A Night with Her

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I dream of a night with her.

She and I…standing in her elegant room together.

Just me and her…sharing a night of passion.

Always I wonder if I’m good enough for milady. She is very assertive, but also very kind and caring. On the outside she would appear prudish and mean, though I am the one who knows her best on the inside. I see through her rich lifestyle and the things she buys. Moreover, I see the beautiful angelic woman that deserves to be worshipped. I torture myself at night thinking of her and all the things I’ve always wanted to do to her. She is a woman of unmatchable beauty, and I’d do anything to be with her.

I live at her house, and I take care of it and everything inside. As someone she knows well, she’s never felt uncomfortable doing anything around me. With us as the same sex, she has seen no problem in undressing around me. But I can barely move when she does; her body is a product of godlike powers, reminding me that she could bring anybody to worship the ground she walks on. Every time she does, though, I dream that just once she would be undressing just for me.

I want it to be night. I want to be in her room. I want to be there when she undresses for bed, and I want her to undress just so that I can see her beautiful body. I want her to hold me, to touch me with that soft skin of hers, and invite me to her bed. She would pull the covers over her, and I would follow.

The only light in the room comes from the candles on the sides of the bed.

“Undo your shirt” she would whisper in my ear as I unbutton my only article of clothing. My skin tightens and my nipples harden against the chill brought upon by my shirt being off, but bahis firmaları it is all the more heart-racing for me to undress in front of the one I am in love with.

As if we were to sleep, she presses her bare body against mine, making my body tense and excited at her presence. There being no way to sleep at all what with how aroused I am, she intensifies my arousal by rubbing her slender leg on mine, breathing hard, her warm breath felt on my skin. She puts her hand on my shoulder and turns me over. Milady stares up at me with marble eyes. She looks so uncomparably beautiful in the candlelight.

The room is quiet; so quiet that the sound of the sheets could tell you her every move. Softly she begins to whimper into my ear;

“Crystal…Make love to me…please…make love to me…” she sighs.

She begins to breathe hard and push her hips into me, kissing my shoulders and anywhere else wildly. I remove her glasses, put them off to the side, and let her get on top of me.

Ohh God the moment has finally come. She is on top of me, in her underwear, wanting me to make passionate love to her. I would be honored, milady! I have wanted her bad ever since I started having these feelings for her. But to experience it is different, because I get to express all of my love for her. It is a little overwhelming for me, in the moment, knowing every fantasy I ever built up over her.

Even when I am hungry enough, she still wants to tease. Already my lips physically being pulled into hers by a magnetic force of love, and still she felt the need to talk dirty to me before I did. I had to try keeping my eyes open the more blood poured into my dark cheeks. It wasn’t what she kaçak iddaa said, but the way she said it…with such passion and complexity; it turned me on more than I could imagine. The heat I felt thinking about my woman was nothing compared to what I felt that moment.

Our tongues dart into each other’s mouths, dancing and creating electricity. Oh God, I want her so bad…My hands rush all over her body; her back, her butt, her legs, the back of her neck, and her silky, silky hair. Our kissing makes us moan, only fueling the need to touch each other. My hands trace the back of her neck and downward, and I unhook her bra. I roll my woman over onto her back and kiss down her neck, to her collarbone, to her shoulders, to her stomach, and her sides. When I reached her breasts, which were puffing out excitedly, she was oh-so-sensitive to my tongue movements on her nipples.

She moaned for me. “a- Ah! A- Ah! Ah! Ahh! Ahh!”

This was invigorating. I’d never done this to a woman before, and I’d never heard my love make noise like this. She felt it. Oh my, did she feel it! I kissed her there until it was unbearable for her, and she started to sigh and get dizzy.

I lowered my head under the sheets and spread my love’s legs apart. With her underwear on, a huge wet spot had been created where my love’s vagina was. She was absolutely soaked. I still rose her legs up into the air and traced my tongue all along the insides of her legs, driving her crazy. She looked at me with sad, puppyface eyes. She wanted me to lick her clean.

“P…Please Crystal. Oh please?”

But I wanted her entire body, not just her center. I wanted our bodies to intertwine. I removed her underwear, kaçak bahis revealing her pretty, pretty pussy, and I removed the last of mine, and came up to where she rested her head on the pillows. Tenderly stroking my finger along her outer lips drove her crazy. She wanted it, hard, and desperately. I brought my pink puffy lips up to hers and started to move my hips back and forth. My rubbing her made her go crazy with pleasure. She couldn’t stop sighing and her body was in such heat.


I rocked her back and forth, holding her by her shoulders. My body was in extreme heat, wanting nothing more than to make hot passionate love to this woman. I pressed my pussy hard into hers, and she wrapped her arms around my shoulder. Eventually, she screamed in pleasure and her entire body appeared to escape from the bed as she orgasmed hard for what seemed like hours. Finally my lover collapsed onto the bed with me on top of her. All she could do was stare at me with those marble eyes of hers as she tried catching her breath.

“ohhh…Crystal….ohh God Crystal…”

She once again laid her body next to mine, purring. I did not leave the bed once.

I live out this same vivid fantasy in my head every night. I touch myself and call out her name. Milady can not hear me from her private room, but I do not know where she is in the house when I do. I believe she is in bed, though the possibility that she could be up and about gives a sense of guilty pleasure as a sad part of me says it will never happen. But…

There’s a knock at my door.

Milady is standing in my doorway, decorated with a heavily-seductive see-thru gown that would make any man go blind thinking they had glimpsed the divine.

“Crystal, come with me now to my room. I require your services. Move quickly; I will not wait for you.” She says, grabbing my hand firmly but gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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