A Lovely Encounter Ch. 01

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She slipped her arms around my waist and hugged me tightly. She was more than a foot shorter than me, so that was about as high as her arms could go around me without it being awkward for her.

“I can’t believe we’re finally meeting. Heck, I can’t believe you stopped off here to meet some old lady you met on the internet!” She laughed as she said that. It was a good laugh, full of life and happiness. I liked the sound of it. I had only heard it once before when she and I had had a long mostly drunken conversation one night. The long distance charges were a bitch, but worth it.

We had met almost seven years ago in a chat room. She was quite a bit older than me, but that was never impedance in our friendship. It was also a common source of teasing between us.

“Jenn, you know damn well I wouldn’t have come within a state of you without visiting. You’re one of my best friends and you know it. You’d do the same if you were near me too.” I grinned as I said it, and it was true. Despite our significant age differences, not to mention the gulf of life experience separating us, we were very close.

“Well, maybe,” Jenn conceded with another small laugh.

“And don’t give me any of that old lady crap. You know damn well you don’t look your age, and you know just as well you’re still hot! And I’ve proven I do too on a couple occasions,” and I smirked at her at this, which caused her to blush faintly.

We might have had fifteen years between us, but she really was what I said. Jennifer was a short, curvy brunette with a soft, sweet face and pretty much everything you could hope for. She looked to be at least ten years younger than she actually was. And yes, I’d seen all of it, just like she had me. We got a little hot and bothered over each other a few times—nothing serious, you understand, just two friends needing to get off.

“Shut up, Jack!” and still blushing, she laughed and hit me in the arm. It was going to be a good trip, even though I knew nothing was going to happen between us. She’d been dating a guy for a while now and was really happy, and I was happy for her.


“So,” Jenn began after finishing off her class of wine after dinner. She had made me a wonderful meal. I always asked her for cooking advice, and I’m happy to report that the food stood up to the pedestal I had put her on for her culinary skills.

“So, what?” I mumbled through my last mouthful of the delicious chicken. Okay, it was rude to talk with my mouthful, but she had once told me if she ever saw me naked in person, she’d probably point out I had something in my teeth without noticing my nudity. Jenn and I were pretty comfortable with each other.

“Steve and I broke up,” she said calmly, and I goggled at her. Last time we spoke hadn’t been that long ago, and she hadn’t said anything about this, although she has avoided telling me things that hurt a lot before so she could process them.

“You what?” I spluttered out, “But you two were so happy!”

“Well, we were, and you know he was supposed to be taking a job Stateside soon, but at the last minute a better opportunity had come up and he took it. I told him if he wanted this to work he had to be closer, but now he’s even further and will rarely get to come back here, if at all, for quite a while.”

I just stared at her. I really couldn’t believe it. The man had proposed to her a number of times, and I knew the only thing holding her back was their proximity. Did he expect her to wait for him? I guess.

“In any case, this was about a month ago,” she was still quite composed, and I had to give her credit. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I was a mess and I wanted to get past the worst of it before I told people.”

I looked at her thoughtfully. She had strange eyes—they were a deep blue with a faint golden ring around the pupils, which I always found fascinating.

“Well,” I started carefully, “you know I trust your instincts in things like this, so I won’t say anything, and I know how much him being away sucked for you. I just hope this is what you really want.”

Jenn gave me a sad little smile, “It’s not, really, but it’s for the best. I’m 38, I’m not getting any younger, and waiting around another 3 years for a man I may not see at all in that time is just not going to happen.”

She was right, of course. I had been in a long distance relationship myself in college, and the time away was just too difficult—and this had been a much less mature, less involved relationship than what Jennifer had with Steve.

I got up and pulled her into a tight hug.

“I’m really sorry, Jenn, I know how much you loved him, but I understand. This is much better than an e-hug though, isn’t it?”

She laughed genuinely and squeezed my waist, “Yeah, I guess it is, isn’t it?”

I yawned suddenly and reached up to cover my mouth, and mumbled into it, “Oops, I guess the drive and your wonderful cooking it doing a number on me. Maybe I should turn in for the night.”

Jenn flashed me a bright bahis firmaları smile and said, “Sure, no problem, I set up the other room for you already, and left out a towel and facecloth for you in the morning.”

“Thanks, I’ll see you in the morning?”

She suddenly pulled me down and pressed her soft lips warmly to my slightly stubbled cheek and hugged me tightly again and whispered, “I’m glad you’re here, Jack, you really couldn’t have come at a better times. Sleep well.”

I smiled and turned toward the spare bedroom.


Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up, startled to the feel something strange in my bed. I almost had a panic attack before I realized that the something was warm and was breathing evenly, in the way sleeping people do. I was a pretty light sleeper and was surprised I hadn’t woken up when she slipped into my bed. She was laying on her side next to me, one arm draped over my bare chest and curled up into me.

My startling as I woke up must have woken her up as well, because Jenn whispered into the dark, sounding sleepy, “I’m sorry, Jack, but I knew you wouldn’t mind. I just wanted to cuddle tonight and I couldn’t pass up the chance when there was a warm, friendly body in the next room.”

I breathed out deeply, my heart rate going back to something like normal, and smiled even if she couldn’t see me, “It’s okay, Jenn. You just surprised me, is all. I’m going back to sleep, though; it’s the middle of the night.”

“Good night again, Jack, and thanks,” and I felt her shift on the bed and lean up. I guess in the dark she missed my cheek, because those lips of hers brushed the corner of my mouth instead, but neither of us said anything as Jenn moved to rest against me.

It didn’t take long to fall back asleep. Something about cuddling in bed always put me to sleep easily.


My eyes fluttered open the next morning in that pleasant way a good night’s sleep always encourages, but my breath hitched a little and I paused before I got to my morning stretch. I suddenly remembered that Jenn had slipped into my bed last night, but now that I thought about it, we had definitely not been in this position.

We were both on our sides in a classic spoon position, and her much smaller frame was pressed tightly backwards into mine, with my arm tucked snuggly around her body, my hand perilously close to one of Jenn’s breasts.

She wriggled little in her sleep and pressed back more tightly into me, her backside pushing into my crotch and I snapped my attention to the fact that I was hard. Well, of course I was, it was morning, and I had a beautiful woman in my bed with me. Not one, but two reasons for being painfully stiff.

As I thought about my predicament, I glanced at her, looking down the top half of her body that was visible above the covers. Jenn was wearing a camisole top, and it didn’t look as though she had a bra on; I could see one nipple pressing through the material. From the bottom pressed against my boxer-clad crotch, I could feel she had a pair of thin shorts or panties on. She certainly wasn’t wearing much, but I wasn’t terribly surprised. I knew she slept in the nude most of the time, and the relative modesty on her part was simply for my benefit when she stole into the bed last night.

Despite the situation below the covers and what was running through my head, I decided that gentlemanliness was called for here, because for one, she was just looking for a friend in a stressful time and doing anything now would be tantamount to taking advantage. For another, even if I didn’t feel as though this would be taking advantage, I couldn’t be sure she’d even want anything I had to give.

Sometime during my internal musings Jenn must have woken up, because as I began to slowly lift my arm from around her in an effort to slip out of bed, she grabbed my hand and pulled it back to her chest, glancing over her shoulder at me through the mess of her long messy sleep hair.

“Oh no you don’t, I’m comfy and you’re staying right here,” she said quietly, her voice still slightly thin from sleepiness, but there was amusement in it. “Besides, you seem to be enjoying yourself.”

With that she gave a brief shake of her ass against my stiffness. I groaned a little and she laughed. I was reminded how fantastic it was as I recalled the pictures and webcam view of it I had had in years past. Somehow I knew that hadn’t done it justice.

“I’m so sorry, Jenn, I didn’t mea—” I began to splutter out, but she cut me off.

“You think I don’t know you woke up like that? I’m not exactly a spring chicken, Jack. I’m flattered, if anything,” she said pleasantly. Then she smirked a little at me through her hair again. “And I always did wonder what it would feel like. I’m sure you were thinking the same.”

“Well,” I leaned into her a bit, feeling I had a bit of leeway, pressing closely to her, “I was just thinking that those pictures didn’t do your ass justice.”

“Yours didn’t do you any either,” Jenn kaçak iddaa said laughingly, and emphasized her remark with a backwards roll of her hips, causing my cock to slide between her cheeks. But then she suddenly rolled away from me and slid out of bed, standing up beside the bed.

Her camisole exposed her belly and the gold stud in her navel, and I glanced over her body slowly, knowing she was letting me look. She definitely didn’t look like a thirty-eight year old mother of one.

“I’m going to grab a shower, and you can take one after me before we go out for the day. Maybe a cold one?” Jenn laughed and glanced down at the slightly tented state of my boxers. I had the good sense to turn on my side a little and blush a bit at the comment. She turned to leave before my brain could catch up to reply, and I was sure there was a deliberate sway in her ass as she left.

I took her advice.


She spent the day taking me around to a few neat places in the surrounding area, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Jennifer’s state was about as close as one gets in the US to the climate I have in my area, so I wasn’t put off by the chill of the autumn air. There were some spectacular colours in the trees as well, which reminded me a lot of home.

I couldn’t shake that morning though, and I’m pretty sure Jenn knew it. She was flirtier than I thought possible, and I’m certain she caught me looking at her ass a few times. What could I say? It was a great ass and deserved to be admired. Sure I felt a bit guilty about it, but she was inviting it, especially with the stunt she had pulled in the bed.

Jenn brought me to a restaurant that she had mentioned a number of times in the years I’d known her. Their specialty was locally raised buffalo, and I had never had it before. It was just as good as was promised, and the company didn’t hurt either. She seemed like she needed it as well, because we got a bottle of wine and I only had a glass through the whole meal, and she wasn’t exactly a big girl. I guessed I was driving us back that night.

I won’t say I had to carry her from the car, but she was pretty wobbly on her feet on the way inside. Jenn tripped over the step into the house, and I reached out to grab her arm before she could fall, which had the effect of swinging her around and into me, my other arm sliding around her back to hold her up. She was giggling like a school girl the whole time.

“Oh god,” she wheezed a little as she laughed, “I haven’t let this loose in a while.” Jenn grinned up at me and pulled away, pushing into the house.

“You needed it, I guess,” I said, following her inside, eyes glued to that swaying backside. She turned her head around suddenly, which whipped her long curled brown hair around with the motion, and looked over her shoulder right at me. I froze like a deer in headlights. Jenn maybe have noticed before, but she hadn’t caught me red handed like this. She had a satisfied smirk on her face.

“See something you like, Jack?” She said, not quite whispering, but in a low voice. I thought I saw her arch her back a little, which pushed her curvy backside towards me slightly as she stood there, just inside the doorway. I closed the door behind me without taking my eyes off her and leaned back against it, biting my lip in thought a little.

“You know damn well I’ve always appreciated a good ass, and yours is great,” I replied, smiling a little as Jenn still stood there smirking to herself.

“Hmm,” she pursed her lips together and said, “It’s kind of warm in here, isn’t it?”

I paused at the non-sequitur, slightly confused, but I just nodded. It was pretty warm, but I had no idea if it was the ambient temperature or the situation that had me hot. Maybe a little of both.

Jenn quickly wiggled out of her shoes and kicked them to the side, which reduced her height a couple of inches as she planted her bare feet on the floor, and shed her jacket just as quickly. She was wearing a lovely blue dress which was delightfully form fitting, clinging to her curves to show off her assets, cut low in the front to show off her generous cleavage. I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra with it.

She was still facing away from me, and began to walk towards the living room, still a bit unsteady on her feet, but better now without the heels. She was no longer looking over her shoulder at me, but I’m sure she knew I was following, because as Jenn stepped in front of the stereo off to one side, she clicked it on and was suddenly bent over at the waist, hands gripping the edge of the table on which the stereo sat, ass pushed out toward me, beckoning, as she started to work it like a stripper might.

Jenn glanced over her shoulder at me again and ordered me, “Sit,” and nodded at the couch, and I dutifully followed, too mesmerized by that ass to think of disobeying. She moved like the ripples on a pond, subtly but noticeable, her hands briefly touching bit of herself alongside the music, her hips swaying enticingly, always facing away from me, kaçak bahis always directing my attention to her backside. She knew I was an ass man.

With a sudden flick of her wrists, the straps of her dress fell off her shoulders and it started to slither down, now held up only by her breasts, which I knew were bare for sure now that he upper back was exposed to me.

I bit my lip again as I stared at this friend of mine, tipsy on most of a bottle of wine and stripping for me in her living room. “Jennifer…” I began, but she cut me off by pushing her dress down to the floor, revealing just a skimpy white thong beneath it, the rest of her completely bare. By this time I was achingly stiff in my pants and I wiggled to try to relieve some of the pressure on it.

She slid backwards, like flowing water, and settled into my lap, he knees spread so they were on the outsides of mine, and all I had to do was lean forward to see her bare chest. Her ass was swaying in my lap, and she could feel how hard for her I was.

“We shouldn’t,” I began to protest again, but she grabbed my hands and slid them around her body, feeling the heat of her naked skin under them and whispered feverishly, “Shut up and enjoy.”

And with that, Jenn forced my hands up onto her tits, and I cupped them feeling her hard nipples against my palms as one of her hands snaked under her ass to push into my pants, unzipping them and suddenly feeling her small hand wrap around my throbbing length, my cock hard as steel in her hand. I felt an intake of her breath, her chest expanding outward and pushing into my cupping hands as she drew free my shaft, lazily stroking it.

“I think you want this as much as I do,” Jenn whispered to me and slid out of my lap, never letting go of my cock, my hands slipping off her body as she knelt before me between my thighs, her breath coming hotly against me as she kept stroking slowly, forcing a bead of pre-cum from the tip.

“Oh god,” I moaned out, “how could I not?” I reached out to slide my hand into her hair, stroking it as she leaned forward to flick the tip of her wet, pink tongue over my head, catching the little drop of cum there, eliciting a joint moan from us.

Jenn’s hand pushed my shaft against my belly, and then used the other on to grip my thigh as she leaned in to slowly run her tongue from the very tip of me, down the underside to my balls, quickly sucking one of them, rolling it in her mouth and moaning happily. I recalled that she told me that sucking cock was her favourite thing.

She teased her tongue over my balls and back up to my cockhead, swirling around the engorged head with fervor, moaning along with me as she did. My hand in her hair seemed to be some kind of encouragement, because she was like a woman possessed with her enthusiasm for this.

“Please, Jenn,” I begged her, knowing I could force her, but wanting her to do it on her own.

“Please, what?” she teased as her lips pursed together and she gave the tip a hot kiss, her hand stroking along my length with increased urgency.

“Suck my cock,” I groaned and pressed her head slightly, and moaned out deeply as she simply stared up into my eyes and parted her pouting lips around my thick head, tongue pushed against the underside of it hard while sucking and sliding down my shaft’s length. She moaned as well.

Jenn’s mouth bobbed down deeply, my head almost tickling the back of her throat before she rose up again, my hand stroking through her hair as she feverishly sucked me off. I saw her drop a hand between her thighs and begin to move with purpose. Her increasingly heavy moaning told me she was masturbating right there on her knees with my cock in her mouth. It was almost enough to make me cum, and I told her so.

“Cum in my mouth whenever you want, I want to taste it,” Jenn growled in pleasure, hungry for it as she leaned back enough to let me see she had her thong pulled to the side and two fingers in her pussy as her mouth sucked me back in again, going deeper than ever, her lips pushing down to the base of me, nose pressed against my shaved pelvis.

I could feel Jenn’s throat swallowing around my head as it pushed in, and I gritted my teeth, not quite ready to get off yet. I think she realized that, and lifted off, grabbing my wet cock with her hand instead to stroke me, her eyes glazed over slightly while leaning back enough to let me see what she was doing to herself.

And then her eyes suddenly clamped shut, and she moaned out loudly, pushing her fingers deeply into her soaking wet pussy. I could hear her fucking herself as she came. Jenn’s eyes stayed closed through her orgasm, even as she plunged back down onto my cock and began sucking and bouncing her lips on my cock like my cum was the last meal she was going to have.

The visual stimulus of her fucking her pussy, and her mouth around my cock, pushed me over the edge and I practically exploded. I’m not sure I’ve ever cum so hard in my life, and she moaned in appreciative pleasure as I watched her throat work, swallowing each torrent of thick, hot cum splashing against her tongue and back of her throat. Even as she swallowed happily, her tongue and lips never stopped working me over, milking every drop from me.

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