A Party at Jeni’s

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I’d heard about the parties at Jeni’s. Everyone had. It was a small liberal arts college, and six foot tall plus blonde lesbians were not exactly falling out of the trees. Everyone seemed to know who she was and that she was “that” way, both she and her nearly equally tall and beautiful roommate, Veronique. Veronique had also been pregnant in their freshman year, which caused even more talk and suspicion, but neither girl seemed to be bothered by being the subject of gossip and innuendo. They were from well-off families and were at the college to have as much fun as was humanly possible while getting their degrees. Well, Jeni was. Veronique didn’t come back after that first year.

No one knew how exactly you came to be invited to one of Jeni’s parties. Not everyone wanted to be, of course. There was no drinking, for one thing, and no drugs. And no men. Ever. I’m not gay or anything, but I still wondered what went on there. There was a girl in my hall who was rumored to have been to one. I didn’t know her well, but she seemed glassy-eyed and semi-dazed the day after. And such smiles she had.

So, there I was in the student union, not bothering anybody, not looking to be invited to a party or anything, when this girl sat down next to me and said hello brightly. She was alright, kind of pretty, I guess; I wasn’t really much of a judge or anything. She knew me though, from some lecture we shared. At first, we just drank coffee and did homework and all. She kept looking at me every couple of minutes, like she was trying to bring something up, and, of course, she was.

“Want to go to a party?” she finally asked.

“Sure,” I told her. I liked parties. I was a party girl. I hadn’t gone to college to become a nun. And I hadn’t had a boyfriend since the end of summer.

“It’s not a regular kind of party,” she went on. “It’s a Jeni party.”

I looked at her. What, did she think I was queer?

She smiled, nervously and shyly. “I know what you’re thinking—you’re not that way. I’m not that way either. I love guys.” She seemed to think it was important that I believed her and that she liked guys.

She paused, like she was waiting for me to tell her I loved guys too or something.

She sat back, kind of slouched over and all, like, you know, she didn’t want to admit what she was admitting, even to herself. “But, I mean,” she breathed, “haven’t you ever wondered? College is all about curiosity.”

I shook my head. “I’m not that curious.”

She seemed really disappointed. “I’ve never, ever,” she went on. “But I got invited and I was told I could ask a friend. But, how do you ask a friend to that kind of party.?” She laughed, but it was hollow and embarrassed. “I just asked the cutest girl I know instead.”

“Oh, wow,” I answered. “That is like such a nice thing to say.” It was. I didn’t think I was all that cute. I am tallish and rangy, with only slight curves. I have nice hair though. I call it calico, because it is no one color. Some red, some blonde, some brown.

“Come with me,” she pleaded, leaning forward and taking my hand in hers. “You don’t have to do anything. Just come, please? I don’t know if I will ever ever get invited again.”

I was about to tell her that I didn’t even know her, but I stopped myself. That was a good thing, not a bad one, in this case. A free pass to a wild lesbian party. No commitment, no ties, just… well, I could just watch, couldn’t I? I might be at least that curious. I mean, I had seen lesbian porno and all. Did real women act like that? Suddenly, going to this party seemed like fun. Wild and carefree and so what if it got around? I’d be more exotic, wouldn’t I? Besides, everyone does it once, right? And I didn’t even have to do anything. No one could make me.

I looked into her eyes as I squeezed her fingers. “Okay. But I probably won’t do anything but have a look.”

I was afraid she going to whoop, but she caught herself and just smiled big time. “Oh, thank you, Kelly. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s the address.” She scrawled something on my rhetoric notes. “I’ll meet you out front at 8:00 on Friday.”

She scooped up her books and sashayed off, her hips swinging like she was in heat. It wasn’t until she was gone that I remembered I didn’t know her name.

Friday came finally. I am afraid I was more excited about it than I wanted to admit. I did the happy hour thing at one of the bars downtown in the afternoon, but I didn’t drink a lot. I went home to the dorm about six, showered and got ready for the party at Jeni’s. Shaved my legs and elsewhere a bit, did my hair, tried on all the clothes in my closet and finally settled on a short skirt that showed off my long legs and a loose top that hid that I wasn’t too well endowed but hinted at the idea I at least had breasts. Finally satisfied, I walked the six or seven blocks from my dorm to Jeni’s off-campus apartment. I checked my watch when I got to the front of the building. I was a little late, but my mystery friend was canlı bahis not out front waiting. Surely she had not gone inside without me. She was as nervous about this whole thing as I was. She was just late. Only a couple of minutes. Then like 15 minutes. A couple of girls passed me and went on in. They didn’t look at me. Finally, after standing outside for half an hour, I decided mystery friend had gone in without me, and I climbed the stairs and approached the door of Jeni’s apartment.

Apartment is what I expected, but it was actually the penthouse of the old converted building. The whole top floor. For a girl living in a dorm room barely 12 by 12, it was huge. Heck, it was huge for my mother’s house.

When I knocked, the door was opened by a tall blonde girl wearing nothing but a shawl tied around her hips. She smiled and invited me on in. The infamous Jeni. For a well-known lesbian, she looked really young. She didn’t seem to be the least bit concerned that she was only wearing a shawl around her hips either, or to be opening the door that way. Maybe she always came to the door like that. God, she was confident. She led me in, chatting casually and easily, telling me where to drop my coat, where the refreshments were, the bathrooms. Then she was off, chatting with some other girl. I scanned the place for mystery friend, but she was nowhere to be seen. I could not believe that she had stood me up.

I wandered around, got something to drink and had some food. There was not a lot of sex or anything going on for a lesbian orgy. Two girls were kind of making out on the couch, but they had their clothes on. There was one of those soft-focus DVDs on the TV, the kind where the actresses actually have their own breasts and do a lot of bumping into each other to music with a lot of bass. Not the kind where you see everything.

I moved out onto the balcony. It had a wonderful view of the campus and part of downtown. I was a little cold in the fall air, but I liked being cold more than the idea of going back in there to get my coat. I was thinking I could spend a few more minutes there, then just go, and not seem too impolite or anything. While I was out on the balcony, two girls came out too. They were breathless and laughing. I thought the black-haired one, with the pony-tail was quite pretty. I thought it was funny that I was thinking of other girls that way, just because of where I was. The other one dug a ciggie out of her pocket and offered one to me when she noticed I was standing there too. “No smoking in the apartment,” she explained as she lit up. They stood close together and kind of pawed each other.

Their attentions to one another got more intense, and the one girl’s cigarette was left to burn in the ashtray there as they made out. As I watched, they began kissing deeply, and the one girl with her hair pulled back in a ponytail slipped her hand into the other’s blouse, fondling her as their legs entwined and they rubbed their bodies together. The pony-tailed one caught my eye over the shoulder of her girlfriend and winked. They didn’t much care I was there, but they weren’t making any moves on me either, which I appreciated. Her smoking friend had begun to unbutton the pony-tailed one’s blouse, and I was treated to the sight of the black-haired girl’s right breast before smoking girl lowered her lips to the nipple. Feeling like a voyeur, I moved back into the big, sprawling great room.

Jeni was smiling across the room. Unlike a lot of really tall girls, she stood up very straight, and her breasts swelled from her chest dramatically. Great breasts too. Round and full, they were capped with pale areolea from which her nipples stood up more darkly. Obviously, nudity was no big deal with her. Rumor was that her mother was famous and gorgeous and had been in Playboy and in some movies. Rumor was that Jeni was the bastard daughter of a famous rock star. Rumor was that she was insatiable. Rumor was that she liked doing straight girls. Well, I was a straight girl. Not that I wanted Jeni to do me. But she sure was pretty. She dropped to sit on the floor, the shawl parting to show off her long legs.

They were getting ready to play spin the bottle, if you can believe that. I stood at the edge of their circle of about five girls, and just watched. I was still going to leave before long. Just staying long enough to be polite. A girl spun, small and strawberry blonde in a super tight top that hugged her full breasts. The bottle stopped at an attractive blonde in jeans, who knelt with her legs apart. The redhead crawled to her, brushed her lips shyly across the other girl’s and moved quickly back to her spot. It was so innocent seeming. The blonde girl smiled, spun the bottle and sat back on her heels. It stopped at Jeni. The girls clapped, like they knew the game had really started now.

Jeni moved forward, crawling forward upright on her knees, making the other move to meet her. No dry brushing of lips this time. Jeni wrapped the other blonde up in her bahis siteleri arms, crushing her bare breasts to the other girl’s through her blouse, leaning in, opening her lips and meeting the other girl. I found myself gasping audibly as the kiss deepened, and, before I knew it, I was rubbing my thighs together. It was the sexiest kiss I had ever seen. Jeni drew it out as she opened the girl’s blouse, pushing it off her shoulders and baring her breasts before pressing her own back on top of them. This other girl was really pretty too, with a lush figure and bright brown eyes.

“Gawd, Jeni,” the girl said as they finally broke apart, “you make me so fucking wet.” She kind of collapsed back into her place, her nipples pointing out from her full breasts. Jeni’s nipples were standing up too, I saw.

The girls in the circle clapped again, and one said she was wet from it too, and they all laughed. The couple from outside had come in and found places among the others.

Jeni smiled and tossed back her long blonde hair, which made her breasts sway. Bending, she twisted the bottle and sat back on her thighs, waiting for it to stop. The other players all seemed to catch their breath, each hoping it would fall to her, each wanting a kiss like the one Jeni had given the now topless girl in jeans. I wondered who would get lucky, smiling as I caught myself thinking that way and deciding I wanted to see Jeni kiss the curvy brunette to her left. Maybe she’d take off her top, and we’d all get to see her boobs too. They looked really big, and I was curious.

Then it was silent, and I looked down to see the bottle pointing between two girls in the circle on either side of me. Between them. Pointing at me. Jeni rose from her knees and started toward me. I protested that I hadn’t even been playing. I took a step back. Jeni gently took my hand and led me into the circle. “Just a kiss,” she murmured softly.

Just a kiss. Just a kiss?

Even barefoot, Jeni was three or four inches taller than I was in my heels. Her soft hands fluttered to my face, cupping me softly, lifting my chin, leaning in to me. I felt her hair falling on my skin. Her lips were soft on my own. With a little flick on her tongue, she opened them gently. Lord, I was kissing a girl! She was gentle and soft, but insistent and urgent too. Her hands left my face as I opened my mouth to her. Gliding her arms around my waist, she pulled me closer, and those naked breasts fell on top of mine, pressing against me. Oh, they felt so nice. Her hands dropped, cupping my bottom and she wriggled her hips and touched me intimately. We kissed, and her fingers inched up my short skirt. I broke the kiss to tell her no, not to.

Before I could, she growled and laughed, “Panties,” and caught my lower lip with her teeth, smiling fiendishly but so prettily before kissing me again. Fingers, not Jeni’s, reached under the hem of my skirt where it wasn’t lifted and tugged at my underwear. I released my hold on Jeni to stop them, but she caught my hands, interlacing her fingers with mine and kissing me again, letting it go on and on as she rolled her shoulders to drag her breasts over my chest. My panties slipped down, dragged off by insistent fingers. I stepped out of them as they fell to my feet. I mean, the other girl was left topless. I had only lost my panties. I still had on my blouse and my skirt.

“She’s wet!” one of the girls announced, lifting my panties to her face. Jeni released me, stepping back and taking her place in the circle. She was smiling. The girl with my panties tossed them to someone else. Fine. Get off sniffing my panties. I was wet though. Really wet. From a kiss by a girl.

“It’s your turn…” Jeni said, still smiling at me, but also asking my name again.

“Kelly,” I told her and smiled back. I saw how the game was played now. Leaning forward, I reached for the bottle and gave it a twist. I kept my eyes on Jeni as she watched the bottle. When it stopped, I followed her eyes to the girl it pointed to. She was not really pretty and had a poor complexion, but I was only going to kiss her. We met in the middle of the circle, and, as our lips touched, I reached for the hem of her tee and pulled it up. There was applause for me. The girl just raised her arms and broke the kiss just long enough for me to lift it free of her face, and then she attacked me with her mouth again. We rubbed our boobs together, hers now covered by just her bra, mine still covered by my blouse but bare underneath it.

I moved back to my place, the place made for me between the girls I had been standing behind earlier. I knelt, boldly letting my thighs part, knowing, maybe hoping, someone might see my naked pussy under my skirt. Girls kissed, clothing fell away. Breasts were bared and every one of us hoped the bottle would land on Jeni. We loved seeing her kiss the other girls, but we each wanted to be the one she kissed. The curvy brunette won applause when she untied Jeni’s shawl as Jeni took off her bra. That girl’s bahis şirketleri boobs were bigger than Jeni’s and her areolea were large and brown. I didn’t find them attractive, even though I’d wanted to see them before she took her bra off. My eyes shifted to Jeni, who was now nude. Her bottom was nice and round, more so than my little one, and she was blonde between her legs too. Not a lot of hair there, but some. I shook my head to force my eyes off of her. I felt drunk, even though I hadn’t had a drink in hours.

Jeni spun the bottle again, and once more it stopped before me. I stood up, still dressed, while all the other girls were at least semi-nude and moved toward Jeni. I took a deep breath, afraid of being naked in front of these girls. I opened my arms and closed my eyes, trying to be brave, wanting her to kiss me again and make me wetter. She moved into my arms, but it was not her lips that touched mine. Arching her back, up on her toes, she lifted her chest and touched a nipple to my mouth. I gasped as her hands cradled my head, pulling my mouth lower and closer. I moaned, then flushed as I heard myself. Her nipple stiffened under my lips and on my tongue as my mouth molded around her breast. I know how I like my nipples kissed, and I did to her what I love. Jeni, moaned too, not shyly, but happily and with excitement at my touch. That was so cool, I though. I was making a woman moan. What fun.

Gingerly, Jeni lifted my lips from her left breast and moved them to her right nipple. I tongued and kissed her there too, eagerly, enjoying the sensation of having her nipple grow in my mouth. The soft hug of my arms intensified, and my fingers began to knead the round, plump, softness of her bottom. Jeni pressed her hips toward me, rolling them as she once more ground her sex to the lower curve of my tummy. Her bottom was wonderful to touch. I rolled my fingers into her skin, loving the way her flesh moved under my ardent caress.

Some of the other girls began to tease us that it was time to stop, but I didn’t want it to. That heady feeling I had before was stronger, almost like I was dizzy, but I didn’t want it to end. Jeni pressed her breast to my lips firmly, and I flattered myself that she liked what I was doing. She pressed forward, her weigh bearing us down. I let her lower me to the floor, not letting go of her nipple as we slipped from our feet to our knees and further until I was on my back. I lay under her, knowing my skirt was bunching up around my hips as Jeni bore down on me, but I didn’t care. My thighs parted and Jeni glided between them, holding herself up on her arms as I continued to make love to her breasts.

Suddenly, I heard a sharp clap. “Enough, already,” someone said. Jeni laughed and lifted her breasts away from me. The tall brunette with the big areolea had smacked Jeni’s bottom to break us up. “Truth or Dare time,” she said.

Jeni lifted from between my open thighs and sat back beside me, cross-egged, reaching to lift her fair hair from her out of her face and took several deep breaths. “Okay,” she said. “Truth or Dare.”

I lay there on my back, my skirt up around my waist and my aroused sex on obvious display to all the girls if they wanted to look. I caught my own breath and struggled up to sit too, cross-legged like Jeni, knowing I was still showing off my pussy and kind of liking that I was showing off like that . Like Jeni. She caught my hand in hers, leaned over and whispered something in my ear, then turned to the circle. “Who goes first?”

I could barely pay attention to the idea of a new game. Jeni had so aroused me with the way she had given me her breasts to love, I could barely stand it. And then that whisper as she sat back again, “I want you.”. Jeni wanted me. Oh, god, what now?

The brown-haired, big breasted girl volunteered to go first, as she had suggested the game change. “Kelly,” she asked, “Truth or Dare.”

Me? Oh, why? I had just gone. “Truth,” I murmured, barely able to speak.

The girls all growled with disappointment. They wanted dares. Dirty ones. Nasty ones.

“Okay, Kelly,” the girl said, thinking of her question. I was sure she already had a dare in mind. “If you could do any famous woman, who would you be with?”

I had never thought of being with a woman. Not really. Oh, sure, there were actresses and singers I thought were pretty, but I had not had sex fantasies about any of them. I didn’t know how to answer. “Um, I guess, Heather Graham.”

There were howls of delight and disagreement. The girl who asked the question rolled her eyes, and it made me wonder what I was supposed to have said. “Your turn to ask then,” she said.

I looked around the circle, not sure what to do. The strawberry blonde who had been the first to kiss in Spin the Bottle was, I thought, one of the cutest girls, besides Jeni. I looked at her and asked if she wanted a truth or a dare. Her blouse was off, and her round breasts swelled under a too tight bra.

“I’m Heather. Not that one.” She laughed at her own joke. No one else did. “Dare,” she selected smugly. The girls in the circle all clapped happily. Ugh. What was I going to do now? “Um,” I hesitated, then decided to be bold. “Take off your bra.”

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