A Matter of Taste Pt. 02 Ch. 01

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In the bar, Red and I found a booth in a very dark corner. It was around 1:30 in the morning and there were a handful of regulars drinking and carrying on. No one paid us much attention as the evening’s soccer match was being replayed loudly on the television across the room. We sat side by side against a wall and Red lit two cigars with the candle on our table.

He leaned over to give me the lit cigar and kissed me deeply very quickly before sticking the Cuban in my mouth. I tasted my fecal residue in his kiss, perhaps in my hair, on my skin, it was thrilling. I was sure the waiter or anyone else in the vicinity would pick up our nasty secret and run screaming.

“You don’t know how sexy you smell,” he whispered to me.

The waiter came over and we ordered two tall beers. He gave us a puzzled look and said something unintelligible in German, held his nose, indicating a putrid smell and yelled at another customer a few tables away, presumably a regular patron. A rough looking dog came weaseling out from beneath his owner’s table on a leash. The waiter continued to berate the innocent customer for his dog’s smell as he looked apologetically at us, gesturing at the dog. We laughed as he all but forced the poor man’s mutt from the bar. Additionally, since this was a mineral spa town and the hotel a spa establishment, there were several running fountains decoratively installed in the walls, trickling sulfuric water. These fortunate scents covered up our foul-smelling selves.

Our beers arrived and we toasted, drinking the strong dark ale triumphantly. Red immediately began creeping his fingers under my dress, under the cover of the table. I of course was wearing no underwear and I kind of felt he wanted to see if he could get me off in public, in the dim setting.

I held the foamy stein in one hand and staring at her beautiful face, eased my other hand under her dress along the bench cushion we shared. The nearest customers, another couple, were two tables away and deeply engaged in conversation. Her lack of underwear made it inviting. I moved the tips of my fingers under her crack and began wiggling the middle finger into her impossibly tasty ass. The finger hit her buttonhole which impulsively shut tight! Carla wiggled her cheeks but the hole didn’t budge. I pushed more aggressively but she held tighter and slithered her pucker outward to almost push my finger away. She maneuvered her cunt over my hand and two fingers slid in. In a final attempt, I attempted my still free fourth finger to gain entrance into her ass, right there in the bar. But she would have none of it. I looked into her face for a clue, but her dreamy eyes only fluttered as she cunted my fingers deeper within. She leaned over and kissed my neck, then my cheek as she slowly impaled herself now with my three fingers.

“Frig me deeper, but slowly Red,” she said.

I lifted up the beer and took a long swallow as his fingers gently and quietly pulsed in my cunny, gaining ground each time I heaved. Finally his middle finger, the deepest, hit my end zone and his thumb covered my clit. It was hard to keep from attracting attention as we were. He managed to take a drink or two himself during this charade.

I pushed my fingers deep inside her. I was absolutely crazy about this woman. Suddenly, deep in her cunt, two fingers jammed to the hilt as she bore her entire weight down on my hand, I felt something hard and round, like a marble. I dug my nails into waxy balls embedded up her slit. Moving my fingers around them I inched them out as she gasped.

“Red, I didn’t tell you before,” she said, “I only dreamed of feeling a tongue around my asshole, let alone inside it. No one has ever done that or even come close. It’s the most amazing feeling. I wanted to scream at you my pleasure, but I was afraid you might have stopped. Oh, was that good. I don’t think I can go back to a sex life without that. What’ll I do?”

Two small marble-sized turd chunks emerged onto my hand, under the table level. I pulled them from her twat and glistening with pussy juice and dark brown, they must have been stuck from our previous play. She looked down with a totally surprised look and before she could say anything I dropped one in each of our beers. She took one of my fingers and put it in her mouth, licking it and seemingly unfazed by others in the bar who might be looking at us. I quickly returned to fingering her twat while we finished our beers. One last time I tried again to probe her brownie, but it was tight, even tighter than before. What was she thinking? Had I fucked her to the point of pain, was it too raw?

He tried to finger my bruised ass one more time, but I didn’t want him there right then. I wanted a cunt coming in the bar, which I feared I wouldn’t get. As I was beginning to build my climax, he finished his beer, I followed. Remaining in our glasses were the ale-drenched clumps he pulled from my cunt. Simultaneously, we raised our glasses and let them roll into our mouths. I pushed my cervix down around his hand, but the leather of the bahis firmaları seat stuck to my pussy lips like a suction and my cum held back. I’d pick it up soon back in my room, hopefully.

She didn’t even lose a beat when I showed her the rectal matter I scooped from her cunny. I got a sly smile from her. She was so beautiful in that soft light, her blond hair almost a hazy brown in the dark, late room. I could barely make out a few of the sexy freckles on her nose, still ever so lightly smeared with our brown film. Right then and there, in public, I desired to devour her, eat her whole.

She took a sip of the ice water before her. Deviously she stares at me and sticks her tongue out, the now frozen iced turd standing hard on the end of her tongue. She moves toward me and we kiss in our booth, passing the hard chilled clump. We simultaneously bite it in half and laugh as we swallow our halves. I simply adore this woman.

“I think it’s funny that in your constipated state you choose to eat more chocolate,” He said.

“I can’t get the flavor out of my mind, maybe it’ll push mine out finally. It’s got to come out one day soon, no? Besides, I told you I’ve never met anyone who shared this with me. Who knows when it’ll happen again? Red, will I ever see you again after tonight?”

“Oh, I think we can make that happen,” he responded.

He took my hand romantically in his and without any glance of suspicion, we returned to my room.

When we closed the door, I found her so lovely, I wanted to kiss her all over and really love her. We gently peeled out of our clothes. Neither of us was wearing underwear, she dropped her dress off quickly and I took off my suit and crumple shirt. I took her face in my hands and began kissing her lips and nose, tasting her perfect teeth, a lingering odor of mud mixed with beer and Cuban tobacco. Overall, the remaining scent of sex and lust was dazzling and I licked her ear and nuzzled her neck while she purred gently, cradled in my hands. We kissed for what seemed like hours, nibbling on tongues and teeth, the corners of her nose. Our lips were getting engorged with the swell of passion.

His tongue etched loving patterns on my gums and teeth and found every corner of my mouth and face. He sucked on my nose and ear and must have begun several hickeys on my neck. He was so intimate and close, this man. What a find. If I never see him again, at least I’ll be happy in knowing that I experienced this kind of pure physical bliss this once.

Our caresses grow more heated, the raw inner body scents are now so present in our senses. His knee is tucked hard in my crotch and I feel him wiggle it closer, as if he wants to knee-fuck my gaping pussy.

I feel her cunt getting wet around my knee as her pelvis undulates with my neck kissing and our general teenage passion drama unfolding. I’m kissing her like there’s no tomorrow. As her breathing becomes quicker, her belly begins to tighten against my thigh and then suddenly, it goes loose, she let’s out an audible sigh, and I feel a hot wetness envelop my knee. Dribbling down my knee, leg, and onto the sheets I smell the unmistakeable heady waft of urine fill our space.

“What are you doing?,” he yells, and quickly repositions himself to mouth my basket, hoping to get some of the nectar.

I caught what she releases. It’s thick and strong, smelling of beer and asparagus. The taste is pure and gratifying. I want more. She increases the pressure and now it’s filling my throat faster than I can swallow, but I attach my lips to her cunt so as not to lose a drop. It quickly overflows out of my mouth and the sheets become drenched. I cough up a mouthful, which spills onto her thighs and she giggles. There’s still more, which I attempt to gain. I’m able to take in about half of it, the rest I try to bathe my face in this incredible golden gift.

I felt so relaxed in his arms and with his caresses, I didn’t even realize I let my full bladder go. It was a total surprise, but I then thought why not, and let the blast go full throttle. He lapped it up like a puppy. He coughed a lot out onto the sheets, poor boy, but he grabbed my pussy again and swallowed the rest. I took his mouth in mine and drank my piss from his mouth, what a flavor! I swear I tasted my own asparagus and garlic in my juice. Swallowing my pee started to make my stomach gurgle. This started to become extremely nasty for both of us.

We kissed again for a long wet time and he lowered his head to caress my bitten breast and investigate the wounded nipple. As it turned out, the bite was very shallow and there was little sign of damage. He softly mouthed the nipple and as it hardened, I reasoned it couldn’t hurt too much. My beautiful tit was coated in a dried film of brown with a little caked up around the nipple button. It was lusciously fragrant, and seemed like it was shit-tanned. He worked this off with his tongue and swallowed the skim.

After that nipple appetizer, I wanted her meat; I wanted to eat and swallow her whole womanhood I felt so hungry kaçak iddaa for her again. My mouth back on her cunt, she now on her back again, legs in the air, her vulva all swollen but she grinds into me.

I felt his amazing tongue around my ravaged cunt, it made it shimmer with fear, it was still so raw and hadn’t fully recovered from the fisting, but I wanted him in there again and ground into him. His tongue went into my gyrating crotch and my clit hardened. He caressed it with the flat part, giving constant pressure. But before I reached the lead-up to orgasm, his mouth moves to my asshole, his new focal point. Without so much as a warning, he sharply stabs his long tongue into my brownie, which I’m holding tightly closed still. He flips me over on my stomach, slides under me in our favorite 69 position, pushes my buttocks up in the air so they are vulnerable over his mouth. He roughly pries my ass cheeks apart and I give in.

Her tightness gave way as soon as I pulled her round cheeks apart, opening that lovely orifice. She relaxed and the hole widened in a loose ring as it accepted my tongue way up. I tickled the inside of her flesh, searching for my luscious reward. She gave in and pushed her sphincter muscles out hard, loosening my tongue from its holster. As my mouth recoils from her action, a slow spittle of my cum dribbles from her brown hole. She does it again and more cum seeps out, now in thick gobs. I stab her with my tongue, yanking her butt apart to widen my access and collect all the cum possible. I gingerly trace every fold possible. I get my third finger in quite easily and she moans. The combination of her gyrating to my pulsing finger and my probing relentless tonguing yields more cum, in fact, I pull everything out, and keeping her buttocks apart, the lovely hole stays wide open; all the spunk I deposited in her rectum dribbles out without so much of an effort. I lap each drop into my mouth. She heaves a great push, and out plops a nice solid turd encrusted with cum and two giant final globs of syrupy spunk, all onto my tongue. She finishes with a long wet fart followed by a thin brown stream of fishy filthy liquid.

My mouth is full of my own sperm, a steaming turd and some ass sauce from my lover, all freshly preserved from her bung cave and I’m so eager to swallow it but I hear her begging for it.

“Red, Red, give it all to me, now, while it’s hot… please, please… don’t eat it. I want your cum. I want to eat your cum.

I slide out and kiss him hard, opening his mouth and drinking deeply all the contents. As I chew them I taste his wonderful salty syrup, mixed with my ass juices. I taste my fecal ball, which has been building up for days. I taste some olives in my shit, some small pieces that weren’t digested. It all washes down with the ass spit I gave him. I feel so earthy and nasty, I haven’t quite imagined anything this dirty could be so intense. I feel about to come simply from this experience and my hands move instinctively to my pussy. I quickly jam two fingers in and start pumping them gently. I feel his hand lower over mine and one of his fingers goes in to join mine.

I have been wanting to swallow his come since this started. I now feel insatiable. I dream of several guys shooting in my mouth savoring the different tastes simultaneously, something that could never happen, I’m just not that type of girl. But at least I want to eat all of him. As I swallow the last bite, he’s back mouthing my sore tit.

“Carla, love,” he whispers, “I’m so sorry about biting your tit. You have the most gorgeous breasts, I love them, I would never hurt you, you know that. Jeez you taste good.” My nipples were erect now, urging his actions. He then began playfully pinching my clit in a way that tickled, rather than hurt it. It grew stiff and emerged from its folds. My fingers surrounded his and guided him to rub more gently.

He left my chest and kissed the inside of my thighs, keeping his fingers in my cunt busy. I lay down and caressed his head as his tongue found my labia again. As he nibbled on my pussy lips, first one, then the other, I brought my hands to my breasts and began massaging them. I was feeling extremely good. He gently raised my legs up and slid a pillow under my lower back, raising my buttocks, still shiny from the cum spitting and slopping he had recently finished. His index finger slid in easily, all the way up to the last knuckle. I moaned. I was now riding his two fingers on my clit and one in my ass, I was roughly handling my tits and my orgasm started it seems from somewhere in my bowels. There was still some mud around my nostrils and I smelled its arousing qualities. What I wanted was some of his shit, his turds, his pee, his insides. But he was positioned below me, far away.

My thrusts were faster as my excitement heightened and he pulled all fingers out, penetrating my vagina to the walls with his fantastic tongue, pistoning rapidly, licking all around. He put his fingers up to my face and I took the index finger eagerly in my mouth. It was caked slightly kaçak bahis with my excrement, slimy from all the spit. I came as I sucked on that chocolate treat, sliding the paste around my mouth and letting it slide down my throat. My pelvis heaved my come to him, feeling more gushing matter leave my pussy. With my free hand I forced his head as far as it would go into me while I shuddered and locked my legs tightly around his head. Ohhhhh was that amazing.

She licked my finger off, which was dirty from her ass, all wet from my licking. Her cunt came in my mouth, shooting her girl cream into my mouth, thick, salty, and fresh. I drank or ate, I forgot which, it was all the same. Tart and acidic, but gooey. Her heaving was fast and she was heavenly. My cock was hard again and ready to slam her, any which way.

With her parts pulsing and wet, her ass in a waiting position on the pillows, I moved the head of my pole into her bud and pushed. It yielded easily and my dick slid into her. Her brownie accepted me once more, this time much easier, in fact I don’t even know if she felt much pressure. Her ass shoved outward to meet my thrust and I pushed into some of her soft substance.

“Please don’t come again in my ass,” she said, “I need to swallow you this time Red, swallow you hot and fresh, please. It feels so good, but take it out quickly before you shoot, please,” she pleaded. I complied and pulled out, turned over her and stuck my brown smeared pumper between her beautiful lips, which she gobbled up instantly. She began sucking desperately as I rolled the two of us over, me now lying on my back, her on top, her cunt sitting on my face again. She jerks her mouth off my cock and begins to lightly tongue my balls.

“Red, you’ve got a lot of thick hair down her,” she giggled, “you’re not gross and hairy anywhere else, which disgusts me, but your balls and ass are so thick… ohhh,” as she licked more aggressively. First she took one ball completely in her mouth and I could feel it expand across her teeth. She very expertly left my dick alone so as not to encourage any explosion before she’d be ready. Then her tongue found my boy cunt. It was ravaging, it was sensuous. I couldn’t fathom this feeling, the wet muscle swirling and circling around my brown eye. I’d eat anything from her, I didn’t expect she’d do the same. What I had craved and gave to her, I never thought to receive back.

It was as I had imagined, only better. I wanted to get all the little hairs in my teeth and landed on his shitter. As he did to me, I pulled apart his cheeks and probed a little, tasting the wonderful musty man scent I craved. At the stump of his turgid cock was a hairy wet space that collected all the man-scent in one place. It smelled deeply of crotch, of workouts, of agitating flesh, of sweat, of sweetness… I drank it in my nostrils. I couldn’t stop… in I went. Before I knew it, I was deeply probing his ass with my taster, trying to get every inch of the inside as far as I could. It wasn’t enough. His big cock was waving next to my cheek as I dug into him. I slurped, I tasted small particles caught around the rings. I was ready for more substance. I jammed my nose into his rectum and inhaled long and he groaned with the kind of pleasure reserved for animals.

I spit several times into his relaxed bung hole and stuck my middle finger carefully in, to the first knuckle. He reacted with pleasure and I pushed easily to the end. He seemed in heaven and I figured he had experienced this before. His ass started to dance on my finger and I pushed a second in, as he had done to me. I felt some packed lumps in him and wiggled them free, him helping me by squatting them out onto my fingers. I cleaned off my fingers with my tongue, stabbed them back into his loosened bowels and traced my lips to his toes, taking them in my mouth. I squished his shit between his toes in my mouth, moving it all around, while still agitating his ass. His rhythm increased and I feared he was about to come, I had to stop, I still wasn’t ready.

When she did my toes, that was about the end. I thought I had known all pleasures, but this was new and impossible to describe. As she went down, her ass left my mouth suddenly, her shit taste heavy on my face. I was able to get a finger in there and keep it moving. She pulled off my feet, I think because she knew I was going to pop and sat up, replacing her full weight on my head, jamming my tongue back in her crack, up her open brown winkie. She leaned over the bed and reached as far as she could over to something. I hear the sound of wrinkled paper and I realize she’s back in her gift basket getting something.

I feel the cold round end of something and before I know what it is, the zucchini tip is pressing into me. It stretches my hole and it hurts slightly, but I don’t want to stop her. She pushes slowly until the head breaks through my tight sphincter. “Ughhh… ooooooo,” I say. “Don’t stop, Carla, nooooo.” But she senses the pain and pulls it out with a plop. She reaches over again and I hear the rustling for a long time, hoping she hasn’t given up, something else is unwrapped. She returns to sitting over me, her steamy crotch on my face in home position once again. I feel her smear something cool and greasy on my asshole.

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