A New Experience

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I sat in bed sipping my coffee and reading the news on my iPad. Sarah, my wife, was dressed and just finishing her make-up as she prepared to head off to work.

She looked great in her crisp white blouse, grey skirt and nude tights, the archetypal office outfit in the city. Looking around she spotted what she was looking for and walked over to pick up a pair of grey shoes, courts with a mid size heel.

Slipping them on, she looked over at me and smiled.

“I think I am ready. I should be home around six ish, we could pop out for something to eat if you liked?”

I smiled back and nodded.

“Yes that would be great. See you later.”

With that she walked out of the room and I head her walking down the stairs. A couple of minutes later I heard the familiar click of her heels on there stone floor in the hall followed by the front door opening and then closing behind her.

I lay sipping my coffee for a couple of minutes while I thought about the day ahead.

Once my coffee was finished I was out of bed, showered, shaved and ready for the day. I stood in our bedroom naked my cock hanging limply against my balls, my newly trimmed pubes looked neat and tidy.

Time to get dressed, I walked across the room to the wardrobe, but rather than opening my side I opened Sarah’s. I looked at the array of skirts, blouses and dresses in front of me and my cock gave a little involuntary twitch.

Reaching into the rack of clothes I picked out a pink satin blouse and a short black skirt. I turned and laid them carefully on the bed.

Next I moved to the drawers and pulled the top one open, it was full of panties. I knew what I was looking for so rummaged around until I had found them, a pair of red lacy hi cut briefs. I tossed them over to the bed.

Then the second drawer was pulled open, this time it was full of Sarah’s bras. Searching through them I spied my prize, a red bra, lacy and matched the panties I have chosen. Again I threw them over to the bed.

My final drawer, the third one, was full of tights, but I searched under them to find some lace top nude hold-ups. I smiled and they followed the other clothes onto the bed.

I walked to the bed and arranged the clothes, the skirt and blouse laid out as if she was wearing them, the bra, panties and stockings also looking like the were being worn.

As I stood looking at the bed admiring my arrangement I heard my phone ding, a message had arrived, my stomach knotted a little as I reached to pick it up.

Looking at the screen I could see that it displayed the following;


Thumbing the screen and entering my password and the message opened up:


Murray was my brother in law and Angela his wife was my wife’s sister. It was now bahis firmaları or never, my stomach was knotted with nerves as I thumbed my reply;


I hesitated a moment and then pressed send, I waited.

It seemed ages but was probably less than a minute when my phone dinged again.


I stared at the message for a moment taking it in. No going back now I thought.

My memory drifted back to a few days ago when Murray and Angela were at our house for dinner and how I got into this situation.

Over dinner we talked about various things but I thought I kept noticing how Murray was staring at Sarah’s tits, which were being shown off nicely by the vee neck dress she was wearing. Her tits weren’t that big, 36c, but nicely proportioned against her small frame. Every time she bent forward a little I saw Murray staring.

We finished dinner and Murray and I went into the lounge with a couple of beers while Sarah and Angela stayed in the dining room chatting and drinking wine.

“How did you enjoy dinner Murray?”

“Lovely thanks, Sarah really is a great cook, you are very lucky.”

We had both had a few beers and feeling pretty relaxed so without really thinking about I asked him “Did you get a good view of Sarah’s tits?”

I half expected him to deny that he was staring but he surprised me when he replied “Yes thanks, they looked great. She knows how to show them off and from what I could see that lacy red bra looked amazing.”

I was a little taken aback but thought what the hell, go with it.

“Yes it is very sexy, she looks great in it. Does Angela wear similar?”

“No she doesn’t, she has really boring undies to be honest. Mostly she has white cotton underwear and all from the very sensible range. She has been like that for a few years.”

“That is a fucking shame Murray because I think she has Sarah beaten in the tits department. She must be at least a D cup?”

“DD” said Murray.

“Sarah is a C cup, but they look bigger because she is quite petite.”

“I had noticed” said Murray with a smile.

“Horny bastard.”

Murray nodded.

I noticed he had finished his beer, so stood up to go and get some more from the kitchen. Walking through the dining room I saw that the wine bottle was almost empty.

“Do you girls want another bottle?”

Angela smiled at me and nodded.

In to the garage I picked up a bottle of wine and four more bottles of beer and headed back. I popped the wine onto the dining table for the girls and could help but check out Angela.

She was in a round neck shirt and long skirt which showed almost no flesh at tall. I could make out the shape of her tits kaçak iddaa under her shirt, but there was little definition or shape to hint at a nice set of DD underneath.

“Thanks” said Sarah “now back to your chat about cars or football or whatever and leave me to catch up with my sister on the important stuff.”

I laughed out loud and the two of them joined in.

“Ok ok, I am on my way.”

Walking back into the lounge I handed Murray a beer and opened one for myself. Our chat turned to football as we sank another beer and opened up the last two bottles. I was starting to feel quite drunk and looking at Murray I think he was too.

“You were right Murray, I checked Angela out a few minutes ago and hadn’t really noticed until you said that she really does dress conservatively. No hint of her tits at all.”

“I know, quite dowdy really… I would love to see her in that red bra of Sarah’s.”

I nodded.

“Me too Murray. Sarah’s bra would really push them up and together given it would be small for her. Bet that would look amazing.”

“Yes.” He agreed and then added “but I bet Sarah looks great in it, I would love to see that.”

I looked at him for a minute and then said “yes, she does. That bra is very lacy and has semi transparent cups with little flowers embroidered on them.”

“Oh wow, that sounds perfect. Just a pity I will never see it.”

“No, I can’t see Sarah really agreeing to flash her bra and tits for you and if she did I suspect Angela would be pretty pissed about it.”

“You are probably very right about that, on both counts!”

We both laughed out loud at that and drank some more beer. A few minutes passed.

“But I would make do with just seeing the bra.” Murray said.


“Yes, it would be very erotic to see her bra and maybe touch it.”

I thought about it for a few minutes.

“Sorry if that was too much” Murray mumbled, clearly embarrassed.

“No it wasn’t Murray, I was just thinking about something… I could help you out with seeing it and touching it if you really wanted to.”

“Oh wow, you mean it?”

“Yes I do. You know I work from home, if you could get some time off work you could come round for a coffee while she is at work one day and I could show you it.”

“Fuck! Really?”

“Yes Murray, I mean it.”

“It’s a date then” he laughed.


And the conversation drifted off on to other things and I gave it no more thought, until last night when I got a message from Murray which said he had the day off tomorrow and fancied a coffee which a winky smiley face attached.

I slipped into some boxers, trousers and a tee shirt and headed down to the kitchen to get the coffee going. A few minutes later I heard the door open as Murray walked in.

“Hi there” he called out.

“In the kaçak bahis kitchen” I called back.

He walked in and grabbed a seat at the breakfast bar, I looked at him and was pleased to see he seemed quite nervous too. I finished the coffee and handed one to him and took one myself.

“Thanks.” He sipped at the coffee.

We sat in silence while we both drank our coffee, the tension in the air was almost touchable but neither of us was seemingly able to break it. After a few minutes my coffee cup was empty and I thought one of us has to do something or we will be sitting like this all day.

“So Murray…”

“Yes” he answered, almost too eagerly.

“Do you still want to see the bra Sarah was wearing the other night?”

His face flushed red, almost as red as the bra I was talking about, and nodded.

“Follow me then.” I stood up and walked out of the kitchen and upstairs towards our bedroom, as I reached to open the door Murray was right behind me. We walked into the room and then stood looking at the bed.

“Oh fuck” said Murray “look at that, you have set them out beautifully. The whole outfit looks so fucking sexy.”

I nodded and smiled at him as he stood staring at Sarah’s underwear. I moved forward and sat on the bed, next to the skirt and blouse. Murray just stood still, looking at the clothes and me.

I pointed to the bed. “There is space there Murray if you wanted to sit next to the lingerie.”

“Can I?”

I nodded.

He quickly moved to sit on the bed, right next to the bra, panties and stockings.

I looked at him and then stretched my hand out so that it rested on Sarah’s satin blouse, right where her tits would have been. I started to rub the material under my hand as if the blouse were full of her tits.

Murray sat watching me fondling Sarah’s bra, his eyes locked on my hand.

“It feels lovely Murray, the material is so sheer and soft. I just wish it was stretched over Sarah’s tits while I was feeling it. What do you think of Sarah’s bra? Is it what you imagined?”

“It is fucking beautiful, just as you described it. I bet you can really see her nipples through it as it looks almost see through.”

I leaned over a little more and picked up her bra, holding it up I put my fingers into the cup and held it up.

“Yes you can see my fingers through it easily Murray.”

“God yes you can” he said, nodding.

“Why don’t you touch it?”

Murray reached out and let his fingers lightly touch the lacy cup of Sarah’s bra, his finger tips brushed against mine, the feeling was electric.

“Oh yes Murray, feel the lace of my bra” I said.

He looked at me for a moment and then took my finger tip between his thumb and finger through the bra cup.

“Your nipples feel hard Sarah.”

“You fucking horny bastard Murray!” I exclaimed.

“I can’t help it, Sarah’s clothes have me rock hard here and you are teasing me., and you fucking know it.”

I nodded at him.

“Too fucking right Murray and what should we do about it?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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