A Matter of Trust Ch. 01

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As I recall, the big intersection in my life’s road appeared on a Saturday evening somewhere in the eleven o’clock hour. It had to have been a Saturday because I distinctly remember reading a volume of Robert Frost poetry while sitting on my cushioned chair made larger by the small living room in the apartment my sister and I shared.

Reading through the great works of the English language was the luxury I allowed myself on my one day off every week. From Monday through Friday, I was Mr. Axlerod at a high school in the city where we lived: those evening filled with the work I could never seem to complete during the day. Sunday was the day I prepared lesson plans. That left Saturday as my personal-time day. Back in those days, I had been teaching English Literature and English and working as an assistant coach of the boys’ basketball team for over five years. I wound up at this inner-city locale after committing to teach there in exchange of having Uncle Sam pay-off all my student loan debt. My tour of duty (as many of us in the program called it) had ended a year before, but I decided to stay on. My sister’s job at that time had been my deciding factor.

At the time, Sunny was twenty-six and I was twenty-eight. Sunny is not my sister’s actual name; it’s just what I call her. The name on her birth certificate is “Sonnet” if you can believe that. When new acquaintances hear my sister’s name, they often say, “How elegant!” or “How beautiful!” Her name is indeed both those attributes. It’s also a complete accident.

Up until the day of her birth, everyone — and I mean everyone — was sure my mother was carrying my baby brother whose name was to be Jason. Willem Axlerod and Jason Solange — that’s how it was going to be, because, you see, my parents weren’t married and they agreed their first child would carry my dad’s surname and kid number two would bear our mom’s. Before my sister was born, my father got fixed and immediately after my sister was born our mom got her tubes tied so there would be no chance of any children beyond the two of us.

By-the-way, our parents still aren’t married. They are currently in Europe. I may have that wrong. They could be in China at the moment and will be going to Europe in a few weeks. I’m not exactly certain. It always has been difficult keeping track of them. It was even harder to be their children getting dragged around the globe. They’re both professional musicians. Between them, they are accomplished in about fifteen different instruments. The one word which best describes our parents is bohemian. If you look the word up, you may just see their faces staring back at you! But, that’s enough about them for the moment; back to the day of my sister’s birth…

So, after eighteen hours of labor, out pops this kid who most assuredly did not have a penis. Now, my parents — being the totally anal people they are — had picked out a girl’s name just in case. Not that they bothered to tell the staff at Martin Luther Hospital on the south-west side of Berlin. Instead, my dad — in his typically droll way — said…

“Well, Astrid” (yes, our mother’s name is Astrid) “we could name her Sonnet. That way, I could still say, ‘Come here, Sonny!'”

The next day, there on the rolling baby bassinet was a label with the name “Solange, Sonnet” on the outside. And the German hospital staff being, well… Germans… insisted they had recorded the name correctly and furthermore, that if my parents wanted it changed it was a headache’s worth of red tape. Apparently, our folks looked at each other, shrugged, and said no more about the matter. Frankly, I think my sister dodged a huge bullet that day: the female name my folks had picked out for her was Alice. Now, before any of you Alices out there gets upset, let me say two things: the first is Alice is a great name; the second is my sister is no Alice. I’m just saying…

And just to give you a more complete picture of our upbringing, I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. My sister and I both carry dual citizenships, though I’m not sure how the American government feels about that. But, I digress… The picture I want to paint for you is one of a family of four constantly on the move. Needless to say, we were home-schooled when in transition and enrolled when we weren’t. By the time I went off to university, I was fluent in Danish, French, German, and Spanish. English was a different story, which is one reason why I ended up majoring in English Literature. Sunny was fluent in all the ones I mentioned, but also in Russian (I still haven’t figured out how she managed to find the time to learn that one). She took her college degree in graphic design.

And that last bit of data was the big reason why I was sitting in my comfy chair reading Frost while listening for the tel-tale sound of my sister’s steps on the stairs leading up to our second-floor flat. Sunny was two years into a stint at a second or third tier ad agency in illegal bahis our city on the East Coast of the United States. That job was responsible for her late-night trudge home: she had been babysitting for two of her co-workers while they went out clubbing with their spouses.

This was the second time my sister had agreed to do that for her friends. Frankly, I was surprised she had agreed to the first request let alone to a return engagement. For as long as I have known her, Sunny has been ambivalent about children in general and babies in particular. I guess you might say for her it was a matter of trust. She explained it to me the first time by saying…

“Will, we’ve never been in one place long enough for me to form friendships of any kind let alone with people who have children. Babysitting is one way we can measure the depth of trust in these relationships.”

I let her answer stand even though I knew it to be pretty thin. Sunny was right about one thing, though: until recently, she hasn’t been very good at forming friendships. Case in point: she’s never had a boyfriend — unless you count me. I’m obviously a boy and I am her best friend, so I guess I fit the criteria. It’s the brother aspect that’s a bit dodgy.

So, I sat there until I heard the pneumatic door at the front entrance screech shut. Then it was my sister’s shuffling steps on the stairway. Finally, I heard a key in the lock as Sunny slipped back the deadbolt and turned the doorknob. Our apartment door swung open. She had her head down and gave me a half-wave to indicate she had seen me. The door was shut and all the locks engaged. She took off her windbreaker and hung it on the coat tree next to our postage stamp-sized closet. Her backpack with her laptop and other things she had already hung over one of our two kitchen chairs. Her flats she peeled off with her toes and left them where they landed. Now stocking-footed, she patted over to me in her flowered, knee-length skirt and sat her five foot three inch frame on my legs.

My sister Sonnet may be twenty-six but she looks no older than seventeen. (It’s also about how heavy she feels.) She began to rub her left hand over my hairy chest being that I was clad only in my boxers, put her right arm behind me with that hand at the back of my head, and finally her head on my right shoulder. I thought I was ready for what she was about to say. I wasn’t.

“I need something from you tonight, Will.”

“What’s that?”

Sunny didn’t answer my question. Instead, she just sighed and began to kiss my right ear and twirl my chest hairs. If I had been a cat, I would have been purring at this point. After a few moments she grabbed my book.

“You’re reading Frost again? Why?”

“The next section in my English class is on American poetry. I’m just getting prepared.”

“On a Saturday?” Sonnet asked; giving the book back to me.

“So, I’m multitasking,” I replied; taking it. “You’re not the only one in this apartment who can do more than one thing at a time you know.”


“Okay, Sonnet, what’s up with you? This is the second time you’ve babysat and the second time you’ve come back from babysitting in space cadet mode!”

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… and after I got the kids to go to sleep this evening, I did some research on my computer, too.”

“Must be something important for you to have gone and done that!”

“Very important… and it involves you, too.”

“Do tell! Am I in trouble?”

“Only if you don’t give me what I need.”

“Oooo… Cryptic! So, again, what is it, my love?”

“Am I really your love, Willem? I mean it! Am I?”

“No kidding, sis… You know you are. In fact, you’re the only girl in my life.”

“Says the guy who — every week — is swooned-over by a hundred teenage tarts…”

“Hey! If I showed the slightest interest in any of those girls, I’d be bounced out of that school and into a courthouse faster than greased lightning.”

“I’m sure! Besides, Willem, don’t I look the part? We could do some role-play and pretend I’m one of your students. I could seduce you. Come on, what do you say?”

“I might say you’ve already done that, Sunny.”

“Yeah, but that was years ago. Maybe I need to see if I still have what it takes to get a man…”

“What do you need from me, Sonnet?”

My sister again grew silent and resumed her manipulation of my chest hair. This time, she added some light pecks to my neck and let her right hand drift down to the elastic hem of my boxers. Then she sighed, sat up straight, looked me directly in my eyes, and said…

“Willem, I need you to take ‘the road less travelled.'”

“And what road, my dear sister, is that?”

Sonnet slid her hand under my boxers and grasped my cock which had begun to thicken the moment she sat down. Even though this was not the first time she had done this, I illegal bahis siteleri was still taken aback. She cast her eyes to my crotch and watched herself caress my broad knob with her thumb under the thin, cotton fabric. To say my sister and I have an unusual relationship would be an understatement…

“This kind of road, brother Bill…”

“I don’t think Robert Frost would approve of the path you’re about to lead us down. I thought you told me two years ago you no longer needed sex from me?”

Sonnet got off my lap and tugged on my tool. Dutifully, I rose from my chair and followed where she led it — which I supposed was going to be into her bedroom.

“That was then… this is now, and I need it now,” she said with a smirk.

Perhaps I should pause to explain a few things about me and my sister’s unusual relationship. Up until this moment, we had engaged in sexual intercourse a total of three times: once just before she graduated from college; once when she turned eighteen; and the first time when we got carried away playing doctor. They were each pleasurable times for both of us, but I was left with the impression they were all separate events and — after the last incident — not to be repeated. So, for Sonnet to be walking backwards toward her bedroom with my penis in tow (followed of course by the rest of me), whatever she had been thinking about must have been momentous.

Sex for Sonnet is and always has been a matter of trust. It’s why she has never had a boyfriend other than me. She completely trusts me. She has little trust of others — including our parents. It’s why she and I share an apartment (besides financial considerations). It’s also why we’re best friends. Sex for her has also been about the release of stress. On two of the times we had sex, she was under a huge amount of it. Making love to me (with a condom on because she has never been on the Pill) was designed to wick away that tension.

Sunny opened her bedroom door with her free hand and turned on the light. She stopped me at the threshold and, with both hands, dragged my boxers slowly to my bare feet. After lifting each foot in turn out of the flimsy fabric, Sunny flipped my underwear out into the hallway. Then, kneeling and without the use of her hands, she captured the crown of my cock with her lips and began to orally stimulate me to a full, turgid state. She placed her hands on my hips and repeatedly sent all seven of my thick inches down her throat until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I just about swooned at the sensation of her tongue and throat massaging my man-hood! After the seventh or eighth time, she came up for air with a ‘Pop!’ and stood before me.

I reached out for her and pulled her to me for our first of many kisses that night. We traded saliva as I began to undress her. By now, my libido was in high gear and I had to check my actions to make sure I didn’t destroy her outfit. Sonnet sports B-cup breasts which have never sagged and rarely require the aid of a bra. If she had been wearing one that night, it might not have survived the moment. I then picked her up and laid her back on the bed when a thought struck me…

“I think I have one condom left. It’s in my nightstand. I’ll be right back!”

I raced across the hallway and into my bedroom. I found the foil packet at the back of the drawer and returned to my sister who was finishing up the removal of her socks.

“Let me have it, please, Willem.”

I handed over the small packet, watched Sunny open it, and take out the latex sheath. She proceeded to spread her legs and then to rub the outside of her pussy with the condom — making it slick with her copious fluids. Then she gave me another of those cute smirks of hers and said…

“This is the closest this damn condom is getting to my pussy, dear brother! Are you sure it’s your only one?”

“Pretty sure,” I replied, stunned beyond belief.

My sister then stretched that condom out until it snapped in half. She threw both pieces into her wastebasket and reached out her arms for me. I climbed onto the bed, took one of her legs in each of my hands, and began to move my phallus toward the only vagina it had ever known. With my rod as stiff as stone, I pressed it between her thick, engorged, and parted labia. Then I dipped it into her well-spring of womanhood and flicked my glans up and over her clit. Sonnet’s eyes rolled back into their sockets and a strangled, guttural sound leaked from her throat.

“Sis, are you sure you want to make love bareback? We haven’t done that since the first time.”

My sister struggled to emerge from the stupor into which I had sent her.

“Yes! It’s what I need from you tonight. I need for you to make a baby in me, Willem. I have decided I want to be a mother…”

At that moment, I was under the impression my sister was in the midst of an awesome role-play, so I decided to play along… canlı bahis siteleri

“Does this mean you are ovulating right now?” I asked, playing my part.

“I’m not sure…” she said opening her eyes and looking into mine. “My last period ended about ten days ago, so you might need to fuck me adozen times in the next week, or it might take a few months.”

“‘A dozen times…'”

I let go of Sonnet’s legs and laid on my side next to her. My cock had gone completely limp at the realization my sister was dead serious.

“Okay, sis, I thought you were perhaps worked up from babysitting and needed some release. But, we aren’t doing role-play, are we? Before I impregnate you, we are going to have a talk.”

“Can’t you just fill me with your yummy sperm first and then we can talk later?” she asked (followed by one of her patented pouts).

“Very funny, missy! To answer your question… No! Talk first… maybe make babies later…”

“Okey dokey! You want I should begin?”


“Well,” my sister began as she slid up in bed and placed a pillow behind her back, “as you know, I always thought I never really wanted children of my own. At least, that had been my thinking until recently. Our childhood wasn’t terrible — we did see a lot of the world — but it wasn’t what I would call a stable upbringing…”

“Okay,” I replied, “we’ve established the baseline of your opinion about kids. What happened such that you went from ‘no children’ to ‘I want a kid yesterday’?”

“I babysat for Valerie and Megan, Will. It turned out to be nothing like I expected it to be.”

“You shouldn’t decide about wanting to get pregnant, Sonnet, just because you had two great experiences at babysitting.”

“When did I say they were great experiences? They weren’t! Babysitting two two-year-old children turns out to be very hard work… a lot harder than my day job!”

“Right… now I’m really confused, sis. Help me out here: if you had such a bad experience the first time, why did you volunteer to go back into the lion’s den the second time?”

“Duh, Will!” my sister practically yelled. “Because it turns out I have fantastic mothering skills. I’m a natural! What’s more, both Megan and Valerie agree with me!”

“So,” I replied carefully, “it turns out your attempt to initiate sex tonight with me was, in fact, about trust. You want a child, but you don’t trust any guy but me to be that kid’s father.”

“Will, if you had said this to me a couple of years ago, I would have said you are one hundred percent correct. Now, you are only at the thirtieth percentile of rightness.”

I flopped over onto my back, draped my left arm over my eyes, and let fly a short, sharp laugh.

“Sunny, you are making no sense. I want to add the words ‘as usual’ but we both know you are far and away the more sensible of the two of us. What are you trying to tell me? Please just say it.”

My sister rolled over on top of me and sat on my stomach with her knees on either side of my chest. I looked up at her naked frame; her chest still bathed in the crimson flush of her sexual excitement and her rose-tinted nipples the size and shape of pencil erasers. The face that stared back at me was enigmatic, but this time the words which flowed from her lips were not.

“The reason I want you to father our children, Willem, is because I want to be your wife. And I don’t want us to take a page out of our parents’ playbook. I want us to actually get married… within the next few months, if possible. Will you marry me?”

I looked up at my sister with what I can only assume to be the most stunned face she had ever seen; for the way she bit at her lower lip told me she realized just how out of left field her proposal had been. Seconds passed in silence, but I could not allow her question to remain unanswered…

“I love you more than anything else in this world, Sonnet, but you already know this. If I could marry you, I would have done it already, and you know that, too. But since we are brother and sister, there’s just no way any county clerk would allow that to happen.”

Sunny released her lip from her teeth, ground her sopping cunt onto my bellybutton, and slowly hit me with that well-practiced smirk of hers. I knew then she had already devised a plan. Well, of course she had a plan! My sister didn’t brush out her long, golden locks without a plan… as the good German-born, American girl she was. I guess I was expecting her to let me in on the scheme she had concocted. But, on this night, Sonnet continued to be full of surprises…

“Look, Will, I know it’s late. So, why don’t we agree to continue our little talk tomorrow?”

“That’s fine by me, sis, but you’ll need to get off me so I can get off your bed.”

“Not so fast, brother mine! The only one of us getting off tonight is me!”

“I already said we aren’t having intercourse…”

“I don’t need you to fuck me till I’m blind or something, but I do need some release,” Sunny said as she placed her feet flat on the bed, grasped the headboard, and squatted over me with her moist quim inching ever closer to my mouth.

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