A Morning with Mother

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Nobody in this story is under 18 years old.


The sun woke me, its warm rays caressing me, pulling me slowly awake. I stretched, groaning, then settled back into the mattress, my gaze on the window. This was the first day of summer vacation; I had nowhere to be and, aside from my chores, I had nothing planned.

I turned my head at the knock on my door. “Come in.”

The door opened and my mother appeared, smiling. “Morning, sweetheart. Thought I heard you.”

My brow twitched, my gaze dropping for the briefest moment. She was wearing a white babydoll with powder blue accents, her heavy, pendulous breasts straining the fabric, her dark areolas and long, thick nipples clearly visible. Though she was a good twenty pounds overweight, she carried it surprisingly well on her tall frame. At thirty-six, she was much prettier than most of my friends’ mothers, with long, thick legs and gorgeous, flowing, dark hair that she wore loose most days.

I met her gaze, her dark eyes smiling. She’s a morning person and, as such, is rarely in a foul mood. I wondered if it was her dreams that were the cause of her frequent good moods, or if it was something else. Good sex, maybe?

She moved to my bed, sitting on the edge. Without hesitation I rolled over, wrapping myself around her, her scent reaching me. I inhaled, my cheek moving against her knee, my eyes on hers, but they slid closed as she reached for me, teasing my hair, running the tip of her finger over my brow then down my nose. “How did you sleep, sweetheart?”

“Good.” I inhaled deeply. “I love the way you smell,” I murmured.

She pushed at the hair on my forehead. “I know you do, sweetheart.”

Her tone, low and dreamy, brought my eyes open again and I took another deep breath, my gaze on hers. She shook her head, caressing my cheek. “Do you have plans for the day?”

I shook my head, biting the soft skin at her knee, gently. She shook her head, tugging at my ear. “Come on, I’ll make you breakfast.”

As she stood, my gaze went to her ass, the negligee not covering her panties, a pair of filmy white things with strings that tied at her hips. Of her collection of panties, they were one of my favorite pair. They hid very little, only just shielding her labia behind the opaque front panel. I watched her fleshy cheeks wiggle as she made her way toward the door. She turned, catching me, her head shaking. “Come on, lazy.”

I peed, then entered the kitchen. She was standing at the counter, dicing a tomato. An avocado sat nearby, along with a few eggs and some cheese. I moaned. “Omelets?”

She nodded, smiling. “Wanna set the table?”


All through breakfast I stole glances at her, her breasts, her soft, full lips, her short but natural nails, currently covered in a vivid red. She really was lovely to look at.

When we were finished I offered to clean up. She pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Thank you, baby.”

“Welcome, Mamma. Thank you for breakfast.”

“Sure. Gonna go brush. Come find me when you’re finished?”

I found her curled up on the sofa, a book in her lap. She closed it as I approached, her finger inside, holding her place. I lowered myself to the floor before her, laying my head on the cushion, not surprised when she moved her fingers into my hair, and for several minutes we sat in silence, her teasing my hair, me purring with the attention.

I opened my eyes, my gaze landing on her foot. By the looks of her polish, she was due for some pampering. “Would you like me to give you a pedi?”

“You know I can’t turn that down.”

I laughed softly, pulling myself up. “Be right back.”

I returned with the small basket that contained the various buffs and files and lotions, as well as a towel. I returned to the bathroom for the small wash tub, filling it with hot water. I grabbed a bar of soap on my way out.

I started by working on the light callouses on her heels, filing them smooth, then I filed her nails before finally placing her feet in the tub, the water now no longer steaming. I took my time washing her, wanting her to feel pampered. And when I was satisfied, I dried her off. I chose the polish she’d used on her fingernails and began applying it to her toes, again taking my time.

“You take such good care of me,” she said, breaking the silence.

I met her gaze, smiling, nodding. “I want you to know I love you.”

She shook her head, her smile reaching her eyes. “I do, sweetheart.”

I cleaned my mess and returned to kiss her lips. “Gonna go take a shower.”

Feeling a bit daring, I walked naked from my room to the bathroom at the end of the hall. While I showered, the warm water relaxing me, I pictured my mother, sitting on the sofa, her negligee leaving her long legs exposed, her skin soft and inviting. But while I was here, taking a shower I really canlı bahis didn’t need, she was out there, on the sofa, nearly naked. I shut the water off and toweled dry, spending a few extra minutes on my hair, running a brush through it.

In my room, I stared into my underwear drawer for several moments, unseeing, my mind on her. I pushed the drawer closed and, still naked, made my way to her bedroom, pulling open her lingerie drawer, running my fingers over the silky delights within, coming out a few moments later with a frilly babydoll, similar to the one she was wearing but this one in pink with white accents. I pulled it on and went to stand in front of her full length mirror, turning this way and that. Satisfied, I slipped from her room, quietly making my way down the hall, the morning air warming my naked skin, my stomach fluttering as I reached the front room.

She was stretched out across the cushions, her book resting, closed, on her stomach. Her eyes also closed, I wondered if she was asleep. The question was answered a moment later when they opened, meeting my gaze before dropping to the negligee then to my exposed sex. She shook her head but remained silent, instead watching me as I settled on the floor near her feet, crossing my arms, laying my cheek on them, my gaze moving from hers, down over her breasts and stomach, over her long legs to the toes only inches from my face. I watched as she flexed them, moving one foot against the other. “You have such pretty feet,” I whispered.

“Wanna know what I think?” she asked, her tone quiet. I met her gaze, shaking my head. “I think you have a thing for mommy’s feet.”

I smiled, shy, laying my head back down on my arms, my gaze on hers. She seemed to know just what to say to make my stomach flutter. She brought her foot closer, brushing her toes against my arm, then my hair before dragging her toe across my lip. Again my stomach fluttered. I watched, mesmerized, as she opened her mouth, showing me her tongue, showing me what she wanted. I opened my mouth in response and she nodded, pushing her toe in, shivering when I closed my lips around her, teasing her with my tongue. A few moments later she pulled her toe from between my lips, only to curl her toes up and push the undersides of them to my lips, nodding when I pushed my tongue out, teasing them, sucking on them.

“You like to suck on momma’s toes, don’t you, baby?”

I nodded, pushing my tongue between them, making us both moan. For several minutes I sucked and licked at her before moving to her arch, nibbling at the skin there, sucking at it, making her shiver. She brought her other foot to me now and I switched. I shook my head when her hand began to move over her panties, her fingers teasing. She groaned but removed her hand. I continued to tease her with my tongue, giving this foot the same attention I’d given the other. I could smell her excitement even from where I sat, her scent intoxicating.

I released her toes and moved up, nipping at the soft skin on the inside of her knee, a place I knew made her crazy. Her fingers found my hair then, combing through it, nervously, her nails grazing over my scalp, making my eyelids heavy as I continued to nip and suck at her. She shifted then, moving closer to the edge of the sofa, lifting her other leg, her scent suddenly overwhelming me, making me pull in a long breath, my eyes closing. “You smell fantastic,” I whispered.

She continued to run her fingers through my hair, every few moments clawing at me, gently, just enough to scratch lightly my skin. She was never aggressive, never loud, never anything but a lady; always soft and dreamy and loving. “I’m glad you think so, baby girl.”

I bit down harder on the inside of her knee, making her moan. I brought my hand up, catching her foot, bringing it closer, releasing her skin and turning my attention back to her foot, sucking at her toes, watching her eyes. She shook her head. “Such a sweet girl,” she murmured. I smiled, my gaze dropping from hers to her panties, now exposed, the thin material stretched tightly across her sex, a small wet spot forming low on the front panel. She brought her hand under her thigh, her finger moving to tease the leg band at the softest part of her thigh, just at her ass cheek. I followed her movements, waiting, knowing that she was getting aroused now, knowing that soon she’d show me the wettest part of her. She took her time, though, for several moments just watching me tease her toes and her arch, nothing more than her fingernail creeping into her panties.

She pulled her toes out of my mouth, moving to brush her arch against my cheek. “You’re making me wet, baby girl.”

I love the endearment. She knows it drives me crazy. I nipped again at her skin, making her moan.

“What, baby?”

I shook my head, my gaze dropping, watching as her other hand came bahis siteleri down, teasing the elastic, running her fingers up and down, pulling at it, giving me a glimpse of her labia. “Tell me what you want, sugar,” she murmured. I smiled, not taking my gaze from her panties, her fingers. “You want your momma’s pussy, don’t you, baby girl?”

My eyelids slid closed, my stomach turning in the most delicious way.

“Look at me, sweetheart.” I met her gaze. She shook her head, pulling the material aside, exposing herself, her clit, her pouting lips, her wetness. “Is this what you want, baby?” she said, running two fingers through her lips, down to the wettest part, pulling at her labia, opening herself up, showing me how excited she was.

I nodded, reaching again for her foot, watching as she reached for the strings at her hips, untying first one then the other then pulling at the material, wiggling her ass, pulling it out from under her, leaving herself completely exposed now. She pushed both hands down between her legs, using a finger from each to spread her lips, pulling herself open, showing herself to me. “You’ve made me wet,” she whispered.

I nodded.

Still holding herself open with one finger, she dipped the other into herself, teasing. It came out wet and she held it out to me. “Come here, baby girl.”

I shook my head. She chuckled. “Playing hard to get this morning?” I nodded. She straightened her legs, lifting one over my head, setting both feet on the cushions, one on either side of me, lifting her ass, moving closer, close enough for me to lean forward and taste her. “Better, baby?”

I nodded. And though I wanted nothing more than to push my face into her folds, to push my tongue inside of her, I wanted her wetter.

She slipped her fingers into my hair, toying it. “What are you waiting for, baby?” I shook my head, my brow twitching. She laughed softly. “You want to watch me masturbate, don’t you, honey?” I couldn’t stop the smile. He tone dropped to its sexiest register. “You want me to make myself wet for you, don’t you, sweetheart?”

My stomach fluttered. “Yes, Momma.”

“Taste this,” she said, holding a finger out to me.

I closed my lips around it, my eyes closing as I moaned. When I’d stripped her essence from her finger, she pulled it from between my lips, bringing it back into her folds, pushing it into herself, pulling herself open, showing me how wet she was. I moaned, and a moment later she held the finger out again. I sucked at it, my gaze on hers.

“Have you ever tasted anything as sweet as your momma’s pussy, baby?” I shook my head, rolling my eyes. She pulled the finger from my lips, only to replace it with another. “Do you remember the first time I fed you like this?” she asked, her voice low and sexy. I nodded, smiling around her finger. “You’re momma’s girl, aren’t you, baby?” Again I nodded. She shook her head, pulling her finger from my lips, moving her hand into my hair, pulling me to her, gently, slowly, my eyes closing as I moved into her wetness, sucking at her hole, making us both moan. “That’s it, baby, suck,” she whispered.

I opened my eyes, meeting her gaze, her knees pulled back, legs open as I sucked and licked at her. She was absolutely correct when she’d said that nothing tasted as sweet as her pussy.

She released my hair, bringing her hands down, under her thighs, pulling at her labia, opening herself up further, and in seconds I was rewarded when she began to shudder, her vagina squeezing at my tongue as she came. I held my tongue still, allowing her to ride me, allowing her to set the pace. She moved against me, wiggling around on my tongue, crying out as she went over, squeezing me in time with her heartbeat. I jumped a little, my breath catching at the sudden blast of urine. I groaned, the sound muffled by her open sex. She continued to clasp at me, more urine dribbling into my mouth, mixing with the delicious taste of her to form a new, even more heady froth. My head swam as I lapped at her, trying to get everything, and I found myself shifting my focus from her sweet hole to her pee hole, sucking and licking at it, making her writhe, her fingers clenching and relaxing in my hair, the movements jerky, her muscles spasming. She cried out again, her body jerking as yet another jet of urine shot out onto my tongue, making me moan, making my own vagina convulse with need. I continued to lick and suck at her hole, her body rigid, her thighs trembling against my cheeks, and as her orgasm began to ebb, her body sinking down into the cushions, she released a long, slow breath, her eyes opening, her gaze finding mine. She shook her head. “That was incredible, baby. What the hell did you do to me?”

I nuzzled her, my face still pressed up against her, wanting to be as close to her as possible. “Just tryin’ to make sure you never try to leave bahis şirketleri me.”

She shook her head, pushing her fingers through my hair. “Never, baby girl.”

I pushed further into her wetness, moving my face side to side, slowly, enjoying her wet warmth on my lips and cheeks and chin, delighting in her scent, wanting to be nowhere else. And for many minutes we stayed like that, just enjoying the closeness, reveling in the love.

And as if to read my mind, she said, her tone low and gentle. “Nobody can love you the way I do, baby girl. You belong to me.”

I nodded, my eye locked with hers. I pulled back just enough to speak. “Yes, Momma.”

“Momma’s little sweetheart,” she whispered.

I nodded, pushing back into her, teasing her, swirling my tongue around inside of her, cleaning her. Then I pulled back out, taking her inner lips between my lips, pulling at them, making her moan.

She nodded, pushing her fingers into my hair. “Suck on your momma’s lips, honey?”

I nodded, pulling back, trying to hold onto them, making her moan as they slipped out. I caught them again, and again I pulled on them, my lips covering my teeth. Soon she was moaning constantly, wiggling her hips at me, and as she began to grow more excited, she tilted her hips, presenting me with her clit. I nipped at it, my gaze on hers, smiling when she nodded. “Yes, baby, like that.”

“You peed in my mouth.”

Her brows drew, her lip catching in her teeth. “I came so hard.”

I nodded, the smile reaching my eyes. “It was nice. You taste good.” I swiped at her, making her wiggle her hips. “You’re unbelievably sexy,” I whispered.

She smiled, her hips moving again, trying to get my tongue where she wanted it. I moaned, finally giving in and pushing my hand down between my legs, my fingers slipping through the wetness there. I nipped harder at her, earning a sharp squeal, her head shaking, her eyes showing her excitement. “Just your teeth, now, sweetheart. Nibble on momma’s clit,” she said, breathless. She nodded when I uncovered my teeth, crying out a moment later, pulling at her labia, pulling herself open, pushing herself against me. “Harder, sugar.” Again she cried out, and again I bit down, harder now.

Though I’d cleaned her up from her last orgasm, my cheeks and chin were soaked again with her juices. And though I wanted to continue feasting on her, my knees were starting to complain. I released her, flicking my tongue at her when she opened her eyes. “My knees are starting to hurt.”

She pouted, releasing a long sigh. “I was almost there, sweetheart.”

I stood, offering her my hands. I pulled her up and drew her down the hall, my gaze on hers. She shook her head, smiling. “Your face is wet, baby.”

My brow twitched, and just inside her room she pulled me to her, her arms going around my waist, mine around her neck as she licked and sucked at my chin and cheeks and lips, making me dizzy with desire. When I was clean, she moved toward her bed. I stopped her. She met my gaze, one brow up. “What, sweetheart?”

I crawled up onto her bed and laid on my back, my head nearest her. She smiled down on me, her head shaking. “Want me on top?” I nodded. She laughed softly. “You want momma to ride you, don’t you, baby girl?”

My stomach fluttered. I nodded, and a moment later she was lowering herself down over me, her hair tickling my stomach, her inviting pussy hanging over me. I pulled at her and she slid her knees up, bringing herself down, pushing herself onto my face. This was my favorite position, and within moments she was rotating her hips, her wet, juicy pussy sliding over my lips as I sucked at her.

“You love momma’s pussy on your face, don’t you, baby girl?”

I nodded under her, making us both moan. A moment later I cried out as her tongue found my clit. Within moments I was riding out my orgasm, pushing my tongue up inside of her as she, too, went over.

When the shuddering ebbed, she rolled over onto her back, breathing heavy, arms out to the sides. I moved until I was laying between her legs and caught her under her knees, lifting, pushing her open as I moved forward, pushing my face into her, making her cry out.

She brought her hands down, her fingers going into my hair until she reached the back of my head. She pulled me into her, moaning, rolling her hips, directing me into the wettest part of her. “You have the most amazing tongue, baby girl,” she said, her breathing becoming labored again.

I brought her to two more orgasms before she began to pull at my hair, begging me to stop. I moved up, laying atop her, my breasts pressed against hers. She smiled up at me, her head shaking, her eyes half closed. “Wonderful, baby,” she whispered. She pulled me down then, searching out my tongue. She broke the kiss a few moments later, moving her lips to my ear. “You’ll always be momma’s girl, won’t you, baby?”

I nodded, enjoying her warm embrace. I’d known for years that I would always want to be near her, to smell her scent, to taste her delightful pussy. “Yes, Momma, always.”


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