A Nudge to the Gray Matter Ch. 02

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Just so you know, this tale continues with me tricking my sister into giving me blowjobs and having sex. Just because our hero is a perverted guy doesn’t mean he is heartless. Thus she doesn’t get pregnant and there are no STDs to be passed around. Enjoy, just don’t believe.


I got home from class the next day (Friday) and mom was hustling about getting herself ‘all prettied up’ for her date that night. It was her first date since my dad’s accident and I was happy for her, sort of. I really wanted to fuck the shit out of her so she wouldn’t need to go on any more dates! She was worried he wouldn’t like how she looked and kept asking about her appearance.

Finally I was fed up and blurted out, “Good grief mom, for the hundredth time, you look FABULOUS! If you promise not to hit me I’ll even say you are HOT!”

“Oh stop it!”

“No mom, I won’t.” I then grabbed her shoulders to stop her from moving and then slowly walked all the way around her letting my fingers trail along her waist and ass cheeks. My eyes really gave her an all inclusive once-over and I nearly laughed as mom blushed profusely. My inspection completed I stopped right in front of her and lifted her chin with my finger till we looked into each other’s eyes. “As an adult male to an adult female, you are in my opinion one of the most incredibly gorgeous females on this planet!”

“John, please…”

I cut her off with, “Dammit mom, if you are going to keep asking for my opinion then by god you had better listen to it!” Shit I even surprised myself by saying that but at least mom went mute and listened to me. “I consider myself to be a normal red-blooded male. When you wore that white bikini last summer I told you then that you were hot! But I don’t think you know that Tracy gave me tons of shit for sprouting a huge boner because of it!” Mom gasped but didn’t say anything. “Anyway, you really look great and if this guy doesn’t want to jump you within the first hour of the date then he has got to be gay!”

Mom’s eyes flicked to my non-tented crotch before she softly said, “Oh baby, I couldn’t have asked for a more honest opinion!” She pulled me into a tight hug and I enjoyed the feel of her firm tits pressed tight against my chest. When she broke the hug her eyes again quickly checked out my crotch before she rose onto her tiptoes and gave me a not so brief peck on my lips. Then she said “Thanks John, you are a real sweetie!” She squeezed my hands and then went to re-check her makeup.

Tracy got home about 15 minutes before mom and her date left for who knows what. In all honesty, after the incredibly positive response to the video yesterday I was dying to try it on my sister. But I forced myself to wait over half an hour before I grabbed it to go see her. She was studying on a Friday night because she was going to a pajama party at one of her girlfriend’s houses tomorrow night.

“Hey Tracy, could you do me a favor and watch my latest video for me?” I asked as I entered her bedroom after a quick knock on the door.

“I’m busy.”

“Yeah I see that. But Samantha and I have been working on it together and she’s gone for the weekend and we have to turn it in on Monday! Please just watch it and give me your opinion…it’s only a little over ten minutes long.”

“Oh alright, if it’s only ten minutes long! I need to get this stuff done.” I gave her the disc and sat on her bed where she joined me as the video started. Three times I watched out of the corner of my eye as she scoped out my crotch. But there was only about a minute left in the video and I was getting worried that it wouldn’t work on her.

Suddenly she rolled onto her stomach and folded her hands on top of my left knee (I was sitting cross-legged) and rested her chin on her hands. Her eyes kept looking from my crotch to her arm and back as her face looked like she was in turmoil. “Um sis, you missed the ending,” I told her with fake concern.

“Huh?” She acted as if she was checking the blank screen as her right hand flopped down onto my soft cock and just stayed there. “Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to watch it again later.” Her fingers were stroking my shaft absentmindedly and after several seconds I groaned loudly.

That sound woke her up and she looked startled when she realized she was stroking my shaft that was rapidly approaching full size. “Shit, I’m so sorry John!” she said as her hand snapped back while her eyes shot up to mine.

“Well, you did surprise me,” I said lying to her. “But usually you just grip it hard enough to break it off, but this time it felt…really nice…and gentle. I kind of liked it.”

“You liked having your sister…do what I was doing?” she softly asked as her eyes returned to my fully hard cock still hiding within my workout shorts. I grunted my approval so she very softly asked, “Can I see it…….please?”

“I suppose…that is if you promise not to hurt it like usual.” I started lifting my ass when Tracy quickly grabbed bahis firmaları my shorts and tore them down my legs till they fell to the floor. Shit that really surprised me.

Her eyes moved up to mine as she whispered, “Oh no, I won’t hurt you…this.” She lightly touched my shaft as a shudder went through her then she kept her eyes locked onto it and she practically moaned out, “Gosh John, it’s…it’s beautiful!”

By then she moved closer and held my cock with both hands as her eyes devoured me while her soft hands turned and pushed my shaft so she could inspect it everywhere. “Wow! I never thought you were this…..big!” Tracy inched even closer until her face and my upright cock were only about two inches apart. “I…I know…I know that I’ve hurt your…you several times before…but I want to make it up to you! May I make it up to you? I know you will love this,” then she leaned in as her hands pulled my cock down towards her and her lips slipped around my cock head.

“Oh my god,” I groaned to encourage her.

She sucked hard onto the first three inches of my shaft while her tongue lapped around my entire tip making both of us moan in pleasure. Her eyes locked onto mine while she worked my tip fiercely. After several moments she sucked down really hard and pulled back until I slipped from between her lips. “Brother dear, I never thought I would ever say this to you, but your cock tastes divine! I sure hope you have a big load in these huge balls of yours because I can’t wait to swallow all of it down!” She gobbled up the first three inches again and worked me hard for about twenty seconds before she pulled back quickly and smiled up at me before saying, “Don’t hold back on me, but don’t warn me either. I want it to just happen naturally.”

“Oh god sis, that feels incredible!” Her tongue swirled all the way around my tip and I lurched before her, then I said, “Oh fuck, don’t stop! Please god, don’t stop!”

Tracy didn’t say anything verbally but she spoke volumes as she stepped up the intensity of her blowjob. For about two minutes she took me right to the entrance of her throat apparently making herself gag on me and just before I told her not to hurt herself she looked right into my eyes before she moved forwards and let my cock slip fully down her slender throat! Holy shit I thought as she didn’t stop until her nose was pressed tight against my abdomen and my balls rested on her chin! That made me gasp “Oh shit Tracy! Oh god YES, you’ve got my entire cock down your throat! On my god sis, that feels SO DAMN GOOD!”

Tracy began slowly pulling all the way back until just the last half an inch of my tip remained within her luscious lips before she slowly took me straight into her throat once more, not stopping until she bottomed out. After doing this movement about 5 or 6 incredible times she pulled all the way off of me as she sucked down with super intensity making me groan harder than ever before.

“Oh my god John, I’ve never felt anything like this! I’ve never even heard of a cock as big as yours and I can’t believe I’m ACTUALLY sucking its entire length! That was enough warm up, now for the real thing”!

As she gave my shaft a hungry look I started saying, “If that was a ‘warm up’ just what the hell is a real blo…holy fuck sis!” Tracy didn’t stop her movements, instead she just stepped up the intensity even more as she worked my shaft like nobody before her! Not only was her tongue working my shaft frantically as it slipped through her mouth, her suction seemed to triple! All the while her head was twisting side to side as it looked like it was swiveling at least 280 degrees. This allowed her tongue to reach every part of my cock at some time as it moved in and out of her mouth and throat.

“Oh god,” I groaned, which was quickly followed by “Oooooooohhhhhhh goddddddddddddddd,” and soon after by “Holy fuck…oh god…shit…oh sis…fuck…oh my god!” After that all I could do was gasp in pleasure while my body jerked and lurched powerfully before her.

I don’t know how but I held out for about seven minutes of extreme pleasure before I grabbed her head tightly holding her still with only two inches inside her mouth. Maybe five seconds later her eyes bulged as my balls blasted forth my first huge salvo of cum that splatted hard against the back of her mouth! Tracy wasn’t prepared for the size of my ropes and cum poured from her lips where she had them clamped to my shaft. Her seal tightened and the remaining five huge shots from my rampant shaft were swallowed down without another drop escaping.

After she was certain my balls were totally drained sis pressed back down onto my throbbing shaft taking me balls deep over and over again. Finally she sucked down onto me super hard and slowly pulled her face back away from my abdomen. She gripped tight around my shaft with both hands and her thumbs followed right along with her lips as she pushed every last drop of my spunk up my shaft and into her hungry mouth. kaçak iddaa Once again she paused with just an inch or two inside her lips and allowed her tongue to go absolutely nuts as it flicked at my tip with gusto.

“HOLY FUCK TRACY! SHITTTTTT!” I cried out letting her know I was super sensitized and needed her to stop. Instead of stopping she stilled her tongue and dove back onto me and remained still as her throat muscles massaged my very happy cock for another minute or so before she finally pulled v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y off of me. My tip slipped from her lips and she looked up into my eyes before a smile slowly crept over her face. She leaned in and kissed my tip once more before she leaned back and sat upright before me.

“Well,” she asked looking me right in the eye.

“I believe my still throbbing cock has already answered that question,” I said. “How about a kiss sis?”

“But you’ll be tasting your cum!”

“So what, you just swallowed about a gallon of it!” I didn’t wait for her to respond as I just grabbed her still fully clothed body and pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her with more passion than any girlfriend had ever gotten from me. Tracy was at first startled by its intensity but soon joined in with me in our first lovers kiss.

We finally finished our kiss but still held each other tight as we both enjoyed the afterglow of this amazing act. Eventually Tracy broke the spell by leaning down and kissing the tip of my shaft once more before saying, “Wow, I’m still kind of shocked that I even did that to you — I mean you ARE my BROTHER! But good grief I am SO glad that I did! I think I might have enjoyed DOING that TO you more than you enjoyed receiving it…and I know you enjoyed the hell out of it!”

“Oh yeah, I REALLY did enjoy it!”

“This is one incredible cock brother! And trust me I am shocked that it belongs to you!” Tracy paused for a brief moment and then said, “My break was supposed to have been only about 10 minutes but it’s been nearly 40 minutes and I really need to study this stuff. So I’m sorry to say this but you just have to get out of here so I can get back on task!”

I gave her a quick kiss then slid off the bed and grabbed my shorts off the floor before ejecting the disc from her player. She watched me walk naked to her door, my softening cock swaying obscenely before me. Just as I started to open her door she literally flew from her bed and grabbed me then spun me around to face her.

Without a doubt I must have looked shocked when she did that as she quickly said, “I’m sorry John, I didn’t mean to startle you! I…I just wanted to tell you thanks for not freaking out on me…you know…when I stripped you naked and attacked your cock like I did! Wow, I must have the best big brother ever! I love you so much! Now get out of here!” As she said that her hand stroked my shaft’s full length then she gave me a slight push out her door.


Before going to my room I walked naked to the kitchen and grabbed a cold Coke from the fridge, then walked contentedly to my room where I propped up some pillows and got comfortable on my bed. For some reason I didn’t bother getting dressed as I began watching a classic football game on ESPN2. About an hour and a half later Tracy poked her head around the door frame and said, “Mind if I come in?”

“No, but should I put my shorts on?”

“Not unless you like the way I take them off of you!” Then she stepped into the doorway and I gasped at the sight of her fully nude body. “I’m going to guess that means you like what you see!”

“Oh god yes sis, your body is incredible! Not that I’m complaining but tell me just why you are like this?”

“Hmmm, that sounds like you just might be complaining….”


“That’s better. It dawned on me that I got to see ALL of you but you never even tried to take any of my clothes off of me. That just didn’t seem fair to me so I wanted to correct that by giving you a little show.”

Her ‘little show’ seemed more like she was auditioning for a job as a nude dancer. Damn can my sister move her sexy ass! After about five minutes Tracy smiled at me and said, “Now that is what I wanted to see!” as her eyes locked onto my once again fully hard cock. She eased her sexy body onto my bed and moved close to me then kissed me hard and deep as her fingers danced all along my cock’s full length.

“Um, sis, just what are you doing? I thought you needed to study!”

“How in hell am I supposed to study when I know that THIS” and she shook my cock just then, “is right across the hall! I guess I’ll just have to study after I get home on Sunday!” She stopped talking then as her lips encircled my cock head and then she pushed her head slowly down my shaft until her nose once more pressed tight into my pubic hair.

“Oh fuck me sis!” I groaned in pleasure and her eyes snapped up to meet my own. After that Tracy remained motionless — well her body was but her throat muscles were kaçak bahis going wild working my shaft — for many moments then she slowly pulled fully off of me as her suction greatly increased. My cock left her mouth with a very loud ‘pop’ and she looked at me silently for about ten seconds.

I was about to ask her what was going on when she said, “I sure hope you meant that.” So now I was trying to figure out what I had said when she quickly straddled my crotch while centering my tip at her entrance and then just sank down onto my rock hard saliva coated shaft. Her face got a dreamy look as she softly cooed “Oh god, yes!”

“Holy shit, sis!” I gasped as she rocked her body on my nearly fully impaled shaft. Tracy lifted her pussy up about 5 inches and then slipped down at least 7 inches before she lifted back up that same seven inches and then SLAMMED her body down onto me forcing my entire cock deeply into her velvet tunnel! “OH GOD!” I cried out again.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh godddddddd……..your cock is soooooooooooo huge!” Tracy shook briefly then looked at our bodies where we became one. Her fingers moved to her pussy lips and pulled them back to see my cock’s base but not even a tiny bit of cock! Every last millimeter was inside of her! “My god, I have never felt anything like this before! I think the best any of my boyfriends had was maybe 6 inches which is much smaller than what you have stuffed inside of me!” she stopped talking and looked up to my eyes and smiled sweetly at me.

“So my dear brother, did little sister surprise you? Hell I must have because I sure surprised myself! I came in here just wanting to blow your cock again if only to prove to myself that I had really done it to one THAT huge! Trust me fucking you never entered my mind!”

“Well, if I’m not mistaken, you are currently doing a hell of a good job of doing just that!”

“I’m glad you noticed!” Tracy then rocked her hips forwards and the backwards for a few seconds before switching to left and right movements. “Oh my god, I can’t believe how fucking full I feel right now! Oooooo that is the most incredible sensation any guy has ever given to me.”

I looked up at her in awe as my sister started moving further and further up and down my shaft as her breathing grew harder and harder. Not just lying there letting her do EVERYTHING my hands slid up the sides of her hips and then up the sides of her torso until I nestled each of her lovely firm breasts into my hands. As I kneaded them softly she groaned in pleasure and her head fell back while a soft gasp slipped from her lips.

After about four minutes of fairly slow and sensuous movements Tracy suddenly began rapidly slamming her pussy onto me in about 6 or 7 inch strokes. Her clit was being crushed between us with each down thrust and in less than a minute she screamed out loud as her body shook and twitched violently above me.

When she could speak she groaned out, “Holy fuck, I can’t believe I finally came on a guy’s cock! That has never fucking happened before! Oh my god John, roll us over and fuck me! Fuck me hard with your brother cock and make your nasty brother-fucking sister cum again!”

As I quickly rolled us over taking the top her lips found mine as her arms hugged me tight to her. My hips slowly picked up their pace until I was giving her full length powerful thrusts that were pushing her body slowly up the bed. After about five minutes her head bonked hard against the headboard so I rose up on my knees and gripped her thighs tightly before giving her five strong pulls towards me as I knee walked down the bed.

“Oh god John, that feels so good!” she said after the second pull. Then she gasped “Oh shit yeah,” followed by, “Oh my god!” As I pulled her down for the last of five pulls she suddenly rose up to wrap her arms around me as she hugged tightly to me while her lips clamped onto mine in a mind-blowing kiss. Her hips were jerking sporadically on my deeply imbedded cock as she groaned into my mouth, “Oh my god, my brother is going to make me cum again! Oh god! Oh god! OH MY GOD YES! OH GOD FUCK ME JOHN!”

I started pushing her body off of me about 7 inches before powerfully pulling her back onto me fully, while my crotch was pounding up into her in sync with my arm movements. Tracy lasted about thirty seconds before she flung her head back and screamed, “OH GOD I’M CUMMMMMIIINNNNGGG! OH GOD…OH GOD…OH GOD YES I’M CUMMMMMMIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!” Her cries ended when she pulled her face back to mine and her tongue dove into my mouth in her passionate kiss.

Gently I placed her on her back once more as my hips kept up slowly pumping into her as she came back down from her incredible climax. God I felt so proud to have been able to do that for her! She grabbed my face with both hands and showered me with quick little kisses all over the place. If her lips could reach it she kissed it quickly before moving on.

“Oh my god, John,” kiss, “no guy has EVER made me cum,” kiss, “with his cock before,” kiss, “but you’ve already,” kiss, “done it twice!” Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. “Now I want you to REALLY fuck me so I can feel you when you cum in me! Oh god, I need it so bad!”

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