A Pair of Pink Satin Panties

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Kelly was frustrated, “She just won’t leave. I mean, I appreciate her help but that doesn’t mean I want her moving in with me!”

Sara listened to her sister Kelly as she vented about the frustration of dealing with their mother, Carol. The two of them were quite close and obviously sisters when you looked at them. 5’6″ tall, dark naturally wavy hair, green eyes, bodies that would could have been models for an old style pin up. Curves and soft contours rather than the under-developed look of modern “beauties”.

The issue today was that while Carol was certainly helpful, but she was controlling beyond reason. She loved her daughters deeply, but their father had died very young and raising the two of them as a single widowed mother had left its mark on her personality. In this case, following Kelly’s divorce she needed help caring for her own daughter June while working full time. In swooped Carol, who watched the little one during the week but then attempted to run Kelly’s house as if it were her own. She even went so far sometimes to try and “overrule” Kelly when it came to raising her daughter. And now, Carol had stated she intended to start spending weeknights in the guest bedroom of Kelly’s house.

She was driving Kelly insane.

“I don’t know how to get it through to her that I don’t want her staying without causing a huge fight. She will say that she isn’t welcome at all, which isn’t true, I just don’t want her moving in,” she told Sara.

Just then Sara’s husband came in the room.

“Complaining about Carol again?” he asked with a smile.

Kelly had always enjoyed his company, and beamed back at him. He was an attractive man, muscular and dark though she wished he would shave his beard. She thought it made him look much older than he was.

“Is there anything else to do?” she asked.

David had his own issues with Carol. Since he didn’t grow up with her, his patience for her controlling attitude was much lower. He joked that he always ended up being the “designated hitter” for the two sisters, since he would call Carol out much earlier than they would. It might save their sanity, but it always made him feel like the bad guy. Still, his wife’s happiness came first. Besides, he had always had a soft spot for Kelly too, so all in all it was a role he was willing to play.

“Did she move herself in yet?” he asked.

Kelly didn’t want to go through the whole story a second time, but quickly brought David up to speed anyway. Not that it took long, everyone knew Carol well enough that he could fill in any blanks in the story on his own. When she had explained enough, she got to the reason she had brought it up at all.

“So, do you remember that guy at work I was talking about? He asked me out for this Friday. I’d love to go, but if I ask mom to babysit she will stay the night and won’t mind her own business if I am out late. God help me if I wanted to have him stay the night,” she said, exasperated.

Sara and David looked at one another. It had been almost three years since Kelly’s divorce, they had often wondered if she were planning to remain celibate until her daughter left home. Without saying a word, the two made up their minds together to help.

“Ok sis,” said Sara, “we’ve got you covered. Don’t say anything to mom or she will insist on coming over, but we will come down and watch June for the evening. It will be fun; the twins have wanted to have a sleepover with their cousin anyway.”

Kelly was relieved. Also, the two of them hadn’t really had an opportunity to see the new house Kelly had bought. It was more house than she and her daughter really needed, with 4 bedrooms, a study, an upstairs and downstairs kitchen and bar, a pool, and the best part a Jacuzzi in the master bath. Really, it was more of a party house than that of a single mother, but she had a great job and the whole idea was to make it easier for people to visit. It would work great; she would just have to make sure she remembered to hide the tote bag she kept next to the Jacuzzi. The contents wouldn’t shock her very open-minded sister and brother-in-law, but it would still be embarrassing if they saw exactly why Kelly enjoyed her baths so thoroughly.

“That’s great, thank you. You two can soak in the Jacuzzi and stay in the guest room if you want, so you won’t have to drive back late. I’m planning to leave around 6, if you don’t mind picking up June from her after-school program that will give me plenty of time to get ready,” she said.

Sara made sure to remind her sister, “Don’t say anything to mom. We all know if you are gone and she is there she will act like it’s her house and try to order everyone around, and there is no way in hell she would stay away. David has enough trouble dealing with her politely when she comes to our house, much less yours with you gone”.

Carol worried a lot, and often, and today was no exception. Why couldn’t her daughter Kelly take care of things on her own, without having her bahis firmaları mother constantly take care of her? Every day Carol had to make sure that June got ready for school, ate decent food, and learned her manners. For that matter, if she weren’t told Kelly herself probably wouldn’t eat properly either, and some of the clothing she wore to work wouldn’t be totally inappropriate. Carol even had to start staying in the guest room, just to make sure that all the many details of raising children and caring for a household were taken care of.

Other than the constant presence of a worried frown, Carol looked much like her daughters. All three of them appeared far younger than their age, at fifty five Carol didn’t look a day over 40. Kelly and Sara were in their mid- thirties and still got carded regularly when they went out. Small waist, wide but not heavy hips, full breasts that remained firm no matter what age they were, and an ass that still turned heads when they walked past the university, the three of them had lucked out in the genetic lottery. They were also very short, 5’2 in heels, which they made up for with sheer determination.

Today, Carol was at the grocery store making sure that little June had a proper snack for her Saturday cheer lessons in the morning. Kelly had bought those terrible lunch-able things again, there was no way that they would be sufficient for the amount of energy June would need. Carol told Kelly this repeatedly, but like usual if she wanted it done Carol would have to do it herself. While she was there she remembered that her son had also been out of milk when she stopped by his place this morning, he was going to need it if he intended to eat the cereal she bought him in the morning. By the time she finished shopping, put the groceries for her son away in his fridge and pantry, and driven over to Kelly’s house it was getting quite late. June would need to be in bed soon so she wouldn’t be tired for cheer, Carol would have to make sure she went to bed right away. June always wanted to stay up if it wasn’t a school night, and no matter how many times Carol reminded Kelly about maintaining a steady routine often as not Kelly would let her.

She pulled into Kelly’s driveway, and opened the garage door with the code.. It would be a lot easier to unload if she didn’t have to carry the things in through the front door, she reasoned. Carl noticed the neighbor watching, something else to worry about. Who knows what he was thinking? Carol shut the garage door after she pulled in. Perfect, regardless of what the neighbor was up to Carol wouldn’t have to worry about it. She decided to put the groceries in the downstairs fridge. This way she wouldn’t have to carry them upstairs to the main kitchen, and they would be closer to the guest bedroom so Carol could make sure June didn’t just eat them all on the first day.

When she had the groceries put away, she made her way into the guest room. She intended to stay the night and make sure June got to practice in the morning, so she decided to go ahead and change. She took off her jeans and blouse, the “shaping bra” that made her feel like she was wearing a strait jacket, and put on a comfortable pair of loose shorts and a tank top. By the time she was done she was a lot more comfortable but had noticed some clothes that hadn’t been sorted in the adjoining laundry room. She grabbed the basket and tossed them on the guest bed. Might as well get this done too, nobody else seemed to be.

David had one of those days that you look forward to forgetting at the first opportunity. The store had been a mess when he got in; the new manager he had hired seemed incapable of making sure checklists were followed. For that matter, he seemed incapable of doing much else either. The entire day was spent redoing or repairing the damage, and by the time he left his frustration level was through the roof. As much as he had been looking forward to the evening, he wasn’t sure he was up for it anymore.

He sent Sara a text.

“Hi babe. Crap day, hope yours was better. Keith still an idiot,” he wrote.

A few minutes later, Sara replied, “I guess you shouldn’t have hired him then. lol. Maybe you can go down early and soak in the Jacuzzi without me. I can take kids to the Lego movie; give you a chance to unwind before it gets crazy. Movie should be done about 9, I’ll be there after”.

David smiled. It was so much like his wife to offer, and he had to admit it sounded great. Maybe by the time the kids were in bed, the two of them could enjoy a little adult time. Put the guest room bed through its paces.

“Sure, that would be great,” he sent back.

Sara knew the kids would be excited to see each other, and when she picked up the twins from school she thought she would be ready for the night to come. She knew she was in for a crazy evening, so she dressed comfortably in her favorite yoga pants and a loose top, but no panties. Sara hated panty lines; she thought they kaçak iddaa made her look cheap. Besides, David loved to see the small hint of camel toe these particular pants made when she went commando, and Sara was definitely hoping the Jacuzzi would warm them both up for later. Impulsively, she decided to forego her bra as well. After all, she was feeling frisky and it wasn’t like she was going to work.

When she finally picked Kelly’s daughter June up from the after school program, Sara was unprepared for the sheer energy and chaos of the three girls. She was pretty sure the other patrons at the movie theater would be also. Maybe a pit stop in between to run off some energy would help. After she parked she would just text David to let him know not to expect them until later. He might be disappointed, but not as disappointed as he would be if she showed up with a massive headache.

“Ok guys, let’s stop at the McDonalds playground for a bit and you can run around and scream all you want,” she told them.

The noise of them agreeing was nice, but awfully, awfully loud. By the time they had made it the 15 minutes it took to get to McDonalds, Sara was ready to drive the car into a tree. She wondered what had gotten into them, they weren’t usually this bad. Still, they seemed to be having the time of their lives and they ought to be exhausted by tonight.

Once they had their food and sat down in the play area, Sara settled in with her phone. She was reading a romance eBook her coworker recommended for almost a week now. It wasn’t particularly good, but it did get her mind back on her plans for the evening. She was thinking about how the Jacuzzi could lead to a very satisfying evening when she noticed a young man sitting with his wife, probably mid 20s and ten years her junior, doing his best to stealthily check her out. Sara knew how much David enjoyed when other men did this, he loved knowing that he was not the only one who thought she was sexy and would frequently ask Sara to describe it when it happened.

The young man was extraordinarily good looking and the idea that she could turn the head of someone who looked that good at that age was extremely flattering. She had been half aroused anyway just by thinking about the night ahead. Combined with the effects of the book she was reading Sara was feeling naughty and more than a little bold.

She turned slightly in her seat, making it look like she was still reading her eBook and subtly angling her legs under the table so that the young man could see between them. She crossed her legs, and without Sara could feel the pressure all the way to her clit; she knew that every contour would be visible now. She waited, and when she noticed him looking out of the corner of her eye she uncrossed her legs slightly wider than she would normally. The expression on his face tightened for just a moment as she did so, he had definitely noticed.

Trying not to be too obvious, Sara then made a point of leaning over towards him to rummage through her purse. She knew that the loose fitting top would hang open. Not quite far enough to expose everything, but definitely far enough to make it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She could tell when she sat up again that she had his full attention. Though he was trying not to stare, she could see him glancing back and forth at her every few seconds. Sara enjoyed teasing him, and felt her nipples harden and wetness starting between her legs as she allowed herself to fantasize. She imagined what it would feel like to have him take her in one of the restroom stalls. She had done similar things in the past, though always with David setting it up. She had never done anything like it on her own, but the thought of it aroused her enormously.

Completely turned on now, Sara decided to let the young man really see something. Once again tightening her already form fitting pants against her, she opened her legs even wider. This time she had them very wide apart, almost as far as they could go, giving him a completely unobstructed view. He would have nearly as good a look at her womanhood now as he would have if she were wearing nothing at all.

She only had to wait a moment before she saw his eyes dart over to her. When he did, he lost any semblance of subtlety as he simply stared between her legs at everything she was showing him. Sara turned to face him directly, no longer pretending to read her book, and looked directly at him until his gaze finally travelled upward. Caught in the act, he tried to appear casual but her direct gaze soon made him look back again. Sara stared directly into his eyes, and with a small smile she subtly reached down with her hand, cupped her breast, and ran her fingers over the obvious nub where her nipple stood out from her shirt.

Blushing, the young man turned away just in time. His wife had noticed his distraction and was looking around the room to find out what had stolen his attention. Not wanting to get him in trouble, Sara readjusted kaçak bahis her seating, held her phone in a way that hid her erect nipples, and once again pretended to read. She sat like that for the rest of the time she was there, soon enough the young man and his wife gathered up their kids and prepared to leave. Cleaning the trash from the table, the young man managed to be the last one to go. As he walked by her table, he looked down directly into her eyes and placed a napkin in front of her. Once he had left, Sara opened up to find the letter “K”, a cell phone number, and the words, “I’m free after midnight”.

Well, that’s very interesting Sara thought, and tucked the napkin away in her purse.

When the 8pm movie time rolled around the kids were still going strong so she gave them another half hour hoping it would finish off the last of the chaos. There was one more showing at 930pm, which would get them in awfully late but at least they would all go to bed as soon as they got back.

When it finally came time for the movie, the energy levels had subsided to a dull roar. Sara got them all situated, popcorn and soda in hand, and sat down for the movie. Sometime after the previews had finished and the show itself was under way she realized that in all the noise and activity she had forgotten to text David about her change in plans. She took out her phone but the irritated looks from some of the other patrons convinced her not to try to text during the movie and she put it away.

Kelly had been home for over 2 hours getting ready. She was nervous about her date, and laughed to herself about that. This was hardly the first time she had been asked out since her divorce, though it was the first time she accepted. For the most part she had decided that relationships of any kind were more trouble than they were worth, at least while she was still raising June alone. She didn’t want the complications. However, she was still young. Spending her evenings reading about lusty vampires and entertaining herself with her bag of toys was just not satisfying. So when Dan asked her out, Dan of the flat abs and great smile, the butterflies she felt had made the decision before her mind caught up.

Now that the workweek was over she was starting to really look forward to the evening. Kelly had already decided that unless Dan turned out to be a complete jerk, he was going to get very lucky tonight indeed. It had been a long time, and Kelly was too old to play games. She went through her dresser looking for exactly the right set of matching panties and bra, but realized quickly that she really didn’t have any she wanted to wear. She took out some of her favorites and tossed them on the bed. There was one particular pair of pink satin panties that never failed to get her ex-husband’s attention, but she decided against them because she didn’t have a matching bra. Kelly kept looking, and after a while found a set of matching black lace bra and panties that worked well enough. Unfortunately finding them had taken quite some time. As she looked at the bed with all the discarded panties and bras Kelly realized she didn’t have either the time or the interest to put them away.

No matter, she thought, it’s her own damn house and she didn’t need to explain herself. Besides, Sara and David had 4 kids of their own, they would hardly judge her for a little bit of clutter. Her next thought was that David and Sara would see her panties if they decided to use the Jacuzzi. Strangely, instead of being embarrassed Kelly enjoyed the idea. Maybe it was the possibility of finally getting some legitimate action of her own, but thinking about how David and Sara might see her intimates gave her the same butterflies she was having at the idea of her date.

Kelly smiled to herself. She must really be hard-up, if this date had her so excited that the idea of her sister and brother in law finding her panties made her stomach flutter! Dan the office guy was in for one hell of an evening. Besides, her sister had told her enough of what the two of them got up to that Kelly was absolutely certain they wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the relatively tame clothing they saw here. Thoroughly distracted by thoughts of the various people who might see her underwear, she decided she wouldn’t worry about cleaning off the bed and finished getting ready.

David was a naturally optimistic person, so his attitude was already starting to recover by the time he got to his house. His original plan was to grab his overnight bag from home and head straight to Kelly’s, but since his wife texted that she wouldn’t be there till nine anyway he had a little extra time. He was still very much looking forward to some time with his wife, it had been a crazy few months at their store and they didn’t seem to have enough time for each other lately. A night away from their house would be great, especially with a Jacuzzi to relax them both.

Now he was in trouble, he thought. As soon as he had allowed himself to picture he and his wife in the Jacuzzi tub his mind had immediately gone further. MUCH further, since lately this was a subject he had spent a lot of time thinking about and not much time doing anything about.

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