A Lost Bet

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Author’s Note: I originally posted this story under the name zeke81. Time has passed and I’ve had several suggestions about improving this story so I am submitting this revised version. I have tried not to change the original plot of the story; I have simply tried to improve the content, structure, and grammar in the story. Please feel free to read the version posted under zeke81 and let me know which version you think is better.



My sister Nicole and I both went to the same college so we lived together to share expenses.

Since Nicole and I were little kids we’ve been gamblers. We would bet against one another on pretty much everything. You name it we’ve probably bet on it.

When we make a bet it’s for something real, not one of those bets where the only thing the winner gets is bragging rights. Sometimes we bet money, sometimes we bet possessions.

During my senior year of college, Nicole’s sophomore year, we made a bet on a sporting event that would really change things between us forever.

The stakes of the bet were for the loser to be the slave of the winner for one month.

Now I consider myself a sports buff so I am too embarrassed to tell you what sporting event we bet on, but suffice it to say I lost the bet.

I had never seen Nicole more excited. When it was over she was cheering, dancing, and taunting me. She had beaten me at my own game, and she made sure I knew it.

For the first few days being her slave wasn’t that bad. I did her laundry, made her meals, did her part of the housework, nothing too bad, but on the fourth day she handed me a package.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“That is your uniform; you are to wear this, and only this, while you are at home here for the rest of the month.” Nicole said.

I opened the package and found that it contained one of those French maid costumes that you can buy for sexual role playing.

“There’s no way I’m wearing this.” I said.

“Rules are rules and you lost fair and square. Now go put on your uniform.” Nicole said.

I’d never failed to pay up on a lost bet so my head sank in shame and I headed to my room to put on my uniform.

I was surprised, but she had at least gotten one that would fit me.

The uniform had a frilly lace apron on the front of the short skirt, a pair of lace panties, and a pair of fishnet stockings held up by garters on the uniform. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt even more ridiculous than I looked.

My face was red with embarrassment as I came back into the living room. My sister had a wicked, yet satisfied, smile on her face as she looked at me.

For two days she made me do menial tasks like vacuuming and dusting around the house dressed in my uniform, but on the seventh day of the month that I was to be her slave she took my humiliation further.

“Meg and Beth are going to come over for lunch today I want you to have the lasagna ready by noon.” Nicole said.

“Whoa, your friends are not going to see me like this.” I said.

“Oh yes they are. You will be serving us lunch at noon, so you’d better get started.” Nicole said sternly.

“Nicole you’ve got to be kidding me.” I said.

“No, I’m not kidding, now you’d better get started, we won’t want to wait for lunch.” Nicole said.

She had an evil smile on her face as she headed down the hall towards her room to get ready.

I headed into the kitchen to begin working on the lasagna. güvenilir bahis My own sister was going to make me be her slave and be dressed like a French maid in front of her friends.

Until that point it had all been fun and games as far as I was concerned, a little humiliating, but nothing that couldn’t be forgiven.

The thought of her friends seeing me dressed like that and laughing at me in my uniform made me begin to hate my sister.

As I began making the lasagna I thought about ways to get even with her. At first I thought that perhaps I should take a shit in the lasagna, but I decided that would be too noticeable, but then I adjusted my crotch and found that my cock had become hard from thinking about my revenge.

That’s when it hit me that I could cum in the lasagna and it was doubtful that they would notice that anything was different. I would have the secret satisfaction of my revenge and they would be none the wiser.

I pulled the panties I was being forced to wear as part of the uniform down and began stroking my cock.

Being that I had been single for a long time at that point I could jerk off like it was an Olympic sprint. So I soon had a good sized spurt into the pan and I pulled up my panties, finished making the lasagna and started it cooking.

When the doorbell rang, Nicole made me answer the door and greet her friends. Just as I had figured they started laughing from the moment that I opened the door. They were still giggling like idiots when I served them the lasagna.

I watched with silent satisfaction as they unknowingly wolfed down the lasagna that had my own secret ingredient in it.

“Now I want ice cream. Slave, go and fix us sundaes, we’ll have them in the living room.” Nicole said.

I had a rock hard erection from watching them eat my cum. I decided that I could spurt off another one quick enough to give their sundaes a very special topping.

Again they ate without showing any sign that they knew what was in the ice cream.

“That was absolutely wonderful Nicole. We’ll have to come by for lunch tomorrow.” Meg said.

“Please do, and bring more of the girls by.” Nicole said.

She looked at me and gave a wicked smile. It was all I could do to keep from smiling right back at her, but that would have let her know that I was up to something.

With the girls planning on further humiliating me by brining more girls over to see me like that; I made my own plans. I decided to collect as much cum as I could to feed to those women. I have always recovered quickly so I was jerking off every fifteen minutes to get as much cum as possible into the little plastic container I found.

The next day there were five women for lunch. They laughed uncontrollably when they saw me. Again the girls were still laughing at me when I served them chicken breast and mashed potatoes.

The potatoes had a sizable amount of cum mixed into them.

Day after day I was made to cook for more of my sister’s friends and I pounded my dick raw collecting the cum to put into the next day’s meal.

Finally my month of servitude came to an end. After her friends had left on the last night my sister came to my room and sat on my bed.

“I hope that over the past month you learned your lesson for embarrassing me so many times over the years.” Nicole said.

“Oh I learned a very important lesson alright.” I said with a smile.

Nicole looked at me for a moment; then she stood up and headed for the door. When türkçe bahis she reached the door she turned back and looked at me again.

“By the way, my friends all asked me to find out how you learned to cook so well and what your secret to such delicious food is.” Nicole said.

“You can tell all of them that I have a very special secret ingredient that was put into every meal that I served to them this month.” I said.

Nicole was confused as she looked at me.

“You served so many different kinds of food; what secret ingredient goes in all of them?” Nicole asked.

It was my turn to smile.

“Open my mini fridge and see for yourself.” I said.

Nicole opened the mini fridge that I keep in my room. Inside she found find three beers, some leftover pizza, and a clear plastic container. She pulled the container out of the fridge to closer examine its contents. She took the lid off and smelled it, and that’s when she realized what it was.

“Is this cum?” Nicole asked.

She stared at me in complete disbelief.

“Yes it is. I’ve got to say, my dick is sore as hell from jerking off enough to get that much for every day.” I said.

“You put your cum in all of the food you fed to me and my friends?” Nicole asked mortified.

“Yep, and unless you want them to find out that they’ve been eating my cum all month you’re going to be my slave for a month.” I said.

“GO ahead and tell them; they’ll never believe you.” Nicole said.

“I thought about that. Why should they believe me after all? That is why I made a video of some of my recipes; to offer up as proof.” I said.

I hit play on my VCR. Nicole watched for a minute and saw that I was telling the truth.

“Okay, I’ll be your slave; just please don’t ever let my friends know about the food. Please.” Nicole begged.

“Deal, now go to bed, tomorrow you start a month of servitude.” I said.

Nicole had a worried look on her face as she walked out of my room, as the night wore on I couldn’t sleep as I thought about how sweet my revenge was going to be.

The next morning at six I quietly entered Nicole’s room and woke her up with a bucket of ice water dumped all over her as she lay sleeping on her bed.

“Wake up. Since you got such a kick out of making me wear a uniform, here is yours.” I said.

I handed her the uniform I had selected for her.

“This isn’t a uniform; it’s two stickers and a g-string.” Nicole said.

“If the stickers are the wrong size you can go without. I will be in the kitchen awaiting my breakfast, don’t make me wait long.” I said.

In a few minutes Nicole came into the kitchen wearing the political stickers over her nipples and wearing the tiny g-string that I had handed her. She made me breakfast and tried to hide her breasts with her arms. She didn’t say a word.

“Run out and see if the paper is here yet.” I said.

Nicole was about to protest but she just dropped her head and walked out on the front porch to get the paper. She put it in front of me; I pulled out the sports section and started reading.

“Oh, some of the guys are gonna come over to watch football in a couple of hours.” I said.

“You can’t…” Nicole said.

“Yes I can.” I said.

Nicole knew that I had some heavy leverage over her so she lowered her head and nodded.

A few hours later the doorbell rang.

“That will be the guys, go and let them in.” I said.

Nicole walked to the door I heard the deadbolt turn and then heard güvenilir bahis siteleri the door swing open. I swear I heard 7 jaws drop and hit the sidewalk.

“DAMN!” The 7 guys at the front door said together.

“Good morning guys, please come in, the game will be on shortly.” Nicole said.

She led them into living room where the big TV was all set up to watch the game.

“Nicole, bring each of them a beer.” I said.

“Right away.” Nicole said.

“So what’s the deal with your sister?” Dave asked.

“Oh, she embarrassed the hell out of me, but then I got my hands on something that she wouldn’t want coming out so now I’m getting a little payback.” I said.

There were eight guys in the living room including me. I made Nicole wait on us hand and foot during the first half. The guys stared at her blatantly; they weren’t even trying to hide it. None of them could have told you what the score was, and some of them probably didn’t even know who was playing.

At half time she brought us all more to drink. That’s also when I decided to take things farther.

“These half time analysis shows suck; I think we need some real half time entertainment. Take off the stickers and the g-string.” I said.

The guys all looked at me like I was nuts. I can’t say I blame them for thinking that; after all, I was telling my own sister to take off the one tiny garment she had on, but Nicole didn’t even try to protest, she just did it.

The guys all stared in disbelief at my completely naked sister.

“Now slave lie down on the coffee table and play with yourself.” I said.

Nicole did exactly as she was told and began playing with her pussy as the guys and I watched.

“Okay slave now it’s time for you to get fucked.” I said.

Before she could protest I had my pants down and had plunged my cock deep into her.

The guys were all shocked that I was fucking my own sister, especially in front of them, but soon they forgot that she was my sister and just watched the free porn they had right in front of them.

I pulled out and shot my load on her face.

“Who’s next?” I asked.

My friend Dave jumped up and took my place fucking Nicole. For the rest of the day the eight of us used her body as our own personal fuck toy.

Every day after that, when Nicole wasn’t in class she was at the house completely naked. Most days she was fucked by between 5-8 guys. That doesn’t include me. I fucked her 4 or 5 times every day.

I didn’t have a hard time finding guys to fuck her. I brought guys home from class, from work, from the bars, and I even brought home a homeless guy to fuck her.

In her 31 days of slavery, over 140 different men fucked Nicole, but a lot of those came back several times.

At 7:00 on the last night of her slavery I sent everyone else away and I fucked her as much as possible for the remaining 5 hours of her month of servitude.

The day after her month of slavery was up I went to her room and sat next to her on the bed.

“Well, what did you learn from your month of slavery young lady?” I asked.

“I learned that embarrassing and humiliating you is a very bad idea. And I learned to love you in a whole new way. Not as a sister loves her brother, but as a woman loves her man. I love you.” Nicole said.

She put her arms around me.

“I love you too.” I said.

I kissed her lips, and held her.

We have since graduated from college, moved several states away, changed our names, and we are living as a married couple. For the first time in my life I’m glad that my parents were killed in a car accident when I was a freshman in college. They’d never have approved of or understood the relationship that Nicole and I have.

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