A Mole in the House Ch. 01

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I slipped the key into the lock and felt the familiar click as the lock gave way. I didn’t have to think twice about opening the door, this was my home after all and I always took extra special precautions to make sure that I was never followed or that no one ever knew where I lived.

My given name is Steve Dunbar but for more than a decade everyone I’ve met, known and worked with has known me as Aaron Mitchell. In addition I have dozens of passports that all support diverse names from different countries. At thirty-seven years old I’ve only had two jobs, both of them proudly serving the country I love. It started when I was eighteen years old and enlisted in the Navy where I rose quickly in the ranks. It was also the last time in my life that I used my given name.

My unique multicultural looks, dark hair and dark eyes, made me an attractive package for an off-shoot, smaller underground agency based at Langley where I was recruited at age twenty-six. My strongest assets have always been a near eidetic mind and the ability to speak seven languages fluently; Spanish, French, Farsi, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic and Hebrew. I have also perfected the intonations each language requires to make it sound like whatever I’m speaking is my native language.

I immediately relax the moment I step into my house. It’s been over six months since I’ve been here. I walk from room to room of my little oasis away from everything relishing being alone. I guess it takes coming home to realize how much you’ve missed it. It’s very rare that I get more than two days off in a row when I’m back in the states but for some reason when I was called back to Washington after my last debriefing I was told to take this extended time off, four days in a row, before reporting to Langley.

I bought the house under the guise of a shell company and paid cash up front. All of the utilities are on automatic payment and are paid from the same company that bought the house. The paperwork from the company leads to person, albeit fictitious, that lives a supposed retired quiet sedate life in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I’ve been trained that it is vital that I never leave a trail to the real me or any of the other persona’s I have. Over the years I have become fastidious about keeping my private life secure.

I utilize a management company to tend to my house in Fredericksburg. Whenever I know I’m going to be in town for a few days I call well in advance to have the place cleaned and to stock the refrigerator. They’ve never met me. To them, like many of their clients, I’m just a heavily accented voice on the phone.

Like I’ve said, I tend to over think protecting Steve Dunbar.

The first few years I lived as Aaron Mitchell I didn’t fully comprehend why it was so important to keep Steve Dunbar buried away from everything. It was only after I made my first real enemy that I came to realize one day I would retire from my life as Aaron Mitchell and with proper precautions I would have the luxury of picking up Steven Dunbar’s life with the hopes that no one will ever be the wiser. My employer knew exactly what he was doing when he built these so called new identities for all us. Besides a healthy offshore bank account and great government retirement benefits Steve Dunbar is the only thing I will have when this insanity of my current life ends.

Aaron Mitchell, who spends very little time in the United States, rents a small efficiency apartment over a carriage house on an Alexandria Virginia estate. It is a place to lay my head when I’m working out of Langley with the biggest advantage being I have a place to garage my SUV when I’m out of town. Plus there aren’t any nosey neighbors bothering me and asking me questions where I’ve been and what I do for a living.

My biggest passion, however, sits in a pampered climate controlled parking facility in Washington. A fully restored classic Ford Mustang. This car belongs to Steve Dunbar and when I have time off I use it as my getaway vehicle. I’m aware that everything in my Aaron Mitchell life is monitored so whenever I decide to breakaway I leave the SUV in the carriage house garage and take the Metrorail into the city. I don’t even pack a bag. When I leave my house I don’t take anything with me, not even my wallet. Even the clothes I wear are secreted away from the rest of Aaron Mitchell’s meager possessions.

In the bedroom I stripped off my clothes and headed to the shower. I just arrived back from London hours earlier and didn’t bother to shower at my Alexandria apartment. I just dropped my stuff off, changed into my ‘escape’ clothes and hightailed it to the Metro.

The shower felt good pounding down on my road weary body and I had begun a dialogue of thoughts speaking them out loud. This was my way of retraining myself to speak English again after having been deep undercover in Syria for the past six months as import/export expert Ivan Sergovei. My operation was simple – work my way into the higher echelon of the Syrian government canlı bahis şirketleri and collect as much information on the structures and workings as I could.

I never had any qualms about doing whatever it took to get results that were required of me. I had worked for months gathering intel on the people I was to be associated with looking for the one person with that preverbal chink in their armor to give me the ‘in’ I was looking for. It could have been anything, from drugs, to jewels…even the occasional foray into the darker depths of sexual enticements. Luckily I found my mark early when I came across General Al-Aswaner, one of the higher ranking Generals that had aspirations of stepping up his role in the government’s future.

I found out that his major weakness in life was men.

Even now, close to six weeks after leaving Syria,just thinking about Al, as I called him, made my dick hard. Before going to Syria I had never been with a man, other than the occasional fantasy, but had often considered experimenting.

Thinking about it now I think I always knew that I was going to go down this path one day. I had always appreciated good looking men and secretly loved to watch gay porn. I loved looking at all those beautiful cocks of all different shapes and sizes. I was particularly drawn to men with big thick cocks and lots of hair on their body and for some reason just looking at Al I knew he was going to fit the bill.

Putting my ego aside, one of my better assets that has allowed me to succeed in my job was my ability to use sex as a weapon. I was the type of man the exuded raw sex appeal and often found both men and woman attracted to me. As a heterosexual male I could seduce a woman with a blink of an eye and with my tongue alone I could garner any information out of them. I looked forward to seeing if these traits held true for men as well. There were no doubts and no hesitation in my decision to take this next step – especially after seeing Al across the room that first day.

I had arrived in Syria two days earlier and had settled into my little apartment I had taken in Damascus close to the military offices and the General’s private residence. I had also successfully wrangled an invitation to a luncheon, which I knew the General would be attending, on the economic growth and future of the Syrian government. Prior to the luncheon starting there was a brief meet-and-greet where I walked around introducing myself to the attendees, including the General.

From the moment we met getting Al to seduce me was like feeding candy to a baby. He liked his men masculine and big, and I filled those requirements to a ‘T’. At six foot three I still had my Navy trained body and made every effort to keep myself in shape at all times. I was dressed in a casual suit and made sure I had a nice healthy bulge between my legs. Getting and keeping the bulge wasn’t difficult. Al was a striking man and stirred something deep inside of me. I didn’t have to worry about faking anything with him, the attraction was instant, which I made sure he saw, and knew from the expression on his face he found me as attractive as I was showing him I was finding him.

When we shook hands I held his for that one second longer than was normally required. I also made sure that my gaze held his even after I let his hand go.

“It is very nice to make your acquaintance,” he said to me in more than passable Russian. I knew from his file that he had spent a great deal of time in Russia and even trained with the Russian military. I feigned not knowing Kurdish allowing me the advantage of being able to listen to conversations that the people around me didn’t think I understood.

“I am hoping that this meeting will result in a long time friendship and partnership between our countries,” I said in my salesman, diplomatic manner and then added, “and between us.” For effect I also let my tongue quickly lick over my lips like I was trying to moisten my parched lips from the arid desert air around us. His pupils automatically dilated and I could see instantly the effect it had on him.

“What are your plans while you are here?” he asked.

“I have found that it is best to never make plans, since things have a tendency to change all the time. My main purpose for being here is to assist you in providing things you might need to aid in your cause…anything at all.” I said licking my tongue over my lips again. A man walking past us gave me an excuse to take a step closer to Al. Instead of taking a step back Al seemed to lean into me at the same time taking a deep breath.

“Nice cologne,” he said smiling as he brushed his hand across his thigh letting me see the slight bulge under this thawb – I was having the same effect on him he was having on me. “Tell me Ivan, do you have plans for supper tonight?” His eyes were alive with lust and anticipation and I knew the fish was on the hook.

“You like men?” he asked after we had finished dinner at his private canlı kaçak iddaa apartment he kept in the city. It was just him and I at the table and after we had finished he excused the help telling them they were to remain in the kitchen for the rest of the evening. I was enjoying the advantage of him not knowing I understood everything he said in his native tongue.

I shrugged modestly not giving my inexperience away. Al was in his late fifties and liked his men younger, much younger than I was, and I suspected a little on the innocent side. At thirty-six, almost thirty-seven, I wasn’t the youngest man he’d ever have so I decided to play up the innocent side. “To be honest I have always had an attraction to men but have never acted on it. Where I live and the type of business I conduct it would not be healthy for me to be found with a man.” There was too much honesty in the words I spoke.

Al let out a boisterous laugh letting me know he understood. “Why we can’t live the way we want to is beyond me. I love to lick a man until he’s panting and begging me for more but the laws of my religion say I must bed and wed a woman. So I have a wife that I keep in the country, I fuck her when I have to and she gives me many sons to carry on my legacy. The rest of my time I dedicate my sexual desires on men.”

“And you desire me?” I asked shyly playing right into his hand.

“Oh very much Ivan. Probably more than I have ever desired another man. You are very different than most of the men I entertain. I have spent the entire afternoon with a hard lump between my legs thinking about sucking that rather large cock of yours.” On cue I flushed deeply but still gave him an eager look.

“I spent the same afternoon as you. You have ignited something in me I have kept buried for such a long time.” I said letting him know that he’s the first man I’ve ever really desired to shed my inhibitions with.

“It is also a very large turn on for me that you have never been with another man,” he said moving closer to me, “knowing that I will be your first will make our time so much more special.” He was inches from my face and I knew there was no turning back. “Tell me you want me as much as I want you.” he whispered.

“I do.” And at the moment I meant those two small words.

He pressed his lips against mine and for the first time I felt the kiss of another man. My body exploded with this unfamiliar desire as his tongue hungrily invaded my mouth searching out mine. I let my fingers run through his beard and instantly liked the feel of facial hair against my lips. I couldn’t help but let my tongue drag over his cheek and feel the softness of his beard as he moaned appreciatively. All to soon I found myself moaning involuntarily as he drew my mouth backed to his sucking my tongue into his mouth as he pressed his body harder against mine.

Al wasn’t a large man in stature. He was in the five foot eight range but had a tight toned body with a forceful strength that he kept well hidden under his thawb. His strong hands explored my body feeling my muscular chest and back until they gravitated down to my erection that was straining against my pants.

“I want you undressed…in my bedroom.” He murmured grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet. I wondered for a brief second if I should play harder to get but he must have read my mind when he crushed his mouth to mine again kissing me with a longing and desire I had never felt from another person before. “I know you want it, don’t fight it.” He panted pulling me to the bedroom.

He flopped down on his ornate more than king size bed letting me see his naked body and erection beneath his thawb. “Undress slowly for me. Seduce me with your body.”

I was his bitch and for some unknown reason loving every moment of it.

I let my fingers glide down my white dress shirt unbuttoning as I went. I wasn’t wearing a T-shirt and as my shirt gaped open Al could see the tufts of dark hair that adorned my chest. His breath hitched as he drew his hand over his erection stroking himself lightly. He pulled his thawb up and over his body and lay back down on the bed his manly nakedness calling to me. His dark skin melded into his jet black hair that covered most of his body. His almost jet black eyes spoke silently of the yearning that he held for me.

My eyes locked on his cock.

Perfectly shaped, it was rock hard with a glorious mushroom capped head that was already shiny with precum. I closed my eyes for the briefest moment and imagined him buried deep in my mouth. I let my shirt fall to ground and took a few steps closer to the bed so he could see my perfectly toned chest.

Dropping my hand down to the front of my pants I let my fingers graze along the line of my hardness. Al’s eyes were wide and he was practically drooling. He kept whispering over and over again, “Da-Da” yes, yes. Bending down I removed my socks and slowly unzipped my pants, letting my boxers and the pants pool at my feet. canlı kaçak bahis My erection stood straight out towards Al. My cock was larger than his but what he was drooling about was my thickness as he reached out and wrapped his hand around my shaft squeezing me tightly.

“You are sheer perfection,” he said releasing me while he licked his lips hungrily. “You…you are healthy?” For the first time all evening he stumbled on his Russian and I didn’t know if he was asking if I was medically healthy, disease free or if I had a healthy sexual appetite.

“I am very healthy.” I answered back hoping that would cover all the bases.

“You can perform more than one time in a night?” His eyes were locked on my cock and I could tell he was using all of his self restraint not to pounce.

“I can cum many times in a night.” I answered back smiling. I let one hand slowly stroke over my smooth shaft while my other hand kneaded my heavy balls. I hadn’t masturbated or had sex in close to four days. I wanted to make sure the first load I gave Al was going to be a good one.

“I want to suck you first and taste your sweet cum than I will fuck you. How does that sound?” He was off the bed in a flash and dropped down to his knees in front of me without waiting for an answer.

No one had ever offered to suck my cock before. I always had to cajole a woman to suck me and even then they normally gave me a complimentary suck for a few minutes before giving up. My thickness was too daunting for an inexperienced mouth. Before I could even release a moan or suck my breath in Al’s mouth was already half way down my shaft going for more. I lowered my hands down to his head and raised it slightly so his eyes meet mine. He simply smiled as he swallowed more of my meaty length. I stopped him for a moment and pulled back slightly. He ceded the control he could see I wanted and waited patiently for me to make the next move.

I started stroking slowing in and out of his mouth relishing the myriad of sensations his hot mouth, ever moving tongue and even his teeth were doing to me. At one point I pulled my cock from his mouth and pushed his face to my balls which he hungrily licked and sucked until I could take no more and shoved my cock back into his mouth. Every nerve ending in my body was alive with desire and at that one moment I left the job behind me and was a man being served this ultimate pleasure. He tilted his head upward allowing me to go deeper into him and soon he’d taken almost my entire length down his throat. I pulled out to let him breath before going back in again. I knew I couldn’t last too much longer and even as I thought it I could feel my cock swelling. Al raised his hands to my ass cheeks and kneaded them roughly between his fingers, sending another explosion of sensations within me, as he pulled me closer to him. He looked at me, knowing that I was going to shoot my load and opened his mouth widely. He wanted me to watch as I shot my load in his mouth. I smiled and obliged him as the dam burst a moment later and flooded his greedy mouth with jet after jet of my heavenly cum.

“Yes…suck that cum…eat my cock.” I hissed and shoved my cock deeper into his mouth as I continued shooting my load.

Finally the spasms ceased and I pulled my softening cock from his mouth. Cum was still dripping from my nearly drained tool as I dragged it his across his lips and beard. I had every intention of sucking that cum from his beard but a moment later Al stood and pulled me to into a passionate kiss letting me taste the essence of my cum on his tongue. We were moaning together as he pushed me back on the bed.

“Spread your legs.” He commanded taking whatever control I had a moment earlier back. I grabbed my legs pulling them open and up wrapping my arms under my knees to hold them in place. He sat on the floor at my ass and reached into the nightstand and pulled a small basin and washcloth. The water was warmed and I took pleasure in the feel of him gently and methodically washing my ass. The soothing feeling of the warm water relaxed me and seemed to wash away any fears I might have had. When he was satisfied I was clean enough he dropped the wash cloth and buried his face in me.

I found myself holding my breath when I felt him taking deep breaths, as he later put it, breathing in my essence. Then I felt his tongue slowly and methodically licking over my hole. I couldn’t contain the overwhelming sensual pleasures he was giving me and groaned deeply as I tried to push my ass closer to his face. I wanted more than anything to take that moment in time and freeze it to never let it end. Relentlessly he licked over my hole, pressing his tongue in me, trying to open me in preparation for his meaty cock. His large hands had my ass cheeks spread widely giving him free reign over me.

“I will be gentle with you for your first time. I want you to enjoy a man making love to you. But as time goes on I will want to unleash myself in you and take you with a force that will bring both us extreme pleasure.” I didn’t say anything but reveled in the fact that he would want me again after tonight instead I just nodded my head. I wanted the unique and first time feelings he’d been giving me all night to never end.

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