A Polish Encounter Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

We walked home from work together. On arriving at her house, she invited me in. I followed her into her room. It was small, with just a sofa bed, table, an armchair, and a door leading to her bathroom and kitchen. I sat down and accepted the beer she offered me and waited for her to return from the bathroom.

My hopes aroused and my cock stiffened in my jeans on her return.

She had transformed herself from a rather plain and quite frankly, unattractive woman, into a thing of beauty. The white tee-shirt hugged her small but ample breasts making it obvious she had no bra on underneath, and the short, white Lycra skirt, clung to her like a second skin, showing her shapely body to perfection.

She sat with me. I smiled as she looked into my eyes, following my gaze, slowly, down the entire length of her body. “Very nice,” I said, although neither of us spoke the others language. She seemed to understand. I ran the tip of my finger from the hem line of her skirt, down her fleshy thigh to her knee. “Very very nice,” I said again.

She parted her legs slightly, my hand sliding over her knee to her inside leg. I moved my hand up, resting only an inch from her crotch. She edged forward, my index finger now lying beside her labia. Using my finger tip, I traced the inside of her piss flap. Her hole was moist and warm. She turned to kiss me, her tongue probing my lips as my finger probed deeper inside her fanny.

I felt her hand on my now erect cock, firmly squeezing the outline of my meat through my jeans. She purred softly as my finger found her stiff clitoris. Suddenly she pulled away, in a frenzy, she was on her knees in front of me, hurriedly undoing my jeans and hooking her fingers inside the waistband, pulling both them and my boxers down past my knees.

She started to pull off my shoes as her lips encased my bell end and had the entire length of my cock in her throat as she threw them to the side. She gagged slightly as I started to face fuck her. She was forcing herself on me, enjoying the reaching sensation as my dick pushed hard in her throat.

I pulled off my tee-shirt and looked at my slime covered cock as she teased the eye with her tongue. Then saw the look of wild excitement in her eyes as she dropped again, my whole cock disappearing completely in her mouth.

I grabbed two handfuls of her black hair and wanked myself with her head.

She started to moan loudly. It was then I noticed both her hands were between her legs, rubbing furiously at her cunt. She was cumming!!

I wanted her juice hole, I wanted to taste her. My mind raced. We had just finished a hard day’s work, and neither of us had showered. I imagined how she would smell. Strong, pungent, dirty, sexy.

I reluctantly pulled her head from my cock. Lying back on the sofa, I reached out, my hand hooking her inner thigh, pulling it towards me. She understood. Within seconds, she had pulled off her tee-shirt, removed her skirt and straddled my face.

Her cunt lips were swollen and red and un-obscured by hair. Her arsehole looked delicious. Dark brown. Her shithole already open enough to accept the tip of my little finger. She lowered herself onto me as she resumed eating my penis. I could smell her cum and stale piss and sweat. Then I could taste it as I scooped her cunt with my tongue and sucked at her slit slush. I breathed deeply through my nose as her arsehole pushed against it.

Fuck she was a dirty bitch!

She had probably tried to clean herself well with toilet paper, but it was still dirty. Not that you could see, but that smell, that delicious smell, still lingered.

I pushed my nose hard into her, still licking and sucking on her pisshole.

Slurping sounds filled the room as we fed greedily on each other I knew she must be tasting my pre-cum.

It felt as though it were pissing out of me like her juice was pouring out of her. I heard her mouth leave my cock with a plop, and then felt my balls being sucked. I pulled my legs up, feeling her nose on my arse as both balls were sucked into her mouth. I could hear her sniffing me.

Moaning and sniffing.

I could feel wetness on my shitter as her spit ran down from my balls. She sucked harder, then followed the spit down with her tongue. I parted my legs further as her tongue entered my arse.

I breathed in deeply just before she positioned her arse on my mouth. This bitch was my fucking dream.

A fucking horny dirty arse lover.

She tasted so good. So fucking dirty. I pulled her arse open more with my fingers. I wanted my tongue as far inside her as possible.

I spat inside her.

She did the same to me.

I wondered if there was anything this dirty Polish whore wouldn’t do.

I began fucking her bum hole with the index fingers of my hands. First one then the other. First up to the knuckle, then as deep as each would go. Oh my God. The slut copied my every move. My man-cunt was being poked and stretched too. After every two or three pokes I licked my fingers, bahis siteleri tasting her dirty arse and covering them with spit for re-entry.

She was so good. Anything I would do, she would do better. Her hole (and mine) were getting bigger. Easily stretching open. I put both fingers in, pulling slightly, opening her hole still further.

I wanted to see her arse in action. My mind racing with the dirtiest of thoughts.

I wanted everything I could get from the bitch.

I worked my fingers harder in her dirt hole, fucking her with both together. Pulling outwards on every probe, pausing occasionally to suck and wet my fingers and admire her ever wider open hole. Sometimes lifting my head to taste it with my tongue or fill it with my spit. Then a thought struck me. Something I wanted her to do. Something that I could make her do.

I stretched her arse with my fingers then, pulled them out, still holding her arse open by tugging on her bum cheeks, I raised my head, my mouth open, encircling her dirty mess hole with my lips I breathed deeply through my nose then blew into her shitter.

Pushing my lips hard against her to stop the air escaping I blew as hard as my lungs would allow me, filling her shit box with air. I blew and blew until I could feel the pressure equalising between her arse and my mouth.

I blew and blew until I could blow no more. My lips parted company with her arse and she began to fart. The first “blast” so powerful it splattered my face with the spit I had been injecting her with. I sniffed, feeling the wind in my face, smelling that musky smell, but most of all, hearing that sound. The sound that most people are embarrassed about making, but the sound that I find signifies all that is delicious and dirty about real dirty animal sex.

She stopped tonguing my ass and turned to me to say something in Polish.

Of course I didn’t understand her, but I could tell by the tone of her voice it was more of an encouragement than a reprimand.

I lifted my head to re-fill her with air, but before my lips could reach her, she strained and farted once more. I sucked it in, breathed it in. It was stronger, louder, dirtier, tastier and so, so much better than before. I put my tongue on her ring but her real fart had finished. Her arse opened once more as she strained. She grunted as she tried so hard to give me more of her arse treasure. I put my tongue inside, then felt a warm trickle on my neck. She was pushing so hard she had peed.

I wanted to lick it straight away, but was glad I stayed with my tongue in her shitter as she farted again. A real wet juicy one.

She once again said something incomprehensible to me before she had placed her mouth on my arse. I knew she wanted me to do the same to her, but I also knew that if I did, I would piss all over myself, and I thought that would be a waste.

I lightly slapped her bum, she sighed an approving sigh, and I slapped it again before placing my hands under her thighs and pushing her up and away from me.

She jumped up and quickly knelt on the floor, looking up at me like a scalded puppy that had just been told off for shitting on the carpet.

I smiled at her, then pointed to my arse, miming the action of straining to fart, then pointing at my cock, I made a hissing sound.

O.K. she said.

I stood up, and took a step towards the bathroom. She grabbed my legs.

O.K, she said, then pointed to her mouth.

I pushed my cock down towards her, she took it in her hand and held it against her lips, then opened her mouth and began tonguing my pisshole.

I pushed. A spurt of piss splashed her tongue. She opened her mouth and I sprayed inside it. The piss splashed her face as she momentarily closed her lips to swallow.

Another spray wet her hair and ran down her face as I pushed again. I could see her nipples were hard as rock as my piss ran over her small firm tits.

She was a thirsty slut. She took more splashes on her face and swallowed more before taking my cock deep and taking my piss straight down her throat. She stuck a finger in my arse and used it to pull me onto her as she gagged, coughed and spluttered on my pissing cock. I pulled out and filled her open mouth then drove my cock in to the hilt, fucking her as she puked piss and spit over my bollocks. Then, still holding me by the cock, she got up onto the sofa on all fours. I got behind her. Her ample bum ready for me. I put my cock head on her arsehole and peed a little, trying to save what I had left. I pushed my cock against her. Her arse opened easily. I stretched it more by circling my cock head as I entered her. As I pushed further inside, her hole tightened, sucking firmly on my cock before my balls were hanging against her cunt. She pushed back into me as I started to fuck her. She was talking in Polish as I shafted her shitter. I didn’t understand but my translation was,

“Fuck my tight arse, please fuck my tight arse, I want you inside me, I need your cock, I need your piss. canlı bahis siteleri Please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

I fucked her hard, I fucked her rough. I pulled out to see her gape, then drove back in, hard and fast. Then pulling out after every stroke I began pumping her. The air escaping with a juicy, pissy fart each time I pushed back inside. I could see her fingers rubbing her soaking cunt as I drilled her. She laughed as I farted when I started to piss in her. First on the outside, splashing her cheeks. Then right inside her. Deep inside her. Her arse loosening and getting even easier to fuck as I filled it with piss. I slowly pulled out as her arse filled. I wanted to leave it in there for a while. The last drips of pee left me as my cock left her. I was expecting to see her arse piss right away, but she was holding it. I pushed three fingers into her cunt and her arse dribbled a little.

I bent down to lick it up.

She got up, pushed me back and grabbed my legs from under me, forcing me to lie back on the sofa. Within seconds she was once more on top of me. Her arse now dripping with my piss. My mouth opened as she sat on me. I had tasted my own piss before. Even from other girl’s cunts and arses. But this one was special. This one was the best it had ever tasted. It had just washed out her dirty hole. I savoured every single drop she gave me. Washing it around my mouth as a wine connoisseur tastes fine wine. I licked up and swallowed every last dropped. She pushed as hard as she could to help me, but there was no more. She pushed again and I was rewarded with a glorious dirty wet fart in my mouth, and a squirt from her cunt. I moved down, my lips now around her fanny. I swallowed gush after gush of her glorious piss as she squirted into my mouth. Her hand was rubbing and squeezing my cock as her tongue probed my arse.

My stomach muscles tightened as I pushed and pushed, harder and harder to give her what she wanted. I felt it building inside me, then triumph of triumphs, we both farted together. I smelled, felt and tasted her shitty wind as I let one rip for her.

She was ecstatic, and so was I. She sucked me so hard I could feel the cum rising from my balls. I worked on her clit. Tonguing, sucking and biting it for all I was worth. She pushed hard down on me and started to grind my face as my cum spurted into her mouth. My whole face was soaked with her juice. I could hear her moaning and slurping as my cock continued to pump spunk into her. The frenzy seemed to last for ages but finally we slowed down and started to relax.

It was then that she got off me and turned around to sit astride me. My cum was dripping from her mouth. She opened it to show me she had not yet swallowed it, and then lent forward to kiss me. We played with my cum. Sharing it as our tongues played together. I swallowed some, but she got the lions share. Showing me her empty mouth after she had devoured it. We kissed again, her tongue searching my mouth for any final drops. I pushed spit into her mouth, watching her eyes sparkle as she gratefully accepted it.

My still half hard cock was lying under her wet cunt, I was sure it would not be long before it gained more vigour, but for the moment I was in need of a drink.

I reached over to the table next to the sofa, and grabbed the bottle of beer.

She stood in front of me as I downed what was left of the pint of beer.

Her black hair straggled and wet. Her face shining with piss and cum. Her cute pert tits, with those beautiful stiff nipples still glistening with my juices and her cunt, with those swollen piss flaps, still dripping slightly. I played with the bottle, as if it was a stiff cock, but she turned and went to the kitchen. I admired her slim shapely body as she walked away. From behind she could easily be mistaken for a much younger girl.

She returned with two large glasses of water. Setting one glass on the table, she began drinking, occasionally letting it run from her mouth and dribble over her. I was with her in an instant. The more we drink, the more we piss!!!

Still holding the bottle as if it were my cock, I reached over for the other glass of water, and drained it in seconds. I enjoyed another view of her from behind as she went back to the kitchen to refill them. She passed the glass to me then pointed at the bottle, raising her eyebrows as if asking if she would take it from me. I offered it to her, but missing her hand, I rubbed the neck of it between her legs. She moved closer, opening her legs wider as she stood in front of me. I drunk the rest of my water and put the glass down.

As I rubbed her cunt with the bottle, I noticed the neck getting wet. I parted her cunt lips with it and began to push it inside. She shivered a little as it was still quite cold. I started to fuck her with it, pushing further with each stroke. She fucking loved it. She closed her eyes and trembled as she came. Her juices running down the bottle.

She pulled away, went to one end of the sofa and pulled canlı bahis a lever. The back dropped down, and it was transformed into a small double bed. She went to the bathroom and returned with two large towels, one of which she spread on the bed, next to me. I stood up, fingering her arse as she bent over to lay out the second towel.

She threw a pillow on the bed and then lay down so it was supporting her bum, raising it up. Bringing her feet up towards her thighs, she opened her legs, offering herself to me. I knelt between her feet and once more began fucking her with the bottle. This time I had a good view, I could see her pink wet insides through the clear glass.

I pushed the neck in up to the shoulder of the bottle, then turning it, one way then the other, I pushed harder, stretching her beautiful pussy wider and wider.

She was moaning with pleasure.

She stretched her legs open as wide as they would go and suddenly! The fat part of the bottle was inside her. My cock was now almost completely erect. The sight in front of me was something to be treasured. Although the bottle did not give a crystal clear view, I could still see that fucking sexy pink wetness. I continued turning it as it went in still further.

Then, unexpectedly, I felt a resistance. She screamed. I pulled it out slightly. She grabbed my wrist with one hand, the other she used to hold the bottle with me. Under her guidance, we started to push it in once more. She altered her position until she found what must have been comfortable for her to take it. I wondered to myself.

Has it hit her cervix?

I guessed that the top of the bottle must have been around six or seven inches inside her when she screamed. My cock is eight inches long and she had taken it all in her arse. Surely her cunt can’t be less deep than her poop hole? I was eager to find out.

She came again as I turned the bottle deep inside her. I waited until she had finished and as she relaxed and sighed I withdrew the bottle. It was wonderful. I could see deep inside her gaping hole. I stroked my now fully hard and throbbing cock as I watched it slowly contract, then using three fingers, opened it up again. When I pulled it out, my hand was replaced by hers. Her thumb cradled by her four fingers. She gradually eased it in until it was up to her wrist. I was wanking myself. Pre-cum oozing from the eye of my cock.

She was shagging herself. Slit slush oozing from her pisser. I put a finger in beside her hand. Wetting it in her hole I took it out and pushed it up her arsehole. She pushed towards me. This girl really loved it up the bum!!!

I thought about shagging her arse as she fisted herself, but I was really curious about the depth of her cunt and there was plenty of time to do that later.

I raised myself on my haunches and showed her my stiff dick. She pulled her hand out of her cunt and wrapped it round my shaft, covering it with the pussy puke that dripped from her hand. She wanked me, then took a firm grip and tugged me towards her.

I jumped on her. She guided my cock into her slit. I had to control myself, my instinct told me to ram her hard, but I was concerned about the depth of her hole.

Inch by inch I moved in until, sure enough, her hole tightened. She dug her nails into my back. I supposed it was to encourage me, but also to warn me to take care in what could be a painful experience. Slowly I felt her cervix stretch open as my bell end pushed inside. Fuck she was tight. I looked at her, she was biting her bottom lip, and then I looked down between us.

There was still over an inch of me to go. I played with her for a while, edging the head of my cock in and out of that tight little hole. Slowly going just a fraction of an inch further, until finally, our pubic bones were together and I was fully in.

She was still biting her lips occasionally, but also licking them and the look of trepidation had disappeared from her face.

She dug her nails harder into my back, scratching me as I began to fuck her with increasingly longer strokes. Then she started to move with me, clawing at my butt cheeks and running her fingernails up and down my back. Then, without warning, she looked straight in my eyes and spat in my face.

I filled my mouth with spit and spat back, hitting her nose, cheeks and mouth. Her long tongue licked it up before she spat back. We kissed, our tongues entwined in our spit filled mouths, my cock still shafting her tight hole.

If I hadn’t have already cum earlier my cream would have already been deep inside her womb. This was the hottest, tightest fuck I had had for a long long time. She clawed once again at my bum cheeks, pulling them apart, and then let her fingers crawl to my arsehole. Forcing two fingers inside me, she started finger fucking me. Muttering to me in Polish, she sounded as if she were pleading me, begging me.

I pulled out my cock, put my right arm under her grabbing her left hip and spun her round, then with both arms round her belly, pulled her up to me. I spat on her arsehole, wiped it with my cock, and entered her, so fast and hard it made her yelp. Her dirt box had dried a little and felt slightly rough on my prick. I withdrew and tried to piss.

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