A MILF’s Tale – Introduction

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Big Ass


I work as a Webcam performer.

I’ve done it for some time now. I got into it following divorce In the UK and I needed income.

A good friend put me up to it. She had been doing it casually and had found it to be a surprisingly easy way to make money. Although I’m a mature MILF, she said I had the sort of looks and body that would attract guys. And to be honest, I know I am in good shape with a ready smile and very inviting tits.

So a few years back I nervously started off. To my amazement, the very first guy who logged onto me told me I was great and that I had made him cum. I was hooked!

So there I was, a woman in her mid 50s suddenly finding I was a sex Goddess. I loved it. I loved the attention from the guys and I loved the thought of them jerking off whilst I teased them and tempted them. I felt alive. I felt liberated.

Another friend suggested I go out to Spain to work. You can Cam anywhere with the internet and Spain is cheaper, warmer and an easier way of life. She had a house there, so I joined her as an experiment. It was so successful I decided to move out.

What follows is my story of sexy exploits in Spain. Enjoy!


I had decided to take the day off. I had been in my new house by the sea for about a month, working on Cam in the mornings and sorting things out during the rest of the day. I needed a break, so today was just for me.

I spent the early morning wandering around the town before going to the beach. It was late spring so still quiet. As I strolled around the town, I was aware I was now becoming a familiar face – people nodded and I had the occasional “Hola.” I was starting to belong. I don’t think anybody knew what I do, they’d just assume I was another English person wanting to live a quiet life in the sun.

I had a coffee on a beach bar then walked along the water to a secluded spot I had discovered. I took off my shirt and shorts, unclipped my bikini top and let my tits embrace the morning sun. I lay on the soft sand allowing my skin to absorb the rays. I feel so much better when I am tanned. The bikini briefs are the sort you can tie up at the sides, and as I relaxed, I undid the knots to expose as much flesh as I felt I could get away with. It seems that locally people get upset if you are totally naked on the beach, so this was as far as I could go. It made me feel slightly naughty and I could feel myself getting wet.

My thoughts drifted over my reasons for coming to Spain, the people I know, what I wanted to do to the new house; but mostly it was just how relaxed and good I felt. I was in the right place. I discreetly fingered myself becoming increasingly wet and juiced as I thought of some of my favourite guys and the way I performed for them. I checked there was nobody around as I brought myself to a climax and then lay back allowing the sun to warmly lick my body. I was undisturbed for an hour, which was more than enough as the sun was now getting hot. I made myself decent and drifted back into town.

It bahis şirketleri was then it occurred to me to check out the bar I had been told about. I’d heard it was owned by a local guy who had turned it into one of the best places to go to in town. It was only about 10 minutes from my house. I went home, showered the sand off my body, freshened up my juiced cunt then went to the bar. I put on a loose-fitting shirt and shorts. No bra, I was in a devilish mood!

It was quiet. This time of year the trade is more in the evening; midday is more about coffee and drinks. There was only a handful of people about. I decided to perch myself at the bar and watch what was going on. The owner was busy talking to what looked some sort of local official, no doubt there was a lot of bureaucracy to handle.

A lady came across to serve.

“Oh hello, I am Sandy”: it must have been obvious I was English, clearly, she was too. Oddly enough she spoke as though she recognised me, albeit we had never met before.

“What can I get you?.”

I am used to quickly sizing people up. Lord knows every day I have to make quick judgements about the guys who log onto my profile. And so it was with Sandy. She was around mid 50s. Tanned. Long brown hair pinned up. Dressed in a long flowing Kaftan type dress, with neatly exposed cleavage. Lots of bangles on her wrists. A confident smile and inquisitive eyes. Her voice had a slight husky tone to it. She was in good shape, energetic and fit (in all senses!). I was drawn to her.

“Oh, just a beer, something cool!”

She smiled and pulled a 300ml San Miguel and carefully placed it before me.

“So, what brings you to town. I think I’ve seen you down at the shops before now. You seem very comfortable here.”

It was a bit odd to think she had noticed me in town, but it had been said in an open and friendly way. I simply asked why she had noticed me.

“Oh, I’ve lived here ages and you get to know people. When a new face arrives, you notice.”

I told her I was Jane. I explained that on and off I had been in Spain for quite a while now. I’d tried a number of locations but this was by far the best. I was renting down the road and hoped to do so for a long time yet.

She said that all explained why I seemed so relaxed and knew how to go about things. I was clearly not a holiday maker. She asked if I was with someone.

I explained I shared the house with a friend, but he was just a friend. I have family back home but they all work. I have a partner who comes out occasionally, but he also works. So most of the time I am here by myself. But I know some people in the area.

She then chatted about herself. She was the Manager of the bar. The owner was Spanish but wanted someone to run the day-to-day stuff. He knew her well as she had lived in the area for many years now and so offered her the job.

She went on to say that she came to Spain when she had got divorced. Originally, she was with her boyfriend of the time but they’d split up. She said right now she was bahis firmaları very happily single.

As we spoke, she was looking at me quite directly, she was focussing on me. I could tell she liked me.

Then, out of the blue, she asked directly if I wanted a job at the bar. I was flabbergasted. I’d not been looking for a job as my Camming keeps me as busy as I want. I told her straight off it had not even crossed my mind.

She replied that it was just an idea. She did not need more staff, but it’s always useful to have another person who knows what to do for the occasional shift. It could be very flexible if I were interested.

It was obvious I was a bit thrown by the idea and then suddenly she said:

“Listen its really quiet at the moment and the others can more than cope, would you like to see round the place, it’s quite a venue.”

I said I’d be delighted and we set off. We moved up the stairs to the next levels. She said they liked the idea of having quieter spaces where people could have a more intimate meal or a quiet drink. It was all tastefully decorated.

As she showed me round, at various moments she would pause and look at me as though inviting me to say something, she wanted my reactions. Also, slightly unusually, she’d glance over my body almost as though she was mentally undressing me. It was not like a bloke leering, just more of an appreciative glance. In particular I noticed her looking at my tits – nothing obvious. Just quick, flashing glances.

I told her the place was really impressive. I liked the feel of it.

But more importantly, I had become engaged with the way she had been looking at me and chatting to me. I couldn’t quite gauge what was going on, but I started to wonder if this was more than a job interview.

Finally, we went up to the roof, which had been converted into a terrace. It was not overlooked and had a commanding view of the coast for some way. Once again it had been done tastefully with a number of tables, sun loungers, shades and a small bar.

She looked proud.

“This is what I wanted you to see. This is our special place. It’s actually a member only space and you only get to be a member by invitation.”

I was genuinely taken aback. It was a superb venue. I smiled and wandered around just drinking in the feel of it. It was the sort of place that made you feel like a million dollars. The obvious question was rumbling around my mind: why was she taking the time to show me all this. I soon had my question answered.

“Listen Jane, I ought to be up front. As I said, I have in fact seen you in town before. I have noticed you in the shops and on the beach. You have that look about you of someone who is very comfortable to be in Spain, who can speak a bit of Spanish and who understands the Spanish way of life. I must say I was so surprised and pleased when you came in today.”

“It’s why I immediately thought you might like the job. I just know you’d fit in here. You have the right temperament and you look good. All our waitresses are kaçak bahis siteleri attractive. If you don’t mind me saying, you’d bring some mature glamour to the place — particularly working up here which is a more sophisticated clientele.”

I was flattered, very flattered in fact. But I had had no thought of working in a bar and wondered if I was prepared to make the commitment.

“Listen Sandy, I am genuinely touched by what you have said, but until I came here today I had not thought for one minute of working in a bar. It’s just not on my agenda. I don’t need the money you see; I am quite comfortable financially. And I see a bar as a place I go to enjoy myself, not to serve other people.”

“Well, see it like this. You’d be more of a hostess. Chatting to customers, making sure everything was working smoothly, if they wanted something to drink or eat you’d make sure the waitress came over quickly, just being welcoming and fun and keeping the atmosphere as we would like it, making sure people’s needs were attended to. As I say, more like a hostess.”

I could not help it but I laughed:

“You make it sound like an up-market hooker.”

It was her turn to laugh.

“Don’t be daft, of course not. But I think you understand what I am getting at….and to be honest on my part I sense it would be nice just to have you around…”

She smiled. Yet again that fleeting glance over my body. She said nothing, waiting for my reaction. She was being subtle and careful, but it really felt like she was making a play for me. Nothing ventured, I called her hand:

“Sandy,……. are you,….. are you coming onto me?”

Again, she paused, she was not thrown by my being direct:

“Well, what if I was. Would you mind?”

“I’d be flattered to be honest, if not a little surprised.”

“Well, I’ve seen how superb you look when you go into the sea and play in the waves topless. I thought you were rather captivating.”

I was taken aback “So you’ve seen me in the water? You’ve been spying on me,” and I laughed.

“Well, I just happened to be around when you were there with your friend. You both seemed so close. She obviously enjoys your company.”

Again I laughed and explained she was just a pal from England who was over for a few days. That was all. Then I added:

“So, you’ve been thinking of me ever since you saw that, is that correct?”

For the first time she was a bit coy and then said:

” Well yes, I found it really quite,…. well, stimulating to be honest.”

I found her sudden coyness and slight embarrassment rather pleasing. It was also seemingly the case she had assumed I was gay, or at least bisexual – which of course with the right girl I most certainly am.

By instinct I now took charge:

“And you liked the look of my tits,”…. I said it quite slowly and deliberately. It was my turn to push this flirtation along. This was the moment of truth.

She paused momentarily:

“Yes I do,….. and the rest of you.”

All those glances now made total sense. She really did fancy me.

I decided to go for it:

“Well, I am glad you like them, I think you should see them again.”

I slowly undid the buttons of my shirt and it fell open. My tits were on display for her.

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