A New Person

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I thought stuff like this didn’t really happen. But I guess it does. I had been married for 7 years, and our sex life sucked. I guess it might have just been the seven year bitch, but we didn’t seem to agree on anything anymore. We only had sex on nights when she was horny, which actually was more often than one might expect. If I would go down on her that was fine, but otherwise she would just push me onto my back and ride me like a woman on a mission until she came.

I would try to time my orgasm to coincide with hers, because when she was done, she was done, and if I came too early she would just fuck my limp cock until she got off anyway. For more sexual excitement I discovered the local video store. I would sneak out with whatever story I could come up with, and watch pornos while I jacked off and fantasized. That is, until I discovered what the other patrons could do for me. If you play with yourself long enough, some “fag” will come by and suck your dick. Most of the time they’ll even swallow, and they never want anything in return. I’d just close my eyes and imagine whatever I wanted, Claudia Schiffer blowing me was a favorite.

One hot night in August I snuck out saying I had a late night work meeting, all I could think of was blowing my load in some willing mouth. I was wearing sweat pants as usual, they are easy to pull out of the way, so I was hot and sweaty by the time I got there in my 84 Dodge. I walked up to the counter to pay my admission fee thinking five bucks is damn cheap for a blow job and a porno. My cock was already bulging under my pants, the queer at the counter glanced at it and smiled at me. I could tell it was a busy night before I walked in the theater.

Guys were laughing and talking in low tones. I stood in the back for the few seconds it takes for your eyes to adjust to the dark, then started walking to the front row. I was quite happy with the turn out, the local college was well represented. It looked like the whole black fraternity that called themselves the “Q-Dogs” had shown up. It hadn’t occurred to me yet that they wouldn’t be sucking dick in front of their brothers. I sat down and started watching the blonde on the screen getting banged doggie style, rubbing my cock through my pants. A large black guy came over and sat next to me, and watched me for a second before he pulled his huge cock out. I don’t generally look at dick, but his massive tool caught my eye. It must have been eleven inches long and thick as my wrist (I’m not a big guy), and not even fully rigid yet.

He wiggled it in the air and stroked it a couple times, then said “suck it.” I told him I wasn’t into that, to which he replied he wasn’t asking. He said “Suck it you little white bitch!” slapped me across the face and grabbed my head and forced it down on his cock. I was stunned, my jaw stretched painfully wide open as he pushed his massive tool between my lips. I gagged, and somehow mucous formed in my mouth, making his cock wet and slick.

I felt another pair of hands grab my waist and spin my ass out into the floor, followed by those same hands jerking my sweat pants off. The owner of the cock I was forced to suck slammed my head all the way down his shaft and held it there. I started to choke and thrash, tears streaming down my face, sure I would suffocate with a black dick in my mouth. Then he pulled me off by my hair, and told me to relax and cooperate. I shut my mouth tightly, vowing I would not be forced to suck him again. Just then I felt a slap on my bare ass. I turned to look as three more black men stood behind me, one of them on each side. The two on the sides each grabbed an ass cheek and yanked apart so hard I thought they would split me.

The jock in the middle held out his long cock in both hands and spit on it, needing both of his huge hands to rub his lubricant in. It looked like a flag pole sticking straight out, unable to stand more vertical by it shear weight. I said no and tried to struggle, but more hands joined in and I was unable to move. He rammed his dick straight into me all the way to his balls. The searing pain shot through me like daggers. I tried to scream, but as bahis siteleri my jaw dropped the first guy plunged his dick back into my mouth. Through my muffled screams of terror and pain I could hear them all laughing and congratulating themselves. Slowly the pain subsided, and I became more aware of what was happening. The dick in my ass was rocking in and out rhythmically, moving my whole body on and off the huge dick in my mouth.

The massive dick pumping my ass, stretching my until then virgin ass hole to its limit was setting the pace for the blow job I was unwillingly giving the man whose lap my face was buried in. The thrusts started getting rougher and deeper and I knew what was about to happen, I started to moan a little, trying to encourage him to cum so it would be over. When he did I was struck by the unbelievable pain as his cock swelled and he planted it firmly into my ass, as deep as possible. With each spurt of cum he pumped me, and to make it worse, the whole affair set off the guy at my head. He did exactly like the other guy, only to my face.

His cum was hot and sticky. I gagged and tried to puke but couldn’t. His cum was filling my mouth and when I gagged again cum ran out of my nose. He jerked his cock out and said not to swallow, which I had no intention of doing anyway. His thinking became clear as a second dick replaced his in my mouth. I was told to lubricate it well, which I did trying to spit the cum out of my mouth around his cock. The cum was dripping down my chin forming a puddle under my face. The dick abruptly left my mouth, followed by the swift removal of the one plugging my ass.

Another gush of cum spilled from my ass onto the ground, followed by the dick I just wet plunging in to fill the gap. “Now clean up the mess you made on my dick!” Incoherent at this time, I didn’t know what was meant until a dick was forced to my mouth, covered in cum and shit. When the smell hit me I dry heaved, moving nothing but mucous up, but my open mouth was taken as an opportunity and the filthy dick was pushed in. “The little white whore makes a good was machine!” the guy said as he worked his dick in circles inside my mouth. The guy at my ass tensed and grabbed my hips, pounding me a few times as hard as he could before he shot his load deep inside me. When his orgasm subsided he moved quickly to my face, I didn’t fight anymore. As I opened my aching jaw another dick slid into my well worn ass.

The men just kept laughing, and each of them grudge fucked me in turn. I tried not to keep track, tried to block it all out. But the pain had long since quit, and the stroking had become relaxing, almost pleasurable. They kept switching off, and the few times there was no dick in my mouth I moaned, and felt empty. After I had taken at least twelve of them I became aware of the sound of a female moaning in another row. I could tell she was getting what I was, but her orgasms indicated she was enjoying it more than I was. I blacked out then, drifting in and out of consciousness, dreamily being held up and rocked as if I was on a boat. S

ome time later I guess they were done with me as I was let drop. I came to with my face in a puddle of cum, my ass still up in the air, my gaping asshole letting a river of cum stream down my leg and collect on the floor. Then I smelled perfume, and was rolled on my back. I heard a girl’s voice, vaguely familiar, tell me to relax. Her soft hand fell on my cock, and she stroked it gently. I never got hard, but I spilled my cum on my own stomach, it just flowed out, no spurting, no tensing, then I blacked out again.

I awoke sometime the next day in my own bed, my wife walked into the room and smiled at me, saying good morning in a very cheery voice. I started to talk, but my throat was swollen and my jaw ached horribly. She told me to relax and gave me a cup of coffee “for my throat.” I then realized that it was her voice in the theater the night before. A panic gripped me, which she must have seen in my eyes. “It’s okay” she said, “I am happy we got this out. Maybe we can learn to satisfy each other again.” Then she walked out. I sipped some coffee and gently reached a canlı bahis siteleri hand under the covers to my ass. It was tender, raw, and still stretched open, gaping under the covers. Then my wife walked back in with a needle, “You poor thing, are you still sore?”

I was, every part of me ached. She gave me a shot, and I slept. I awoke I guess about dinner time. She had a cold, thick drink for me. I drank it hungrily, received another shot and fell back asleep. This pattern repeated for several days, and I soon realized that the shots were doping me up. I awoke this time to hear her voice, along with another woman’s, coming from the living room. I struggled weakly from beneath the covers and tried to stand next to the bed. I stretched my arms and felt very strange. At the edge of the bed was some of my wife’s lingerie, next to them a mirror. I looked into the mirror and almost passed out again.

There, looking back at me, was a freak. My whole body was hairless save my head and a triangle patch above my cock. Hanging from my chest was a pair of breasts, from a guy’s estimate D cups! Beneath each was a small scar, like those made from a medical incision. I gasped, and involuntarily yelled my wife’s name. Even my voice sounded strange to me! The answer came back for me to get dressed and to come out and meet her new friend. I couldn’t believe what was happening, my head was spinning. I am sure I was still drugged. I stumbled to the closet to find some clothes, but all of mine were gone! There was a few short skirts and some very small and thin women’s shirts, but nothing else. My wife walked in then.

She came up behind me as I stared into the closet. She put her arms around me, stroking my new ‘breasts’ in her hands. The feeling was actually quite nice, it made my head float again. The drugs were still working. She whispered in my ear in a sexy voice “You don’t like what I’ve picked out for you?” She walked me over to the clothes by the mirror, “Put these on, then come out into the living room.”” I started to protest, but she slapped me, hard! I fell to the floor, “You ungrateful little bitch! Put this on! Dress like the whore you are and get your sissy bitch ass into the living room!” With that she threw the clothes in my face and left.

I picked them up. Black thigh highs, matching crotchless panties, and a lace black push up bra. “My God, what do I need a push up bra for? These are huge.” I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth. I sat stunned for a while, holding my smooth legs against my chest. I touched my legs, rubbing them. They felt nice. I closed my eyes and felt my breasts. I was getting turned on! As a man, holding a perfect set of breasts in my hand felt good, and at the same time my stretched and engorged breasts were sensitive and the touch made my nipples stand out. I opened my eyes and grabbed the clothes she had thrown at me. I put them on, sliding my legs into the thigh highs felt strange, the material was cool and stimulating. I put everything on and adjusted the mirror not show my face. I looked at the image, the curves, the breasts heaving and trying to spill over the top. And then the bulge in the panties, as my dick, turned on and excited, strained against them.

My wife stormed back in and grabbed me by the arm, dragging me out into the living room. Her friend was beautiful, and she was staring at me. I suddenly became aware of my breasts again, of what had been done to my body, I tried to cover myself with my arms, but it wasn’t possible. I was pushed onto my knees, and told not to move.

“I thought you were cheating on me. That some slut was fucking you all those nights you left. So I followed you, never dreaming you were the slut.” I tried to protest, to tell my side. She slapped me again. Meanwhile, her friend started feeling my body, weighing my breasts in her hands, touching me all over. “I thought you were a freak initially, then I realized how much fun you were having. So I called some of your friends over and let them fuck me, too. I let them fuck my pussy and my face while I watched them fuck your face and ass. I even asked to watch them do specific things. Do canlı bahis you remember riding one guy while another shoved his cock in your ass with the first? You had two cocks in your ass and one in your mouth. I came instantly. I realized then how I could enjoy sex with you again. Not fucking you, but watching you get fucked!” As she spoke she put what looked like a silver choker necklace around my neck. It was a little heavy, with a bulky clasp.

By this time, her friend, who I am allowed only to call “Mistress Anne” had made it to my cock. She pulled it out roughly, twisting it and yanking, wondering aloud if it should be “left” or “removed”. I winced, and reality hit me. I tried to stand, I wanted to run away. My once loving wife laughed. I stopped and looked at her. In her hand she held a little black box. She turned a dial on it, and an electric shot jolted me from the choker. My vision burst into a bright white light and I fell heavily to the floor. “I suggest you don’t test your tolerance for that.” And it was shut off. A high heeled boot came down on my now exposed genitals, and I doubled over in renewed pain.

“He’s going to be a lot of fun! Why don’t you just sell him to me. I have a closet free at home. The rest of the boys could use a new toy anyway. I don’t allow them to pleasure themselves or each other, but they could use a reward on occasion.”

“No, Anne, I still love him, even if he is a bitch. I think I’ll keep him for a while anyway. I can have lots of fun with the little slut. But I’ll loan him to you for your slaves’ satisfaction whenever you want. I’ve had the tape running, shall we continue?”

I heard my name and looked up. They both pulled up their skirts to reveal giant strap-ons. The black box was waved at me and the strap-ons were switched on, vibrating loudly. I was pushed onto all fours and used at both ends, stuck between two moaning and wildly bucking women.

And that started my new life. I have been loaned to Mistress Anne several times. She has four slaves, all men. They are normal, unaltered men, and they fuck me eagerly whenever I am there. They slap and abuse my tits, sucking them roughly. My cock is more often than not tied up tightly or otherwise restrained. I am left to them for hours, and they take full advantage of it for the cameras. Each of them rapes me repeatedly. You might have even rented one of those tapes. After they are done, or made to stop, Mistress Anne takes me to her room. This time is the best. She bathes me, powders me, brushes my now long hair. She pampers me as long as I don’t cum before she does. If I cum too quickly she does unspeakable things to me. She has even thrown me into the alley behind a crack house and used me as payment for drugs. Once she even sprayed me with female dog piss and chained me to the back yard fence.

When I am at my Mistress Theresa’s house (my wife, who I am not allowed to call anything but Mistress Theresa) things are very strict. When I am not needed I am tied up. Sometimes to one of her many contraptions featuring a motorized dildo. Sometimes just locked in a closet, where I am allowed to play with my tits, but not my dick. Most of the rest of the time I am the maid. I have a little outfit I must wear, and I clean the house, sometimes with nothing but my tongue. She has huge parties for which I am the entertainment, and pleasure all the guests in the end, both male and female. Once I was tied in the bathroom and used as the toilet all night. Sometimes, for old times sake, she takes me to the theater and ties me to a chair with a sign taped next to me. I never get to read the sign, but I get fucked often.

She took me to a biker bar once, and watched as my tits were clamped in a pair of handcuffs and I was spread across a pool table and raped with pool sticks and beer bottles all night long. They never fucked me because she fucked each of them on the table next to me while I was forced to watch with two balls shoved in my ass. The breasts are real now, hormone induced from the first days of shots and spiked drinks on, the implants long ago removed. My cheek bones are enhanced, my body hair is permanently gone, and my ass lubricates itself. I am writing all this down now, because tomorrow I am to be sold. I don’t know to whom, and there is no telling what will happen to me. I have no say in my life anymore, I live it for whomever I am to please.

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