving dreams. Where do you wanna shoot it, on his pretty face, in his hair, all over his chest, maybe on that hot, smooth, shapely bubble butt of his, or maybe in the sweet, tight, hot littleboypussy hidden within? I bet you”d have fun squirting your load all over his hairless, yummy, stiff little cut boycock. Don”t forget his nuts, too, they could use a nice pedo load all over them. How hot would that look? Ready now? Let”s get ready to shoot cum together! Here we go… Stroke your big, hard, boy loving, lube glistening cock! It”s time to nut! 

Brendon sat on my chest, with his legs on either side of my face. I motioned for him to move his crotch closer to my face, and he happily did so. His chest and belly were so beautiful close up like this.

Once again, I savored the wonderful warmth radiating from his body. And his cock was so hard and looked so delicious. Was that really a droplet of precum I saw oozing from his tip?

“Now, Brendon, as you know, in this house, we always keep the language nice and clean and respectful. But do you think it would be fun to use a little dirty language now, just to make this a little sexier for us?”


“Okay, great, then please, please, slide your hot, sexy little cock between my lips and fuck my mouth with it!”

He giggled and proceeded to do just as I”d asked. Brendon determined the speed and the rythym, while I varied my suction on his astounding littleboydick.

After a few good minutes of this, I signaled “Stop” with my hands and he pulled out. “Brendon, honey, does it feel good?”

“Oh, it”s amazing, feels better than anything else I”ve ever done!”

“Awesome, but let”s not forget your beautiful nuts, I wanna suck them too!”

Now he was really giggling. He lifted himself over my face, and carefully lowered himself so I could gently, playfully teabag his hairless nutsack. It was delightful for me, and I think he liked it too, especially when I started stroking his dicklet.

I stopped for a second.

“Brendon, earlier, you said you were a little afraid of what would happen, that you thought you were gonna pee or something. You”re not afraid anymore, are you Buddy?”

“Nope, I wanna do it!”

“You sure you”re ready?”


“Well, I want it Brendon. Fuck my face again and cum in my mouth you little stud!”

Again he pistoned that sweet cocklet in and out of my hungry mouth.

With my left hand I massaged his yummy little sack, with my right I felt up his belly and chest, and of course, that velvety ass of his. It was so hot. But I hadn”t seen anything yet.

“Uncle Joe, I think it”s happening! I”m ready to go to ten on the feels-good scale!”

“Yeah sexy, let me taste it. I wanna make you feel so good!”

Then he grunted. What a little slut! “Mmmmmm, wow! It”s amazing!”

His littleboydick jerked and spasmed in my mouth. Not only could I feel his very first orgasm and the increased warmth in his cock, but I could taste it. There wasn”t much, but it was delicious!

“Wow, Uncle Joe, that was AWESOME!”

“I agree completely, I loved it too! And I”m so glad you did it baby. But we gotta get dressed. Aunt Michelle is gonna be home any minute!”

And she was. We had both just barely finished getting dressed when we heard the garage door going up.

“Looks like we finished your lesson right in the nick of time, Brendon!” I said, smiling.

“We sure did. One hundred percent!”

“Hehe, yes buddy!”

Michelle, Brendon, and I had a wonderful dinner. Then we went out for some ice cream and a walk around the neighborhood, just like happy families do in the summer time. We talked about the fun the three of us were sure to have at the baseball game.

When we got home and Brendon went to take a shower, Michelle commented to me that he must really be excited about the game. “I don”t think I”ve seen Brendon this happy since before the accident. Is it really the game that has him so peaceful, so happy tonight?” she asked me.

“I think so, honey. He”s just had a great day, you know, and I”m so thankful for that.”

“Oh, Joe, I”m so proud of you. I mean, who beside you would ever guess that such a simple thing would make him so happy, so content? You”ve really made a great connection with him.”

“Oh, thanks love. Yeah, it seems we do finally have quite a great connection!”

If she only knew!
Later that night, a little while after Brendon had gone to bed, I knocked very gently on his door. No answer. Sure enough, it was unlocked. Slowly, tentatively, I opened it. It was awesome to see Brendon fast asleep, seemingly very relaxed and comfortable in his plush warm bed. And I could swear his breathing was a little slower, his body a little more relaxed, and the look on his cute face just a little more content than I”d ever seen before.


I hope you enjoyed this completely fictional story. If you did, would you please send me an email and tell me about your experience with it? I love hot emails from readers, especially when they share what they liked, what got them hard, what made them cum, and even what needs improvement. (But, especially, what made them cum! The hotter, the ail

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