A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 12

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Gregory hurried out of the house and got in his car and went back to the mall. He rushed in and went straight to a small shop called ‘engaging engravings’. A middle aged woman with mid length curly hair and a tan complexion sat at the desk. A woman who he remembered coming in to see him. She took a quick glance and then smiled.

“Well hello Gregory. What brings you in?” She asked.

“I need a silver collar if you have one.” Greg said.

“Like a dog collar?” She asked.

“Something like that.” He chuckled.

She got up and walked over to the side where a set of five different collars sat. One was leather, the other was a chain with a dog tag, another was thin metal and the other two were thick metal collars with locks at the front.

“That one.” He said pointing to the thick collar on the right with a heart shaped lock.

“A lovely choice.” She said and went back to the counter and pushed a piece of paper at him. “Write down what you want it to say.”

Gregory knew exactly what he wanted it to say. He wrote down and added twenty dollars onto the fifty dollar price. She disappeared behind a wall where she set the engraver to work. She came back and leaned against the counter.

“It’ll probably take about twenty minutes to make.” She said.

Gregory thought about Melissa and what she had said. He wondered if she truly meant it or if she was just on an orgasm high.

“Can I have another one? But I need it engraved differently though.” He said.

She walked over and grabbed another collar and he handed her another paper but she wouldn’t accept the money.

“How do you feel about paying for this one with…other means?” She asked.

Gregory was far too horny to care. So long as he got what he came for.

“What do you have in mind?” He asked.

She walked over the second engraver and put the collar in and let it do its job. Then she turned around and dropped her pants to the ground and stepped out of them. For a woman in her mid forties she had a fantastic figure.

“I want that cock of yours inside of me.” She looked over to the engravers. “Until the last engraver is done.” She said.

Gregory dropped his pants and walked up to her and bent low as he started sliding his semi-hard cock between her pussy. She moaned as his cock parted her labia and induced a wetness that spurred her arousal on.

“God you feel so good.” She breathed.

“I’ll feel even better if you take off all your clothes.” He said.

Without another thought she started taking off her clothes until she was completely naked. He pulled out his spare condom and slid it on. With more roughness than he had anticipated he took her by the throat and pushed her against the wall.

Greg lifted her off the walk with both hands and set her down on his raging cock. Her moan was louder than the engraver as his cock expanded her pussy.

“Oh fuck! Oh it’s in my stomach!” She moaned. She wrapped her legs around him and he started a slow pace of fucking her wet and eager pussy. After five minutes he pulled her off and laid her face first onto the counter and split her legs open.

She screamed as his cock hit an entirely new area and slid in and pressed against her cervix which hadn’t been touched in so long.

“Oh god Greg! Don’t stop! Right there! Yes! Right there! Fuck yes!” She shouted and her pussy tightened around his cock as she orgasmed. Her cum dripped down his balls and puddled onto the floor. Gregory didn’t bother giving her time to breathe.

He flipped her onto her back, grabbed her hips and went straight back in. His cock pounded against her already bruised cervix but she couldn’t stop him from venting his sexual frustration.

“Greg! Please! I…can’t…oh god! Fuck! I’m cumming!” She shouted again and her body went limp.

Gregory pulled out and helped her into a chair where she sat there just breathing.

“In all my life…” she breathed, “never have I had an orgasm like that. Thank you.” She said and then the engravers finished.

Gregory hurried back into the house and locked the door. bahis firmaları It had taken him nearly an hour to complete the errand. He checked on Melissa who was still asleep. He went back up stairs and found Linda exactly where he had left her. She smiled at him with such pure elation he couldn’t help but smile back.

“I have a present for you.” He said and unbound her from the bed and helped her up. He pulled out the silver collar which read ‘Master’s obedient pet’ in fancy calligraphy. Greg opened up the collar and closed it around the base of her neck with a half inch of space on all sides. He closed the lock on the collar and hung the key on a corded necklace. Linda touched the collar and for the very first time she felt free.

“Get down on your knees and suck my cock.” He commanded in a passionate voice.

“Yes master.” She replied and did exactly as he said. She opened her mouth and started sucking his cock with all the passion she had ever accumulated.

She sucked his cock with lips and tongue and technique. She had almost forgotten to breathe once or twice due to the fact that she was so engorged in enjoying her master’s cock.

“Deeper.” He said.

Linda relaxed her throat and took in five inches of him but felt herself gag. The part of her that she had always locked away suddenly took over. The slave in her mind that had sat silently in the background too over.

Her usual reactions faded to the back of her mind. She felt the urge to gag but didn’t care. Her master demanded that she take his cock deeper and that was what she was going to do. She wrapped her hands around his firm butt cheeks and pulled him closer while pulling herself further into him. Another inch of his cock slid in and then her gag reflex took action.

Linda vomited and although it was just bile and juices it covered him and dribbled off his balls and onto the floor. Normally Linda would pull away but she wasn’t about being Linda anymore. She was about being a good slave…master’s obedient slave. She pushed herself forward and broke the curve of her throat and all of Gregory’s cock slid down her throat until his balls were flush with her lips.

Tears ran down her eyes but they weren’t tears of pain, they weren’t even tears caused by lack of oxygen. She was crying because she felt like she had made her master happy. She was free from all forms of struggle and concern. Her one and only concern was to obey and make her master happy. Gregory felt his cock slide down his slave’s throat and he felt a tightness like no other as she tried to breathe.

He pulled up and out and Linda gasped for air and collapsed into him. She breathed long ragged breaths but before she could fully regain any composure his hand was back on her head and she instinctively opened her mouth and accepted his massive and long cock. It slid straight down her throat with ease, so much so that he started fucking her throat.

“I love my slave’s mouth.” He groaned.

Linda smiled and enjoyed the pleasure of feeling her master use her throat like a flesh-light. This was what she had always wanted to be. Gregory pulled out his cock and let her breathe. Her head started feeling a little dizzy from the oxygen deprivation.

“Do we have anything for dinner?” He asked.

“Yes master. I can have dinner ready as soon as you’d like.” She replied.

“Good. First. I want you to fuck my cock with your ass.” He said.

“Right away master.” Linda replied and as Gregory laid down on the bed, Linda got up and using his hands for stability she put his swollen head against the opening of her anus. She pushed his cock onto her tight anus and she let loose a wild moan.

“Oh fuck! Master’s cock, it’s amazing!” She shouted and slid down his cock until every single inch of him had vanished into her.

“It’s like your inside my stomach master. I love your cock.” She said and began sliding back up and then went back down. Gregory groaned as his slave’s anus squeezed his cock to the point that he was sure he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Switch holes slave.” He commanded.

Linda kaçak iddaa pulled out and pushed his cock straight into her pussy until it crashed into her soft cervix. Her cervix wrapped around his cock and that threw him over the edge. He grabbed Linda like a rag doll and started fucking her as if he was trying to split her in half.

“Fuck! Oh god it hurts! It hurts! Don’t stop master! Use me! Oh shit! I’m cumming!” She screamed and Gregory felt her vagina squeeze his cock as she came.

His balls burned and his cock enlarged as he prepared to unleash so much pent up semen. Greg pulled out and plunged his cock straight into her anus and let out a long groan of painful satisfaction as a massive surge of cum filled her anus nearly twelve inches deep.

“I feel master’s hot cum. It’s amazing!” She moaned.

Gregory pulled out and thrusted back into her pussy and straight into her soft cervix where he unleashed another massive surge of thick white cum. He groaned even louder as he felt is cum fill up her cervix in a single throb. He pulled out and began pumping his cock. Linda watched as his veiny cock throbbed and started ejaculating thick spurt after thick spurt of hot white semen onto her.

Greg didn’t bother trying to hold back. He came on her face, and breasts and stomach and kept pumping until she was literally drenched in more cum than would have seemed humanly possible.

“I’m covered in your thick cum master. I love it!” She whined.

“Good. I want you to wear it on you all night.” Greg said.

“Yes master.” She replied, a bright eager smile on her cum covered face. Greg walked over her and stroked out every last drop of cum he had onto her face until there wasn’t a single shred of skin untouched by his semen.

As his cum started leaking out of her pussy she cupped it in her hands and drank it.

“Now, be a good slave and make dinner for your master.”

“Yes master.” She said and as she got up she reached for her bathrobe but Gregory grabbed it before she could.

“Did I say that you could wear clothes?” He said.

Looking a little ashamed she shook her head.

Apparently there was still a little of Linda inside her head that the slave had not locked away.

“I’m sorry master.” She said.

“One warning.” He replied.

She looked up at him with a smile and then hurried down the stairs to prepare dinner.

Melissa awoke to the smell of food cooking and water boiling. She looked around the room and realized she was not in the car. In fact she had no idea at all where she was. She had slept on a queen sized bed which was in a large room with a large double door closet on one side and a small bathroom on the other side. Across the room were her bags and on them was a note.

‘I hope you slept well Lisa. You passed out in the car and I brought you to my house. Please get changed and settle in. This will be your room until you decide what you want to do.’

Melissa looked around the room again and suddenly she didn’t feel so lost. She pulled off her pants and stared at the creamy mess she had made in them.

Her legs were slick with her dried cum and her pussy was still surprisingly moist. As she undressed, a thought came to her mind. She remembered having told Gregory that she wanted to be his toy. To be his sexual play thing. Melissa searched her feelings and even though she had orgasmed and had slept and wound down from her sexual frenzy. She still wanted to be his toy.

She remembered how it felt to be teased by him and used. She wanted that feeling again. More than she ever thought possible. Something inside of her was blooming and it both excited her and scared her. She hopped into the warm shower and washed herself off until she was completely clean. From her bags she grabbed a fresh pair of panties and a pair of shorts and a tank top and walked out.

She walked through a small hallway that emptied out into the living room and as she turned towards the open kitchen she stopped. Standing in the kitchen was Gregory’s mother except she was missing all her clothes. Around her kaçak bahis neck was a silver ring that almost looked like a fancy dog collar. Linda had womanly curves that accentuated all the right areas in a way that Melissa only hoped that she could have one day.

“Linda?” Melissa asked as she walked to the edge of the kitchen. As Linda turned around Melissa saw the copious amounts of thick white cum that had been unloaded onto her.

“Hello Melissa.” Linda said. “Are you feeling better?”

“Umm…yes ma’am…I am. I just…where is Gregory?” Melissa asked.

“Master is upstairs right now. He will be down shortly.”

“Master?” Melissa asked.

“Yes. He is my master.” Linda said as though it were a completely normal thing. Melissa felt like she had walked into something far more bizarre then she had anticipated and yet, she felt that tingling sensation again. Melissa looked Linda up and down and couldn’t help but to stare at all the cum that had dried on her skin like an extra layer.

“Did he do all of this?” Melissa asked.

“Hmm? Oh you mean all the cum?” Linda asked as she stirred the noodles. “It’s all his cum.”

Melissa knew that his alias at work was ‘Gallon Gregory’ but now she could see why. A creak at the stairs took her attention and she looked over to see Gregory walking down the stairs wearing only a bathrobe.

“Are you feeling alright?” Gregory asked.

“Umm yes thank you.” She replied.

“Greg? That is your mom right?” She asked.

“That is my sexual slave.” He replied.

“What does that mean?” Melissa asked.

“Slave. Come here.” Gregory ordered.

“Yes master.” Linda replied and hurried over to him.

“I want you to suck my balls.” He said.

“Absolutely master.” Linda smiled and got down on her knees and started sucking his balls. First one at a time and then both and then individual. Gregory’s cock pulsed as it grew to full size again.

“That’s enough.”

“Thank you master.” Linda replied and went back to cooking.

“You mean. She will do anything for you?” Melissa asked.

“Anything at all.” Linda replied. “I am his loving obedient slave.”

Gregory grinned and looked to Melissa who seemed like she was either going to run away from him or towards him. Melissa felt the tingling in her pussy again except it wasn’t just there. It was in her heart and chest and stomach. Melissa looked up at Gregory and something inside of her felt at home.

“Gregory? Do you remember when I said I wanted to be your toy?” She asked.

“I do.” He replied.

“Can I still be your toy?” Melissa asked and looked at Linda who seemed to be smiling. She turned off the stove, emptied the noodles out and walked over to Melissa.

“Did I tell you-“

“Hush master.” Linda said, knowing she would be given extreme punishment later. “-your two slaves are going to talk alone.” Linda said and grabbed Melissa’s hand and led her into the side room and shut the door. Linda sat on the bed and Melissa sat next to her.

“Are you really okay being a sex slave?” Melissa asked abruptly.

Linda smiled and lifted a hand up to Melissa and stroked her cheek.

“My son has freed me. I don’t have to do anything else other than what he says. All I have to care about is pleasing him. That is my freedom. It makes me feel so good to see how happy it makes him.” Linda said.

“But what makes you happy?” Melissa asked.

“This does. Being a full time sexual servant for a man I love and who loves me back feels incredible.”

“Lisa darling. I know you are going through a rough patch. I know this probably seems really confusing and alarming but you don’t need to worry.” Linda said and smiled and leaned in close and kissed Melissa’s forehead.

Something her own mother had never done. Melissa felt her tears flood out and she leapt forward and wrapped her arms around Linda despite being covered in dried cum. Linda held Melissa for a long while as she sobbed.

“Stay with us for a while. You don’t need to do anything or be anything at all. Just live with us until you feel ready to decide what you want to do.” Linda said.

“I think…I want to be a part time sex toy.” Melissa said. “Is that okay?”

“I don’t mind one bit. If it makes Gregory happy then I am happy.” Linda replied.

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