A Night with Mom, Dad, , Uncle Brad Pt. 02

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This is a continuation of A Night With Mom, Dad, and Uncle Brad. I am not a professional writer. I just enjoy erotica. If you like, I would love to hear your comments about the stories content. It is strictly a work of fiction and fantasy. I’m not writing about anything that actually took place, nor am I trying to win a Pulitzer. If you are commenting about any typos or grammatical errors, I really am not that interested. That being said, I hope you enjoy.


I had woken up earlier than normal for a weekend, excited about the possibilities in store when Uncle Brad came over again. All night I’d tossed and turned, touching myself, wondering what all we would do. I’d never been so worked up.

Still in panties and a t-shirt I went to the kitchen for breakfast. Mom and dad were sitting there as if nothing had happened the night before. I couldn’t believe it.

“Hi, sweetie,” they both said. “How are you doing? You’re up early.”

“I couldn’t help myself,” I told them. “Last night was so amazing.”

They both just looked at me and smiled.

Mom walked over to me, bent down, kissed me on the forehead and said, “That was only the tip of the iceberg.”

“Really? I wouldn’t have thought you took the whole iceberg and then some. I know my mouth felt like it took the whole thing.” I replied.

“Just wait.” Mom countered.

“You are assuming she will want to play more, honey,” dad shouted across the room. “Penny might have had too much last night and not be interested in more.”

“If she is anything like me, and I think she is based on what I saw last night, she will be back for more and more,” mom shouted back. With that she reached down and touched the gusset of my panties. “Just like I thought. She is wet already.”

“Mom!” I gasped.

“Honey, your nipples were hard as diamonds the minute you came into the room and I could smell your arousal. It is no secret.”

I blushed.

Dad brought me a plate of bacon and eggs and we ate without any more talk, but I was self-conscious about my scent. After we all had eaten and cleaned up, mom approached me. “Why don’t we go to my bedroom, I’ve got some things to show you.” Once there she told me to sit on the bed. I was wondering if I was supposed to get undressed, but just lay there.

Mom reached under the bed and pulled out a box. She began to remove the contents and show me. Inside was a variety of sex toys. She had different vibrators, dildos some with straps, there were cuffs and clamps, ropes, paddles, a handle that had a bunch of leather strips coming from it, all sorts of sexy devices.

“Do these scare you?” she asked.

“No, but they surprise me,” I told her. “I had no idea you had any of these. Some I’m not even sure how they work.”

“If you play with us, you will end up using all of them. Brad loves to use toys and dad loves to watch.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Really!” she answered.

She handed me the biggest dildo. It must have been about 9 inches long and as big as a soda can. “Think you’d play with this?”

My eyes must have shown my concern. I’m sure they were as big as saucers. She explained that Brad liked to push this into her pussy and then fuck her ass at the same time. “It hurts so good. Feels amazing once he gets going. I’m left gaping after and completely satisfied. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries something like this on you.”

“What else does he like. What does he do to you?”

“He likes to play with nipples. See these clamps?”


“He loves to use them on my nipples to keep them hard. He sometimes will pull on them, or connect these chains and add these weights.”

“Oh my god, really mom?”

“Want to see?”

I tried not to let my excitement show as I blurted, “Yes.”

Mom raised her shirt and undid her bra. Her nipples were already hard. I wondered if she was wet like me. “He will take the clamp like this and attach to the nipple, like so.”

“Oh, wow! Mom. It really makes your nipple stick out.”

“Would you like to put the other one on my other nipple?” she asked.

She showed me how to open the clamp, hold her breast and attach. She looked amazing.

“I have another set, would you like to try?”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Yes a bit, but it hurts good.”

“I will try,” I said and removed my shirt. I blushed at how hard my nipples already were and mom merely smiled.

She picked up the other set of clamps, grabbed my breast a bit roughly which made me gasp, and attached the clamp. I could feel the teeth on it sinking into the flesh of my nipple. I groaned.

“Would you like me to do the other? I know Brad will do this to you. You might as well get used to it.”

“All right,” I replied as a bit of moisture soaked my panties.

After attaching the second clip, mom gave a little tug on both causing me to exhale rapidly as if a mini orgasm raced through my body. She then grabbed a chain and attached to both of her clamps and added a weight. Her nipples stretched.

“Brad bahis firmaları and your dad love it when weights are added and I’m in a doggy position, like this.” She moved so she was on her hands and knees. Her breasts hung towards the ground and her nipples stretched about ½ and inch. Mom moaned and asked me to add more weight.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Yes.” She moaned. “Add them one at a time. I want four added.”

By the time four were added her nipples were stretched and hanging over an inch from her breast. I couldn’t believe it. She was moaning loudly.

“Will you pull my sweatpants down?” she asked me.

As I went behind her, her ass pushing out towards me and gyrating a bit, I placed my hands on her hips at the waistband and pulled down. Her supple ass and thighs were exposed as was a big wet spot on her panties. Without looking I knew mine looked similar.

“Pull down my panties too, baby.” She moaned.

As I did her cute little rosebud and hairy pussy came into view. She smelled so good, still a bit musky from last night’s fucking but so sexy. Once her panties were bunched at her knees wither sweatpants, she raised one leg and then the other. When she put her knees down they remained parted, a bit further than before, which caused her pussy to open.

I don’t know what made me do it, maybe it was the clamps on my nipples, maybe it was her scent, but I spread my mom’s ass cheeks and buried my tongue in her asshole. She moaned so loudly that dad had to come and see if everything was alright.

When he opened the door to the bedroom, he was greeted with the sight of his wife on all fours, tits hanging, nipples pulled and stretched by weights, pushing her ass backwards and their daughter, also naked had her face buried in mom’s ass.

It was too much for him and he pulled down my panties, gave me a quick fingering before inserting a vibrating egg, which I hadn’t even seen in the box, into my pussy, and went around to mom’s face. He whipped off his pants, grabbed mom by the hair and thrust his cock into her mouth.

In seconds we were all cumming. After untangling ourselves from one another, mom turned and gave me a big kiss. It was only then that I realized she had a mouthful of cum and she was feeding it into my mouth. It was my first taste of dad’s cum. As our tongues dueled for his cum, she pulled on the clamps, causing me to have another mini orgasm.

“Why don’t we all clean up? Honey, go and shower or better yet, take a nice bath. Shave yourself smooth, everywhere. Brad is coming over tonight and I’m sure he would love to kiss every inch of your smooth body, while your dad and I watch.

I got up and ran to my bathroom, streaking down the hallway.

“You might want to take a nap, too. I think it is going to be a long night.” Mom yelled down the hall.

I had added bath crystals to the water and it felt like hand caressing every inch of my body. I felt as if I was floating. It was almost as if I couldn’t come down from my orgasms. I thought of mom and dad and how sexy I now found them. Just a day ago I thought they were old and stiffs. Now I knew just how stiff dad was and also Uncle Brad.

I closed my eyes and drifted off in my watery oasis.

After coming to, I had to add some more hot water as it was getting cold. I then did as mom asked and shaved. All over. Once out of the water and dried, I rubbed lotion all over to make my skin as smooth and creamy as possible. I wanted to turn on Uncle Brad and my parents.

I then walked, naked, to my room, jumped into bed and took that nap. I didn’t realize just how tired I was.

When I woke up it was early evening. The sun was dipping on the horizon and I could hear voice in the other part of the house. My door was open and at some point someone, I’m assuming mom, had placed a beautiful negligee with matching panties. It was purple, my favorite color. I don’t know if mom had gone shopping while I was asleep of if she already had this but it was so sexy.

I could now make out the voices of mom and dad, as well as, Uncle Brad. I slipped on the gift that had been left for me and looked in the mirror. Although I look hot, my hair was a mess. There wasn’t a lot I could do at this point, so I put it up in a messy bun and checked myself out. That was perfect. I knew at some point in the night, that messy bun would be used as a handle.

As I approached the three of them, they grew silent. Dad let out a whistle and mom smiled. Uncle Brad got up, came around the table, and gave me a big kiss. “You are so beautiful.” He told me. I’ve got a surprise for you and mom tonight.

I could feel my nipples harden under the silky material. It was then I noticed that mom was in a matching outfit but in pink. Dad and Brad were in boxers.

“We need to have some dinner or we won’t have energy for all that is planned tonight.” Mom said. We had a wonderful meal. It was perfectly prepared filet mignon with steamed vegetables and rice. To loosen us all up a bit we split a bottle kaçak iddaa of wine. It was just the right amount to get the juices flowing without making anyone too drunk to play.

After finishing our dinner we went to the family room and dad turned on some soft music. Mom and dad took a seat and Uncle Brad asked me to dance. I could feel his hairy chest against my cheek and breast. I could also feel a swelling in his boxers that pushed against my stomach. He seemed even bigger than the night before.

As we swayed to the music, his hands caressed my body. I felt her hand play with the strap on my negligee, lowering down my shoulder. When the strap slid down so did the front covering my breast. His chest hairs were now tickling my nipple as he hand cupped my ass cheeks, pulling me into him.

I looked over at mom and dad and they were kissing, touching one another, while watching. Brad’s hand lowered until his fingertip was at the entrance to my back hole. He rubbed in a circle, pushing the strap of the thong panties just inside the entrance. I’m sure he could feel the heat of my pussy.

“I hear you played a bit earlier today.” Uncle Brad commented.

I blushed.

“I hear they showed you some of the toys I’m going to use on you.”

I blushed even more.

“Good.” He said

With that he picked me up so my legs were entwined around his body and pushed his pelvis up into me. The head of his cock was right at my entrance and he carried me to my parent’s bedroom. My parents followed after Uncle Brad asked dad to grab the bag Brad had brought.

Once in the room, he lowered me to the bed. “Are you submissive like your mom?” he asked.

“I’m not sure.” I told him.

“Are you willing to do what I tell you?” he asked.

“I will try.”

“Remember the word to say if you need to stop is ‘asparagus,'” he reminded.

I nodded.

He lowered his boxers and his cock sprung out, half hard. He told me to come and suck him. I did. As I sucked him he grabbed my bun, I knew someone would, and began to guide my further onto his cock. He thrust as he pulled me onto him. I knew this was a test, but I didn’t realize it was just the beginning.

Once hard he withdrew his cock from my throat and pulled my head downward. “Suck my balls,” he ordered. I did as I was told. As I sucked I looked up at him. He was looking at my parents, smiling. He suddenly stopped me and turned around, bending over.

“Now, tongue my asshole,” he demanded.

I turned and looked at my parents. Although I had done this to mom, I’d never done to a guy and never been ordered to. Mom just shook her head, giving me a reassuring grin,

“Pull my cheeks apart and tongue it.”

I did as I was told. I wasn’t going to back down. I stuck my tongue as deep as it would go. I felt him push back, wanting more of my tongue. He tasted clean but there was still a bit of man smell, that dank smell. I couldn’t believe it, my pussy was so wet.

“Ok, you’ve proven yourself.” He stopped me. “Now I want you and your mom to strip one another while your dad and I watch. Be sexy.

Mom got up off the bed and came around behind me. She cupped my breasts, pinching my nipples, causing me to moan, she then slowly lowered the negligee until it was a pool on the floor. I stood there in my thong before dad and Uncle Brad.

I then mimicked her moves, doing the exact same thing to her. We were now both naked except for our thongs. Dad and Uncle Brad were now stroking.

“Use the strap on her.” I heard Uncle Brad say. Mom when and got a 2 foot long strip of leather that had something in it that caused it to stand rigid.

She then grabbed a set of writs cuffs. “What is she going to do with those?” I thought. I soon found out. After placing them around my wrists, she went and got a rope that was then looped to the cuffs. The other end was fixed to a hook on the light fixture in the center of the room. All this time I had thought it was for decoration. No it was to tie someone to.

My arms were stretched upward. I was bound to the ceiling. Hands above me. Tits thrust out. Feet barely touching the ground. Exposed. Mom then lowered my panties. I was completely exposed.

She picked the panties up from the floor, smelled them, and then thrust them in my mouth. It was then that I felt the first contact of the strap across my ass. Although it stung, I was more surprised. First one, then a second, third, fourth. Mom then came around front, running the strap across my breasts.

“Swack” the first strike to my tits. These hurt more but I found my nipples hardening. I looked down and saw about five red marks across my breasts. I found myself growing hotter.

Again she stopped, and lowered the strap to my bald pussy. Several short, quick smacks left my pussy red, my lips engorged.

Uncle Brad got up off the bed. “You’re doing so well, little one.”

“Thank you,” I heard myself say without realizing I was saying it.

“Your mom says she used the clamps on you this morning. kaçak bahis Would you like to feel that again?” he asked.

“Oh, yes please,” I responded.

Uncle Brad motioned to mom and she brought him four sets of clips. I thought it strange but figured he was going to use two on mom.

He stepped in front of me and attached clamps to both of my hardened nipples. It hurt so good. He then lowered to his knees. He first grabbed one of my labia and attached a clip, then did the other.

“Bring me the chains and weights,” he ordered dad. Dad brought them over.

I stared at Uncle Brad as he attached a chain to both clamps on my nipples. I could feel the weight of the chain making them dig in and pull down, stretching. He then did the same thing to the chains on my pussy lips. My lips pulled down, away from my pussy. Hanging.

He then attached a weight. First to the clamps on my pussy. The lips stretched, hanging down about 2 inched, opening up my pussy

Then weight was added to my nipples. I immediately had an orgasm. I’ve had guys pinch and pull my nipples, heck even my mom did it earlier, but there was something different about this. My juices ran down my legs.

Uncle Brad had mom and dad come over to lick my legs. He wanted them to taste my cum while he watched. I don’t know how long I was there with weights pulling my labia and nipples but I came so hard.

The next thing I knew, Uncle Brad was at my ear. I could still feel my parents licking my legs as he said, “do you want to see some of the things that may happen to you done to your mom?”

“Yes,” I responded.

“On the bed,” he ordered my mom. Dad immediately went to his chair at the end of the bed, watching, stroking his hard cock. I thought I was going to be released but quickly realized that was not to happen as Uncle Brad moved to mom.

Mom was now on her hands and knees, her ass up in the air. I had to admit she looked like a bitch in heat, but oh so sexy. He reached into the box and pulled out the dildo mom had shown me earlier. It’s thickness amazed me, with molded veins and a mushroom shaped head at the tip. It looked like a real cock, just bigger than any I’d seen in real life.

Mom looked over her shoulder and moaned. I’m not sure if it was out of anticipation or fear of what was to come. I saw her widen her legs, trying to spread as much as possible, which I knew would make the entry of this monster easier.

Thankfully, Uncle Brad was putting some lube on the weapon of mass destruction that was to be thrust into mom’s cavity. He then positioned the tip of the dildo at the opening of mom’s pussy and pushed. Slowly the head of the cock pushed and separated the lips making them sink inward. Just as the head was about to slip past, Uncle Brad gave one tremendous push, ramming this torpedo into her body. As about 7 inches sank in, mom pushed her ass upward, which spread her hips. She also let out a “Whummmp” sound as her upper body collapsed on the bed.

Dad was furiously stroking his penis. A lather of precum building at its tip. My own body was also responding. I felt an urge to go to dad and suck on his hard cock. I wanted to feel it explode in my mouth, pussy, or even my ass. I also felt a bit scared to know that Uncle Ben would probably do to me what he was doing to mom. Despite that my own pussy yearned to be filled at that moment. As another gush of my juices ran down my legs, I looked back at what was happening to mom.

Uncle Brad was thrusting this huge cock into mom, filling and stretching her orifice. Her hips were grinding, looking almost as if she was twerking. As I thought to myself that it must be hurting, she blurted, “Oh GOD YES! More, give me more, DEEPER!” Uncle Brad then withdrew the entire dildo, leaving mom’s hole wide open. It was spasming, as if trying to breathe the cock back into her, sucking for air.

Her hole looked big enough for a fist to be driven into. I’d heard about fisting and wondered if mom had ever been. Mom then let out a moan as if she was begging to be impaled once again. Uncle Brad obliged her, but not in the manner I anticipated.

He positioned the dildo, now glistening with lubricant and mom’s juices at her asshole and began a steady push. Inch by inch it slid into her asshole, separating her rosebud. Dad cried out, “Give it to her!” and came all over his hand.

Until now mom had been facing away from me, I’d seen her backside getting pounded by this monster. She now looked back, over her shoulder, her eyes briefly made contact with mine, but I wondered if she could actually see. She looked like she was in rapture. Her eyes were rolling back into her skull.

When nearly the entire length of the dildo was in her ass, Uncle Brad reached down to where mom’s lips joined at the top. The place where he knew he would find her clit. Still thrusting the dildo in and out of her ass, he reached down and took her clit between his fingers. He pinched and pulled and mom exploded. Her lips quivered and her body shook as she threw herself down on the bed.

She seemed to be going through full body contractions as her body flopped on the bed, the dildo embedded in her ass. As her orgasm subsided, he pinched again, starting over the entire orgasm process.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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