A Little Different, Indeed!

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“God, I hate these things” she said to herself under her breath. She leaned closer to the mirror to apply her mascara on the long eyelashes that framed her blue eyes. He sauntered into the bathroom to survey her progress.

“Did you say something?” he asked, knowing what she had said under her breath.

“No ….. ” but her tone belied her words.

“Um-hmmm” came his sarcastic reply. “I actually heard what you said. I just wanted to see of you would repeat yourself.”

She righted herself from over the vanity and whirled around to face him, her blue eyes flashing with anger. “Well, I do! These functions are always so boring and staid. I hate your co-workers, and franky, I think most of them hate me, too!”

“Maybe this party will be just a little different” he teased, and left her to her primping.

Wondering what he had meant, she pulled her hose up her legs. She normally wasn’t this type of woman – – – she preferred jeans, sweatshirts, and hiking boots to dresses, hose, and heels – – – – but even she had to admit to herself that once all the preparation was over with, she felt more attractive and even caught herself flirting at these stupid corporate parties. Her dress, while simple in its style, enhanced her ample curves just perfectly.

She looked at herself in the mirror, evaluating the “finished product”. “Not bad, old girl, not bad …” she smiled at the reflection staring back at her. At 38, she still felt like a teenager inside, but there was never any fooling that person in the mirror.

He sneaked into the room, watching her stare at herself. He had been attracted to her face from the start – – – – having seen only pictures that she had carefully selected. They had corresponded on the computer at first, but once they finally met, it was not only the way she carried herself, but also her incredible body that had mesmerized him. He loved her softness, her curves, ALL of her – – – and he was careful to tell her so. She had convinced herself, however, that it was her wit, charm, and verve that had kept him coming back for more – – – – despite all his declairations otherwise. She never could understand that even though she didn’t see herself as perfect, he, in fact, did.

“Ready?” he asked, pretending to come into the room.

“I think so ….” her voice trailed off, telling him that she was looking for some confirmation of how she looked.

He smiled broadly, his brown eyes wrinkling up in delight. “You look FANTASTIC!”

“Thank you, but ….” her eyes lowered and she blushed.

Reaching out to her with his fingers, he tipped her bahis firmaları chin up, forcing her eyes to meet his. “You really do, you know, ” he said as his lips sought hers.

His tongue brushed her teeth and slipped inside her mouth, teasing her tongue into a frenzied dance. His arms encircled her, pulling her close, as the kiss deepened. She felt his cock rise against her hip.

Breaking the kiss, he stared into her eyes and said, “As much as I would love to stay here and make love to you, we really do have to put in an appearance at this thing. But I want you to know what you do to me ……” He reached over and took her hand, guiding it down to the front of his suitpants. He wrapped her hand around his hard cock, and looked into her eyes. “This …….. ” he said, squeezing her hand, “is what you do to me!” She blushed hotly as she followed him out to their car.

Arriving at his boss’ home, the couple took their usual places: he within the “power circle” of the corporate bigwigs, she on the couch amongst the women of the group. Chit-chat was one of her strengths – – – she knew how to switch gears from conversation to conversation, engaging everyone in each group in lively banter.

He always watched her, even when she was unaware, admiring the way she handled each person in the room. Although she thought she was reviled, the truth was that no one in his organization could get enough of her. She never ceased to dazzle his collegues. “She is fantastic” they would say. “Is there anything she doesn’t know?” He would smile and say, “Not that I’ve been able to find, that is!” but in his mind, he would always answer that question with, “Yes, she doesn’t know how wonderful she is”.

Midway through the night, he caught her eye and motioned with his head toward the hallway. She nodded with her eyes, and began to work her way toward him. They met in the hall, and he took her hand, leading her up a staircase to an upstairs bathroom.

The home they were in was immense, and he knew it would take the party a while to notice their absence. He had carefully planned this – – — knowing that this bathroom was far enough away from the party that no one would come looking in there. He pulled her into the bathroom and closed the door, locking it.

“What are you doing?!?!?” she protested, but he silenced her with a hard, passionate kiss. The flames of passion rose in her, as did her fear of being discovered. “We can’t do this here!” she whispered, feeling his hands go to her breasts, his thumbs teasing her nipples to attention.

“I told you this party may be different” he replied, kaçak iddaa “Just be quiet and enjoy.” He unzipped her dress, catching it around her hips and pulling it away from her body. He draped it carefully over the shower door so it would not get wrinkled.

When he turned back to her, he found her standing with her arms folded across her body. “No! I want to see you” he admonished, and held her arms out to the side. He pushed her bra up over her breasts, and took one of the swollen nipples into his mouth, gently biting down.

“SSSSSSSS….” she sucked air in through clenched teeth. “Oooohhhhhhhh….” He smiled, knowing full well what this was doing to her.

She kicked off her heels, and he reached down with one move, removing her hose. His hand went into the front of her panties, his fingers parting her pussy lips, slipping inside her warmth. “Oh, God!” she moaned quietly.

His mouth was now on her neck – – – kissing and sucking wetly – – – – as her hand gripped his wrist. His fingers moved inside her, bringing another gasp of pleasure. He pushed the panties down just over her hips, and then he straightened up, gripping her around the waist. He hoisted her up to sit on the vanity.

He saw a small bench sitting at a makeup mirror across the bathroom. He retrieved it, and placed it at her feet. He then swept her thighs open with his hands. He positioned himself between them, placing her legs over his shoulders and spread her pussy lips with his fingers.

She was so wet. He observed her clit throbbing and knew she was on the brink without so much as a lick. “Oh, please!” he heard her moan as he inched his mouth forward, breathing hotly on her clit – – – – teasing her. He flattened his tongue, and swept it up her slit, taking in all the juices. She always tasted so good!

“UHGGGHHHHH!” she arched and came on his tongue as he flicked her clit.

“Easy, baby,” he said quietly, “don’t get us caught!” – – – – as he slipped two fingers into her moistness. He pressed them up and found her G-spot, rotating them slightly, and began to massage her to another climax.

Her pussy gushed as she screamed into the guest towel she had cleverly stuffed into her mouth. As she came down from the cum, she glanced down and watched as he withdrew his fingers from her and sucked her sweetness from them. “That is SO SEXY!” she moaned to him. Rising, he leaned over her, kissing her mouth hotly and transferring her juices for her to taste.

She saw the bulge in his pants. She wanted him …. inside her … filling her … NOW! Sitting up, her hands moved to the front of his pants kaçak bahis and unzipped them, his hard cock springing into view.

She was always so thrilled to see his cock – – it always made her gasp with delight to know how she affected him. To know it was her, and her alone, that made him so excited. Her hand wrapped around the shaft, and she began to slowly stroke him.

“Ahhhhhh…” he groaned. She loved to hear him. She loved the sounds of good sex. But he was not wanting to be delicate about this encounter. He pushed her hand away, and gripped her hips, lining up his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

“God, she’s so wet and hot!” he thought as he pushed roughly forward, empaling her on his cock completely in one thrust.

“Oh, YES” she whispered against his shoulder, gripping him with her legs as he hammered into her steaming box. “I’m going to come!” And come she did, her spasms causing him to slow in order not to hurt her.

He pushed himself deeply into her, holding there until she could recover. He could feel her cum run out of her, down his balls, but he didn’t care. All he wanted was to make love to this magnificent woman. To fill her. To be a part of her and make her whole – – – – if only for a moment.

He supported himself against the vanity and began to move again inside her. She turned her face up to him and his lips once again possessed hers. His tongue explored her mouth.

Slipping to kiss her neck, he felt his balls tense in their sac. He knew he was about to cum, and whispered to her, “Do you want me to cum in you?”

“No …. let me drink you…” she replied.

“Okay …. get ready” he said, thrusting once, twice, and, gripping his shaft, he pulled out. She slid off the vanity, taking the head of his cock in her mouth just as the first of his semen exploded from him.

“Oh, yes, baby, suck me!” he whispered hoarsly, feeling her mouth milk his seed from him. “Take it all …. drink me!” She cupped his scrotum lovingly, careful not to over-stimulate him. She normally refused to swallow his offerings, but this night, she changed her mind and he couldn’t have been more pleased.

She stood, and he took her face in his hands and kissed her. He could taste himself on her tongue, and it was not at all unpleasant for him. He held her for a moment, allowing her to regain her composure, murmuring, “You are so beautiful. I love you!” over and over again. He then ran some warm water on a washcloth and helped her clean herself.

They dressed quietly and, one-at-a-time, rejoined the party downstairs. No one seemed the wiser, but every time she felt her bare legs rub together under her dress, she would look across the room at him and smile. This party had been just a little different indeed, and she suddenly couldn’t wait for the next one!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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