A Night for Hunting

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The night is dark and noises outside are muffled as I prepare to go out, seeking to satisfy my more base impulses. It has rained earlier, but now, although the sky is overcast, no more drops fall. I look at myself in the mirror, trying to look at the person before me objectively…to see what a stranger would see. I stand 5’6″, my dark hair cut short, my dark eyes holding a glint of something unsettling. Tonight I have chosen to wear a sleeveless black leather vest, that zips up and over my breasts, but the zipper is down enough to reveal the creamy tops. I have a decent chest, 38C, and my breasts are firm still. I have paired my vest with a short red leather mini-skirt, with zippered pockets, that falls just far enough to hide what I want hidden, but can offer a flash of the delights beneath, if I so choose. Fishnet hose show off my shapely, long legs, and the red and black stilettos I wear make them look even longer. Full crimson lips flame on my face, and my eyes are a smoky mystery. I feel the sensual power that is mine coursing through me. Tonight will be fun.

I grab my keys and purse, and scribble a note for my significant other. She is out tonight herself, and I am certain she’s having a good time already. Depending on how the night progresses, either she or I, or perhaps both may not be home until the next day. Our relationship is like that, and it suits us well. We were each other’s first experience of Sapphic love, and after the fumblings of the boys we knew then, we were very content with each other. Since that time, we have sometimes experimented with men, and liked it, but it does depend on the man. Our preference by far is young women, usually anywhere from 19 to 23. They are normally the most eager to please and learn, and their sexual energy is amazing. There are times that an immediately willing partner is preferred, but there are times such as tonight, that I find the thrill of seduction of a less willing female more to my taste. That shall be my hope tonight…that I can find a girl that has not experienced female loving, that I can bend to my will for tonight.

Driving to a favourite club does not take too long. I like it because it has a nice mix of different types of people, from bikers to financial brokers, gays and straights. Occasionally, there is trouble, but not too often. I seat myself at a corner table and order my usual White Russian. As I sip at it, I look around the room, looking for a likely prospect. At first, none look promising, but then I see her, and she takes my breath away. The girl is stunning. She sits at a table just by the far end of the bar, and she looks a bit lost, glancing around occasionally as if looking for someone. I’m willing to bet that she had a blind date, and that he hasn’t shown up. Taking my drink, I move to the bar, so that I can study her more intently, without her noticing. She is a petite thing, with a slender build, but she looks to have some nice curves. Her hair is the shade of golden red that I particularly love and falls to her shoulders. She has the wide green eyes and pale skin to go with that hair. Her lips look infinitely kissable. She is wearing a black dress with white trim, that has gold buttons running up the front. I’m not certain how short the skirt is, but I’m willing to bet it’s above her knees. She doesn’t look like the type to wear her skirt too short, but she might wear it a bit higher if she’s on a date. She glances at a slim wristwatch on her left wrist and then nibbles her bottom lip. I can imagine the feel of her soft lips nibbling on mine instead. She appears to be contemplating what to do.

As I decide to rise and go to join her, suddenly another woman walks up to her table. She is tall, probably 5’9″, with a large build. She is not fat by any means, and is very attractive, but she definitely is aware of the space she takes up. She has shoulder length blond hair and piercing blue eyes. She is wearing an emerald green sheath and her heels match. I see them smile at one another, but continue to watch. The blond is talking to the other girl, who is listening, but continues to surreptitiously glance about the room. She shakes her head, when the other woman gestures toward the door, and says something. I cannot hear their conversation, but I can guess that the blond wants the same thing I do. I see her put her hand on the other girl’s shoulder and lean in to speak to her, and again I see the girl shake her head, beginning to look a bit concerned. The blond will not take no for an answer, apparently, as she catches the girl’s hand and tried to pull her up out of the chair. I decide it’s time to intervene, before the woman ruins any chance I might have with this pretty plaything. I walk slowly over to the table, and now I can see tear shining in the green eyes, and a look of panic starting to settle on her delicate features. Now I can hear the conversation.

“Come on with me then, Lovely. I promise you’ll have fun.” The blond is insistent that this girl escort kurtköy bayan is going with her, her voice slightly husky and very sexy.

“Please….I just want to wait here a bit longer, and see if Jeff shows up. If not, then I’ll just go back home. Thank you anyway.” The girl is trying to sound firm, but failing miserably. Her eyes suddenly catch mine and lock on them.

“Oh, if he hasn’t gotten here by now, he’s not going to. Face it, Lovely, you’ve been stood up. Besides, you’ll have a much better time with me, I promise.”

It’s time for me to butt in. “Excuse me, are you being bothered, Miss?” I turn my dark eyes to the blond pointedly.

The girl attempts to be nonchalant, and not offensive. “Well…it’s just that, I really need to stay here a bit longer, and….”

“And this bitch won’t take no for an answer?” My voice is perfectly calm in delivering the insult, and the eyes of both of the others widen, one in shocked horror and the other in stunned anger.

“I think you’d better watch who you’re calling a ‘bitch’, you cheap whore.” The blond’s eyes are shooting daggers at me. If looks could kill, I’d be dead on the floor. “This doesn’t concern you anyway.”

“Ah, but it does now. You’ve insulted me, and I don’t take kindly to that. Nor do I take kindly to people that won’t go away when they’ve been asked nicely to do so. Now, either you leave this young woman alone, or I’ll have Bob escort you out.” I nod toward the huge bouncer that stands by always ready to squash any trouble instantly.

“Well, I don’t take kindly to people butting in where they aren’t wanted. Everything was perfectly fine until you came barging up, and Lovely and I were going to…”

“You and ‘Lovely’ aren’t going to do anything. You are going to leave. She is going to sit here as long as she wants, and then she’s going to do whatever she wants.”

The blond opens her mouth again, but before she can speak, I have grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm up behind her. She gives a short cry of pain, and doesn’t struggle. Calmly I begin to push her toward Bob and the door. His deep voice greets me as I step up to him. “Trouble?”

“Oh, not really. I just think this…person….needs to go. She’s bothering another patron.”

He nods. “I’ve got it from here, thanks.”

I release the woman and without a backward glance return to the table, where the girl sits, pale and shaking. I put out my hand and introduce myself. She gives me her name, and shakes my hand with trembling fingers.

“Thank you so much. I didn’t know what I was going to do about her. I thought at first she was just being friendly, but then….”

“Don’t mention it. As I said, I don’t like seeing anyone bothered.”

We sit and chat and she begins to relax a bit. She has not been living in the city long, and knows very few people as of yet. I put her at ease and she finally decides that Jeff is not going to show up, and rises to leave. “Goodness, I didn’t realize how late it had gotten!” She looks surprised. “I really need to get home. I still have some unpacking to do.”

“Do you need a lift?” The question is natural, and she immediately looks grateful.

“If it wouldn’t be any trouble for you, that would be wonderful. I was going to be riding with Jeff, so I didn’t bring my car.”

“No trouble at all. Come along.”

As we walk to the car, I finally get to see that I was right about her skirt. It falls to just above her knees, and she has lovely legs, at least what I can see of them. We get into my car, and I notice her skirt rides up a bit. I enjoy the view, glancing over as she directs me, until we pull up beside some older apartments. They are nice, in a quiet restored neighborhood, near the museum. She thanks me for the ride, then says “Would you like to come up for a bit? I could use the company, and I can offer you a drink for bringing me home. That is, if you don’t mind me unpacking some while we talk.”

“No, not at all. That would be fine.” I follow her up the stairs, admiring the shape of her ass as she moves. She is small, but she has wonderful curves. I long to see them uncovered before me. Her apartment is large, and she explains she loves her space. It is mostly undecorated for the moment, as she hasn’t had the time to make it her own, but it is very nice. She excuses herself and goes to change into more comfortable clothes. I kick my heels off and wait for her to return, and when she does, I am very pleased with what I see. She has donned a pair of grey boxer shorts, and a thin white t-shirt, and has pulled her hair, which I’ve found falls to the middle of her back, into a ponytail to get it off her face. She is barefoot, and she is very enticing. I want to pull her onto the sofa with me, lay her back, and lick every inch of her inner thighs and her sweet honeypot, but I will bide my time. She gets me a drink, pours herself one, and sits down to work escort kurtköy bayanlar on a box, as we talk. Finally, inevitably, I lead the talk to sex, to find out what her experiences have been.

She has had very little experience so far, as it turns out. She has fooled around some with a few guys, but never has found that ‘special someone’ as she puts it, that she actually wanted to sleep with. She has been felt up and even touched and kissed, but she always put a stop to things before they went too far. She blushes as she says this to me. She hopes someday to find the one for her, but until then, she’ll keep hoping. We keep talking and I notice she is looking tired, so I offer to massage her shoulders for her. She smiles and says that would be great, and I have her sit on the sofa with me. I work on her back and shoulders, moving my hands gently but firmly over her body, feeling the absence of a bra against her skin. She sighs softly, and I can feel tension draining from her slowly. I smile to myself, and get her to stretch out on her stomach on the sofa. I continue to work on her muscles, slowly kneading, letting her feel each touch, down to the small of her back, and all the way up to her shoulders again. She is breathing deeply and when I look at her face, I see that she has fallen asleep. Perfect!

Standing up, I very carefully turn her onto her back. She murmurs in her sleep, but is tired enough that she doesn’t waken. I stand there and admire her for a few moments, seeing the curve of her breasts press the thin t-shirt outward, and looking down the shapely legs to her small bare feet. Carefully, I lean in and pull open the leg of her boxers so I can see if she’s wearing panties or not. I catch a glimpse of some silky material covering her secret places, and I smile. I love panties on a woman. It’s like finding buried treasure and uncovering it, to me. I release the soft fabric and let it fall against her skin again. Her arms are stretched above her head, and she is completely relaxed. I lean in and lightly taste the softness that is her lips with my own. When she doesn’t stir, I kiss her again, and feel her breath sigh out against my lips and cheek. I place my palm upon her left breast, and feel the warmth of the plump globe, and the slight hardening of her nipple at my touch. I kneel back on the couch, and now place my other palm on her right breast, with just enough pressure for her to sense it subconsciously, and feel pleasure. It works, for now I feel both nipples pushing against my flesh. I move my fingers softly over her fabric-covered skin, delicately manipulating her until a soft moan escapes her lips. She is having the most pleasant dream she’s ever had, most likely. I see a tiny movement of her hips in response as well, and the faint aroma of beginning arousal wafts upward to tease my nostrils.

I use my thumbs now to rub the turgid tips, until they are as hard as pebbles. She is squirming slightly, and I don’t want her awakening until she is too far gone to resist what I want and need, and what she will want and need. My mouth moves in and covers her lips again, and I feel a tiny response to my kiss. I move back and slide her t-shirt upwards, baring her pale skin to my hungry gaze. As I admire the rose-tipped beauty, my fingers move to the zipper of my vest and I shed it, my own dusky nipples hard as diamonds. I lean in and drop light kisses over the warmth of her left breast, and then as I slide my lips around her nipple, my fingers move up and into the leg of her boxers and began caressing her through her panties. I feel the moisture growing as I suck at her breast, and then my tongue begins moving in circles, as do my fingers. Suddenly her green eyes are open and gazing into my dark ones, and the expression on her face is priceless….confused and passion-filled at the same time. “Wh….what are you doing?” she gasps, but I ignore her, and move my mouth to the other breast.

“No…oh no….you mustn’t….” Her protests are weak, and we both know it, although she doesn’t want to admit it. I raise my head, but keep my fingers between her legs, still outside her panties. “Oh, but I must, Sweetheart. I want you….and you want me to have you, whether you’ll admit it or not. We’re both going to get what we want tonight….over and over again.” My mouth covers hers before she can speak, taking command of her, my tongue sliding over hers and forcing her to submit. My thumb rubs over her clit, and she gasps into my mouth. I pull back again, and say “Reach up and touch my breasts, Pretty. You’ll like how they feel.” With my fingers working on her, she can deny me nothing, and she does as she is told. My hand is moving now, and I am inside the silky panties, and feeling the moisture welling from within her.

I croon “Oh, yes…you like this don’t you, you naughty little thing? You like being touched this way. You like touching my breasts. You want to put your hand between gebze escort my legs, don’t you?”

“Oh, no….” she gaps, still caressing my breasts, “I couldn’t….I’d never do that….”

My middle finger parts her labia and slides into the warmth of her pussy, and she cries out. “Ah, but you never thought you’d like being fucked by a woman either, did you? But you do. You like it a lot. See how much you like it.” I slide my finger out of her and bring it up to her face, so she can see the juice covering it and smell her own scent. She flushes and I push my finger between her lips. “Taste yourself, Darling. Then it will be my turn to taste you….” She tries to resist, but I am strong and determined, and in moments she is sucking her own nectar from the digit. Now I slide the finger into her again, and with my free hand, pull one of hers between my legs. “Touch me, you sweet little slut,” I command her, and she does so, unable to stop herself. Now I move my hand faster, bringing her toward the edge. She slides her fingers into my cleft, and feels the moisture there, but she is unsure of herself. I let her explore and bring her to a shuddering climax suddenly, her hips thrusting upwards wildly. While she is till cumming, I stand and pull her boxers off, leaving the panties for a moment, and then remove my skirt. My fishnets are crotchless and I have no underwear on. Now she can see that I am shaved bald, ready for her mouth.

She wants to fight back, I can see it in her face, a kind of hopeless determination, as if she knows it is no use. I always get what I want, and I want her. I grab her by the hand and pull her up. “Take me to your bedroom, Sweetheart. We can’t keep fucking here.” She protests as I pull her forward, and suddenly I push her up against the wall and kiss her roughly, thrusting my hand between her legs and the other pulling her tight against me, so that our breasts touch and nipples rub. “I’ll have you right here,” I hiss into her ear, and then go back to kissing her sweet lips, rubbing her clit and pushing my fingers into her again, curling them and finding the g-spot. I feel her legs tremble and she screams against my lips, a sob wrenching itself from her body, as she cums again. I am relentless, forcing her to yield to me twice more, before I release her. “Now, take me to your bed.” My voice is like steel and she humbly obeys, becoming submissive against her will. It excites me to no end. As soon as we reach her chamber, I pull her over to the bed, and push her into its depths, kissing her neck and down to her breasts again. I nip at a nipple and she yelps in surprise. Nips turn to kisses and kisses to licks slowly and seductively, and still she pleads to be released, although with very little conviction now. The battle was lost from the beginning, which she can see now. She is Custer and this is her last stand. In a few moment, she is going to be mine for as long as I want her.

Now, I move from her delectable chest, downward to the waiting sweetness still hidden beneath soft panties. I yank them from her body, and now she is nude before me. I am pleased to see that she shaves also, and tell her so. I drop tiny kisses on her inner thighs, moving upward toward my ultimate goal and then away. I torture her in this way, until she gives into wordless begging need, and then my lips and tongue part her inner sanctum, and I drink her down. As I slowly lick over each inch of her puss, I maneuver myself until my own honeypot is resting above her lips. I hear a final mew of protest against what she is about to do, and then she surrenders, and her mouth touches my nether lips softly. I grind against her face, and feel that kittenish tongue sliding into me, as I taste what I have wanted from the moment I saw her. I begin to tongue fuck her, pulling her pussy lips apart with my fingers, stretching her well, and feeling her cry out into my own womanhood, even as she continues to eat me. She is inexperienced, but not doing too badly for a first time. I suck and lick and fuck the wonderful cunny that is her, and bring her to climax again and again, and she finally manages to find the right spot to bring me along. For the first time, she has female juices in her mouth and on her face, and for the first time, she tastes herself on another woman’s hungry mouth as she is kissed.

Finally, I am sated with her body for the moment, and I rise to dress and go. She looks stunned, not quite sure how this could have happened to her. She thought she was being rescued from the rude blond and instead she ends up being seduced and forced to fuck and be fucked by this other dark stranger, one that is now preparing to take her leave. She has pulled on a robe and followed me to the living room, to watch me dress. She seems at a loss for words, and I do not speak, just pull my clothes on. Finally I turn to her. “Thank you for a lovely time, my Lovely. This won’t be a one-time thing, I assure you. Give me your number, and when I’m ready for more of you, I’ll return.” She has a look of mixed relief and fear on her pale face, as she writes out the number and hands it to me. “Very good. I’ll see you before too long, I’m certain.” I pull her to me, and kiss her softly. “Good night.” I walk out the door, anxious to get home and share my night with my significant other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32