A New Alexandra Ch. 08

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Two types of people visit gyms before 9 a.m. on Saturdays, Alexandra thought. Committed fitness types and types committed to working off the prior night’s alcohol. Alexandra wondered about which category she’d put herself. Perhaps both.

It was a pleasing hour: free weights and flexibility, no cardio. She watched her form closely, viewing her body through the eyes of a stranger. Was this the impression Kira had of her? A collection of discrete parts barely in sync? It must be better than that. There’s no way you’d sleep with someone you thought of that way.

She felt her abdominal muscles burn as she held a plank. Her mind drifted to Sam’s hands settling on her back at the party while they kissed, then the same hands flat on her stomach as Sam ate her hungrily in Alexandra’s bed. I want that again, Alexandra thought. That tender, delicate way she does things. Bold and also somehow still shy. Damn near insatiable. They’d followed up their lovemaking with a shower quickie before bed and then another hurried hook-up in the morning.

All in all, it had been a busy morning. A morning with no word from Kira, Alexandra noted. By the time she returned from the gym, it was nearly ten. The workout and accompanying Gatorade had fought back any threat of a hangover. She was about to start a much-needed shower when her phone buzzed.

Kira: Hey stranger 😉

Alexandra: Hey babe, how’s Boston?

Kira: Fuzzy. From both the hangover and the dog hair everywhere. It appears you’ve got competition in terms of creatures that want to snuggle with me.

Alexandra: I’d hope I’m a better conversationalist.

Kira: You also drink your share of the wine. Ash left me a bottle and a little wheel of brie as thanks for dog sitting. Guess what I have none of this morning?

Alexandra: Well, you’ve got no girlfriend with you. Don’t know about the fate of the cheese and wine.

Kira: They are every bit as gone as they’d be if you were here, but my head wouldn’t hurt and I wouldn’t have a Lab sitting on the end of the bed with her best judgey-face on.

Alexandra rubbed her shirt across her sweaty face. The guilty feeling underneath remained. Here she was, a fantasy about her new lover from last night while her girlfriend struggled with a hangover hundreds of miles away. Well, she did give me permission, Alexandra rationalized. Still.

Alexandra: Aw, well invite me next time and then she can judge us both?

Kira: 🙂 Maybe, but I don’t know what Ash would say about that. She didn’t mind the hour or so we spent together before she had to head down to New York.

Alexandra: I see.

“I see,” as in “I can read between the lines. I’m not the only one getting some pussy on the side.” Well, fine, she thought. Maybe I’ll be able to wash off that guilt with this shower after all.

Kira: But I hope you got up to some fun of your own last night? You seemed a bit excited for it?

Alexandra exhaled. Fine. Still getting used to this dynamic. But she wants me doing this. Sleeping with other women. Getting more comfortable in my sexuality. “Becoming a slut,” I think we’ve both called it.

Alexandra: I did.

Kira: Well, wait til I’m back tonight and you can tell me all about it?

A pause.

Kira: And if you want to hear about Ash, I’m happy to talk as well. Don’t worry about anything. Let’s just say I cannot WAIT to get back to you and that sexy body.

Alexandra: I like the sound of that. When’s your flight land?

Kira: Same thing as on the way out, whenever there’s space on a flight. I’m hoping to squeeze onto the one that lands a few minutes after eight. Will text once I’m sure I’m getting on one.

Alexandra: I’ll keep an eye on my phone 😉

Kira: And if you happened to send your girlfriend a pic or two of what she’s got waiting for her on her return, you might get a nice trade. Even just something sweet and G-rated?

Alexandra: 😉 canlı bahis şirketleri Well…we shall see. Gotta hop in the shower now, sweaty AF from the gym.

Alexandra’s phone screen blinked as a photo landed. It was Kira sitting up in bed, topless, a grin on her face and an arm across her chest. Blonde hair streamed over her tanned shoulders, ends grazing the forearm closest to the camera.

Alexandra: Don’t tease…

Kira: I know, even though they’re fake, I thought you might want to see them?

Fuck yes, I do, thought Alexandra. But in person, not on some tiny fucking iPhone screen.

Alexandra: Maybe. Just maybe, you know.

Kira: Don’t tease…

Alexandra grinned at having her phrase turned back on her. Tease? Hell yeah, I’ll tease, she thought, flicking her phone to camera mode. She walked to her bedroom — no trashy bathroom mirror selfies here; only trashy bedroom mirror selfies — and stood with her back to her mirror, head turned seductively over her right shoulder, hair flipped over her left.

Snap, snap, snap went the phone. I feel ridiculous doing this, Alexandra thought. But she loved it the first time. She swiped through the resulting photos. My back actually looks really good. Pity about the sports bra.

Deep breath, Alexandra. She peeled off the bra, wincing as it stuck to her body. Next she rolled down the top of her workout pants. Just a little extra length, show off my back muscles.

Heat began to build between her legs. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I am not the type of woman who likes taking slutty selfies. She snapped away, alternating smiles with sultry stares, hand positioned just over her shoulder. Dammit. I so am that type.

The more she pressed the button, the more the heat built and the overt sexuality dominated. Alexandra half-turned her torso, legs planted, hand discreetly covering her exposed breast.

There, that’ll do, she thought. She scrolled through the photos, choosing one from each phase: a smiling, over-the-shoulder bra-on shot; a second of her whole naked back, s hungry stare in her eyes; finally, the full curve of her body, topped off with a dose of sideboob. You fucking whore. She hit send and waited for a reaction.

It didn’t take long.

Kira: I’ll be back tonight. You better be ready. Doesn’t matter what you wear. It’s not staying on long.

Alexandra: I’ll see you at the airport, babe. Go do your job, Eastern time zone pet sitter, you.

Kira: And you do yours, phone-watching airport pickup slut 😉 I’m gonna blush my way right through the arrivals terminal.

Serves her right for starting something like that, Alexandra thought, flipping the phone face-down on her dresser.

She turned on the water in the shower and waited for it to warm. Behind her, the phone buzzed. What the hell? It’s Saturday morning. Since when do I have friends who are awake on Saturday morning, let alone texting me?

She nearly dropped the phone when she saw who it was: Katy McLean, her first foray into lesbian sex aside from Kira.

Katy: Hey, you still down to hang out today?

Alexandra: You bet 😉

Actually, Alexandra thought, I’d totally forgotten. Despite everything Sam had done for her the previous night and Kira had done seconds earlier, seeing Katy’s name on the screen had caught Alexandra’s breath. There was something about Katy’s style that drove Alexandra wild. Like Kira, even a mental picture was enough to make her entire mind turn to sex.

Katy: I’ve got a surprise for you. Wanna see it?

Alexandra: Depends. Am I gonna like it?

Katy: I sure hope so!

Alexandra: So when do I get to see?

Katy: As soon as you want. Just leaving the gym.

There was a long pause.

Katy: Should warn you that it’s either now or might have to be tomorrow evening. Probably only have until noon.

Alexandra: OK well I just worked out, need to hop in the shower. Can prob canlı kaçak iddaa be over in 30 if you don’t mind wet hair?

Katy: And how long if I’d rather you join me for your shower?

Alexandra: Would you rather I join you?

There was no response for a minute, which Alexandra used to put her top and jacket back on. There was only one way this was headed.

Katy: I’d be extremely disappointed if you didn’t. Text me when you’re here.

I love that she just assumes that I’ll do it, Alexandra thought. Head right over to her place for a steamy shower together. A shower with her sexy body and those slutty, tempting piercings. God, I’m wet already.

It was true. As she hopped into Kira’s Jeep and drove far too fast across Chicago, Alexandra couldn’t clear the urgent desire from her body. From the photo-sexting with Kira and the unabashed flirting with Katy, every inch of her craved the touch of a woman’s hands. She found herself checking her reflection in the mirrors and the dashboard clock alternately, counting down the minutes until she could have her hands all over Katy’s slender body. She hoped Katy was as anxious to reciprocate.

As she pulled the parking brake and stepped out into the still-chilly morning, Alexandra hastily whipped out her phone.

Alexandra: Here.

Katy: Meet you in a second.

Alexandra found herself bouncing with anticipation. Katy appeared in the doorway, still in her exercise gear. Her tight black leggings ended mid-calf, showing shapely legs there and through the mesh cutouts. A clingy pink workout tank exposed her shoulders. Basically a more confident, sexier version of the workout clothes I haven’t managed to change out of yet, thought Alexandra. Katy had removed her jacket, but not the grey knit ski cap covering her head.

The look was not overtly sexual, but it still set Alexandra’s body to a new level of anticipation. She could see from Katy’s calves and arms that it had been an intense workout.

“So…you gonna stand there and drool, or say hi?”

“Oh, um, h-“

Alexandra’s greeting cut off when Katy stepped closer and kissed her. The kiss was brief, but the urgency evident.

“That’s a better way to say hi,” said Katy, turning back into the warmth of the apartment. “Now come on. I’ve been wanting you all week, so I hope you’re ready.”

I am, thought Alexandra, hurrying to keep up with Katy’s long strides. Now what’s my surprise?

They had barely closed the door and kicked off their shoes when Katy was on her again, unzipping Alexandra’s jacket as their lips met again. The coat fell away as they hungrily made out. Alexandra felt Katy’s teeth clamp down on her lower lip, pulling it outward.

“Mmm,” she said.

“Arms up,” said Katy, breaking away, and pulling from the bottom of Alexandra’s top. Alexandra had a brief moment of panic: she’d thrown on her top in a hurry before leaving but hadn’t actually put on a bra before rushing out the door. Oh, right, she thought. It’d just be coming off anyway. That’s the whole fucking point.

The top slid over her head, catching briefly on Alexandra’s bun as it did.

She heard Katy giggle, then felt the press of lips on her collarbone, followed by the tracing of a delicate tongue.

“Something funny?” managed Alexandra, freeing her head.

“Been a while since I’ve had a shirt catch on my hair, that’s all,” said Katy. She had traced her way up to Alexandra’s neck and was now alongside Alexandra’s neck, hot breath warming the already-flushed skin.

Alexandra felt Katy’s hands slide her workout tights over her hips, teeth nibbling delicately on an earlobe.

“I figured since we’re supposed to be taking a shower anyway…” Katy whispered into her ear between nibbles, “I’d get you ready.” Her hands snuck inside Alexandra’s waistband and to the back, making room inside.

As Katy’s strong tennis-player hands kneaded her ass, Alexandra wrapped her arms around the slender waist, kissing Katy passionately on the mouth. She tilted her head to the side. Her nose brushed Katy’s silver septum ring, sending a rush through Alexandra. Something about Katy’s piercings still seemed alien and edgy, a different world into which she desperately wanted entry — if only vicariously.

Their tongues met, twirling and exploring. Alexandra felt the hands wiggling downward, the cool rush of air on her bare ass. Here she was, about to be naked not thirty seconds after walking into the building. And before her stood Katy, completely clothed. She even canlı kaçak bahis still had her outdoor hat on. Not again, Alexandra. This, like, just happened to you last night with someone else.

They held the kiss as Katy worked Alexandra’s clothes further off. Alexandra’s naked back pressed into the cool wall, Katy’s kisses moving lower. She gasped as Katy’s fingers brushed against her now-bare pussy.

Alexandra tugged on one leg, then the other, deftly stepping out of the last fabric while Katy ran her hands down her back. Their lips met again.

I’m such a slut, Alexandra thought. She texts me and twenty minutes later she’s stripped me right inside her door and has her hands all over me. If you asked me if this is what I wanted, I would have told you no. And I’d have been lying.

“I’m going to tease you some more, and then we’re going to hop in the shower,” said Katy. “No complaining, okay?”

She had a mischievous glint in her grey eyes, as if she’d been planning this sequence of events. Alexandra spread her thighs slightly, already anticipating Katy’s next move.

She was correct. The fingers returned around front, Katy’s palm pressing into her mound as her index finger traced the outside of Alexandra’s sex. She resumed her kisses, nibbling Alexandra’s lower lip, pulling on it again.

Alexandra’s body shifted into higher gear, heat spreading throughout her. The urge to throw her head back and moan grew urgent. When the first finger slid inside her, she could no longer resist.

“Unnnnnn,” she groaned, Katy’s teeth still grasping her lip. She’s already got me cranked to eleven. And I already came once this morning.

A second finger quickly joined the first, and Alexandra felt her body rise to the challenge. Her knees bent, urging her body downward onto the fingers as the wall behind her supported her weight. Her pussy had gone into overdrive, lubrication coating Katy’s fingers as fast as it could be produced.

“Seems you’re liking this,” said Katy. The hot breath next to her ear elicited an excited moan from Alexandra. “I thought so.”

The fingers working between her legs slowed, then withdrew.

“I’m happy you came over ready to fuck right away.” Alexandra moaned gain, surprising herself. I wasn’t expecting her to be like this, she thought. It’s like having another version of Kira here. “But I told you I was going to tease you first, and I am. Come on,” said Katy, turning towards the bathroom.

“Wait,” said Alexandra. I want to lick her fingers clean. “Can I…?” Oh no, you just… ugh, why can’t I keep my thoughts to myself?

Katy wheeled back around, her athletic form twirling precisely. She held her right index and middle fingers aloft and paused.

“You mean these?”

Alexandra nodded, embarrassed. Since Kira had first done it to her, she had become obsessed with licking her own juices off her partners’ fingers.

“Open up,” said Katy, waiting for Alexandra to approach.

They met in the middle of the small apartment, and Alexandra closed her eyes as the fingers entered her mouth. As Katy padded backwards across the living room rug, the surface changed under Alexandra’s feet. She crept forward to keep pace. Her mouth filled with the familiar sticky-sweetness of her own flavor, something she had been tasting nightly with Kira and did not intend to pass up when offered.

When her eyes opened, Alexandra was standing in a white-tiled bathroom. Katy withdrew her fingers and turned the water on.

“You and I are a lot alike,” she said. “Do you ever just taste yourself when you get yourself off?”

Alexandra shook her head. It was not that she wouldn’t, but rather that she just hadn’t. With all the sex she’d been getting recently, she’d hardly even felt the urge to masturbate, let alone the need.

“I do,” said Katy. “It’s just so…mmm, just thinking of all the other people who get to taste me and thinking about everything I’ve done with them.”

Am I going to be like that? wondered Alexandra. Is that the road I’m heading down?

“You’re already naked, so get in. Don’t waste my water,” Katy said teasingly, sliding the shower curtain back.

Alexandra complied, and immediately the calming flow of the hot water streamed over her. She ran it over her body, rinsing off the sweat from her workout. She loosened her bun and swirled the long hair under the water, running her fingers through it to clear out the tangles.

Shit, she thought. I don’t have my shampoo here, so…

“You can use my body wash and shampoo,” said Katy from outside the shower, as if on cue. “You’ll smell like me, of course, but I don’t think you’ll be complaining.”

“Oh, shut up,” said Alexandra, picking up the body wash. “I won’t complain, you’re right, but do shut up about it.”

Alexandra let the hot water calm her as she rinsed off the apple-scented body wash. Her body was coming down from the extreme arousal of a minute earlier, although she knew the switch might flip as soon as Katy touched her again. She picked up the shampoo next and spread it over her scalp, eyes closed.

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