A Mother’s Sin Ch. 02

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Chapter two: The next day….

Gary woke with an erection, which he tried to hide from me as he went to the bathroom….

I needed a quick shower to wash the dried semen from my backside….

We cleaned ourselves, did not speak of the events of the previous evening…got packed, ate breakfast, and hit the road.

We drove all the way to Oklahoma City, and the ride was quieter and less jocular than the first day. Gary and I were trying to come to grips with our ‘incident’ the previous night.

We arrived in Oklahoma City after dark, I found a room with two queen beds at the Hampton Inn. We would not have to share a bed tonight.

We brought a pizza and two bottle of wine to the room. After my first glass of wine, I went to the shower. Soon there was a knock on the door….”Mom, can I come in, I need to pee…”

“Sure honey…we are family…,” I reassured him. But I was unsure of what was occurring between my son and me at this moment. At home, he would never ask if he could urinate in front of me. This was a boundary that I was not sure we should be crossing. But I tried not to overreact; after all, we did only have the one bathroom that we were sharing.

Gary came in, and stood in front of the commode for an extended period of time. I had to look. I pulled back the shower curtain and saw him standing there…his back towards me. “What is wrong honey?”

“Nothing mom, I just can’t seem to go now….I don’t know why.” I could see Gary was ‘a little stiff down there’, suffering with a partial erection as he tried to urinate. I smiled, somewhat amused that my mere presence was arousing my son now. I wanted to reassure him, without reacting to his situation.

“A lot of men cannot pee with an audience…let me get out of here and leave you alone with your business….” I said, rinsing off before turning off the water and grabbing a towel.

I stepped from the shower as I was wrapping the towel around myself…I knew I was exposing myself to my son…it was wrong, but I could not help doing it. I wrapped the towel around my waist and left my breasts exposed. Gary stared at my naked breasts as I walked past him. I took a moment to look at his penis and could see it was growing more erect. I knew I was the cause of his erection. I should not have teased him this way, but I could not help myself. The sexual tension between us was tremendous.

I excused myself from the bathroom to allow my son to urinate in peace. I quickly donned a t-shirt, but I did not put on any panties. I would like to say it was a simple oversight, or that I do not know why I did not put on my panties; but that would be a lie. I was aroused by the events of the previous evening, and after seeing Gary’s partially erect penis moments before, and I wanted to have the opportunity to innocently expose myself to him if the situation seemed to warrant it.

In my mind, it would be an accidental ‘flashing’, if it occurred at all; something I could reasonably maintain did not occur at all, certainly if it happened, I could maintain that I was not aware of it.

Yes, if I am honest, I know precisely why I did not put on my panties under my t-shirt. But at that moment, I was not contemplating any further physical contact between my son and me; however, I did imagine that once we went to our separate beds, with the lights out, I would masturbate in the bed next to him, and I hoped he would do the same.

I reasoned that after last night, a mutual but separate session of masturbation was a reasonable and relatively innocent compromise to relieve the sexual tension and the frustration we were both wrestling with; and we could each pretend that we did not know what the other one was doing. That was my plan.

I poured two glasses of wine, one for Gary and one for me, as I waited for Gary to exit the bathroom. I looked at my canlı bahis image in the mirror. You could not tell that I was not wearing any panties, but my erect nipples left no doubt that I was ‘sans a bra’. My perky, 34B breasts poked proudly through the white cotton material of my t-shirt. The darkness of my areolas were faintly visible through the white cotton.

After four or five minutes, I began to suspect that he was masturbating alone in the bathroom. That thought, both disappointed me and relieved me. I was disappointed I was not allowed to witness him, but on another level, I was relieved that perhaps any temptation for a repeat of the previous night’s ‘contact’ could now be avoided.

I sat on the bed, sipping my wine, wondering exactly what Gary was up to. After another few minutes, I got up, poured myself a second glass and walked to the closed bathroom door. “Gary, is everything OK in there?”

“Yeah, mom. My body is just not cooperating right now. I can’t seem to pee.”

“Well come out, try to relax and you can try again in a few minutes. You just need to let yourself relax a bit.” Inwardly, I was smiling at Gary’s dilemma. I thought it was absolutely adorable that his erection was preventing him from emptying his bladder right now. And yes, I was pleased that I was the cause of his erection.

“Have a glass of wine with me and see if that relaxes you.” I shouted through the closed door.

Slowly the door opened, and Gary exited the small hotel bathroom wearing only his boxers and sporting an enormous erection. “Oh my. I think I see what the problem is.” I said. I was taken aback by the size and maturity of my son’s massive and very erect penis. The large purple head stood nearly two inches above the waist band of his boxers. There was no hiding that massive erect tool right now.

Gary was blushing deeply and tried to cover his erection behind his hands which he held in front of his bulging groin.

“I’m so sorry mom. I don’t know what is wrong.” He said with obvious embarrassment.

“Oh baby, nothing is wrong other than the fact that you are a normal and very healthy young man who is having a normal reaction to a very unusual situation that you and I have been thrust into. It is quite normal for a young man of your age to get erections, even at the most inopportune times. It only shows you are normal and healthy.” I smiled at him as I tried to reassure him.

“Mom, I don’t think it is normal to get a boner in front of your mother.” He admitted quite candidly.

I thought for a moment, trying to think how to respond.

“Well, you have a point; but literature is full of stories about young men recognizing that their mother’s are in fact ‘female’, and responding to it a bit. In fact, they even have a name for it: ‘Oedipus complex’. It is not that uncommon. And it is a little bit flattering to me.” I was speaking without fully thinking about the meaning or ramifications of my words. I was really only trying to relieve any awkwardness and anxiety my son was experiencing at the moment.

“It is just so weird that I am reacting to you this way. I’m sorry mom. I am trying not to think of you and I am trying to make this go away, but it isn’t working.” Gary said, looking at the floor, unable to look at me. His penis continued to throb, the large purple tinged head pulsing above his waist band. God he was a sexy young man.

“Gary, why don’t you take care of that ‘manually’? I can go take a nice long bath and leave you here to relieve your ‘stress’, OK?”

Gary blushed deeply and then looked at me with a cute, shy innocence that I will always cherish, “Mom, can you stay while I do this? I would like to share this with you, if it is OK?”

His words shocked and excited me. I knew I should not participate in this, or even witness it, but I wanted to experience this with my son. I felt bahis siteleri my pulse quicken and as the very thought of watching my son masturbate aroused me.

“Are you sure? I can give you some privacy if you want?” my voiced quaked with excitement at the very thought of watching my son. I knew the quiver in my voice also revealed my level of excitement to my son.

“Please sty with me.” Gary said, as he looked at me, and slowly removed his boxers, freeing his erection,

I watched as he large hard cock waved proud as he walked to the bed. His penis looked to be about 7 inches long and about 2 inches thick. He was a fine looking young man.

I knew that I should leave Gary alone now. I knew that I should go into the bathroom and take a long leisurely bath. I could take a bath, masturbate as I pictured my gorgeous son doing the same in the next room, and I could maintain some degree of appropriate conduct. I wanted to leave. I wanted to be a good mother. But I needed to stay. My attraction to my son’s large, hard penis was simply overwhelming. I simply could not force myself to leave. I felt absolutely powerless to remove myself from this wildly erotic and terribly inappropriate sight.

I stood there speechless, as I stared at my baby’s large erect penis. As Gary laid back on the bed, his erection made a distinct smacking sound as it slapped against his belly. I stared shamelessly as he lay on his back, the head of his penis reaching nearly to his navel. God, my son was a sexy man.

Gary looked into my eyes, and he simply patted the bed next to him and said, “Please lie here next to me.” His stared seemed to pierce into my soul.

I stood there watching this beautiful and erotic scene unfold and I slowly nodded without uttering a word. I then slowly moved to the bed, lying next to him. This was a very dangerous game we were preparing to play. I thought for a moment that ‘I wish I had kept my panties on as some minor barrier to prevent us from going further than we planned.’

It may seem unbelievable, but I had never before witnessed a man masturbating. The fact that my son was going to do so while I watched was absolutely intoxicating. I could feel my lubrication trickling out of my, making my upper thighs and the crack of my ass slippery and wet with my excitement.

Gary took his erection in his fist and began stroking it, up and down, in the most erotic and sexy visual scene I have ever witnessed. I was sitting up on the bed next to him, in a hypnotic trance, absolutely mesmerized by the scene unfolding before me.

Gary’s erection was long, thick and rigid. The head stood out distinctly, its mushroom shaped head perfectly defined atop the long thickly veined shaft. He was ever bit as large as his father, but the color was paler, and more of a white-pink color than the darker, pinkish-purple hue of his father’s erect penis.

I felt myself begin to literally flow my own secretions from my vagina as it slowly began to open and dilate from the erotic visual stimulation in front of me. Gary and I did not speak. His breathing became more labored as he began to arch his hips upward against the thrusts of his fist.

I could feel my own breathing and heart rate increase as I watched. I could feel my heartbeat pulsing firmly in my now erect clitoris.

After a few moments, Gary surprised me by placing his free hand on my thigh as he continued to pump his cock. “Gary?” I questioned.

“Mom, I just want to touch you while I do this. I just need some contact.” He replied, not stopping his pumping fist.

I decided to allow his hand to remain on my thigh rather than remove it. But fearful that Gary would try to move his hand and fingers further up my inner thigh towards my dilated vagina and erect clitoris, I placed my hand over his, squeezing it and holding his hand in place.

I bahis şirketleri enjoyed the contact as well. I was becoming very aroused; I could feel my wetness beginning to run out of me, making my upper thighs very wet. I wondered if Gary was aware of the subtle scent of my arousal.

I wanted to touch myself, to join in the masturbation, but I fought to resist this urge. Gary’s hand was massaging my upper thigh as he brought himself closer and closer to his climax. Involuntarily, I began rocking my hips slightly, squeezing my thighs together to exert pressure on my swollen clitoris. I was losing control of my actions as Gary’s excitement and the beautiful scene of my son masturbating in front of me took over my emotions and any rational thoughts I had. I felt myself slipping slowly into a lustful and emotionally seductive abyss.

Gary tried to move his hand higher. I released his hand for a moment. Slowly his fingers traced up my inner thigh. I closed my thighs together tighter to prevent him reaching his intended goal; but oh how I wanted his touch. His fingers remained trapped between my thighs, just inches from their desired target: my pussy. I was so tempted to allow my son access to my vagina; God I wanted him to touch me…I wanted to touch him…But I managed to temporarily resist the seemingly uncontrollable urge to go further than I had already.

“This is so weird, mom. I can’t believe I am doing this in front of you.”

“Just let yourself go baby.” I encouraged. I was taken by what a fine body he had, and how very handsome he was. Objectively speaking, he was a fine looking young man. “You are a very attractive man; and you have a beautiful penis. I love how rigid and firm it is. Are you going to cum for me, while I watch? Cum for me baby, cum for mommy….”

My words seemed to trigger his orgasm. The pace of his fist quickened, and he let out a low guttural moan as his body shook and stiffened. With his hand firmly at the based of his shaft, Gary held his erection straight up, pointing towards the ceiling and a long, large viscous rope of semen erupted from his penis, shooting two to three inches in the air before spilling on to his abdomen. Almost instantly the wonderful aroma of my son’s ejaculate filled my nostrils. And then a second, slightly smaller string of semen shot out, trickling down the head of his erection and down the shaft, covering his fist.

Transfixed, I reached over and took a small sample of the sticky white gelatinous mess covering Gary’s abdomen on my finger tips. Scooping it up, I brought it to my nose and inhaled the wondrous fragrance of my son’s most intimate nectar as Gary’s watched me with confused interest.

:”Your semen smells very good to me.” I explained. “Don’t move, let me get you a warm cloth to clean up.”

As I got up and walked to the sink, I was very aware of the wetness leaking from my vagina, coating my inner thighs. I was still very excited, but I had not succumbed to the temptation. Gary had his orgasm, and I had not strayed too far over the line.

I returned with a warm wash cloth. I should have handed the rag to Gary to allow him to clean himself; but I did not. I reached down and wiped the large mess of sperm from Gary’s stomach. I then took his erection, which was still very hard and wiped the semen from the head and shaft. It pulsed in my hand. My contact caused it to grow a bit thicker and longer under my touch. I was playing with fire. I knew I needed to stop, to separate myself from my son’s gorgeous penis that was throbbing under my touch.

“Gary, we better get some sleep. We have a full day of driving tomorrow. Santa Fe is still a long way off.” I tried to sound normal and casual, pretending nothing had changed between us as I released his rigid cock. I climbed into the other bed and turned off the lights. Gary remained on top of his covers, lying there silently for the moment.

I needed to touch myself…I needed to cum….I needed a release…I started to slowly masturbate under the covers….

Coming soon – Chapter 3 – Gary climbs into my bed….

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