A Long Time Coming…

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I’ve had a god awful day at work and you’ve promised to come round and cheer me up. I’m hoping that means wine, and maybe more. Who am I kidding? I’ve fancied you for ages and nothing has ever happened before – why should that change now?

I get home at 5.30, and you tell me you will be here for 6. Just enough time to shower.

I start to take my clothes off and my phone rings. Great, the parents. Really what I needed today. My mum witters on about something and nothing whilst I play the dutiful daughter. Eventually we say our goodbyes and I turn the shower on.

I must have been on the phone for longer than I realised because I’ve just finished washing my hair and there’s a knock on the door. I swear at myself and jump out, nearly falling on my ass as I do. I grab a towel and yell that I won’t be a minute. I look in the mirror and wonder why I didn’t say bye to my Mum sooner. This is not how I wanted you to see me.

I open the door and let you in. You don’t quite know where to look, and I feel very conscious that there’s only a small towel covering me. I tell you to head to the lounge and I won’t be long.

I go back to my room and start to towel dry my hair. There’s a knock on my bedroom door and I open it. You’re stood there just staring at me, with two glasses of canlı bahis wine. “I thought you might want this” you say quietly. I take the glass from you and take a mouthful and place it on my dressing table. I look at you, straight at you, and inside I’m yelling how much I want you.

It’s almost like you finally hear me when you take a step forward and cup my face in your hands, you only pause for a second as I stand on my tiptoes to offer my mouth up to yours.

I can barely believe this is happening. Your hands are in my hair, and you’re kissing me!

Somehow we’ve made it to my bed and you lay me down, with my legs dangling off the side. You lay next to me on your side and lean to kiss me again.

I put my arms around your neck and try to pull you to me and gently bite your lip as I do. I whisper into your ear that I want you. You tell me that I have you already as your hand opens my towel and leaves me laid naked.

I pull your t-shirt over your head and run my fingers down your chest towards your belt. Within seconds I’m pulling down your fly and trying to get your jeans off.

You stand to take them off easier and look at me as you do. You tell me to spread my legs and you climb on top of me in your boxer shorts.

We kiss again, desperate and needy. Your bahis siteleri mouth moves to my neck, and I moan. You continue your journey downwards and run your tongue and lips from my left breast to my right. Never quite touching the nipple. After what seems like forever you latch onto my right nipple with your lips and graze it gently with your teeth. I arch upwards and meet you at the groin, I can feel how hard you are.

You kiss down my stomach and stop before you get to where I need you. My legs are spread wide as you pull me to the edge of the bed and kneel infront of me. You run your fingers up the inside of my thighs and I lift my bum off the bed, offering myself to you. It’s all I can do to not plunge my own fingers into my pussy.

You kiss exactly where your fingers were running and my skin feels like it’s sizzling under your touch. I know I’m wet and very ready.

You run your index finger up my pussy lips and I watch you lick your finger. My hands grab for the bed sheets, and grip tightly.

You plunge a finger inside me, and I cry out. As quickly as it was there though, it’s gone.

Your tongue licks my pussy lips now and pushes deeper as you reach to where my clit is. I say your name, breathy and full of need.

Your tongue makes slow strokes on my clit bahis şirketleri as I’m writhing around under you. I grab my nipples and twist and pull them.

You stop licking and stand up sliding your boxers off. Your face is glistening, covered in me.

You kneel back on the bed, between my legs and lean in to kiss me.

Instead of kissing you I lick your face, relishing the taste of me on you.

I can feel your cock at the entrance to my pussy and I claw at your back trying to pull you into me.

I look straight at you and all I can manage to say is please.

On that word you thrust into me, long, hard and slow. You stay there, right inside me for a couple of seconds and I bite your shoulder gently.

You begin to move in and out of me, slow and deep. Filling me.

I start to feel my pussy tighten around you and I throw my head back and wrap my legs around you.

You fuck me faster now, faster and harder.

I look up at you and watch your face as your cock goes in and out of me.

You grab my legs and throw them over your shoulders and you’re so deep inside me. Almost too deep.

Within a couple of thrusts the best orgasm I’m ever felt crashes over me. I’m screaming and grabbing out for you. Bucking underneath you like an animal.

You continue to thrust but slow your pace, and the wetness you’ve created between my legs is extremely audible.

You flip me over and pull me onto my knees without leaving my pussy.

I’m ready again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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